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10 Cool Things You Need to Know about Sulphur Springs Tx

Between Mount Pleasant and Greenville along Interstate 30 sits Hopkins County, Texas, where the City of Sulphur Springs is situated. Because there were numerous springs with Sulphur water when the area was initially colonized, Sulphur Springs got its name.

As you cross things off your list of things to do, Sulphur Springs has everything you could want, from historical museums and landmarks to unusual sights and entertaining stores, not to mention all the notable restaurants and pubs.

If you’d rather be outside, visit one of the numerous parks or a winery. Whatever your plans are for your upcoming vacation, Sulphur Springs Tx has many activities to entertain you.

All You Need to Know About Sulphur Springs Tx

1. Downtown

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Celebration Plaza, the center of downtown Sulphur Springs, now hosts more than 300 events and free public activities annually. A youngster’s favorite is a Texas star-shaped interactive fountain lit with UV light.

The Downtown District’s Celebration Market offers locally produced food, handmade goods, arts and crafts, entertainment, and more. The splash pad, bubbles, balloons, and hands-on activities are fun for kids.

The only see-through public restrooms in the United States are now available in Sulphur Springs. They were constructed with one-way mirrors so those inside could see out, but that outside could not see in.

2. Utilize a One-Way Glass Bathroom

One most incredible sights to witness is the glass bathrooms in the center of Sulphur Springs Tx. They were the country’s only buildings of their kind when they were constructed. One-way mirrors were used in making these public restrooms at Sulphur Springs’ Celebration Plaza, allowing those using them to gaze out into the street without the general being able to see inside.

3. Buy Custom-Made Jewelry

Image by Desmond Chan from Pixabay

This is undoubtedly among Sulphur Springs’ most incredible things to do. Vintage jewelry and stones that can be polished and fashioned into anything, from windchimes to belt buckles, are sold at Hampton House Jewelry & Rock Shop, a fine jewelry and rock-cutting establishment. The best feature of this store is that they will create a piece of personalized jewelry for you using a rock or gem of your choice.

4. Purchase a Local Book Box

New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover co-founded The Bookworm Box in the City of Sulphur Springs Tx, a few years ago. The Bookworm Box has as one of its goals promoting upcoming independent authors and introducing readers to works they might not have otherwise encountered. Additionally, it donates all of its profits—a novel approach to helping others while satisfying your inner bookworm—to charities.

5. Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

You may play various games and have virtual reality experiences at VR Social, an entertaining arcade. Add VR Social to your list of things to do in Sulphur Springs with your significant other or your friends since it is intended to foster collaboration between individuals. Make sure to schedule a reservation if you want to go there.

6. Order Some Fresh Southern Cuisine

We stopped by Slaughters Oasis BBQ for lunch, where the meat is freshly prepared after being smoked overnight. I suggest getting their juicy brisket! Their ribs have a tasty honey and brown sugar coating that combines sweet and salty. Their crawfish cornbread is also to be noticed, but some like to spice it up by topping it with chopped brisket or pig. For a sizable beef rib on Saturday, please stop by and watch for their specials, such as the smoked jalapeno poppers.

7. Visit a Free Museum

In Silver Springs, Texas, you must check out the Southwest Dairy Museum for anything about cows and dairy!

There is a tiny ice cream shop and several entertaining interactive features in Southwest Dairy Museum; even the cow milk simulator is free!

8. View Sulphur Springs, Tx Waterfalls

Another fantastic location to engage in a range of outdoor recreational activities is Coleman Park. A lake is surrounded by a 2.5-mile walking path that leads past two waterfalls and across a few bridges. The Coleman Park waterfalls are unquestionably the best feature. These breathtaking waterfalls flow over rocks and into little pools amidst the park’s lush vegetation.

9. Explore Acres of Historic Structures

Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Visit Heritage Park to learn more about Sulphur Springs Tx past.

Heritage Park has 11 acres of historical structures meant to be preserved and restored. The George H. Wilson home also houses the Hopkins County Museum.

The Hopkins County Museum has many fabulous and fascinating antiques, such as Civil War relics, Caddo Indian artifacts, women’s historical clothes, and a doll collection.

10. Sip Jalapeño Wine

Near Sulphur Springs, Phinessé Farms is a family-run vineyard and orchard that doubles as a beautiful winery. If you’re looking for something to do that takes you a little further from the city, it’s worth the trip.

Even though their sweet wines are some of the best, we preferred their Jalapeño wine. Of course, you must taste this odd flavor combo if you’re in the area. So, an exciting activity to add to your list is taking a wine-making class at Phinessé Farms, which is occasionally offered.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I get my Sulphur Springs, TX, hunting license?

At any of the more than 1,700 license merchants spread out around the state, you can purchase your Texas hunting license with additional endorsements (“stamps”) or tags. If you want to locate a merchant nearby, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. (TPWD) website. Additionally, you can acquire your license at a TPWD field office or regional office.

Online hunting license orders can be made using credit or debit cards. As a temporary license, your online receipt will serve as proof of purchase; nevertheless, if your activity calls for tags, you must wait for the mail to deliver them.


Despite not being among Texas’ largest or most well-known cities, Sulphur Springs, TX, offers as much to do as any of our more prominent communities. There is truly something for everyone in Sulphur Springs with the historical sites, museums, stores, restaurants, and parks.

This is one of the most exciting locations to visit in Texas because of the range of unusual attractions there, like the virtual reality arcade and the one-way glass restrooms. Make sure to plan a trip to Sulphur Springs TX, while you’re arranging your subsequent getaway, whether it be a weeklong trip or a weekend escape!



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