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5 Best Bars in Tacoma- Discover the Best Spots for Fun

Bars in Tacoma

Tacoma serves as the county seat of Pierce County, Washington, in the United States. It is a port city that is situated in Washington beside Puget Sound. Tacoma is the second-largest city in the Puget Sound area and ranks third in terms of population in the state.

Moreover, Tacoma serves as the South Sound region’s commercial hub. Tacoma’s dynamic urban core is alive to culture, and the city is recognised for its internationally acclaimed glass art.

As you dine, shop, and explore Tacoma’s downtown, you’ll find yourself surrounded by innovation and urban elegance. The friendly city inspires a lot of people to enjoy the fusion of the ancient and the new. Discover historical structures within urban planning.

Explore Sixth Avenue’s diverse selection of lively eateries and music venues. See one-of-a-kind shops in the bustling, popular Proctor and Stadium neighbourhoods. With its foundation in the arts, Tacoma is the spot to be.

In addition, it has excellent bars. For Tacoma locals, this is fantastic news because these bars provide a chance to often sit on the front porch or outside and take in the waterfront or a glimpse of Mount Rainier while unwinding with a drink and some food.

The top bars in Tacoma will be listed here. Anyone can find something on this list, from scenic locations to the finest deals on food and drink.

1. Best Bars in Tacoma – Get the Best Experience!

1.1 Bob’s Java Jive

1.1.1 About Bar

The local mythology is mostly real. Although it might seem as though Bob’s Java Jive‘s heyday in the 1970s and 1980s is over, the Jive has a way of evolving with the times.

Over a period of nine decades, the neighbourhood bar underwent changes to this 25 by 30 foot concrete coffee pot, which is still visible in the area. The pot used to be a tavern, a place for breakfast. A drive-in restaurant follows.

Another feature is the speakeasy. Following many rebranding attempts, Bob Radonich and his wife Lylabell ultimately bought it in 1955, which is when this bar first appeared in town. The song “I love coffee; I love tea” by the 1950s band The Ink Spots inspired the bar’s moniker. Java Jive and I are inseparable.

In the end, the Jive transformed into a raucous Polynesian dance club. The culture of today’s bars has influenced Bob’s Java Jive, yet it still represents Tacoma’s distinctive past.

by South Sound Magazine

1.1.2 Great Location

On Friday night, my first night in Tacoma, I went to Bob’s and continued to go there every night. Great location with a diverse clientele, a pool table, karaoke, and a great assortment of draught beers.

The outside area of the first building appears to have just undergone improvements, and more are on the way. I’ll be back! The local pub is filled with legends, from pet monkeys to Nirvana, and that is part of what makes it so intriguing.

1.1.3 Great Service

Bob’s Java Jive is a nightclub and bar. A no-frills, vintage bar featuring karaoke, beer, and live music. The neighbourhood bar is housed in a structure styled like a coffee pot. Entertaining, amiable, diverse, and Karaoke!

Beverages are necessary, and the facilities are also top-notch at this place. It is a filthy dive pub with an odd allure.

If you’re searching for an immaculate, stunning bar, you shouldn’t go there. If you prefer dive bars, this should be your go-to spot and be on your list.

1.2 7 Seas Brewery and Taproom

1.2.1 About Bar

They were inspired by and fed by beers like Big Sky Moose Drool, Mad River Steelhead Double IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Bridgeport IPA. They are proud to have been Washington State’s first craft brewery to can beer, a ground-breaking idea in 2009.

No more heavy trash and shattered glass, they proclaimed at the time. They are able to have fun regardless of circumstances or experiences. Consistency, in their perspective, is the real challenge because they have always been committed to producing the best beer possible.

Continuous innovation is exciting and enjoyable, but the challenge of constantly providing core beers that you can depend on inspires them equally well. They create beer differently than other people do.

They create a design of the perfect finished product, replete with its appearance, aroma, and mouthfeel, and then they reverse engineer the parts and processes to obtain it. One of the best tap Hefas I’ve ever had is the hefeweizen, which is my favourite.

1.2.2 Fantastic Location

A fantastic location for pizza and a vegan snack from a 3-unit restaurant as well! This is a roomy and cosy location for larger events and a great spot to visit with friends. It’s full service in a great place. Come here to enjoy yourself!

They had a group event with an outdoor patio and patio seating at a good number of tables for about 20 attendees. It was easy to order the dinner online and pick it up from the kitchen. Although I don’t drink, the menu and beer selection variety was wide.

1.2.3 Great Service

For the locals, 7 Seas Brewery and Taproom is bliss. Nice environment, friendly staff, incredible food, and even better beer.

Their freshly brewed beer has a noticeable flavour difference; they make incredible burgers and sandwiches, and are currently working with The Harmony Pac Ave to offer easy taproom meals!

There are several food menu options available. Their story is quite standardized in many ways. Two devoted individuals get together, develop a relationship, and turn their love of excellent craft beer into a business.

1.3 Odd Otter Brewing Company

On-site cider and small-batch beer from Odd Otter Craft Brewery Local are served in a cosy tavern with live entertainment and karaoke. The best handcrafted, distinctive beers may be found in the best bars in Tacoma, Washington’s downtown.

1.3.1 About Bar

Among their bar staff and founders are people who are now serving in the military, people who have previously served in the military, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and a couple who are a bit too crazy about cats. You might wonder why they act the way that they do. They enjoy the tasty food menu and have fun.

They enjoy making amazing and enjoyable bar food, beer, and menu items, as well as enjoying themselves, their business, and their local community.

They will respectfully point with their paws at the three Washington Brewers’ Association Gold Medals they have received, lest you assume their adventurous character hinders them from producing objectively great beer.

