Candlelight’s Tribute to ABBA in Ottawa on 8th July!

Get ready to turn back time like it’s the ’70s with Candlelight: ABBA Tribute in Ottawa’s First Baptist Church on 8th July and 23rd September of 2023. This mind-blowing musical extravaganza will take you on an incredible trip through pop music’s golden age.  Held at the prestigious First Baptist Church, this sensational tribute concert guarantees […]

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10 Best Things to Do in Ottawa

Along with being adept at preserving Canada’s heritage and culture, Ottawa is a town that is teeming with cultural influences from around the world. Ottawa, like numerous other capital cities all over the world, is home to a variety of national landmarks. You can certainly spend several days exploring the city because it has so […]


Kayaking in Ottawa: 16 Best Spots to Kayak

  • June 2, 2023

A wonderful way to spend a day in the summer or fall is kayaking in Ottawa and there are many places for kayaking in Ottawa, suitable for both novice and expert paddlers. We’ll give you the lowdown on where to rent kayaks if you don’t have your own and the greatest paddling spots in Ottawa. […]

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10 Most Beautiful Canadian Cities

  • May 26, 2023

Canada is a land of breathtaking natural beauty and stunning urban landscapes. From coast to coast, many cities allow visitors to discover Canada’s unique culture and history. These Canada cities reflect diverse geography and rich history and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience that cannot be found elsewhere. From the scenic vistas of Vancouver to the […]


4 Best Walk-in Clinics in Ottawa

A walk-in clinic in Ottawa is for individuals seeking speedy medical attention for minor diseases. Patients can walk in without an appointment and receive urgent healthcare services. They’re also fantastic for folks who initially have a health condition but only require short-term alleviation. The walk-in clinic Ottawa services are a blessing for those who don’t […]


Best Sushi in Ottawa: 12 Best Spots to Dine

Eating raw fish is no longer frowned upon; nearly everyone has tasted sushi. You can have it raw, sashimi-style, flash-fried, or cut up in a Poke-style sushi bowl. Sushi delivers a distinctive and mouthwatering dining experience that is unlike anything else, whether you couple it with sake, a cocktail, a glass of wine, or any […]

Public Skating in Ottawa- Rideau Canal Things to do

7 Best Spots for Public Skating in Ottawa

May it be for an extraordinary date, a family outing, or a friend’s reunion, skating is something everyone will enjoy to the fullest. The best place to go in the winter is Ottawa, especially for outdoor ice skating. Where else can you spin around on an ice rink at a historical monument, skate through the […]