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5 Best Bars in Seattle You Must Know About

Best Bars in Seattle

Seattle, Washington, is a city renowned for its scenic surroundings, varied culture, and energetic nightlife. The best bars in Seattle range from hip cocktail lounges to laid-back sports pubs and everything in between, reflecting the city’s distinct personality.

The city is equally a haven for beer and cocktail aficionados because of its inventive bartenders and extensive drink menus. Locals and visitors alike frequent Seattle’s bars, and with so many fantastic alternatives available, it may be difficult to know where to start. 

1. Here are All 5 Best Bars in Seattle

The top five bars in Seattle, each offering a distinctive experience for anybody searching for a fun night out, are given below:

1.1 Revolver Bar – Best Cocktail Bar

For lovers of cocktails, Revolver Bar is one of Seattle’s most well-liked bars. It is favorite among both residents and visitors because of its inventive drinks, welcoming staff, and comfortable setting.

1.1.1 Drinks on the Revolver Bar’s Menu

The drinks menu at Revolver Bar offers a variety of drinks. The Corpse Reviver, Spiced Apple Toddy, and Vieux Carré are a few of the most well-liked drinks on the list. For those who enjoy fine spirits, the bar also features a fantastic range of whisky and other spirits.

1.1.2 Interior at Revolver Bar

Revolver Bar’s decor has a cosy, softly lit ambience that’s ideal for a date or a night out with friends. The bar has a distinctive and fashionable appearance because of the combination of old and modern design. The educated and welcoming bartenders are always pleased to assist clients in selecting the ideal beverage.

1.1.3 Atmosphere at Revolver Bar is Special

Revolver Bar offers a distinctive atmosphere that immerses visitors in a bygone era thanks to its vintage-inspired décor. The intimate atmosphere created by the dark lighting and comfortable seats is ideal for a romantic evening out or a low-key get-together with friends.

The vintage decor may be seen throughout the pub, including an ancient typewriter, antique mirrors, and vintage record players.

1.1.4 Special Cocktails at Revolver Bar

Revolver Bar is renowned for its often-changing menu of inventive and delectable special drinks. It’s not a good place to try something new because the bar only employs the finest ingredients and has skilled bartenders.

The Revolver, the bar’s signature drink, is a crowd favourite. With a lemon twist on the side, it contains bourbon, sweet vermouth, and a splash of orange bitters.

Revolver Bar’s Happy Hour provides daily deals that include reduced prices on beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Every day from 4 to 6 p.m. is happy hour and on weekdays from 10 p.m. to midnight. Customers may take advantage of happy hour specials on beer, wine, cocktails, and bar treats, including truffle fries and fried chicken sliders.

1.2. Pine Box – Best Beer Bar

In the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, there is a quirky tavern called The Pine Box. The bar is housed in a former mortuary, and parts of that space are used to embellish the inside. Anyone seeking a fantastic beer bar experience in Seattle must go to The Pine Box.

Source: Pine Box Website

1.2.1 The Pine Box’s Beer Menu

The Pine Box offers a considerable beer menu with a wide variety selection of regional and foreign brews. The establishment has approximately 30 taps and rotates its seasonal beer menu. For those who would like to have a more traditional experience, the pub also offers a variety of canned and bottled drinks.

1.2.2 The Pine Box’s Food Menu

Along with a fantastic beer selection, The Pine Box also has a delicious food menu. Traditional bar cuisine, including burgers, wings, and chips, is offered on the menu. The “Death on a Bun” sandwich, which is constructed with pork belly, pickled jalapenos, and aioli, is one of their more unusual offerings.

The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options also. Some of the most popular menu items include the smoked brisket sandwich, the veggie burger, and the tater tots. The bar also hosts special events, such as beer dinners and tastings, that feature food and beer pairings.

1.2.3 The Pine Box’s Beer Selection

The Pine Box offers a wide variety of bottled beers with a wide variety of local and foreign beers on tap.

There is always something fresh to sample because the bar’s beer selection is updated regularly. The bar’s educated staff can assist customers in selecting the ideal beer to suit their tastes.

