Discover the 5 Best Restaurants in Squamish

Unquestionably, Squamish, BC, is one of the most stunning places to live or travel. The area is rich in indigenous history. But it is also known for other reasons. This lovely community is home to a number of great restaurants in Squamish that provide amazing food.

You don’t have to search for restaurants Squamish on your own. Just check out our list of:

1. The Five Best Restaurants Squamish, BC

1.1 Mag’s 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina

(One of the best restaurants in Squamish for awesome, fresh, delicious food.)

Mag’s 99 Fried Chicken restaurant in Squamish, BC, serves great food and friendly service. Mag’s 99 excels at doing two things. Mexican cuisine with fried chicken! This isn’t your standard fast food restaurant where your order is delivered in five minutes. At Mag’s, quality food is made to order.

Restaurants in Squamish
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They take great pleasure in never utilizing frozen beef, chicken, or fish. It is an excellent spot for a delicious lunch at a very reasonable price. Mag’s 99 is one of the best restaurants in Squamish. They serve only awesome, fresh, delicious food. The cuisine at Mag’s is wonderful, very reasonable, and served in substantial servings.

Must try:

  • Fried chicken, classic fish, pepper chicken wings, fish tacos, and butter chicken are very yummy foods in Mag’s 99. It is greasy-free, juicy within, and crispy on the outside. Tostadas are a beautiful blend of sweet and savory flavors.
  • We long to tuck into their local favourite meal, the exquisite chimichangas, which are so good that you should take some with you home! Choose Burrito Maximus if you’re very, truly hungry. It’s one of the yummiest foods.

1.2  The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar

(One of the best restaurants in Squamish for amazing food)

Salted Vine in downtown Squamish, BC, is known for its upmarket dining (food quality) and modern-country farmhouse decor. It offers sustainable, seasonal, fresh, and tasty food. The magnificent Sea-to-Sky Highway is immediately next door. Salted Vine is one of the best eateries.

Restaurants in Squamish

They have top-notch chefs and well-educated staff. It is a cool spot for a quick lunch and spending family time together. Moreover, this incredibly hip restaurant offers a contemporary taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Must try:

  • As an appetizer, get amazing fresh food, such as a Canadian seafood platter with octopus house-made kimchi, squid ink, fresh oysters, duck breast, chilled prawns, albacore tuna with Thai curry, and so on. Continue with fantastic food, including wrapped veggie burgers, salmon burgers, and tarragon-glazed duck breast with apple chutney.
  • Finally, consider a sophisticated Pavlova and an absolutely delectable white chocolate panna cotta. It’s also one of the best Canadian brew pubs, serving good beer.

1.3  Sushi Sen

(One of the best restaurants in Squamish for delicious Japanese food)

Visit Sushi Sen in Squamish, BC, to enjoy the authentic culinary art of delectable Japanese food (such as great sushi). Fans of fantastic Japanese food will have a fantastic dining experience here. It is one of the best restaurants in Squamish and serves very yummy food. It is one of the cheap eats.

Restaurants in Squamish

Their comprehensive menu, which offers a nice casual Japanese option, is well-liked by their clients. All dishes, like specialty rolls, great sushi, and sashimi, are prepared using fresh ingredients. They provide excellent service for lunch, dinner, or a party.

It is also an excellent Canadian brewpub, serving great beers and wines. Sushi Sen has plenty of bars and indoor and outdoor seating with a lovely outdoor atmosphere. Traditional kimonos are decked out inside this restaurant. It is a nice place to spend happy hour with your family or friends.

Must try:

  • Order dobinmushi, sashimi salad, beef ribs, and a vegetable roll.

1.4  Fergie’s Café

(Among the best restaurants in Squamish with outstanding service)

Fergie’s Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Squamish, BC, and serves amazing food. Fergie’s Cafe is a popular place for brunch and breakfast in Squamish, British Columbia.

It is located on the banks of the Cheakamus River in a stunning riverside location (you can enjoy the fresh air here). They provide excellent service. It is a conveniently located cheap eats restaurant that has been converted into a cafe.

