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13 Best Pumpkin Patches in Toronto to Visit

While there’s nothing wrong with buying a pumpkin out of that enormous cardboard box at your preferred grocery store, there are plenty of Pumpkin patches in Toronto as well as the Greater Toronto Area where you can go with the kids to enjoy some fresh farm air & pick your own 11 pumpkins.

The Best Pumpkin Patches in Toronto listed below help you and your family choose the ideal pumpkin in addition to enjoying other activities like walking through a corn maze and taking a wagon’s ride. Nearly 90 minutes or less separate each of the following farms from Toronto.

Pumpkin Patches in Toronto

Once more, it’s that time of year! Across the province, pumpkins are growing, and these lovely patches outside of Toronto have some of the province’s most recognizable orange squashes. Without visiting a pumpkin patch, autumn simply wouldn’t be the same. So grab your pumpkin spice latte, don your knit sweater, & make a trip to one of these locations.

Forget purchasing a pumpkin from the supermarket; going to pumpkin patches with the family is one of the best fall traditions.

1. Dixie Orchards

In addition to a sizable select-your-own-pumpkin patch, they provide a selection of pick-your-own-apples accessible at various times throughout the season. In our hazelnut orchard, you may have a one-of-a-kind experience and discover how to select your nuts.

In addition to the admission cost, there is a charge for the items you choose. Please select only what you want to buy. Ready-picked apples, hazelnuts, pumpkins, and other seasonal produce are available in their porch market.

Along with baked foods, they sell a wide range of specialty products like jam, honey, syrup, candy apples, pies, cookies, gelato, and other seasonally appropriate delicacies. There are also available gifts, candles, and other decorations.

Activities to Do

The entire family will have fun exploring the corn maze, seeing the farm animals frolic, bouncing in the straw, and snacking on market fare. You can choose to walk a short distance or take a waggon trip to the sunflowers, maize maze, apple orchard, and pumpkin patch.

Their growing season begins in August with sunflowers and continues through early September with apples, late September with pumpkins, and early October with hazelnuts.

Pumpkin Pathces in Toronto
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

The Dixie Orchards farm is an active one. Your visit should be enjoyable and secure. Please be cautious and mindful. They have uneven or holey roads and trails that are in agricultural areas.

Wagon rides can be bumpy. Therefore patrons must always remain seated. Trees, ladders, and other farm buildings can be dangerous & should not be scaled or played on.

Please maintain your hands a secure distance from the farm animals as people watch and enjoy them because we do not have a petting zoo & they could bite. Ponds are forbidden areas & should not be approached.

2. Brooks Farms

The fun-filled fall festival at Brooks Farms is now taking place. Your admission ticket grants you access to a wide range of events, including the pirate ships, play areas, bounce houses, and unique live entertainment performances like Princess Halloween Party. The pumpkin field at Brooks Farms is stocked with alternatives for pumpkin picking. Searching for a little bit unique? Check out the squashes on the farm; they make wonderful home accents.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Edward Brooks, a brash London policeman, decided to emigrate to Canada with his family. After a few years spent closer to Uxbridge, Edward relocated the family a little further west, toward Mount Albert, and established a base of operations.

Farm Products

The farm produced turnips, potatoes, turnips, wheat, barley, and various farm animals for more than 150 years. Alvin Brooks, a fourth-generation farmer, and his wife Brenda decided that raising strawberries and raspberries for pick-your-own consumption would help them pay for their children’s college educations.

Their second-oldest son, Paul, decided to work the farm full-time alongside his father. The Fall Fun Festival began when Brooks Farms began to provide pick-your-own pumpkins after several years of development with strawberries and raspberries.

Kelly joined the family of Brooks. She rebranded the farm and gave it the distinctive characters that customers have become familiar with & love:: The Barnyard Bumpkins, using her graphic design expertise.

Every year, the festival expands by adding new attractions, special events, and artists. The farm’s entertainment, homemade jams & jellies, fresh fruit, and veggies have all been enjoyed by thousands of people. Every year, we expand by introducing new activities, goods, and entertainment!!

3. Downey’s Farm

Don’t be fooled by the name; Downey’s also has a sizable pumpkin patch right adjacent to its apple and pumpkin orchard. Are you looking for something to be chosen? Many harvested pumpkins may be found at Downey’s Farm, which is just over the street.

