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An application called MS Powerpoint is a part of the Microsoft Office package. It is used to create presentations for both private and business use. In 2023 with most of the work in hybrid form, it is essential to know how to make content based on audio-visual modes of tools. In most cases knowing about the topic is not the only important thing. The person should make an informative presentation about it. It contains the idea of the design and the right pictures for the presentation. Design ideas on PowerPoint? Read more to know!

Most people are not good at it. And they make a basic PowerPoint presentation despite having deep knowledge of the topic. because of the presentation, they face hurdles to success. In this article, we will learn about how to make design ideas on PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint, typically called PowerPoint, is a product program created by Microsoft to deliver compelling introductions. It is a piece of the Microsoft Office suite. The program includes slides and different apparatuses like word handling, drawing, diagramming, and framing. Subsequently, it can show text, tables, outlines, designs, and media in the slides.

Use representation templates and PowerPoint designers if you lack creativity in PowerPoint slide design on your own. Your goal is to style your presentation uniquely and originally without spending hours on it to come up with a design. Here are some design suggestions for the PowerPoint design in case you have no idea how to make a presentation presentable.

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1. Design Ideas on Powerpoint: The Top 10 Design Ideas

1.1. Design Idea 1

Using the existing PowerPoint theme from Microsoft. Your PowerPoint designer has many presentation teams already in it that you can choose from. You just need to figure out if your presentation is for any academic topic related when you have a clear idea about the theme of your topic.

You can choose from the already existing PowerPoint designer features and templates as per your requirements. Keep in mind they are just templates. You also need to edit the data yourself.

1.2. Design Idea 2

The more creative your presentation is, the more impressed your teachers and clients will be. So when you create a PowerPoint presentation, design suggestions. You need to make sure to use the alignment color combination charts, graphs, animation, transitions, and other features already given in the PowerPoint.

The fonts and themes of the presentation which are already present in all the slides of PowerPoint are based on psychological principles. For example, some fonts are used only for business purposes. Whereas some phones are used in Resumes, some points are too small to be visible on the PowerPoint presentation. Some fonts are used to create highlights and bold headings.

1.3. Design Idea 3

When you make a presentation, you need to remember the main goal of making that presentation. So, you can style your presentation in two ways.

In the 1-6-6 way, in this method, it is said that you should use the main Idea on each slide. And use 6 bullet points as the content. On top of your main headline and down below. The sixth bullet point or 6 words to 155 or 177 also. The idea behind this rule is you have one topic per slide. 6 bullet points per topic and 6 words per bullet point.

1.4. Design Idea 4

While making a presentation, always remember the picture is more important than the text. You don’t need to write all the points on the presentation. Instead, you can use a picture because visuals are a generally more effective medium for conveying the idea to everybody. You can use the visuals of a simple picture related to your topic or graphs charts or you can also add a video. So, that the audience will get the point you are trying to convey and support.

At the end, you can record your video in the PowerPoint also. You can also add any other video from YouTube or other channels. People don’t like to read the presentation so you can try the auto-read monologue mode of the presentation. Let the slides speak for you or you can use the videos to explain your topic this way your audience will not bore and will actively engage with you.

1.5. Design Idea 5

During the presentation, most people start with a great introduction. Also, include a few slide layouts with a good number of pictures and text for the presentation. But they generally forget the purpose and sense of direction for the presentation. You need to add a slide that will contain some motivational information. And inspiring words for the audience, a simple thank you.

The presentation can also be worked on in the slide master at the end. That will give them the realization that daily actions are required to be taken after the presentation and these were the whole purpose of doing this.

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2. Tools Used to Enhance Your Powerpoint Slide Designs

Microsoft PowerPoint has many features used to create a simple slide that will help you in designing your perfect slide.

2.1. Home Tab of Powerpoint

To add both text and images, you need to use the home tab which contains sections like layouts reset restriction arrangement which will help with the text and images that you will use in your PowerPoint presentation.

2.2. Insert Tab of the Powerpoint Designer

It is the most creative button that exists in PowerPoint. When you click on the insert table you will see visuals shapes of a table, icons, actions, equations, audio videos, etc. You can add graphics, pictures, shapes, and even screenshots from your computer to the presentation by using the insert tab.

There is an option for illustration in the icons tab which contains other features like stickers, videos, and cut-out people. These illustrations help in your design ideas and button decorating a presentation and give you visually appealing results.

2.3. Animation and Transition Tabs for PowerPoint Designer

It is one of the well-known features of Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows you to arrange your text and images beautifully. You can use audio to add visual effects to your presentation.

2.4. View and Design Tabs for PowerPoint

Disturb is used to give your presentation some colors and by clicking the right-hand side of the window panel of the design tab you will get many suggested design ideas, suggestions and ideas and you can also add any other images that you downloaded from Google in your background as well.

3. About the PowerPoint Designer Section

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation tool that is used to communicate ideas and information in a visual medium in the modern world.

But the default templates are boring and less creative because they are not engaging and do not represent the actual meaning of the topic while we use the design ideas feature the Powerpoint already existing options automatically generate design ideas. Now we will learn about the design concept techniques and tips that can help in creating visually appealing presentations.

3.1. The Correct Color Palette

Color place an important role in marketing and sales also blue is for peace and red is for a heart that is why color place an important role in design it invoices with bringing emotion and displaying the correct message using the custom color palette given in the presentation team or using different colors.

