Candlelight’s Tribute to ABBA in Ottawa on 8th July!

Get ready to turn back time like it’s the ’70s with Candlelight: ABBA Tribute in Ottawa’s First Baptist Church on 8th July and 23rd September of 2023. This mind-blowing musical extravaganza will take you on an incredible trip through pop music’s golden age. 

Held at the prestigious First Baptist Church, this sensational tribute concert guarantees a night filled with the timeless hits of the legendary Swedish pop group ABBA.

In this post, we’ll go over what makes this event so special, why it’s a must-see, and give you all the requirements you require to enjoy this fantastic trip down memory lane to the fullest.

1. Magic of ABBA

Millions of people fell in love with ABBA, the ultimate musical phenomenon, because of its captivating songs, memorable hooks, and astounding performances.

Their chart-toppers, which ranged from “Dancing Queen” to “Mamma Mia” and “Waterloo,” transcended boundaries and became instant classics—your opportunity to relive these timeless songs and the enchantment with Candlelight: An ABBA Tribute.

A Tribute to ABBA / Fever

2. An Electrifying Tribute Concert

Candlelight ABBA Tribute aims to reproduce the exhilarating excitement of an ABBA performance, paying respect to the enormous skill and passion of the original performers.

They have carefully chosen some exceptionally great artists that do the vocals justice and perfectly encapsulate ABBA on stage.

Be prepared to be astounded by mind-blowing performances of your favorite songs, stunning choreography, and costumes that will take you back to ABBA’s heyday.

3. The Ideal Location

The legendary First Baptist Church is the ideal location for this tribute concert, so get ready to be amazed.

This renowned venue at First Baptist Church Ottawa blends elegance and outstanding acoustics to create an enchanting ambiance that will take your breath away.

You’re in for an extraordinary experience with the grandeur atmosphere of the chapel mixing with the colorful energy of the ABBA tribute.

4. Book your Tickets and Prepare for a Memorable Night

Candlelight, the ABBA Tribute concert, promises to be a magical evening as fans and music enthusiasts celebrate ABBA’s timeless legacy.

So, without any delay book your tickets now from Fever and ticket prices range from 30 dollars to 60 dollars depending upon the seating zone which is allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The duration of this Candlelight: ABBA Tribute is 60 minutes and doors open 45 minutes before the start time, and no late entries are accepted. 

This tribute performance is a must-see whether you’re an old-school ABBA fan or have only recently been aware of their legendary music.

Join other ABBA fans on this historical excursion and sing along to your favorite songs, dance in the aisles, and make lifelong memories.

The First Baptist Church’s Candlelight: ABBA Tribute promises an extraordinary experience that will take you back to the disco era with ABBA’s well-known pop songs.

This tribute performance is a fantastic delight for all music enthusiasts, including superb musicians, compelling stage presence, and the everlasting tunes of ABBA.

You can secure your tickets immediately from and set a reminder for it on your calendars and get ready to rediscover the magic of ABBA’s legendary hits.

6. Make Sure you Save the Details for Candlelight’s Homage to ABBA Concert

  • What: Tribute to the music of ABBA by Candlelight.
  • When: July 8th and September 23rd of 2023.
  • Where: First Baptist Church in Ottawa.
  • Doors open: 7 pm and 9:15 pm.
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Ticket: Take advantage of securing your place at this remarkable event; grab your tickets online  here.

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