Your family is welcome to attend Pumpkinfest there, which features inflatables, musical performances, farm animals, and much more. Pumpkinfest tickets must be ordered in advance.

4. Hutchinson Farm

At Hutchinson Farm, there is no need to make reservations or purchase tickets in advance. Simply stop by between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays & 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekends to select the pumpkin that is right for your family.

Pumpkin Pathces in Toronto
Image by Spike Summers from Pixabay

In addition to the common smooth orange pumpkin, other hues and textures, such as squash, onions, and garlic, are also readily accessible. Despite the absence of play areas or corn mazes, Hutchinson Farm does have some fairly inventive pumpkin sculptures that are great for family portraits.

They tried to cultivate a lot of pumpkins, but due to our dry summer, the output was low, and we ran out before Halloween. If they run short, that’s all there is, as they only sell whatever they grow!

5. Knox Pumpkin Farm

Since the Knox family has already been farming in the Durham area for almost 200 years, you can be sure that the area knows how to cultivate a pumpkin. It also understands how to make your family’s outing fun-filled.

Check out the farm’s various attractions, such as a play area, the corn maze, & even actual horses that your kids can ride once your family has chosen a pumpkin (and perhaps a few squash or other vegetables). Ages two and up are required for admission; a waggon ride, as well as a pumpkin, are also included.

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a moment away from the stress of daily life to spend time in nature. Knox’s Pumpkin Farm offers: Activities abound in this tranquil area just a short drive east of Toronto. You can explore the fields while tasting our delectable homemade delicacies, or you can spend the day choosing your food while learning about agriculture.

6. Merry Farms

This farm in the Hamilton region offers a fantastic pick-your-own pumpkin field, but the 65-foot-long jumping pillow shaped like an orange pumpkin is the true attraction. It’s ideal for releasing energy and taking some incredible, action-packed pictures. Access to the farm and all associated activities.

The trees love all the manure left over from years, with sheep grazing throughout the farm because it was a sheep farm before trees were planted there.

While working other, more conventional occupations for years, we had been ardent hobby farmers. They decided to enter the Christmas tree farming industry. Oddly enough, years before they even considered becoming full-time farmers, we had brought our three children to this property to cut trees.

7. Pingle’s Farm Market

Do the kids want to take the family dog along when you go pumpkin picking? Then go to Pingle’s Farm Market for a special HalloWoof Day. On that day, your dog can go on a wagon’s trip with you and your family, participate in a costume contest, & take a stroll through the 6.5-acre corn maze that is designed after Alice in Wonderland.

At one east-end farm in October, you may still have all the fun without the furry companions. A play area, apple harvesting, and a wide variety of mouthwatering meals are all available to your family. Since the weekends tend to sell out, purchasing tickets in advance is necessary. A range of ticket packages was available.

Pick your pumpkins & apples at this 148-acre farm in Oshawa to celebrate the fall season. Take a waggon trip to see the sights or navigate the 6.5-acre corn maze with an Alice in Wonderland theme (which includes a “mini maze” for little children).

Grab just a few baskets of recent products and a renowned Pingle’s Pie at the farmer’s market before leaving. Oct. 30 is “HalloWoof” day, so feel free to bring your dog. Walk-ins are welcome; however, purchasing your tickets in advance online is advised.

8. Puddicome Farms

Looking for just a farm where you may pay as you go and enjoy fun extras? Take Puddicome Farms & Winery, which has been producing mouthwatering food, for example. You can purchase as many tickets as you need during its Fall Harvest Weekends to take part in a variety of activities, including riding the farm’s train.

The pumpkin patch at Puddicome has both orange & white pumpkins available, and its well-stocked market sells baked products, jams, and a variety of farm-made wines and ciders.

The objective of Mr. & Mrs Puddicombe, their four children, and their employees is to provide families with the chance to travel to the countryside and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer while spending time with loved ones. Simple things are what truly matter and produce the best, longest-lasting effects in life.

Puddicombe Farms & Winery has been harvesting its fruits for more than 220 years to supply fresh food and a wide range of value-added products, including hand-baked pies, jams, jellies, biscuits, tarts, strudels, cider, fudge, and wines.

Pumpkin Patches in Toronto
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

Puddicombe Estate started using a field-to-table strategy a few years ago, offering food for all catered events that were either grown and selected specifically for the event on the farm or carried in from other nearby producers inside a 100-mile area of Puddicombe Estate.

