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12 Best Restaurants in Yarmouth NS

What are some of the best Restaurants In Yarmouth NS? Yarmouth is a port town located in the southwestern part of Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Bay of Fundy. You’ll always find various Eat & Drink options on their menus, ranging from unique restaurants, artisan breweries, and local markets to tried-and-true recipes for down-home favourites […]

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Food

Top Restaurants in Halifax : 12 Places You Must Try

Since we’re going to find out about the top restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I know you are looking forward to reading the remainder of this post.  Let’s call Halifax the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada and the capital of Nova Scotia, Canada. Halifax is Atlantic Canada’s major economic centre with a concentration of government […]

Nova Scotia Places to Visit

6 Famous Provincial Parks In Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, there are more than 200 provincial parks, so it’s simple to locate a place to get some fresh air, exercise, and wildlife. There is a provincial park nearby no matter where in the province you are. There are many ways to enjoy our parks all year round, from serene rest areas ideal […]


7 Best Universities in Nova Scotia

  • May 30, 2023

Nova Scotia is considered to be a student-friendly destination due to its excellent education system, affordable cost of living, and diverse culture. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about universities in Nova Scotia. 1. Why Is Nova Scotia a Great Place for Students? Here are some reasons why Nova Scotia is […]


The Lowdown on Drinking Age Laws in Nova Scotia

The age limit for drinking is enforced in almost every nation to stop underage drinking. An individual may be permitted to buy and consume alcohol at this age. Of obviously, this age differs from nation to nation. For instance, in Europe, the legal drinking age is 16 or 17 years old, whereas, in India, the […]

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Bay of Fundy: 16 Incredible Experiences to Have

Between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia sits the breathtaking Bay of Fundy. It’s in the Gulf of Maine. It is believed that the term “Fundy” is a twisted version of the rift-meaning French term “Fendu.” The Bay of Fundy is famous for having the world’s highest tides and being home to 300 million-year-old fossils, and […]