Best Sushi in Toronto – 10 Options to Explore

Are you looking out for some of the best sushi in Toronto? Then you have reached your destination.

Toronto is one of the most incredible destinations to eat your sashimi, nigiri, maki, and other sushi options because it offers a variety of sushi experiences.

There is a sushi restaurant in Toronto for everyone, whether you’re looking for cheap places to eat for lunch or fancy eateries for a special occasion.

Although raw fish is frequently thought of when someone says “sushi,” rice is the most important ingredient.

Despite the garnishes or contents, sushi always has rice. In Japan, sushi chefs spend years learning how to make the perfect sushi rice before they ever handle any fish or seafood since the rice is so crucial to the dish.

If you are fond of sushi’s, then this is the perfect post for you. Here we have curated a list to find some of the best sushi in Toronto.

Restaurants Serving Best Sushi in Toronto

One of the best ways to experience cuisines from around the world is to explore the Toronto culinary scene. You may enjoy food from some of Toronto’s most well-known eateries and secret gems by going on food tours.

At the same time as you discover your new favourite dish and enjoy trying new foods, you will also learn about Toronto’s history and culture. Toronto has one of the best sushi restaurants ever.

1. Kibo Sushi House

There is no denying that Kibo Sushi House is a local favourite. The sushi is arguably the best in Toronto for a weekday lunch or a relaxing weekend option because it is produced fresh every day and is reasonably priced.

The broad menu offers both traditional dishes and some inventive sushi variations. It has 36 outlets throughout the city and has a quick casual restaurant vibe.

KIbo Sushi House official website screenshot

Although some restaurants allow for in-house dining and have comfortable interiors where you may unwind while enjoying your meal, takeout and delivery are the more common choices.

If you’re searching for a traditional concept of sushi, the salmon hand rolls are a fantastic choice. Additionally, Kibo Sushi House sells bento boxes that include pork, rice, and vegetables. Try one of their sushi pizza with fresh avocado for a novel spin on Toronto’s greatest sushi.

2. Yasu

Yasu is a restaurant for Toronto sushi lovers and is the first omakase sushi bar in Canada. Yasu also imports fish from all around the world, ensuring that every meal you have has the best flavours. You can expect a calm, sophisticated atmosphere at Yasu.

Yasu’s sushi chef is in charge of surprising you. There are Japanese dishes and slices of the best fish available at the restaurant, but you won’t get to pick exactly what you eat there.

3. Aburi Hana

You must make reservations at Aburi Hana, a Japanese restaurant if you’re in the mood for elegant Japanese cuisine. The fact that Aburi Hana has one Michelin star suggests that aburi sushi is the best in all of Toronto.

Fresh flowers against a modern Japanese-inspired décor make the interior of Aburi Hana very lovely. The ideal way to taste the top sushi in Toronto is through the tasting menu at Aburi Hana.

Using only the freshest ingredients available, it is a multi-course gourmet experience that changes according to the season.

4. Sushi Masaki Saito

Sushi Masaki Saito is one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto specializing in Japanese omakase. It is the only restaurant with two Michelin stars at the moment and the first in Canada to achieve that honor.

That is one of the reasons the restaurant fills up months in advance, but it is well worth it because it serves the best sushi in Toronto.

The historical Victorian building where this place is located only enhances the allure of the experience. The eating experience is wonderfully complemented by the warm, ambient lighting, which draws inspiration from Old Edo Japanese interior design.

The minimalist décor lets the food shine. Anything from the premium omakase menu will be delicious because it is popularly said that this is where to find some of Toronto’s best sushi.

5. Flame Sushi Bar

Flame Sushi Bar is a fantastic place to spend an evening, not just for the amazing sushi, but also for whisky, sake, and Japanese cocktails.

Flame Sushi restaurant official website

Anyone seeking an elegant casual eating experience would love Flame Sushi Bar. The honey mustard roll is a delicious variation of classic sushi.

6. Gyoko Sushi Bar

Gyoko Sushi Bar, a hidden gem in Toronto’s east end, is unquestionably worthwhile and one of the best sushi restaurant bars.

Gyoko restaurant official website screenshot

It’s a popular choice among locals for their weekly takeout. It’s a wonderful, casual, ideal for a fast supper throughout the workday or a relaxed get-together with friends.

Locals favour the salmon and California rolls. If you enjoy a variety of classic sushi, you must try sushi pizza.

7. PLANTA Queen

A plant-based restaurant, PLANTA Queen serves vegan interpretations of some of the best dishes. Some of Toronto’s greatest vegan sushi can be found at this restaurant.

Vegans and vegetarians must visit this restaurant, but anyone may enjoy the plant-based fare.

It offers a classy atmosphere without being overly stuffy. Modern yet comfortable, with eye-catching furnishings and Japanese elements, the interior is stylish.

The cozy, dim lighting is ideal for a romantic evening, but you can also go out with friends and taste vegan sushi. The ahi watermelon nigiri has a tinge of spice from the ginger and is delicious and cool. Those seeking vegan sushi will love the vegan California roll.

8. Hikari Sushi House

There are some very delicious and mouthwatering alternatives on the extensive Hikari Sushi House menu at this sushi restaurant, so it’s worth a try. All sushi fans can enjoy the large variety of sushi choices available, which includes options for vegetarians and meat eaters.

The delicate range of dishes, which include lobster rolls, rice, scallops, and salmon, as well as their fresh sashimi and sushi at a cheap price, has been praised by customers.

One of the most popular items is the 10-piece special roll known as the Dynamite roll, which includes avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, shrimp, tempura, and fish eggs.

9. To Ne Sushi

One of the top sushi restaurants in the city, To-Ne Sushi, is renowned for its excellent sushi.

There is a great volume of individuality and character among fans of Japanese food throughout the city, and this is just what No-Te speaks, in the heart of Queens, which is dynamic and active.

To-Ne Sushi official website

With its authentic selection of premium sushi rolls, sets, and lunch bowls, it defies other sushi restaurants in terms of both quality and flavour!

They provide a variety of sashimi, king sushi, and spicy roll sets on their menu. The more topping-rich Alaska, California, and rainbow rolls are the most popular options.

10. Saku Sushi

One of the city’s most renowned sushi restaurants is Saku Sushi! Saku sources the best regional ingredients to create east coast variations of Japanese cuisine with a focus on health and freshness.

Saku Toronto official website screenshot

They have a wide variety of sushi rolls on their menu, including the traditional California roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy tuna rolls, and many others.

Visit Saku Sushi if you want to eat sushi in copious quantities, and you’ll be welcomed by the different sushi styles and the welcoming ambience.


One of the most popular cuisines in the world is sushi, which is made with fresh fish, outstanding rice, and other flavor-enhancing elements.

Even with the best materials, however, not everyone can create a fascinating plate of sushi; being a sushi chef takes years of expertise, and Toronto offers some of the best sushi restaurants with seasoned sushi chefs.

To help you satisfy your craving for high-end or mid-tier sushi and to learn what to order at each location, we have put together a thorough list of the restaurants offering the best sushi in Toronto.



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