A farm-fresh supper, in the opinion of Puddicombe Estate, is a very fundamental yet essential component of keeping a solid link with families & friends. They contend that this way of thinking improves lives and strengthens communities.

9. Synder’s Farm

Looking for a straightforward pumpkin patch wherein your family can simply show up, choose, and pay for the ideal gourd without also having to fork over an entrance fee? Then go to Synder’s Family Farm to choose your pumpkins or choose from a choice of already-picked pumpkins.

Of course, Synder’s also offers farm fun if the family does desire it. Get your timed tickets today and explore the farm’s jumping pillows, trike and peddle cart tracks and other attractions. A few of the spooky (and somewhat violent) attractions that are a part of Snyder’s nocturnal alter ego, Fear Farm, are also open to visitors aged 10 and up.

10. Watson Farms

At Watson Farms, you may choose from a variety of sizes of pumpkins, and the price depends on the size you choose. There is a minimum charge even though there is no entrance cost to the farm. Visit Watson’s website to get all the details. Your family is also given access to the farm’s “extra activities,” which include a corn maze and a playground with a huge slide, as part of your PYO fee.

11. Stonehaven Farm

This farm, located in the charming hamlet of Campbellville, provides locally grown, pesticide-free, ready-picked and pick-your-own pumpkins throughout the appropriate seasons. Try some of their hot apple cider or soft-serve ice cream with vanilla before you depart.

Their 6-acre corn maze, endless wagon rides, and the “straw have” straw bale area are all included in their “fall fun all-inclusive play package.” Visitors must purchase pick-your-own pumpkin tickets at the rustic cottage immediately outside the pumpkin patch to enter. They sell maple syrup, preserves, and pick your own.

They support the Halton Region’s “Simply Local” initiative, which features exclusively regional goods. During the strawberry/raspberry season, all of our guests can enjoy these treats, and only those with Fall Fun Package wristbands can do so during our fall pumpkin season.

Stonehaven and Farmer’s Market

For various grocery chain stores & farmers’ markets, Stonehaven Farms had long served as a major supplier of high-quality, fresh strawberries. To “go back to our origins,” they decided to leave the major wholesale strawberry company and open a new seasonal “on-farm market” where families could buy the renowned Stonehaven strawberries right from the source.

They phased out our “Stonehaven Transport” fleet as part of the process and are no longer active in the fresh produce transportation business. However, in addition to our market operation, they continue to offer year-round Common Cold & Controlled Atmosphere storage for other fresh product suppliers, in addition to the expanding assortment of locally grown vegetables (provided seasonally in response to consumer demand).

12. Brooke Farms

The harvest season for pumpkins at this Mount Albert farm, which is about an hour’s drive from Toronto, usually starts at the end of Sept and lasts into October. Group sizes in the fields must be five or fewer due to COVID limits. Visit the farm animals, enjoy some delectable snacks from the Farm Market Café, and explore the 10-acre barnyard playland. Their “autumn fun festival” featured singing chicken and foxes, puppet plays, and wagon rides.

13. Dyment’s Pumpkin Patches

Greetings from Dyment’s Pumpkin Patch, which is situated on the lovely grounds of Glen Drummond Farm. The Dyment family used to reside on this land. They sincerely hope you will take the time to stop by one of our several events this year.

They offer breathtaking landscapes, delectable meals, & ‘fantastic’ fun for the entire family, whether you have a particular occasion to celebrate or are simply seeking a lovely day in the country.

This October, take the whole family to Dyment’s Pumpkin Patch in Dundas, which is situated on a vast 120-acre farmstead. The farm provides playgrounds, bale climbs, picturesque waggon rides, a corn patch, farm animals, and agricultural walks with lovely lookouts in addition to pumpkin picking.

Saturdays and Sundays are when the farm & pumpkin patch are open. Tickets must be bought through their website online. Facemasks are necessary for restroom trips and waggon journeys.

Final Note

We hope you like this post in Pumpkin Patches in Toronto. Families may browse through tens of thousands of pumpkins in every size, color, and form at these quaint farms, take part in hayrides and petting zoos, explore enormous corn mazes, and even enjoy delectable baked goods and cider.

For a selection of the top pumpkin patches close to Toronto, where you & your family may make even more wonderful autumnal memories, scroll down.



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