Explore 12 Famous Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant and active city with year-round festivals that showcase its culture. Here, you can explore the city’s vibrant bars and nightclubs or attend age-old street celebrations. Famous music festivals in Barcelona, community and subculture gatherings and crazy saints’ parties can all be seen. Numerous of these festivities are hosted all year long throughout the city.

Barcelona, Spain hosts festivals all year long, some of which are restricted to the city alone, while others are regional or national events. Festes de la Merce, the largest festival in Barcelona, takes place in September and features enormous wooden sculptures wandering the streets. As Barcelona celebrates midsummer in June, the “Nit de Sant Joan” features some spectacular pyrotechnics. Numerous foreign musicians frequently perform at concerts in Barcelona, and the El Sonar Festival in June draws tens of thousands of guests.

1. Famous Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of famous festivals that attract guests all throughout the year. Some of the most famous festivals in Barcelona are mentioned here.

1.1 Sonar Festival

One of the biggest and most renowned experimental electronica festivals in the world, Sónar festival offers what may be the greatest rave you’ve ever experienced. Held in June, you’ll find the greatest stars as well as the most obscure new performers.

The entire music festival week is highlighted by street and club parties around the city, as well as ‘unofficial’ mashups and other absurd events that only serve to accentuate the music being played.

Sonar Festival, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Sonar Festival

The festival emphasizes multimedia art and design in addition to music as its main attraction. You can see breathtaking light displays, video performances, and other performing arts. Only 15 minutes east of the city centre lies Advanced Music S.L., which serves as the main venue.

1.2 Castellers De Barcelona

Castellers de Barcelona is a Catalan tradition that entails the construction of astonishingly tall human towers. The first Barcelona club was established in 1969, but the tradition dates back to the 18th century and the little rural hamlet of Valls. Castellers typically perform at festivals, and watching them climb and stack to create their human towers is an exciting sight. Castellers now frequently perform for large crowds from June through November.

Colla Castellers de Barcelona, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Colla Castellers de Barcelona

The art of castle construction takes a lot of experience for Castellers to master. A small child scales the “castle” after building the base and vertical columns. They wave to the audience in celebration of the castell’s coronation when they reach the summit.

1.3 Guitar BCN Festival

The Guitar BCN Festival is one of the wonderful Barcelona Festivals that features performances by a variety of musicians in the classical, jazz, or rock genres. This festival draws thousands of visitors to Barcelona and is held in several locations throughout the city.

The music festival, which has been running for more than 25 years and is sponsored by The Project in the city centre, features performances by renowned national and international performers. Past performers have included David Byrne, Pat Metheny, Vincente Amigo and John Williams.

Whether you enjoy jazz concerts, blues, rock, or flamenco, there is a Guitar Festival performance that will appeal to you. You have a wide window of opportunity to attend the festival from late winter to mid-summer.

1.4 Barcelona Carnival

Carnival is the final opportunity before Lent to let loose while enjoying parades, fireworks, and a festive environment.

One of the most vibrant festivals in Spanish culture, it culminates with La Gran Rua de Carnaval, a procession with floats, costumes, and a sizable fireworks display. In the last 20 years or so, it has acquired a new level of a party mood.

Barcelona Carnival
Photo by Manuel Torres Garcia on Unsplash

Seven days are devoted to the celebration, and each day features a unique theme with food, a parade, the Carnival King, a symbolic sardine burial, and other activities. The celebration, which has roots in Roman times, stands for independence and uprising. The Barri de La Ribera neighbourhood, which is about 10 minutes walk from the city centre, hosts Carnival every year.

1.5 Festa Major de Gracia

The city’s big festivals, abundant in tradition, culture, and innovation, are among its liveliest occasions, luring tourists and locals with their carnival-like moods. The Festa Major de Gràcia is the largest and most lavish of the neighbourhood festivals, each with a distinctive personality.

Festa Major de Gracia, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Festa Major de Gracia

The barri’s winding streets are decorated with decorations and artwork for one week in August, and each one creates a tunnel that takes you to a different fantasy, such as Paris, outer space, or the ocean floor. The conflict between neighbours are amicable but fierce as the streets compete with one another.

1.6 Grec Festival

Grec is about to start in Barcelona, one of the highly anticipated yearly Barcelona festivals of theatre, circus, dance, and music with local artists. The circus festival is now deeply ingrained in the city’s cultural fabric and artistic life.