Restaurants in Squamish

While waiting for your table, simply show up, jot down your name, go for a stroll, and savor the tranquil setting and friendly staff. Fergie’s also makes use of locally produced goods and supports local businesses. Moreover, they serve awesome, fresh, delicious food.

It has a lovely outdoor atmosphere; you can sit near the roaring river for fresh air and get a relaxing coffee or good beer. The mountain man breakfast is also available.

Must try:

  • The pulled pork hash is appealing to meat enthusiasts. Pulled pork sandwiches, hash browns, veggie burgers, brioche French toast, eggs Benny, aged cheddar, good chai latte, and smoked BBQ pork join together to create an unforgettable experience.
  • Dubliner Benny, an incredible combination of bacon, poached eggs and cheddar served atop the softest buttermilk biscuits you can imagine, is their biggest crowd-pleaser.

1.5  Joe’s Pesto Woodfired Pizzeria

(One of the best restaurants in Squamish with delicious food)

It is a nicely located restaurant that serves excellent fast food. Visit Joe’s Pesto in downtown Squamish for some real New York-style pizza that is prepared in a classic Neapolitan woodfire brick oven. It is one of the best restaurants in Squamish; it serves amazing food and is a cool spot for a quick (and delicious) lunch.

Restaurants in Squamish

This restaurant offers some of the friendliest services anywhere, good eats, great beers and cider on tap, and very generous fresh bun dough for the ideal crisp exterior and tender interior of any decent pizza.

The best spot to get pizza pie is at Joe’s. You have a choice of New York-style thin crust, traditional Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, or the gluten-free crust option. This restaurant also serves American-style pizza.

Must try:

  • Try their signature pizza (good eats), made from very generous fresh bun dough, the Joe Pesto, which combines seasoned Roma tomatoes, basil, goat feta, garlic, and mozzarella with a tomato and pesto sauce.
  • We adored their Pearfect, which had the ideal balance of sweetness and acidity. We were pleasantly surprised by this. It includes soft goat feta, prosciutto, grana padano, caramelised pears, and balsamic drizzle. Most people return time and time again to sample all twenty different pizza variations. You ought to, too!

2. The Top 10 Things to Do in Squamish, British Columbia

Rivers, trails, mountains, and the ocean these four adjectives perfectly describe Squamish, British Columbia. It is the best location for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Regardless of your level of experience with outdoor adventure, there are many activities to keep you occupied throughout your time in Squamish. See our list of the best things to do in Squamish, BC for suggestions.

2.1 Take the Gondola From the Sea to the Sky

The adventure doesn’t end when you get to the top; give yourself plenty of time to explore. Summertime walks range from quick, easy loops that are always beautiful to longer, more challenging excursions. In addition, you can climb the mountain rather than using the gondola.

For a wintertime frolic through the snow, rent some snowshoes or try some snow tubing to get your heart racing.

Enjoy every minute of the trip since there is so much to see, such as the boats scattered throughout Howe Sound, the hikers navigating the deep vegetation below, and well-known locations like Shannon Falls and the massive Stawamus Chief.

2.2 Go Rafting on Whitewater

You can go on an exhilarating white-water river rafting trip down the Elaho River without any prior experience (though it is highly advised), because you will be paddling through some Class 3 and Class 4 rapids. Paddling along the calmer Cheakamus River is just as much fun and a more sedate alternative for family members ages five and up.

2.3 Watch Kiteboarders at the Spit

For a great afternoon in the midst of summer, visit the spit to see the local kiteboarders compete at Howe Sound.

These kiteboarders may reach remarkable speeds by harnessing the wind’s energy as they skip across the water. The vibrant sails are captivating; if you’re lucky, you might see some impressive aerial feats of skill in action.

A lengthy gravel road leads to The Spit, but for an even more picturesque route, leave the car at home and explore the estuary’s trails. These short hikes that explore the nearby marshlands begin in the center of Squamish and take you directly to the Spit.

2.4 Visit Alice Lake Provincial Park and Explore the Lakes

Four freshwater lakes in the park are named Edith, Fawn, Stump, and Alice. Alice Lake is the most accessible location because it has the nearest parking.

