What Techs Are Powering Your Mobile Handsets: Explained

Our phones are now much more than just communication tools; for the majority of us, they are indispensable pieces of technology. It is difficult to recall a time before smartphones when we needed separate devices for all the tasks that our phones can now perform.

The smartphone has fundamentally altered the way we live today. But the fusion of two distinct goods resulted in smartphones being the dominating personal accessory and business tool. Mobile technology follows the user wherever they go. 

Internet-capable gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and watches currently serve as the standard for mobile technology. These are the most recent in an evolution that also includes two-way Progression.

The technology utilized for mobile phones has increased their efficiency, as there are now updated processing systems and CPUs. In conjunction with this, there have been developed displays and graphics, which make activities like viewing visual content and gaming easier. In this regard, a selection of online slots and other games are better and easier to play. With many components utilized for mobile phones, some of the tech powering them include:


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Microprocessors, which are the central component in all devices, provide the necessary computing power for smartphones. This enables them to run multiple applications simultaneously and perform complex tasks quickly.

The majority of modern cell phones are powered by ARM CPUs, with the first produced in the early 1980s.  ARM-based chips, which are used in mobile phones and tablets, control basic functions such as power management, battery life optimization, and audio/video playback.

5G Networks

The fifth generation of wireless technology for cellular phones is known as 5G. While 5G also utilizes radio spectrum frequencies, it does so at even higher frequencies, providing a greater bandwidth than 4G. Increased data delivery at faster rates to more devices is the result of this.

A smartphone can stream videos thanks to this. For everyone who is simultaneously streaming a film, not just one person, the experience is reportedly 10x better thanks to 5G, according to IBM.

Graphics Processing Unit

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One of the graphics IPs in the mobile sector that uses the least amount of power is Qualcomm Adreno. With a 35 percent gain in performance, Adreno GPU leads all graphics-rendering processors year over year while putting an emphasis on usable and sustainable performance and incorporating new cutting-edge capabilities. We have shipped more than 2.5 billion Adreno GPUs to date, powering a new generation of gaming smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence

Many smartphone features are enhanced by AI, which works in the background to make your interactions feel natural and effortless. To unlock your device, it recognizes both your voice and fingerprint. It enables you to choose the best photo and take better images. It speeds up communication by anticipating your next words.

For seamless communication, it converts text and audio into many languages in real time. In summary, AI has evolved into a key component of smartphones throughout time, and there is an increasing demand for more energy-efficient AI processing.


In the digital age, mobile technology is transforming almost every aspect of our lives. With a range of hardware components and software technologies that optimize the user experience and provide efficiency, smartphones are a reliable tool for managing both professional and personal tasks. We depend on smartphones to handle a variety of activities in an ever-evolving digital atmosphere.

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