Although the Teatre Grec, which gives the festival its name, is at its core this year more than ever, you can catch associated events at numerous locations throughout Barcelona. Grec is a public event that features a family show program that welcomes you to take the kids along and enjoy it.

1.7 Holi Festival of Colours

Festival of Colors Holi Spain’s version of the well-known Hindu festival is in Barcelona. The event celebrates the entrance of spring and is filled with lively entertainment and joyful games. Participants splashed each other with vibrant colours while dancing through Barcelona’s streets.

Festival of colours
Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

It’s a joyful day to celebrate the end of winter and the victory of good over evil. Food trucks and live music with emerging artists complement the thrilling paint-throwing activities. Each colour stands for a certain symbol, such as beauty, love, harvest, or new beginnings. DJs play pounding electronic music for the vast throng while they clean their faces of powder and paint.

1.8 Pride Barcelona

Every year, the gay pride event in Barcelona, Spain, is a colourful and exuberant festival celebrating the LGBT community’s freedom, acceptance, respect, and variety. Pride aims to provide something for everyone, despite its emphasis on this community, so that people can stand side by side and celebrate our uniqueness, love, and life.

To spread its message throughout the city, the celebration, which features a march down the streets, food stalls, live music, dance and entertainment, collaborates with neighbourhood businesses.

The festival helps educate and entertain because each year’s themes range from personal choice to HIV awareness and many others. Every year in June, the Festival takes place in the Exiample District.

1.9 Festival Cruïlla Barcelona

The Cruilla Festival is an exciting occasion with a diverse and international selection of musicians. This music festival is different from others as there aren’t many requirements for entry; the only thing that matters is that the musicians provide excellent music.

Cruïlla Barcelona, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Cruïlla Barcelona

The festival, which takes place in July, has featured hundreds of artists throughout the years, including Gogol Bordello, Cat Power, Robert Plant, and Iggy Pop. The festival is mostly held at the Parc del Forum, where you can see both established artists and up-and-coming performers. Just a 20-minute journey along the coast from the city centre will bring you to the Parc del Forum.

1.10 Eat Street

Eat Street is a fun food festival that will appeal to your inner foodie. It features an eclectic takeover of the streets by food trucks serving domestic and foreign fare. You can discover something to pique your hunger here, no matter what kind of food you like.

Eat Street, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Eat Street

There are options for vegetarians, gluten-free diets, and other restricted diets. Although there is no charge to enter the event, the prices of the food trucks vary. Even yet, a main course is rather inexpensive here.

Food sellers typically do not provide drinks; rather, they can be purchased from a separate drink stand.

1.11 Mutek

A weeklong citywide arts event called Mutek showcases a diverse, bright assortment of art in all its forms. Every form of art, including performance art, paintings, multimedia, pen-and-ink drawings, crafts, sculpture, and more, will be on display during this festival.

Many of the participating artists make live appearances and provide talks in support of the exhibitions so that you can have an understanding of their perspectives during the creation of these renowned pieces.

Mutek, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Mutek

The festival is hosted by the Mutek organization, which is located in the centre of the city. The festival exhibits are on display in galleries and public spaces all across Barcelona and are held in conjunction with festivals in Argentina and Mexico.

1.12 Sala Montjuïc Outdoor Film Festival

Live jazz performances are presented at the Sala Montjuïc outdoor film festival on the lawn and in the open air. It’s a good idea to arrive early or purchase tickets in advance for this event, which is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to find a decent place before the masses.

Sala Montjuïc, Website screenshot
Courtesy – Sala Montjuïc

A bar and takeaway food stands are available, or you may bring your picnic supplies if you’re seeking to get food and drinks. The Montjuc fortress’s grounds, which rise majestically beyond the screen, are where the festival is hosted. The location is around 20 minutes south of the city’s centre.

2. Conclusion

Since Barcelona hosts many renowned festivals and events throughout the year, life there might seem like a never-ending fiesta.

Therefore, whether you reside in Barcelona or are simply visiting, we strongly suggest taking in the city’s energizing energy by going to electronic dance festivals, music concerts, carnivals, gay pride, movie festivals, or other specialized festivals in Barcelona that interest you.



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