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11 Amazing Things to Do in Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs is a fascinating destination. Explore new territory and marvel at nature’s splendor. Exhale your troubles and inhale the mountain air. Let’s explore some great things to do in Colorado Springs. From nature lovers and the western museum to numerous hiking trails Colorado Springs has something for everyone.

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1. Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is an outstanding destination for outdoor hobbies in any season divided down the middle by enormous rocky mountains and brimming with Pike National Forest and wilderness regions.

Outdoor activities are a part of life in Colorado Springs, from hot air balloon ride, wind walker challenge course, skiing, and whitewater rafting to beautiful hiking trails, biking trails, national museum, and camping. Outdoor activities are a way of life in Colorado Springs.

Visitors looking for a laidback Colorado Springs Vacation are drawn to the state’s fun-loving culture. Colorado Springs produces more beer than any other state. There are some famous National Museums, the Olympic Training Center, the Air Force Academy, and other great things to do in Colorado Springs that you can check out.

Take part in animal demos where zookeepers will teach you about animal behavior and how to care for different species. Don’t miss a spin on the carousel and head to higher ground on the mountaineer ground. So let’s see the top 11 fun things to do in Colorado Springs.

1.1 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Image by Nicky ❤️🌿🐞🌿❤️ from Pixabay

America’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located in downtown Colorado Springs. Located 6,714 feet above sea level, provides stunning views over Colorado City and its hundreds of species.

Ride an ancient carousel, eat a gourmet lunch at the Grizzly Grill, then ascend to the Zoo’s summit on the Mountaineer Sky Ride and enjoy rocky mountain food tours. At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, visitors can feed the long-necked animal for only 2$, and a colorful antique carousel was built in 1926, the same year the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was founded.

And a new chairlift called the Mountaineer sky ride which is 5$ for adults and 4$ for kids. A stroller and wheelchair-accessible tram that takes you through the entire zoo, which starts from the memorial day(memorial park) to labor day in about 15 minutes.

1.1.1 Why Is It Called Cheyenne?

General Grenville Dodge first surveyed the site of Colorado City. And not many people know, but it was named after a famous Indian Tribe of the time that was founded and living in that area.

Originally it was called ‘she’ and ‘nah’ belonging to the Algonquian tribe, the largest family of Indians on the North American Continent. Around the 1700s when the Cheyenne acquired some horses from Spain and became the expert in buffalo hunting.

1.2 Garden of the Gods

Image by Jacquelynne Kosmicki from Pixabay

Local ownership was restored in 2013 when business leaders and long-time Garden of the Gods Club members Brenda Smith, an accounting executive, and Judy Mackey, a healthcare expert, purchased the high-profile resort and renamed it Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

Hiking, technical rock climbing, road and mountain biking, and horseback riding are all popular activities at Garden of the Gods Park.

The Path of the Garden of the Gods trail takes 1.5 to 2 hours to walk, making it a reasonably short hike.

However, traveling to Bomerano (the starting point) and returning to your starting place from Nocelle (the trail’s endpoint) takes longer.

Yes! Garden of the Gods is the #1 US Park, therefore anyone can visit for free.

1.2.1 Cost of Visiting the Garden of the Gods Park?

From the visitor center to the park Garden of the Gods is FREE.
The park’s distinctive sandstone fins frame a stunning view of the Pikes Peak region mountain which is America’s mountain. Garden of the Gods closes at 9 pm from November to April and 10 pm from May to October.

It was a Native American crossroads where various nomadic tribes united in peace centuries ago. According to legend, the massive sandstone rocks were regarded as hallowed territory.

The Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs is 300 million years of geological history and provides one of the most comprehensive views of Earth’s history found anywhere in the United States.

1.3 North Cheyenne Cañon Park

Image by Beverly Lussier from Pixabay

North Cheyenne Canyon Park is a large 1,600-acre park tucked behind a 1000-foot-deep canyon slicing into the Rockies southwest adventure park of Colorado Springs.

Despite the park’s beautiful physical setting with amazing rock formations and a cascading wildness of heavily forested hills and valleys, the major draw here is the park’s huge wildlife habitat.

From small Water birds like the American dipper, broad-tailed hummingbird, and kingfisher.

North Cheyenne Canon Park is filled with amazing native fauna, ranging from little forest inhabitants to large woodland denizens such as Colorado wolves, black bears, mule deer, and rocky mountain lions.

1.3.1 Some Famous Things to Explore

Seven falls
Mountain zoo
Penrose heritage museum
Helen hunt falls
Olympic training center
Colorado Springs pioneers

1.3.2 History of North Cheyenne Cañon Park

General William Jackson Palmer, the city’s founder, provided property for the park, as well as other Colorado Springs parks.

