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Can You Drink Water While Fasting: The 5 Best Water Drinks

Drinking water

We all know that water is beneficial for humans. And drinking plenty of water helps reduce blood pressure and other kidney-related issues. Although it is okay to drink water when you are fasting, it is not recommended to drink water while doing dry fasting. Can you drink water while fasting? Read more to know!

It is generally said that you can drink water in all conditions even when you are having a blood test or getting medical treatment. A 2-hour ban on drinking water or anything else before surgery is generally required. If you have anything in your stomach under anesthesia, you may vomit, causing side effects.

But if you ask a straight question like, can you drink water while fasting? The answer is simple yes, under no circumstances should anybody avoid drinking water. We don’t already drink liquids at night for 8 to 10 hours. It can be dehydrating the body on some level. Drinking water is the key to life and our body processes and organs need a specific amount of water in a day.

Can you drink water while fasting
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1. Drinks That are Allowed in Fasting

1.1. Fasting for Medical Reasons

It depends on intermittent fasting goals and weight goals. If you’re fasting for medical reasons, it’s important to keep an eye on your blood pressure and calorie intake. For diabetic patients intermittent fasting is dangerous and if you don’t eat or drink anything for long hours it will activate insulin and that will raise the blood sugar level so in that case drinking water is the best beverage. Before doing any blood tests or surgery, fasting periods are suggested.

1.2. For Intermittent Fasting 

If you are doing intermittent fasting this is an effective method for weight loss. You can use low-fat, low-carb, and zero-sugar drinks in your routine. Fasting only works if there is a clear calorie deficit in your diet. And you are eating less than usual and in the right proportions.

So, in that case, lemon water is a good choice. It helps in maintaining the basic metabolic panel without lowering blood sugar. This is an effective method to keep the renal function panel working properly.

During intermittent fasting, a person chooses a diet course in which he/she is allowed to eat only for 8 hours of the day, and the rest 16 hours are restricted to eating. The hours which are allowed to eat should be followed by strict calorie intake for food items.

Many people are getting health benefits from intermediate fasting and it will lower blood sugar levels and insulin levels. As we all know water does not have any effect on the insulin level so we can drink it even during intermittent fasting.

1.3. For Weight Loss Fasting

You can try an appropriate amount of coconut water, diet soda, Seltzer water, and flavored seltzer water without adding any artificial sweeteners to it. It generally happens that some drinks are known as diet drinks but contain huge amounts of sucralose or aspartame in them.

These drinks generally are diet sodas and other low-fat low-sugar drinks. People who are doing intermittent fasting for weight loss should avoid these or try to cut back on zero-calorie intake.

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2. Can you Drink Water while Fasting? Best Water Drinks

2.1. Nimbu Pani / Lemon Water

Nimbu Pani/Lemon water is the safest and most tried drink for weight loss. and widespread weight loss practice appropriate for fasting. Lemon water contains nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, and a small amount of iron. That keeps the balance of minerals in the body even if you are fasting.

2.2. Vitamin Water

Many multivitamin waters like Glucon D or other formulas that contain sugar should be avoided but you can try it in zero-carb versions. It contains many health benefits.

2.3. Tea

Tea is allowed in the fasting. Drinking tea can help maintain the caffeine in the body.  Tea generally reduces the appetite of a person. You can try plain tea or black tea for your first fasting period.

2.4. Coffee

You can try black coffee or flavored coffee with other spices like cinnamon. These are safe options in your fasting, but you can drink plain water, while fasting and must avoid drinks with sugar, honey milk, and maple syrup. Dairy products should be avoided to get better results. Coffee is allowed for those who practice fat fasting because coffee contains added fats in it. Intermittent fasting allows coffee.

2.5. Protein Drinks

People generally use carbohydrates to break the fast and get energy from the protein. While fasting protein shakes are not allowed even in the fasting window of intermittent fasting if you want to lose weight and try a healthy diet then you can drink it with protein-rich foods, and it will benefit your body weight and you. Proteins are made up of important amino acids.

3. What is Dry Fasting?

Fasting is the point at which you enthusiastically keep away from food admission. It’s been drilled by strict gatherings all over the planet for millennia. Nowadays, fasting has turned into a famous method for getting fitter.

Dry fasting, or outright fasting, confines both food and fluid. It permits no liquids, including water, stock, and tea. This is not quite the same as most diets, which support water admission.

When a person intentionally avoids eating all foods and liquids including water only fasting for a specific amount of time. then it is called dry fasting. Drinking water is a big no-no in this type of fasting. It is an extreme form of intermittent fasting.

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4. Conclusion

In most diets, water is allowed and in that where drinking water is not loud, it is for a purpose. Many people fast for religious purposes and many do it for health purposes. Intermittent Fasting is a good way of burning calories. It can also help in keeping the weight optimal. But in the long term, fasting can have bad effects.

For our regular doctor visits that include dental checkups, mole removal procedure lasers, and other regular hospital and beautician visits, you are allowed to have water before and after the procedure. There is no ban on drinking water even before 2 hours or after 2 hours, but you should follow the guidelines of the professional doctor.

Drinking water before a blood test does not require any fasting in terms of water. but some other tests give false results. Examples include glucose test Vitamin B test and serum iron test in which a person must follow an empty stomach schedule.

Also, the main thing about fasting is to keep your calories in check. Keeping your body in a fasting state for long periods can cause problems like constipation, dehydration, lower blood pressure and sugar level, low BP low, and slow metabolism. Girls under 18 and pregnant women, other women who are breastfeeding and people with diabetes, and people with eating disorders should avoid fasting at all.

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