Moreover, to make a usually appealing slide keep in mind these colors have a psychological response in the audience Use tools like Adobe to assist your design ideas tool for you better in creating the unique palette for your presentation front page.

3.2. The Font

Just like in making handwritten assignments type notes in the visually appealing presentation the fonts play the most important role you should choose fonts that are easy to read and matches with the content of the given presentation and pair the fonts from the viewer’s mindset.

3.3. Added Media

Images are the most important tool for increasing engagement and simply conveying complex information by including high-quality image icons and other pictures to explain your topic and create a visually well-researched slide. You can use websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Unlimitedphotos. Use image options like transparency and cropping techniques to give depth to your presentation.

3.4. Animation

Even bigger brands are using animation to represent themselves so a well-presented animation can make a blank slide of your PowerPoint look engaging and connectable.

Use the animations to introduce your topic in a systematic manner that will gain the audience’s attention and will reduce the burden of the complex subject you are trying to explain by using the motion parts rotation effects and other visual components your simple presentation will look like the best effort-worthy presentation.

3.5. Use Infographics

Infographics are another way to show me design ideas for visualizing your data and it has in simplifies difficult topics into a shorter more understanding way by using charts, graphs, and pictures to explain your topic infographics are the best way you can use free custom-made infographic templates.

You can custom-make your design by using apps like Adobe, Microsoft Office, and Canvas. Infographics help in visualizing and the design ideas tab gives a clear idea of the topic, these are very visually appealing and make the slides easy to connect from and understand the information.

3.6. Perfect Background

Do not use standard black or white backgrounds or themes that are related to the present in the PowerPoint. You should use HD Pictures 4 to create perfect background gradients or patterns that will align your slide and explain your message simply without any words.

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3.7. Use Videos and Other Audio

To show the balance of engaging and public response types of PowerPoint presentations you should use videos and other multimedia elements that add a dynamic range to the presentation uses videos automatically show me the design side of the related topic and notices the effects of It on the audience.

You can try using a smaller YouTube video that can be added directly from your mobile phone video to your slide. But make sure the video is no longer than 1 to 3 minutes. Also, check the playback speed and video quality before adding the video to the final presentation.

3.8. Add Internal and External Links

Your topic must be interconnected with another topic so make your presentation interactive and collectively explain your topic and the hyperlink offer another topic that is also linked with the same topic.

The hyperlink-relevant text comes from a different source website or specific slide in your presentation and when somebody clicks on it they can access that information you can create puzzles, who is this, and other info interactive games using PowerPoint built-in features to engage the audience and increase the participation of the audience.

3.9. Make it Simple and Subtle

Despite being creative and innovative, making a presentation is still a serious business. And does not make it fully decorated. By using minimal designer projects and making a clean slide. Use enough side space, the right focus, and alignment between lines so your content doesn’t look crowded. Use eye-pleasing colors.

3.10. New Version of the App or Tool

Every day with the innovative and growing market you can use automated PowerPoint design ideas, it is important to use the best and latest features to enable PowerPoint design ideas that are present in the market Use a platform like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Google Slides Dropbox Do not waste any time on grammar check and sentence making just like in the paper.

These rules are energy efficient, free, and contain New Year ideas using IT powers to make quality content for your presentation.

design ideas on powerpoint
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4. Other Noteworthy Tools and Points

You can include quizzes and poles in your blank presentation which will increase audience engagement. This is generally used to make the presentation a learning experience for the viewers by including interactive items like poles and voting and quizzes you can make sure the audience is paying attention and participating.

Engaging the audience includes creative quizzes and poses which provide an opportunity for the audience to engage with the topic. Use slide and right just a question for the audience and let them things critically and review their knowledge then ask them in the end what is there views on the topic, this will create a dynamic between you and the viewers and you will not be the only one who is speaking when others participate with you that will create a collaborative learning approach and helps you in retaining the information.

Use these polling platforms that are added in the point presentation which will help you in gathering the information directly without using much effort just like you can add the feedback option at the end of the presentation and you can get the responses by Google Docs from the audience you can ask questions related to the topic or you can simply ask the viewer directly did they understand the topic that you were explaining or did they have any doubts?

5. Use Zoom for Presentations

With many work-from-home options, it may create a situation in which you need to give your presentation in a Zoom meeting. Then in that case you first need to understand how to share the screen. When dealing with the content Slide Zoom and summary slides offer effective methods to manage the structure of the presentation. This picture loves you to divide the material into a manage. You will section and make it easier for both you and the audience to understand.

You must add a summary slide at the end of a new presentation which is generally called the conclusion or you can add the question slide at the end. By adding a summary slide, you can provide a recap of your topic. And make the information long-lasting in the mind of viewers.

6. Conclusion

In this world being creative is everything and if you have an idea, you can become a successful entrance to your life. But you need to learn how to convey your thoughts .and design ideas from PowerPoint to reality. By coming up with a PowerPoint design idea for your PowerPoint presentation.

You can transform your boring slides into a visually appealing experience for the viewer. It will generate interest in your work. From choosing the right color to using the right size of the image. And font everything is important and will pay you off when your boss or teacher appreciates your efforts.

The main goal of creating this presentation aims to engage the audience. Explain your message ineffectively and in smaller ways. Always remember that consistency in making presentations will make you good with time. If this is your first time, you will learn more about the settings that are used in a presentation.  But with time you will learn how to effectively use the narrative features.

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