Palmer contributed land for North Cheyenne Canon Park, which includes Silver Cascade Falls, Helen Hunt Falls, N. Cheyenne Canon Road, and other North Cheyenne properties. After Colorado Springs voters approved the initiative in 1885

The new trails will take some time to break in, and due to the unusually warm and dry weather, some portions are a little sloppy. Please proceed with caution as you learn the new paths.

1.4 Arkansas River

Image by OutthereMJ from Pixabay

If you are visiting Colorado Springs you will find nature-related things to do in Colorado Springs this is a must-go list, Arkansas River experiences abound. Fly fishing, whitewater rafting, or a leisurely float across the calm stretches are all options.

There are numerous fly and guiding shops in Colorado’s Arkansas River Valley.

The Arkansas River valley developed roughly 29 million years ago. From that day on, the Arkansas River cut stone and molded the landscape from the Colorado Mountains to its confluence with the Mississippi River in Arkansas.
In southeastern Arkansas, near the border with Mississippi, the River combines with the Mississippi River.

The river was named the Napeste by the Spanish but Arkansas by the French, after an American Indian tribe who lived in the area.

1.5 Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is regarded as America’s Mountain, and its breathtaking views inspired the lyrics of America the Beautiful.

A ride on the recently renovated Pikes Peak Cog Railway will make your visit even more iconic and remarkable.

Since 1891, the Cog has been ascending Pikes Peak, and with an all-new track, trains, depot, and cog, this stunning experience has just gotten even better!

Stop frequently on your way to the summit to take in the breathtaking scenery, including Crystal Reservoir and Glen Cove Inn.

Visit the Catamount Reservoirs and go fishing. Bring your fishing equipment and don’t forget your fishing things to do in Colorado Springs.

Get a doughnut from the Summit House snack bar – it’s easy and excellent.

Pikes Summit is the 31st highest summit in Colorado, out of 54.

1.5.1 Why Is It So Famous?

It is the furthest east of the Rocky Mountain chain’s great peaks, which contributed to its early reputation among explorers, pioneers, and immigrants, and made it the symbol of the 1859 Colorado Gold Rush with the slogan “Pikes Peak or Bust”.

There are no petrol stations along the picturesque drive, so fill up before you begin your adventure.

1.5.2 A Word of Caution!

If you have Acrophobia(fear of heights) it might be better to skip Hang Gliding & Paragliding (avoid any mishap) as a visitor here has probably glorified it a bit too much unnecessarily.

Almost all the people who come here agree that this trip remains memorable due to the Panoramic view.

1.6 Air Force Academy

Image by P T from Pixabay

In addition to the natural wildlife and museum, there is also the United State Air Force Academy just North of Colorado Springs, where Pilot and other potential members do their training.

Numerous buildings are not open to tourists for security concerns, but there are many others where you may learn about the institution’s history and aviation in general.

For example, did you know that the visitor’s center has a 250-seat cinema that presents documentaries about the academy? Tours are also available for the Cadet Chapel” and the “Falcon Athletic Center”.

If you enjoy being outside, you may be interested in the hiking trails that wind around the base. With the beautiful foliage on the ground and the fighter aircraft flying overhead, it could be one of the top sites in Downtown Colorado Springs for sightseeing

If you’re looking for something exciting and a little weird to do that you enjoy, consider taking a tour of the United States Air Force Academy, it could be one to remember. There is just one US Air Force Academy in the world, thus you can only view it if you visit Colorado Springs.

1.7 Explore Rocky Mountain Food Tours

Image by Inna Sherman from Pixabay

You’ll find fun things to do in Colorado Springs that you can enjoy with your entire family like dive bars, Glen Eyrie Castle, high-end resorts, hot air balloons, and restaurants, but just imagine what if you don’t know where to start your adventure?

Booking a tour with Rocky Mountain Food Tours things to do in Colorado Springs is one option that gives you a Downtown Colorado Springs tour.

You won’t lack flavor on Rocky Mountain Food Trips. There are foodie tours to please your tastebuds, including a popular “Cocktail Tour.”

Which takes you through not only bars but speakeasies as well as a Progressive Dinner Tour that focuses on high-end steakhouses and well-known celebrity restaurants.

These are famous restaurants that will not only entertain you but will also take full care of your hunger pangs and satisfy them. There’s also the “Original Colorado Springs Food Tour,” which provides a behind-the-scenes peek at how local restaurants produce and present their food.

When you learn about the creators’ passion and vision, the samples will taste even better! If you’re wondering what to do in Downtown Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Food Tours will help you out. They’ll show you around the city’s most prominent sights while also satisfying your hunger.

