Simon Kronenfeld: Auto-Pilot vs. Traditional Stock Picking

According to Simion Kronenfeld, auto-pilot investing, also known as robo-advisory, is a newer approach to building a portfolio that involves using computer algorithms to create and manage a diversified portfolio of investments. This approach is becoming increasingly popular with investors who want a simple and hands-off approach to investing. On the other hand, deep dive […]

The 5 Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Warfare Things to know about

The 5 Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Warfare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capacity of computer programs or other devices to mimic or reproduce aspects of human intellect including learning, logical thought, problem-solving, and judgment. AI gives robots the ability to collect and analyze data, see patterns, and make decisions based on the facts at hand, much like a human brain might. These […]

Impact of Advanced Technology on Global Economy and Inequality Environment Uncategorized

Impact of Advanced Technology on Global Economy and Inequality

Modern technology has dramatically altered how people live and work, in turn, affecting the global economy. The adoption of technological innovations like artificial intelligence, automation, and the internet that have raised productivity and efficiency has led to economic growth impacting the global economy and inequality. 1. Introduction to Global Economy and Inequality 1.1. Global Economy […]

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The Visionary Future of Biotechnology and Medicine

Introduction: Throughout the past several decades, there have been notable advances in the fields of biotechnology and medicine; the coming years are predicted to bring forth even more ground-breaking inventions. The possibility of enhancing human health and curing illnesses has never been more promising, thanks to modern technology and scientific advancements. This essay offers an […]