  • Each lake along the six-kilometer, family-friendly Four Lakes Trail can be explored if you have boots.

2.5 Hike the Stawamus Chief

Possibly the most well-known feature in the Squamish, BC, region is the Stawamus Chief. As you enter the town, it is impossible to miss the Granite Monolith because it catches the light almost magically.

There are three peaks to explore; however, many hikers choose only to visit the first peak because it is the quickest to reach. You could even attempt all three peaks at once to extend your day, gaining more than 600 meters in elevation over about eight kilometers round-trip.

2.6: Experience Squamish Ranch Life

  • If you want the ability to engage with horses more closely, go to the Squamish Valley, a remote corner of heaven where various farms and ranches are located.
  • In the summer, stop by the farmers market in downtown Squamish to sample some of the delectable produce grown in the valley.
  • Tourists may take horseback trail rides at several of these ranches, which is something you should definitely schedule into your hectic Squamish schedule.
  • There is no better way to appreciate the Squamish Valley’s natural beauty than on horseback, and there are options that are ideal for newbies. You’ll have the chance to practice some Western equestrian riding skills, communicate with your specifically matched horse, and take in the area’s trails, forests, and rivers from a fresh perspective.

2.7 Along the Squamish River, There are Spotted Eagles.

The “World Eagle Capital” is a town called Brackendale, located at the northernmost point of Squamish, BC. You’ll quickly understand why it has this name if you visit between November and January since wintering bald eagles may be heard and seen almost everywhere, especially along the Squamish River.

Every year, more than a thousand eagles visit Squamish, BC.

Restaurants in Squamish
Photo by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

Take advantage of the EagleWatch Interpretive Program (which is totally run by volunteers) to learn more about them. This program will not only show you where to look, but it will also help you comprehend why eagles are drawn to Squamish.

2.8 Kayaks in Howe Sound

Those with some paddling experience might want to think about hiring a kayak for the day to get a close-up look at the magic of the Pacific Ocean. For an easy entry point, take the highway south to Porteau Cove.

There is much to discover, from big and little islands to the uninhabited coastline on the other side of the sound. There’s a decent chance you’ll see one or two curious seals observing you. Orcas have been known to check into Howe Sound periodically, so if you’re really lucky, you might see one.

If kayaking in Howe Sound is all, you can consider extending your boat rental and exploring the Sea to Sky Marine Trail. This waterway connects remote campgrounds and extends all the way to Horseshoe Bay. You may adjust your journey to fit your schedule, weather, and personal interests by choosing how much or how little of it you wish to explore.

2.9 Pan for Gold at the Britannia Mine Museum

  • To learn more about Squamish’s industrial past, visit the Britannia Mine Museum. The museum welcomes visitors of all ages and is conveniently located in the old mining community of Britannia Beach, just south of Squamish, BC.

  • The Britannia Mine Museum is distinguished from other museums by two unique features, like the live-action program, which creates a multi-sensory experience that engages sight, smell, and (particularly) sound while bringing history to life. Second, taking a train into the mine offers a unique experience that is both informative and fun. A cloudy day is a perfect opportunity to visit the museum.

2.10 Shannon Falls is a Great Place to Stretch Your Legs.

Shannon Falls, with a 335-meter plunge, is the third-highest waterfall in British Columbia. It tumbles from a ridge high above, cascading down many ledges before ultimately falling with a thundering boom into a rocky pool at the bottom. The falls are accessible through a 350-meter walking path, and strategically located observation places let you get surprisingly close and as wet as you like.

  • Picnic tables, a snack shop, and a restroom with running water are all located in the open green space away from the falls. This is a great place to stop if you’re taking a day trip to Whistler, so you can get some fresh mountain air and some exercise.

3. The Best Places to Stay in Squamish, British Columbia

There are a variety of hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfast accommodations available in Squamish, but no truly luxury hotels or resorts.

3.1  Sunwolf

It provides lots of room just to get lost in the stunning natural settings, as it is situated on five acres of woodland with mountain views. Twelve cabins provide lodging, with the majority of them located only along the riverbanks. The cabins have a warm, rustic atmosphere.

