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10 Best Orchards for Apple Picking in Markham

One of the defining characteristics of autumn is the aroma of apple pie. But first, you must obtain your own apples, some decent fresh apples. A fantastic method to do this is to plan an outdoor excursion and go apple picking in Markham, Canada.

1. 10 Best Orchards for Apple Picking in Markham

Apple season is from late August through early November, depending on the weather that year (the majority of kinds are available between September and October), and there are many different varieties available at farms dispersed around the area.

1.1 Applewood Farm

Applewood Farm, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Applewood Farm

Since over fifty years ago, the Passafiume family has owned Applewood Farm.

When you go there, you can enjoy picking your fruit, wagon rides, picking pumpkins in the fall, a corn maze in the fall, and other activities. You may spend the day harvesting strawberries and apples at Applewood Farm.

They work hard to create a genuine farming experience for you and your family on their farm.

1.2 Pine Farms Orchard

Pine Farms Orchard, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Pine Farms Orchard

The restricted apple harvesting season at Pine Farms Orchard in King City commences in August. The breeds available at Pine Farms Orchard are very diverse. Choose apple varieties in the season like Melba, Paula Red, Jonagold, Golden, Red, Russet, and Northern Spy.

Although there will be many other types maturing in time for September, Ginger Gold will be the primary apple available.

Pick-your-own apple prices are $2 per pound, calculated based on weight. The cost of entering this orchard is $5 per person, and bags are available there.

1.3 Organics Family Farm

Organics Family Farm, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Organics Family Farm

Since 2001, Organics Family Farm provides people with fresh, organic apples, ready-picked vegetables, a wholesome organic farm market, and a wood-fired Bakery. The farm is dedicated to producing products that are good for you.

Empire, Spencer, Honey Gold, Crimson Crisp, and exquisite Ginger Gold apples are just a few of the many apple varieties of apples the family farm will be selling.

The apple season starts around August and it typically lasts through the Thanksgiving holiday. The orchard entry fee is $15 for a person aged three and older. A 5lb bag of pick-your-own apples is included in this pricing.

1.4 Archibald’s Orchards and Estate Winery

Archibald’s Orchards and Estate Winery, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Archibald’s Orchards and Estate Winery

For many visitors to Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery, picking your own apples has become a tradition. This is logical considering that the location has approximately 10,000 apple trees in its orchard, a wide variety of apples ripe, delectable apple-themed delicacies, and a selection of ciders.

Several kinds of apples are ready for picking in this area. They provide fresh apple treats like the delicious caramel apple dumplings in their apple market, along with cider and other things.

Take advantage of the award-winning winery’s wine tours and tastings and buy a bottle or two to take home.

1.5 Pingle’s Farm

Pingle's Farm, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Pingle’s Farm

The Durham Region can enjoy great farm-fresh food and a ton of fun thanks to Pingle’s Farm Market! On 148 acres of land is where Pingle’s Farm is situated. Here, you may choose your own apples and pumpkins, buy fresh and gourmet items from the market, and enjoy a ton of autumnal activities.

Enjoy the whole fall experience at the Harvest Festival by navigating the corn maze, having fun in the playland, riding a wagon, and listening to live music while enjoying some hot food and sweets.

1.6 Brooks Farms

Brooks Farm, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Brooks Farm

Bring the family along and spend the day at the 10-acre Barnyard Playland at Brooks Farms, which is suitable for children of all ages. You can also have some food and a treat at the Farm Market Bakery Cafe.

Here, you may choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as raspberries, squash, and pumpkins. You can also sample their brand-new gourmet doughnuts and attend the Fall Fun Festival.

1.7 Albion Orchards

Albion Orchard, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Albion Orchard

Apple picking at Albion Orchard, which is ranked as one of Canada’s top four apple orchards by Chatelaine Magazine and the Food Network, is a wonderful way for families to spend time together, and purchasing fruit directly from the farm guarantees that your family will receive some of the freshest produce in Ontario.

Picking apples at Albion Orchards is possible in the late summer and early fall. Prices range from $20 for 10 lb bags (limit sharing is 2 individuals per 10-pound bag) to $40 for 20 lb bags (maximum 4 people to share a 20 lb bag).

The minimum for apple picking is equivalent to 5 pounds per person.

1.8 Watson Farms

Watson Farms, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Watson Farms

In the fall, you can select from a variety of apples in addition to picking pears, pumpkins, and squash. The Watsonland playground and petting zoo entertain children, along with photo opportunities, a corn maze, and wagon rides.

Go through the Farm Market on your way out to pick up some fresh food and other treats. Gingergold, Macintosh Gala, Honey crisp, Empire, Mutsu (Crispin), Fuji, Cortland, Ambrosia, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Northern Spy are just a few of the apple varieties that Watson Farms sells.

1.9 Nature’s Bounty Farm

Nature's Bounty Farm, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Nature’s Bounty Farm

During a self-guided nature walk around the property, take in the beauty of your surroundings and stop to see the sheep in the pasture. Encourage the kids to explore the corn maze and race through the obstacle course.

After your lunch on the lawn, sip some crisp apple cider. Almost 25 acres of an apple orchard are home to two distinct kinds of apple varieties: their Traditional Apples, which are said to be well adapted to their growing circumstances and yield a sizable crop every year.

Although growing their Premium Apples takes more time and effort, they are prized for their distinctive flavors and beauty. Salalia to Idared are all included in the Classic Apple category, however, the Premium Apple category only has Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, and Golden Russet apples.

You can also make the journey outside to the pumpkin patch and select the ideal pumpkin.

1.10 Carl Laidlaw Orchards

Carl Laidlaw Orchards, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Carl Laidlaw Orchards

A 7th generation farm, Carl Laidlaw Orchards provides visitors with a straightforward, endearing country experience while growing more than 20 different apple and 3 different pear varieties.

Many have praised their 100 acres of farmland, which is tucked away in the breathtaking Credit River Valley. The farm also offers a ton of fantastic activities for you and your family to enjoy.

It opens between September and October, it is open from 9 to 5 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on Mondays.

2. Conclusion

Visit Canada and have an amazing experience of apple picking in Markham during the apple picking season. Take the best quality apples with you.

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