Just make sure you bring a belt with plenty of wriggle room!

1.7.1 Why Are Rocky Mountains Famous?

It is no surprise that the Rocky Mountains are world recognized for their breathtaking beauty, with huge picture-perfect panoramas that transport visitors to new heights.

Let us tell you that the highest point of this mountain is 14,259 feet.

1.8 Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker

Image by lenzius from Pixabay

If you take a trip to visit Colorado Springs, be sure to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker, a well-kept secret and famous among attractions. You can easily recognize it from movies and television shows.

When you enter it, the main entrance is a gleaming military-industrial tunnel that disappears into the mountain as night falls, glimpsed in the movies Independence Day and Stargate SG-1.

The Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker, on the other hand, is a functioning facility with regular operations.

It was originally constructed during the Cold War as a clandestine and powerful US base in the event of a nuclear war.

The nuclear bunker’s main role was to serve as a defense bunker, and it was developed in secret. After the war, it is now more widely used as a support and backup facility for various military enterprises.

Tourists are not allowed inside the bunker due to security reasons. There will be no tour or guide to talk to or information about, so most tourists don’t find it such an exciting destination. The United States military enlisted a privately held mining business in 1961 to begin blasting out caves within the mountain itself.

Several primary chambers were excavated, resulting in acres of underground space in which a succession of buildings was built, supported by springs to prevent earthquake damage and strengthened against the surrounding rock.

1.9 Springs Adventure Park

You can have fun activities and things to do in Colorado Springs with your family at Springs Adventure Park. It’s an indoor recreation center with trampolines and arcade games to keep your entire family entertained! Toddlers may crawl across bouncy inflatable floors.

The colorful play areas and all of their difficulties will appeal to children; they can select from foam-filled “battle jousts” to “wipeout” arenas where columns spin and twist to knock individuals from their perches.

Teens will enjoy the virtual reality headsets and their realistic excursions. Adults can enjoy a nostalgic trip back in time with old-school vintage arcade games.

Not only that, but you also get a series of “Ninja Warriors” obstacle courses that are for all ages, where explorers can have fun testing their skills.

Check out the Springs Adventure Park if you want to have a wonderful time in Colorado Springs. It’s unusual to discover a vacation spot that appeals to the entire family, but this one does. Indoor Family Fun Center in Colorado. Also, there are Wall-to-wall trampolines and a Ninja Warrior course things to do in Colorado Springs.

Prepare for the best birthday parties ever with our Children’s Amusement Center and Indoor Playground. Indoor attractions, rides, and children’s entertainment cover 31,000 square feet.

1.9.1 Springs Trampoline Park Prices

Image by Helga from Pixabay

Children under the age of three must sign a waiver and jump for free with a paid jumper at full price. This offer is not part of any Birthday package, event or holiday package, or other celebration.

Everyone must wear jump socks with grips, which may be purchased for $2.71.

Full-day pass is $25.

Toddler Time Hours and Pricing – (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.) – $12 per kid (6 and under); 1 Parent FREE with each paying child (no weekends).

Hours and pricing for Cosmic Jump – (7 pm-10 pm) – $20 (Mon-Fri).

1.10 Seven Falls

Image by Alfred_Miller from Pixabay

These stunning waterfalls, often known as the “Broadmoor Seven Falls,” are one of Colorado Springs’ most popular attractions.

There are seven of them, as the name implies, and they cascade from their rocky, craggy heights like a postcard.

Many tourists choose to hike the falls’ surrounding surroundings, which are quite lovely, with bright skies, fresh air, sunshine, and an abundance of wildlife. If you can’t wait to see the falls, steps have been added on the mountain that leads directly to them.

Another advantage of the falls is that there is an elevator for handicapped access! Visitors of all kinds can get away from the city for a bit and reconnect with nature.

If you’re seeking the best locations to visit in Colorado Springs, Seven Falls is a must-see. Indoor Family Fun Center in Colorado Springs.

1.10.1 Is Seven Falls a Simple Hike?

Seven Falls is one of Tucson’s most popular hikes. It not only has the highest All Trails rating in Tucson, but it also has seven waterfalls, beautiful views, and a somewhat simple trek.

It takes an average of 3 hours and 26 minutes to finish this moderately difficult route.

Because this is a popular hiking and walking region, you will most likely come across other people while exploring.

Visitors can see Seven Falls from the 224-step stairway or the Eagle’s Nest viewing platform, which is accessible via elevator.

1.11 Pike National Forest

Image by Jake Heckey from Pixabay

Pike National Forest, with its abundant natural landscape, is one of the top places to explore in Colorado Springs for outdoor enthusiasts.