1.3.2 Beautiful Location

They will mention how they were one of the few places and the first to think about using otters as their quality control inspectors. Also, they are without a doubt the first brewery in the city of Tacoma to have a vivid blue exterior. Visit them today. They are enjoyable, and they believe you will be as well.

Furthermore, keep in mind that all veterans, first responders, and spouses of active-duty military personnel receive a 15% discount whenever they visit and present identification. I appreciate all the service you do since, just by doing your duties, you risk your life and the lives of your loved ones.

1.3.3 Great Service

One of the best breweries is in Tacoma’s downtown area. Dogs are welcome both inside and outside. They have an excellent selection of beers, especially IPAs. They have a menu from the restaurant next door that they can send over, or food may be brought in.

They also allow dogs, have great beer, and have a welcoming atmosphere. They also gave dog some special treats.

It is a great spot and a staple in Tacoma’s absolutely awesome craft beer scene but also a crucial component of the 253’s gritty, distinctive, and delightfully inviting culture.

1.4 Devil’s Reef

1.4.1 About Bar

The couple’s passion for Polynesian Pop and H.P. Lovecraft combines in the decor, which explores the darker side of the South Sound history of tiki.

The first day that Devil’s Reef was accessible was January 19, 2018. In September of that year, Tacoma Cabana was shut down, allowing Alexander and Murphy to focus only on Devil’s Reef.

Yet, if you want a date night with your significant other and don’t mind being in such a dim setting, go ahead. Most of the beverages are rum-based (specialty drinks).

They can manufacture whatever you like, albeit they only offer a tiny assortment of other alcoholic beverages. Visit this location if you want a nice atmosphere with a lively pirate motif to start a discussion.

1.4.2 Unique Location

Devil’s Reef Bar is a great location for a unique atmosphere and a good time. For the atmosphere and fancier side of south South Sound drinker’s palate, go out with your friends and perhaps even some relatives.

While it is rather dark inside and may get quite noisy when fully populated, I wouldn’t say it has first-date vibes. Definitely make reservations.

The owners of the nearby Tacoma Cabana, Jason Alexander and Robyn Murphy, have opened Devil’s Reef, a completely themed tiki bar with an outdoor patio next door in Tacoma’s Triangle/St. Helen’s neighbourhood.

Devil’s Reef is a follow-up to the well-liked Tacoma Cabana, allowing Alexander and Murphy to further hone their skills in designing a full bar and a fantastic environment for sipping excellent tropical drinks. There is a sizable rum selection on tap, as well as a list and menu of tropical cocktails.

1.4.3 Great Service

Your every visit will be made uniquely by Jason and his team. Devil’s Reef will wowed you with delectable beverages and delectable cuisine with your every visit.

The atmosphere is wonderful. The cocktails have some excellent, distinctive tastes and are stiff and smart. An intelligent dog is also keeping an eye on things.

This venue has an amazing atmosphere! This is among the top bars Tacoma does have to offer.

1.5 Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe

1.5.1 About Bar

This bar opened its doors in 2007. Since 1942, this bar has served as a pub in the storied McKinley neighbourhood. In 2007, new owners acquired the bar, rooted it over, and turned it into The TOP!

1.5.2 Cool Location

Providing beverages and casual fare until late at night, the Top of Tacoma Bar & Café is a down-to-earth pub featuring happy hour twice daily. Another Southern Sound destination for nightlife that we would be lost without.

Some of Tacoma’s best dining (regardless of price range) can be found at “The Top,” which is positioned on a hilltop hole, high above the stadium district and the Tacoma Dome. The staff there is kind and considerate of those who want to tie one on. The fact that it is always crowded demonstrates how well-deserved its fame is.

1.5.3 Great Service

The staff is friendly, accommodating, and pleasant. Also, the food is consistently top-notch. You should try sweet potato waffle fries. It’s ideal for a fatty meal, dinner, or beverage.

Tops bar staff received a five-star rating for their customer service. Joy and Tyler are wonderful. Observing and seeing their professional and personal commitment to providing top-tier service with outstanding pleasant feelings is a wonderful joy.

I value their long-standing dedication to the highest levels of professionalism. This place is everything. Excellent in every way: the food, the services, and the setting. Everything is top-notch.

Although you must try  Beast of Burden with salad if you want to taste the flavour of French dip amplified.

A vintage photo booth was in full action in the back. I would have used it if I hadn’t seemed to be without sleep for two days. Absolutely everyone should visit this bar, in my opinion.

Go over there, whether you’re a local who hasn’t seen it yet or just travelling through town as I did! Excellent, hospitable service; a terrific jukebox; a wide range of hard drinks; deliciously prepared cuisine; and local draught microbrews. Everything is at a fair price!

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Q2.1: Which is the Famous Restaurant in Downtown Tacoma?

Ans. There are many, but Wooden City Tacoma is the most famous restaurant in Downtown Tacoma.

Q2.2: Where can I get Delicious Microbrews?

Ans. You can get them from many bars, like Odd Otter Brewing Company, Black Fleet Brewing Company, etc.

Q2.3: In Which Bar Can I Get Chips and Burgers?

Ans. Beach Tavern, Stack 571 Burger and Whisky Bar, etc. are the bars where you can get chips and burgers.

Q2.4: What Nights Are Busiest at Bars?

Ans. Friday and Saturday nights are busiest at the bars.

3. Final Verdict

Are you trying to find the best bars in Tacoma? Now you’re covered by us! You can see the official ranking of Tacoma’s top bars on this page. Additional details are provided below, along with suggestions for places to visit. To learn more and determine which bar is right for you, feel free to look at their official websites.

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