12 Best Restaurants in Yarmouth NS

Restaurants in Yarmouth NS

What are some of the best Restaurants In Yarmouth NS? Yarmouth is a port town located in the southwestern part of Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Bay of Fundy.

You’ll always find various Eat & Drink options on their menus, ranging from unique restaurants, artisan breweries, and local markets to tried-and-true recipes for down-home favourites and the most flavorful lobster in the region.

Yarmouth is “the place to go,” especially if you seek the freshest seafood. It is also the location of the largest fishing fleet in Atlantic Canada. By visiting the Acadian Shore, you may learn more about the history and culture of the largest Acadian population in Nova Scotia.

1. Here Are the 10 Best Restaurants in Yarmouth NS

This article will examine the Best 12 Restaurants in Yarmouth NS, each serving fresh food. Yarmouth is known for its culinary scene. So, let’s look at the restaurants in Yarmouth NS, which include a selection of menus designed to offer you a delightfully elegant dining experience while providing creative and delectable food and drink options.

1.1. Marco’s Grill and Pasta House

Marco’s Grill and Pasta House, located at 624 Main St, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1J9, Canada, is considered one of the best restaurants in Yarmouth NS.

Marco’s Grill and Pasta House is an excellent Italian restaurant in Yarmouth NS known for its high-quality cuisine. They create an exceptional taste sensation unmatched by anything else by fusing the intense robust flavours of fresh seafood from Nova Scotia with the passionate fragrances of Italian cuisine. It is worth trying the Italian cuisine here.

 Why You Should Visit This Restaurant?

Visit this restaurant to sample prawns cooked to perfection, as well as seafood salads and haddock that have been pan-fried. Pick up some delectable cheesecakes, coconut cream sauce pies, and coconut pies. A glass of fine wine or a tasty beer will be served to you.

Try the excellent coffee while you’re here. The friendly, creative staff here can find unique ways to express customer appreciation. These restaurant owners care about providing timely service. Prices are reportedly reasonable here. You will undoubtedly enjoy the charming atmosphere and gorgeous décor.

Pasta and fresh seafood are the house specialties, and there is also a selection of handcrafted sweets. Due to its excellent location, Marco’s Grill & Pasta House is simple to find.

1.2.  Old World Bakery and Deli

Let us talk about another best restaurant in Yarmouth NS, which is Old World Bakery and Deli. The Old World Bakery and Deli is a business that is owned and operated by a family. It provides customers with a wide variety of freshly produced sandwiches, salads, dips, soups, bread, and pastries.

It is another top restaurant in Yarmouth NS, which is located at 381 Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1G1, Canada. The best-tasting, freshest sandwiches in town may be found here.

Captured By Luis Covarrubias / Unsplash Copyright 2023

The cheerful and friendly staff of Old World Bakery and Deli are well known for their excellent customer service. The service was nice, and the food was all freshly made. It was busy, so they were working nonstop. Prices are reasonable, and you should stop for a snack and a drink. What Does This Restaurant Offer?

You may get great beef sandwiches, lentil soup, and lamb sandwiches here; stop by and sample them. Enjoy the delicious pastries and well-prepared baklava offered at this restaurant. Excellent coffee might be found here. Quickly the best sandwiches in the city.

A cozy setting perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry. Such an excellent spot for a filling and healthy meal. The ideal location for getting a taste of authentic food. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy lunch. A pleasant little discovery, to be sure.

1.3. Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

Let’s talk about “Rudder’s seafood restaurant and brew pub,” which comes in at number three on the list of Best Restaurants in Yarmouth NS, N.S. Rudder’s seafood restaurant and brew bar is regarded as one of the top seafood restaurants in Langley, British Columbia. It is at 96 Water St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B5A 4P9.

Rudders Seafood Restaurant & Brew Bar is widely acknowledged as the waterfront’s primary gathering place. This restaurants in Yarmouth NS is renowned for the tasty local seafood it serves, as well as for the excellent service it provides and the huge wrap-around deck that overlooks Yarmouth’s shore.

Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant has a certain allure due to its thick plank floors and 18th-century beamed ceilings. Somebody may enjoy happy hour specials on house-brewed ales, and fresh seafood caught locally may be enjoyed on the riverside terrace of this nautically decorated restaurant.

Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub
Screenshot / Captured From Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub

The local cuisine at Rudder’s Seafood and Prew Pub was consistently excellent. While it has a different level of authenticity than Ed’s meal in Digby, it does a great job of bridging the gap between neighbourhood dining and regional.

Why You Should go to This Restaurant?

The meal is superb, and the portions are sizable. Exciting music is playing, and a bustling bar scene is upstairs. You will be satisfied with the menu, the service is pleasant, and the food is best characterized as pub fare with an Atlantic flavour.

Lunch was served there, and it was fantastic. Other choices are gluten-free. The starters were brought out speedily, and they were still sizzling.  The server was terrific and attentive to any additional needs you could have had.

1.4. Lotus Garden Restaurant

This Lotus Garden Restaurant is another excellent Chinese restaurants in Yarmouth NS. Lotus Garden, which can be found at 67 Starrs Road, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 2T6, Canada, is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants that bear the name Lotus Garden throughout the entirety of downtown Yarmouth.

Delicious meal with a wide variety of selections. Takeout portions are enormous. The egg rolls are cooked to perfection—warm and tasty wonton soup. Rice and noodles are fantastic. Compared to the amount of food served, the prices appear to be somewhat expensive.

 Why This Restaurant is a Must Visit?

There are meat selections, as well as vegan options. There are few options for vegan food around. You have the chance of getting steamed rice here. Learn about vegetable dishes. The ingredients and recipes for Chinese food can be found here. Try the tasty egg rolls and properly cooked beef to create an opinion about this restaurant.  The helpful staff makes this restaurant great by working hard and always being upbeat. The service is viewed as excellent by several reviewers.

1.5. Blueberry Field Bakery Café

The Blueberry Field Bakery Café is a family-owned and -operated bakery and café that can be found in the heart of downtown Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It is at 485 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B5A 1H4. There are both eat-in and take-out options for the light fare that Blueberry Fields Bakery Café serves.

On Yarmouth’s Main Street, you’ll find this coffee shop housed in a building that used to be a residence. It includes seats inside and on the wraparound porch, covered in attractive colours and blue for the winter.

 What Does This Restaurant Offer?

Various baked products, soups, salads, and sandwiches are constantly available. A sizable portion of the menu’s offerings is always gluten-free, including sandwiches, sweets, teas, and coffees.

 Why This Restaurant is a Must Visit?

It comes highly recommended for lunch, breakfast, or a snack. This lovely location offers tasty sandwiches, small snacks, and top-notch coffee. With outstanding coffee, Yarmouth’s most incredible baked goods are served—an excellent selection of sandwiches, delicious homemade goodies, and excellent coffee.

Blueberry Field Bakery Café
Screenshot / Captured From Blueberry Field Bakery Café

Excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. Eating grilled cheese and Caesar salad was lovely: friendly service and great food made with local ingredients. The food will be available for takeout, or you may relax in our freshly remodelled sunroom with a cup of coffee or a light meal. What a fantastic little find, this charming and warm bakery restaurant.

1.6. Sip Café

The Sip Café is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Yarmouth NS, and it is especially famous for its excellent chai lattes, tea, and espresso.

The Sip Café, which has locations in both Yarmouth and Meteghan, is quickly becoming the go-to spot in South Western Nova Scotia for people looking for a coffee that is both flavorful and freshly brewed. It is at 357 Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada B5A 1E7.

Sip Café is one of the most incredible spots in town, with an automatic door entry that opens wide to welcome people in nice weather. There are more than 100 different varieties of tea to sample, as well as hot and cold specialty coffees, pastries, hearty sandwiches that are thick and filling, salads, and soups.

Sip Café
Screenshot / Captured From Sip Café

Sip Café not only has a wide variety of teas available but also offers information on each one and the health benefits it gives.

Why You Should Visit This Restaurant?

Visit this restaurant for lunch if you get hungry after touring Killam Brothers Shipping Office. The Sip Café is known for its serving of traditional Canadian fare. Customers can savour mouthwatering dishes at this restaurant and expertly prepared salads, sushi, and breakfast sandwiches.

