10 Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Most of us find it difficult to resist carbohydrates in the form of Italian food when we eat from the heart. The greatest Italian food is made slowly and with affection, from hand-chopped tomatoes to meticulously kneaded dough.

Downtown Toronto has a plethora of restaurants, serving everything from traditional and classic with a twist to modern and mixed cuisine that transports your palate to various parts of Italy.

1. 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Italian food is unparalleled. If you enjoy pasta, porchetta, and bombolini, you’ve come to the right place! Several top-notch eateries in Toronto may transport your palate to various Italian areas.

This list of excellent eateries in Toronto will sate your appetite!

There are countless Italian eateries in Toronto. While some of these eateries remain true to Italian cuisine, others have traveled far from the country. When we are too exhausted to cook, many of us make Italian food at home. The stomach is filled with some dried noodles and a jar of sauce.

Going to one of these eateries means engaging in an intense connection with your food and having a fine dining experience.

The all-time favorite Italian restaurants in downtown Toronto are as follows:

1.1 Piano Piano

Piano Piano is an unrivaled cozy, friendly setting. The idea of Piano Piano is to slow down, be more family-focused, and serve large portions of food that are designed to be shared. Rigatoni and meatballs are the stars of the pasta world!

Along with juicy, flavorful meatballs, the baked cheese sauce just elevates everything.

Piano Piano, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Piano Piano

1.1.1. Specialities

The Spicy Sicilian Pizza with ‘Nduja, Parmigiano, and oregano garnish, as well as the excellent yet light The Fun Guy Pizza with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, and mozzarella, are not to be missed.

Modern toppings for pizza include wilting dandelion. Additionally, this is a family-friendly setting if you find yourself without a babysitter.

There isn’t a chicken finger on the kids’ menu; instead, it’s all “fun, nutritious, and tasty” food.

1.2 Sugo

Sugo, a traditional Italian eatery, is situated at the intersection of Bloor and Landsdowne Streets.

Sugo has long been a favorite hangout for locals thanks to its comfort food and straightforward yet pleasant ambiance, and now’s your chance to check it out!

Sugo, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Sugo

1.2.1. Specialities

Eggplant Parmesan, spaghetti Pomodoro, and chicken Parmigiana cutlet are some of the menu’s standout dishes. Eggplant Parm, which consists of layers of crisp eggplant slices roasted till delightfully crisp and golden brown, is a gentle place to start.

When you visit this neighborhood favorite, you’ll find a trendy spot. Forget about the notion of affluent people with little pasta dishes.  This American-Italian restaurant is warm and inviting in every way, from the traditional red-checkered tablecloths to the filling parm sandwiches that make the ideal takeout lunch.

The rigatoni pasta is considered a cult favorite by those in the know, and the enormous meatball the size of a knuckle shouldn’t be missed.

1.3 Local Kitchen & Wine Bar

Local Kitchen and Wine Bar Italian restaurants in downtown Toronto saw many major restaurant openings in 2009. It is modestly sized and tastefully furnished, evoking a hole-in-the-wall you may come upon when exploring Florence.

Local Kitchen and Wine Bar, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Local Kitchen and Wine Bar

1.3.1. Specialities

A range of cheeses and meats, including the fresh house-made mozzarella served warm with tomatoes and basil, are offered on the limited menu of locally produced foods.

Every day, two protein-based main dishes and three or four different varieties of pasta are provided. The latter might be locally sourced smoked potato gnocchi with rapini and taleggio cheese.

1.4 Sotto Toronto

Sotto, with its wonderful ambiance, a broad selection of wines, and massive menu, may immediately attract us by bringing the romance of Italy to the heart of Toronto.

The octopus is served on a bed of cannellini beans after being delicately grilled to maintain a soft, chewy texture. Continue with the Cozze Tire, which is a dish that has mussels cooked in a tomato-white wine broth. You won’t believe how flavorful this meal can be!

Sotto Sotto, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Sotto Sotto

1.4.1. Specialities

Sotto Sotto, a place that attracted celebrities in spades, was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve 2014. It didn’t take long for it to reappear a few doors down as a phoenix, giving Drake access to his former “second home” once more.

Sotto Sotto, which means “under,” provides a large menu of straightforward classics and more intricate interpretations, flattering lighting, and attentive service. There are several fish, salad, and meat selections at this Roman Marisa Rocca-owned and operated restaurant.