Source: Pine Box Website

1.2.4 Outdoor Seating at The Pine Box

The Pine Box has outdoor seating, and the large part is ideal for relaxing with a beer on a warm day. There is plenty of seating in the outer space, including picnic tables and comfortable seats. Customers may bring their dogs as a companion to the terrace to join in on the excitement because they are dog friendly.

1.3. Lodge Sports Grille – Best Sports Bar

The Lodge Sports Grille is a ideal location for sports enthusiasts to watch their favourite game while indulging in a delicious meal and refreshing beverages.

There are a huge number of big-screen TVs  in the pub that broadcast a variety of sporting events. Due to its central Seattle location, both residents and visitors frequent The Lodge Sports Grille.

The Lodge Sports Grille

1.3.1 Lodge Sports Grille’s Ambience

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the colourful and upbeat environment at The Lodge Sports Grille. Sports memorabilia is used as decor at the pub, which also boasts a warm and inviting staff.

They also provide traditional pub cuisine, including nachos, wings, and burgers on their menu.

1.3.2 Multiple Locations of The Lodge Sports Grille

With The Lodge Sports Grille’s many locations all across Seattle, it is simple to find a place to watch the game. Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, and the Stadium District are among the bar’s locations.

1.3.3 Sports Viewing Experience at The Lodge Sports Grille

The Lodge Sports Grille has a number of televisions that broadcast a range of sporting events, including football, basketball, soccer and more.

The ambience of the pub is bright and enjoyable, making it a great place to watch the game with friends. The bar is a terrific place to have a viewing party or other special occasion because it also offers private rooms that can be rented.

lodge sports
Source: Lodge Sports Grille

1.3.4 Food and Drink Menu at The Lodge Sports Grille

The Lodge Sports Grille boasts a very good meal and drink menu that features traditional pub fare as well as a variety of regional beers and special drinks.

Nacho Platter, the Fish Tacos and the Lodge Burger are a few of the most well-liked menu items. Additionally, the pub has daily specials like Wing Wednesdays and Taco Tuesdays.

1.4. Gold Bar – Best Random Bar

A distinctive bar called The Gold Bar is situated in the Central District of Seattle. Gold highlights and vintage decorations cover the pub’s walls, renowned for its eccentric and colourful design. Locals frequent the establishment because of its accommodating staff and inexpensive beverages.

1.4.1 The Drink Menu at The Gold Bar

A superb selection of beer, wine, and creative cocktails can be found on the Gold Bar’s beverage menu. The “Gold Rush” and “Hemingway Daiquiri” are some of the beverages on the menu that are particular favourites of customers.

The pub also offers a wonderful wine list and a wide variety of different beers, including domestic and foreign as well. The Gold Bar is a reasonable choice for anyone searching for a drink after work because it also provides happy hour promotions.

1.4.2 Interior at The Gold Bar

The Gold Bar’s décor is a distinctive mixture of old and new, with gold accents and antiques lining the walls. A pub is not a very good place for a date or a night out with friends because of its warm, welcoming environment.

1.4.3 Location of the Gold Bar

The Gold Bar is in Seattle’s storied Pike Place Market neighbourhood. The pub has a speakeasy feel because of the modest entrance that leads to a flight of stairs. When guests enter, they will discover a warm, intimate setting with exposed brick walls and low lighting, which is very pleasant and loved by almost every customer.

1.4.4 Specialty Cocktails at The Gold Bar

The Gold Bar is renowned for its inventive kind of cocktails crafted with premium ingredients. A combination of traditional and contemporary cocktails and a changing menu of seasonal beverages are available at the Gold bar.

The Lavender Margarita, which is prepared with tequila, lime, lavender, and agave nectar, and the Gold Rush, which is created with whisky, honey, and lemon, are some of the most well-known drinks here.

1.4.5 Live Music at The Gold Bar

The Gold Bar presents live music events every day of the week, showcasing local and surrounding performers. A tiny stage is placed in the corner of the pub, providing a cosy environment for live music.

In addition, The Gold Bar also holds other occasions, like karaoke and quiz nights which are very popular here.