You will be offered some delicious gelato, muffins, and biscuits. You won’t want to leave until you’ve tried our tasty wine or one of their excellent craft beers.

Because of its excellent position, this place is simple to find. This place is fantastic because of the friendly staff’s hard work and optimism. One of the cafe’s greatest strengths is the pleasantness of its service.

Many individuals think that costs are reasonable, given what you get. The guests can relax and unwind in the calm environment and cozy decor at Sip Café.

1.7.  New Century Restaurant

The New Century Restaurant is regarded as one of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants in Yarmouth NS. They specialize in both Chinese and Canadian cuisine. It is at 280 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B5A 1C9.

 Why This Restaurant is a Must Visit?

This eatery serves up some delicious Asian food. You can have delightful egg rolls, ribs, and soup from New Century Restaurant. You may look forward to trying delicious traditional seafood cuisine at this restaurant, which prepares its menus with typical Asian seasonings.

Ribs Dish
Captured By Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita / Unsplash Copyright 2023

Visitors also like adaptable, delectable Chinese cuisine; numerous methods exist to make a great steak. Excellent food was served. The chicken balls turned out to be quite tasty. The serving sizes of the food are always quite large. It is always delicious and fresh and only prepared when you order it.

You can get takeaway from this restaurant. This place is fantastic because of the workers’ hard work, optimism, and creativity. Both the food and the staff were excellent. You should go here if you want to receive exceptional service.

A number of the visitors are pleased to discover that the pricing of the foods is affordable. You will enjoy this restaurant’s comfortable environment and friendly decor.

1.8. The Dinner Plate

The Dinner Plate is the best choice for family restaurants in Yarmouth NS, with a welcoming ambiance. They are a well-known restaurant that has been offering freshly caught local fish as well as home-cooked dishes for more than 30 years. Authentic Canadian cuisine is served at the family-owned restaurant The Dinner Plate. It is at 2 Cann St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada B5A 1L8.

 Why You Should go to This Restaurant?

The Dinner Plate delivers deliciously prepared mussels, lobster poutine, and scallops. Most customers suggest bread pudding that tastes delicious. A tasty beer, fish cakes or a fine wine could be excellent to try. You will never forget the exceptional coffee that is available to you.

Thanks to the cozy ambiance, visitors may unwind here after a long day at work. The kind, helpful personnel make this place stand out. The meal is always fresh, hot, and tasty, and the service is excellent.

Despite being quite busy, they managed to deliver top-notch service. The food was fantastic. Be aware of the exterior in the area; you will receive excellent service and a wonderful dinner. You will pay attractive costs for your lunch. The decor here looks fantastic from the guests’ perspective.

1.9. Jake’s Family Restaurant

Jake’s Family Restaurant is one of the best family restaurants in Yarmouth NS. Jake’s Family Restaurant is the finest spot to try it. They have various dishes on the menu, including panzarottis, pizza, Lebanese, and more. It is at 375 Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, B5A 1E4, Canada.

Since 1989, the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia community has been served by Jake’s, a locally owned and operated family restaurant. They pledged to provide delicious meals, excellent service, and reasonable prices.

Why You Should go to This Restaurant?

Pizza, donairs, and other items are on the menu at Jake’s Family Restaurant, a family-owned and operated pizza joint. You’ll find delectable chicken donair, chicken garlic fingers, and grilled chicken on the menu. Some quite tasty beer is available here in addition to the other beverages—most visitors to this place like trying the excellent coffee.

Jake’s Diner Pizza & Deli has much to offer, including food delivery. The friendly staff is happy to see guests throughout the entire year. Visitors frequently mention the fantastic service they received in their event evaluations.

The prices are reasonable from the perspective of the visitors. This location often offers you a pleasant atmosphere. Discover some mouthwatering items that are provided on this pizzeria’s online menu. The best Yarmouth restaurant. Reasonable rates, generous serving sizes, and excellent, welcoming staff. The best burgers and pizza delight in the area.