The majority have kitchenettes. Sunwolf welcomes pets and offers family-friendly amenities. On-site amenities include restaurants and bike rentals.

3.2 Executive Suites in Hotels and Resorts

It is the most opulent hotel in Squamish, British Columbia. There are balconies and full kitchens in every room. There are board games, novels, and DVDs for youngsters to borrow on the family-friendly site.

In executive suites, there is also a children’s menu available. The additional features include free parking, a pool, an adventure concierge, and spa services.

3.3 Highlands B&B

The B&B offers a variety of suites and rooms, each with a distinctive décor. A few have complete kitchens. The building includes a nice terrace space and views of the Pacific Ocean.

The free breakfast (good food) is provided in a cheerful dining area. A hot tub and free parking are included as additional features.

3.4 Hotel Squamish

Hotel Squamish is a low-cost option for lodging in Squamish, British Columbia. The walls are decorated with framed paintings and vibrant embellishments. Laundry facilities, free parking, Wi-Fi, and luggage storage are all available on-site for those spending a few days in the Highlands. For quick food or soda, a vending machine is also available.

3.5 Squamish Adventure Inn and Hotel

Squamish adventure inn is a great budget choice for a stay in Squamish, BC. It provides a variety of rooms with numerous sizes. Some have kitchenettes, while others have bunk beds. The property, located inside a sizable ancient house, draws adventure-seeking visitors who want to stay out in the common spaces in the evening. Activities of any kind can be planned here as well.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

4.1. Is There any Pizza Hut Near Squamish, BC, Canada?

Ans. There are many restaurants in Squamish, like Pizzalicious Donair Shop, Pizza Hut Squamish, and FreshSlice Pizza, where you can find amazing pizza.

4.2. Where Can I Find the Best Lamb Curry in Squamish, British Columbia?

Ans. Indian Masala Bar and Grill (also called Grill Indian Brew Pub), with excellent Indian cuisine, and Bisla Sweet Restaurant and Meat Shop (also with excellent Indian cuisine), which serves the best lamb curry in Squamish, British Columbia,

4.3. Where Can I Get Cajun-inspired Cuisine in Squamish, BC?

Ans. Copper Coil, Steel, and Grill, one of the best restaurants in Squamish, serves delicious Cajun-inspired cuisine.

4.4. What Are the Cheap Eats in Squamish, BC?

Ans. There are many cheap eats in Squamish, BC, like the Kuulu Cafe and the Salted Vine Kitchen Bar.

4.5. What Restaurant Serves the Best Crab Cakes?

Ans. The Crabapple Café, one of the best restaurants in Squamish, serves delicious crab cakes in Squamish, British Columbia.

4.6. Which are the Good Sushi Restaurants in Squamish, BC?

Ans. Taka Ramen & Sushi and Manpuku Sushi serve good sushi. There are also some nice, casual Japanese options.

4.7. Which are the Best Family Restaurants in Squamish?

Ans. There are many restaurants like Joe Pesto’s Wood Fired Pizzeria, The Locavore Bar & Grill, etc are the best restaurants in Squamish.

4.8. Which are the Cheapest Cafes and Restaurants in Squamish?

Ans. Kululu Cafe and RideHub Cafe are the cheapest restaurants in Squamish.

5. Conclusion

Whether you’re a local who enjoys the Squamish way of life or a traveler looking to experience the activities nearby, we hope you enjoy our guide to the best restaurants in Squamish. You may be sure that exploring the lovely Squamish will make you hungry. We put together this directory of satisfying restaurants in Squamish, British Columbia.

You won’t get bored because of the variety of great food alternatives available, including casual burger joints, sushi bars, Canadian seafood, and amazing pizza joints. Many more fast food options are available on the Canadian menu! Examine a few of the top restaurants in Squamish to sate your appetite, fuel your exercise, and enjoy a lovely outdoor atmosphere with fresh air.

Since many years ago, the eateries in this area have provided a distinctive dining experience that combines the majesty of the surroundings with the authenticity of the cuisine and delight. A variety of meals are served in a classy home setting with friendly greetings in all the above-mentioned restaurants in Squamish.

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