Best Sushi in Ottawa: 12 Best Spots to Dine

Eating raw fish is no longer frowned upon; nearly everyone has tasted sushi. You can have it raw, sashimi-style, flash-fried, or cut up in a Poke-style sushi bowl.

Sushi delivers a distinctive and mouthwatering dining experience that is unlike anything else, whether you couple it with sake, a cocktail, a glass of wine, or any other beverage.

It is extremely unusual and delectable how the cold, hard fish is combined with the rice, sauce, and other ingredients. Although sushi is a typical Japanese delicacy, it isn’t only eaten there.

In the 20th century, hotels began offering meals to their patrons, and as was to be expected, they were a hit. So, here is a list of some of the best sushi in Ottawa.

Best Sushi in Ottawa – You Must Try These Places!

The list mentioned below contains the name of some of the best restaurants in Ottawa that serve top-rated Sushi. Do not forget to check them out in your next trip to Ottawa.

1. Kiko Sushi Bar

The pricing is incredible for this high-quality sushi, which can be found at 349B Preston Street. Some goods may cost extra, but only because of their exceptional quality.

If you’re having supper with buddies here, they offer sushi boats that include a wide range of delicious alternatives. The majority of their products can also be made gluten-free.

Kiko Sushi Bar

Kiko Sushi Bar is the place to go if you’re seeking fresh and amazing sushi. They have various varieties of sushi rolls and maki rolls, so there is something for everyone. Additionally, don’t overlook their fantastic tempura and donburi!

2. Hanabi Japanese Cuisine

One of the best sushi restaurants is close to the Canadian Museum of Nature. You can order from a great variety of Japanese-based menu items at this restaurant.

Try the tasty sashimi, shrimp tempura, sushi bento box, and pork ramen at Hanabi Japanese Cuisine.

You can also call for a takeaway order at this restaurant. Most visitors think the staff is friendly. The owners of these restaurants value cool service.

The reasonable pricing is enough to impress everyone. Due to the tranquil atmosphere and modern décor, visitors can also relax in this area.

3. Hockey Sushi

This Japanese restaurant, in addition to sushi, take-out rolls, and other Japanese dishes, also offers some Chinese cuisine. If you want to get wonderful and reasonably priced sushi, this is the best place.

Hockey Sushi restaurant website screenchot

Despite the absurd number of alternatives, you only need to order what you want. If you’re searching for a hearty lunch, they have amazing sushi combos with a wide range of choices.

The staff service is amazing, and the food is hot, fresh, and tasty.

4. Shinka Sushi Bar

Shinka Sushi Bar, a tiny Japanese sushi spot with a clubby ambiance and focus on inventive sushi rolls and hot and cold sake, is situated in Ottawa.

Shinka Sushi Restaurant website screenshot

The rolls and atmosphere are worth checking out. Here, guests can book a table to savor delicious meals while enjoying and taking in the scenery of Parc de la Confederation.

The restaurant’s patrons encourage you to enjoy the popular Japanese food, which is known throughout the world. You may enjoy excellent spicy salmon rolls, tuna tataki, and nigiri at this bar.

The ice cream here, in the eyes of the customers, is delicious. Many guests order exquisite plum wine, white wine, or beer. The tea here is excellent.

5. Kinki Lounge Kitchen

In Ottawa, Kinki Lounge is arguably one of the most distinctive sushi spots. They make to-die-for maki rolls, which may also be produced using gluten-free soy paper.

As they feature a menu that is aptly titled “not sushi,” this is also a fantastic spot to introduce your friends to the joys of sushi. Both the sushi menu and the non-sushi are worth trying because they are both unreal.

6. Tomo

Modern Japanese eatery Tomo is a great place and also popular for its stylish murals and serves delectable sushi, small plates, and sake. Yes, that place with an incredibly hip and has a cool restroom.

They are well recognized for it, but their sushi is truly outstanding. Tomo is more of an upmarket sushi restaurant in town with an upscale menu, but when you eat there, you’ll feel royalty.

Also, their restaurant is so hip that you’ll want to Instagram every square inch of it.

7. Steak & Sushi

Of course, steak and sushi are available at this establishment. Surprised? Anyway, this is a top-notch sushi (and steak) restaurant that is worth the cost, and it is situated at 87 Clarence Street in Ottawa.