1.1o. Blue Lagoon Restaurant

The Blue Lagoon is a locally owned and operated licensed restaurants in Yarmouth NS  to serve customers and specializes in beef and seafood. It is at 73 Starrs Road, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B5A 2T6.

 Why You Should Go to This Restaurant?

This restaurant serves a variety of dishes that are representative of Canadian cuisine. Only depart with having some delicious fish. At Blue Lagoon, several visitors have expressed that the staff members had a positive attitude. The guests value the prompt service that is provided here.

According to the owners, the prices here are fair for everyone. The eating space is spacious and light, offering a pleasant view of the geothermal area where guests unwind in warm water. It’s a unique experience, but also incredibly crowded and touristic.

Blue Lagoon Restaurant
Screenshot / Captured From Blue Lagoon Restaurant

Many diners wore their bathrobes while eating. We were a little surprised to learn that the springs are artificial and not natural, but that didn’t stop us from having a satisfying supper. Several times while eating lunch, we were startled awake by what we initially assumed was a fire alarm going off. We were amazed by their carelessness or haste.

Guests exiting through the wrong door was the cause. It is important to note that the green and white placards depicting a human indicate emergencies rather than regular exits. Excellent cuisine is offered at very reasonable costs. The waitress was accommodating and kind at the same time. This restaurant comes highly recommended.

1.11. Gale’s Restaurant

Gale’s Restaurant is another best restaurants in Yarmouth NS, which specializes in fast food. It is at 417 Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1G3, Canada. Gale’s restaurant is a fast food restaurant. You can savour the delectable dishes from skilled chefs at the Gales’ Eatery Restaurant.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the menu features a wide variety of delectable seafood dishes prepared with produce harvested directly from the waters surrounding Yarmouth.

Always a delicious start to the day. Great customer service. Nevertheless, if you are not a fan of tea or coffee, the prices of the other drink options severely reduce the establishment’s value. The breakfast options were all quite delicious, and the rates were fair.

Why This Restaurant is a Must-Visit?

Gale’s Restaurant is known for its delicious burgers, seafood chowder, and haddock, all prepared by the eatery’s chef. According to the feedback from the customers, the coffee tastes fantastic.

Gale’s Restaurant
Screenshot / Captured From Gale’s Restaurant

This establishment has earned a stellar reputation thanks to the high quality of its services and the warm and welcoming staff members who are always available to assist guests.

You should pay attention to the prices here because they are average. People are happier, and there are more visitors due to the serene atmosphere. Service was prompt, and the staff was cordial.  It is highly recommended that you visit them.

1.12. Iceworks Diary & Espresso Bar

The Iceworks diary & Espresso Bar is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Yarmouth NS, for the city’s most incredible ice cream and sushi. It is at 313 Main St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 1E3, Canada.

The owner claims that this location formerly functioned as an ice cream shop, where the name originated. A small dining area is located beyond the front of the home, where you can now get items like ice cream, bubble tea, and cappuccino. This restaurant is well-known around the city for serving some of the finest sushi.

At Iceworks Dairy and Espresso Bar, you can always sample delectable sushi, ramen, and salmon. It’s time to indulge in some delicious ice cream and waffles. You may start your dinner with some excellent bubble tea, frappes, or espresso.

 Why This Restaurant is a Must Visit?

This establishment is renowned for its excellent customer service and helpful, courteous employees. The prices are reasonable, in the opinion of the customers. The atmosphere, once you’re inside, is very breathtaking.

The ramen bowls had generous portions and were delicious. Some alternatives are dairy- and gluten-free.

The owners are a kind and pleasant couple. Their two darling children brought us our bubble teas of the highest possible quality. There is not a single item on the menu that is not fantastic, so you won’t be disappointed by anything you order.

2. Conclusion

This restaurant guide should have helped you locate the best restaurants in Yarmouth NS. You won’t regret travelling to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, a popular tourist destination.

Together with its breathtaking scenery, mountains, excellent seafood, fast food, and Italian cuisine, Yarmouth offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants in addition to its stunning surroundings and unique eateries.

You can satisfy your appetite with unique and modern cuisine by visiting the restaurants on the above list, sampling their best dishes, and so on. These excellent and best restaurants in Yarmouth NS will not let you down.

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