1.5. The Crocodile – Best Live Music Bar

The most recognizable music venue in Seattle, The Crocodile, is a must-see location for anybody who wants to see a live performance there. Nirvana and Pearl Jam, two of the most well-known musicians, have performed at this Bar.

source: Crocodile website

1.5.1 The Crocodile’s History

Since it was first opened in 1991, The Crocodile has been the main place of the Seattle music scene. Numerous notable musicians, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, have performed at the pub.

The interior of the bar is decorated with mementos from previous performances, giving it a distinctive and genuine atmosphere.

1.5.2 Crocodile’s Live Music Experience

The Crocodile gives a distinctive live music experience because of the compact, cosy setting, making it possible to get close to the musicians. The location is favoured among music fans due to its excellent sound system and pleasant ambience.

The Crocodile continues to feature live music events many evenings each week, showcasing regional and national bands in a variety of genres. The pub includes a major stage in the back of the space as well as a smaller stage for more private performances.

Every event sounds fantastic because of the bar’s excellent sound system.

1.5.3 Drink Menu at The Crocodile

A wide variety of regional beers and drinks are available on the excellent drink menu at The Crocodile.

The bar also offers a wide variety of whisky and other alcoholic beverages. It’s an excellent place to get a drink before or after a play because the beverages are cheaply priced. 

source: Crocodile website

1.6. Canon – Best Cocktail Bar

One of the top cocktail bars in the world, Canon is situated in the Seattle neighbourhood of Capitol Hill. The Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award for Best American Cocktail Bar is one of only several honours the bar has received.

The decor of Canon is contemporary and stylish and includes a marble bar and a sizable whisky collection.

Source: Canon Site

1.6.1 Special Cocktails at Canon

Canon’s wide cocktail menu includes over 100 cocktails crafted with premium ingredients and cutting-edge methods.

Canon Cocktail, prepared with rye whisky, amaro, and bitters, and Smoke Signal, created with mezcal, sweet vermouth, and tobacco bitters, are two of the bar’s hallmark drinks. The bar also serves a variety of traditional cocktails and a changing menu of seasonal beverages.

The amazing whisky collection at Canon, which includes over 3,500 bottles worldwide, is well-known. Vintage bottles, limited-edition releases, and hard-to-find bottles may all be found in the bar’s collection.

Visitors are welcome to browse the whisky library, and skilled bartenders are always ready to provide suggestions and advice.

1.6.2 Canon’s Food Menu

Canon has a limited yet well-chosen food menu with a mix of small dishes and entrees. The menu at the bar includes delicacies like the Dry-Aged Ribeye, served with truffle fries and bone marrow butter, and the Foie Gras Torchon, cooked with fig compote and brioche.

A dessert buffet and a variety of cheese and charcuterie platters are also available at the bar.

Source: Canon Site

1.6.3 The Atmosphere at Canon

Canon’s elegant and sophisticated ambience is ideal for a special event or a night out with friends. The inside of the pub is softly lit and furnished with comfortable chairs and cosy booths. The pub also has a terrace that is available in the warmer months and provides a great outdoor setting for dining and drinking.

Every type of drinker may find a variety of pub experiences in Seattle. This city has pubs for every taste, from sports bars to cocktail bars. Among the many fantastic alternatives Seattle has to offer, the bars mentioned above are just a handful. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, these bars are worth checking out if you want an amazing experience.

By Source: Canon website

2. Conclusion

The Pine Box serves the greatest beer in Seattle, while Revolver Bar is the best place to have a drink. The Gold Bar is the best random bar, while The Lodge Sports Grille is the finest sports bar.

The Crocodile is Seattle’s top live music venue, to sum up. Anyone searching for a fun night out in Seattle should visit each bar since they each provide a distinctive experience.

Seattle is a vibrant, energetic city, which can be seen in pubs. There is a bar in Seattle that will suit your needs, whether you want a calm evening out or a vibrant one. Therefore, the next time you visit Emerald City, make sure to stop by one of these fantastic bars for a memorable evening.

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