You can have pasta as a second course or a main dish. Veal, beef, fish, and chicken are served as main dishes, and there are several exquisite risotto alternatives.

1.5 Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale is a go-to location for excellent wine and cuisine in Toronto since it is renowned for producing some of the most incredible pasta in the city, creating salumi from scratch on-site, and having a flawless dinner selection.

Either stay inside their private dining rooms with a view of an open kitchen or choose to take in some fresh air on the terrace.

Enoteca Sociale, Wesbite Screenshot
Courtesy – Enoteca Sociale

1.5.1. Specialities

Enoteca Sociale can enhance simple components. Numerous additional items, like the freshly baked bread that tempts diners at every table as well as the spaghetti, are all cooked in-house, and traditional Roman dishes.

The appetizers under the “Piatti Sociale” menu column are all distinctive and delicious if you enjoy sharing a meal with your date, ala Lady and the Tramp. The wine list features more than 80 Italian options in addition to superb reds and whites from Ontario.

1.6 La Fenice

La Fenice, an Italian restaurant in the downtown Toronto  Entertainment District, is well-known and adored for its genuine Italian food, fresh seafood, and top-quality Canadian steaks.

The excellent cuisine and upscale setting will ensure your return once you step foot here.

La Fenice, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – La Fenice

1.6.1 Specialities

Don’t leave without eating their most popular meal, the Tuscan Steak, which is served with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and garlic aioli and has a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

Other meals worth trying include the excellent Mushroom Pizza and Suprema di Pollo Milanese, which is a boneless chicken breast that has been gently breaded and topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce.

1.7 Gusto 101

Gusto 101, which is housed in a repurposed garage, should be your first choice anytime you’re in the mood for a glass of wine on the rooftop terrace or the comfort of a wood-fired grill.

The amazing open kitchen and exquisite, lovely surroundings will meet you as soon as you enter; they can get busy at night.

Gusto 101, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Gusto 101

1.7.1 Specialities

Try the amazing mushroom bruschetta! It is prepared relatively simply with grilled sourdough bread, wild mushrooms, herbed ricotta, taleggio, and olive oil. However, we must admit that Gusto 101 makes it amazing!

Continue with the robust Beef & Pork Ragu Bolognese, which is beefy yet tender, or the equally delectable Gusto “Americano” Burger, which is made with Angus beef, caramelized onions, American cheese, dill pickles, arugula, and Tuscan fries.

1.8 Carisma

Carisma never ceases to astonish you with its magnificent and traditional Italian fare as well as its opulent yet cozy 1920s-inspired atmosphere. Are you wandering around the city center and yearning for traditional Italian dishes? You’ll wish you had found this spot sooner after visiting Carisma.

Carisma, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Carisma

1.8.1 Specialties

Despite the restaurant’s sophistication, the cuisine is far better than the furnishings. Begin with Carpaccio di Manzo, thinly sliced marinated beef tenderloin topped with fresh mozzarella cheese and rucola. This goes well with a glass of dry white wine.

1.9 Terrazza

Terrazza, once you’re here, sit in with the Giuseppe and Piccante since one of the reasons people adore is their pizza.

Both produce spicy salami, but if you like something meaty and fiery, Piccante is a great choice because of its spicy sausage and hot peppers, whilst Giuseppe has a more herbal scent thanks to its roasted herbs and vegetables.

Terrazza, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Terrazza

1.9.1. Specialities

One of their specialties is Italian spring rolls, which are both a starter and a side dish because of their lightness and amusingly crunchy texture.

1.10 Buca

Buca Osteria & Enoteca is a modern classic that draws inspiration from Italian culinary traditions and emphasizes the best of both old and new worlds, with menus that change frequently and employ foods that focus on flavor character rather than popularity, ensuring freshness.

You’ll undoubtedly find yourself returning at some point for their friendly greetings and artisanal meals, which include a good selection of meat options, pizza, dessert, and pasta.

1.10.1. Specialties

At this gorgeous restaurant in Yorkville, Chef Rob Rossi offers seafood along with a sizable wine and cocktail list. With a creamy egg, sliced bacon, grated cheese, and a ton of black pepper, the spaghetti carbonara is rich and pleasantly unexpected. And their Salumi di Buca is delectably delicious, with smokey undertones!

2. Wrapping Up

These are some of the best Italian eateries in Downtown Toronto. All of these places have something unique that will draw you towards them after your first visit.

Make sure to visit these places with your loved ones for an amazing experience of indulging in Italian cuisine.

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