Steak & Sushi Reastaurant website screenchot

Since there are other safe options for those who have never experienced sushi, this is a perfect spot to bring them. Although it may seem strange to combine steak and sushi for dinner, the results will astound you.

8. C’est Japon A Suisha

Suisha Restaurant serves up traditional Japanese delicacies in a classy atmosphere. The service at this sushi place is always top-notch, and the staff is attentive and meticulous.

You can count on delicious ice cream, cheesecakes, and mango desserts from C’est Japon à Suisha. Some of the dishes include avocado roll, bincho kamikaze roll, aburi salmon and many more. Many guests choose to drink exquisite wine or fine craft beer.

C’est Japon A’ Suisha restaurant website screenshot

You might return to this location because of the excellent matcher there. Due to the welcoming atmosphere, customers enjoy their time at this restaurant.

The friendly crew strives to make this place exceptional by working hard and remaining upbeat. Its competent service is a strength that substantially adds to the restaurant’s success. The costs are affordable. The beautiful interior design will suit the tastes of any visitor.

9. New Generation Sushi

Everyone should enjoy some good sushi at New Generation Sushi. To provide your taste buds with the best sushi experience ever, they are committed to presenting a diversity of flavors and making their sushi Japanese stand out.

They also provide a variety of sushi based on what you’re craving that day. Since you can never have enough sushi, it’s a terrific way to check out all the excellent food varieties.

10. Sushi 88

In a welcoming, unpretentious setting, the sushi restaurant Sushi 88 serves specialty rolls and inventive sushi combos.

Sushi 88 restaurant website screenshot

The restaurant is spotless and has a laid-back ambience. Sushi 88 advertises its Japanese food. You might like salmon sashimi, spicy salmon rolls, or perfectly cooked battered salmon.

Select from indoor or outdoor seats. Due to the kind employees, this location is highly suggested. The owners of this restaurant put a lot of consideration into providing excellent service. Prices are reasonable from the views of the customers.

11. Sushi Umi

Traditional sushi rolls can be found in the little Japanese eatery Sushi Umi. Everyone appears to be enjoying their meal, and the food is delicious. Excellent choices include the tempura, and seafood miso soup.

Sushi Umi offers takeout options, making it ideal for folks who want to eat dinner on the go. Many guests think the personnel at this establishment is charming.

The opinions of the visitors indicate that prices are reasonable. You will enjoy this location’s elegant furnishings and serene atmosphere.

12. Sushi Buffets

168 Sushi Japanese Buffet and TEN Sushi Buffet are two options at various locations for good variety of sushi buffets. At the Sushi Japanese buffet, where they serve high-quality sushi, it costs $14.95 per person.

After trying it once, you’ll be hooked, and because it’s so reasonably priced, it’s the ideal lunch location for students.

Ten Sushi website screenshot

You can use a tablet to place whatever order you like at this 10-sushi buffet. Not only does it make you feel cool, but it’s also very practical as your meal arrives at your table very quickly.

Although it costs more than many all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, the food is unquestionably worthwhile.

Wrapping Up

The origins of sushi can be traced to the rice fields of Asia, notably China. Since the majority of people think sushi originated in Japan, you might find this unexpected.

But this is not the case. Sushi is unquestionably a Japanese dish, and Japan is responsible for its international popularity. Sushi originated as a Chinese delicacy called narezushi.

Early 1900s saw the introduction of sushi to the West as a result of Japanese immigration following the Meiji Restoration.

Photo by funkyfrogstock from Shutterstock

It was only appealing to the wealthy, and as Japanese immigration fell off in the late 1900s, it expanded substantially less widely.

The Los Angeles eatery Kawafuku Restaurant was one of the first to offer sushi. Though it took a while for people to accept the idea of eating raw fish, by the late 1960s, sushi had gained popularity, and new sushi eateries were opening up all over the nation.

Over the past century or so, sushi has grown swiftly to become one of the most well-known international foods, and you can find a sushi restaurant almost anywhere. Practically in every local restaurant, sushi is listed under Asian Dishes.

Make sure to dive in the best sushi that suit your taste buds and enjoy this amazing dish with your friends, family or loved ones.



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