It spans a whopping 1,100,000 acres, and there are many chances to camp, climb, hike, fish, boat, and more. The pine trees produce dappled shadows over gorgeous reservoirs and vibrantly green hills and fields throughout the summer.

At the observation platforms of several mountain summits in the spring and autumn, you may see flowers and leaves bloom and fall.

You can ski down those peaks in the winter when everything transforms into a snow-covered winter wonderland!

1.11.1 Elevation at Pike National Forest?

It is the largest parcel of public land in the state and the only one managed by the Forest Service.

The elevation spans from 3,150 to 3,540 feet and is the largest tract of public property in the state and the sole parcel managed by the Forest Service. The elevation varies between 3,150 and 3,540 feet.

2. Is Downtown Colorado Springs Worth Visiting?

It is worthwhile to visit Colorado Springs. There are several hiking, biking, and other outdoor recreation opportunities nearby.

Colorado Springs also has some fantastic museums, the Olympic Training Center, the Air Force Academy, and other exciting attractions.

Downtown Colorado Springs combines a small-town atmosphere with big-city conveniences.

Beginning May 22, 2022, Mountain Metro Transit will provide a FREE shuttle service on Tejon Street between Cache La Poudre Street and Rio Grande Street in Downtown Colorado Springs.

3. Best Time to Visit Colorado Springs

If you wish to visit Colorado Springs, check the weather first; the ideal months to travel are March to May and September to October.

Because spring and autumn attract the largest number of visitors and are not as crowded and hot months as summer.

July is often the hottest month, so December and January would be the best to go. The dark green line depicts Colorado Springs in a given year, whereas the red line reflects the graph below.

September occasionally receives a little sprinkling of snow. In Colorado Springs, the first snowfall of the season usually falls in October, however one out of every four years there is no snow until November.

The last snowfall of the season usually occurs in April, however every few years, May also receives some snow.

4. Total Days to See Colorado Springs

Three days is an adequate amount of time to explore Colorado Springs. You can also go on some nearby hikes or take a day excursion things to do in Colorado Springs.

If you wish to visit all four national parks, you should allow at least ten days. Even in 10 days, you’ll be progressing swiftly.

It provides numerous opportunities to get out of town and enjoy the finest that Colorado has to offer! You can pack a lot of adventure into 5 days in Colorado. In Colorado, you may visit four national parks: Rocky Mountain, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, and Black Canyon.

5. Reasons for Visiting Colorado Springs

Image by Timur Kozmenko from Pixabay

Colorado people spend most of their time outdoors because everything is easily available along with picturesque and stunning views.

Skiing and snowshoeing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and dog sledding are prominent winter activities here. Colorado’s geography is home to a diverse range of species and wildlife-watching possibilities.

Colorado isn’t only about the outdoors; its big cities are also booming tourist destinations.

Denver is a metropolis with an art and cultural scene.

Colorado Springs is the state’s second-largest city, with breathtaking natural monuments nearby as well as numerous family-friendly attractions.

Boulder is a magnificent city with refinement and beauty at the foot of The Flatirons granite formation. It is well-known for its hippie holdout reputation.

6. Colorado’s Culture

You will find many things to do in Colorado Springs but it also boasts a thriving performing arts scene, providing superb cultural experiences.

Local, pioneer, and natural history are featured in Colorado museums such as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the History Colorado Center. Specialty museums exhibit anything from dinosaurs to planes to mining and more.

Colorado also features several performing arts organizations and venues, including the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the country’s second-largest arts campus.

7. Conclusion- Final Thinking

Many cities in Colorado have Colorado Certified Creative Districts, which include art galleries and studios that conduct showcases and art walks to promote local artists.

Among many amazing things to do in Colorado Spring, it also boasts a plethora of incredible live music venues that are well worth visiting. Each year, a few music events attract huge names, and Denver and Boulder both host world-class artists in many downtown locations.

with approximately 470,000 people Colorado Springs is the state’s second most populous city. On I-25, the community is about an hour south of Denver. The Springs is a large city with a small-town atmosphere.

A timeless culture of achievement, national pride, and determination coexists peacefully with the breathtaking grandeur of some of America’s most stunning mountains.
This city in Central Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Colorado Springs is a true gem of a city, with stunning mountains and great weather where you have outdoor activities and things to do in Colorado Springs. It’s also plenty of charming tiny neighborhoods where you’d love to live.

The natural settling of decomposing Pikes Peak granite, a 9,500-foot elevation change over 60 miles, and over 50 intermittently flowing creeks, combined with rapid development, two major fires in the last five years, and subsequent flooding, indicate that much work remains to be done to restore and protect the health of our watershed.

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