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14 Amazing Wineries in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County, which has many renowned wineries, is a fantastic getaway from the city. The ideal way to unwind during the weekend in the summer is with a wine-tasting tour here.

Since the first winery was founded, the wineries in Prince Edward County have swiftly grown. Today, the county is home to over 30 wineries. Despite being smaller and less well-known than Ontario’s Niagara wines, it is thriving and producing wonderful wine.

Wineries in Prince Edward County

PEC is the colloquial name for Prince Edward County, which is located on Lake Ontario’s northern shore.

Similar to Niagara-on-the-Lake, charming Prince Edward County Wineries are well-recognized for many things, but wine has to be one of the best.

Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay

Prince Edward County’s natural setting is great for viticulture, so it’s not surprising that in the last several decades, a lot of vines have sprung, and wineries have been developed here.

Location Of Wineries in Prince Edward County

On the northeastern side of Lake Ontario, in southern Ontario, Canada, is where Prince Edward County is located.

With a population of about 25,000, the county has an area of about 1,050 square kilometers. The county, which should not be confused with Prince Edward Island, is technically an island in Lake Ontario, or at least a “detached peninsula.”

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The Regent theatre in the town of Picton, Sandbanks provincial park’s stunning beaches and limestone cliffs, and Macaulay heritage park’s renowned 19th-century architecture are just a few of the county’s most well-known attractions.

Prince Edward County’s Past

The area that is today known as Prince Edward County has indeed been occupied for thousands of years, and it is home to important archaeological monuments, such as the 2,000-year-old LeVescounte Mounds built by residents of the Point Peninsula Complex.

Image by Q K from Pixabay

Tourists use bed and breakfast accommodations to experience a picturesque lakeside retreat or to attempt water sports like wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. 

With top-tier producers of cheese, wine, cider, and beer, the city is a top culinary destination. Prince Edward County is a great destination to visit because of the vineyards, distilleries, and hard-cider producers.

How to Reach Prince Edward County?

1. Via Plane

If you’re travelling from a distance, you’ll be happy to know that Prince Edward County is conveniently located near four major airports: Kingston Airport (70 minutes by car), Montreal-Pierre International Airport (two hours by car), and Toronto Pearson International Airport (three hours by car.)

2. Via Train

Trains cannot enter the county directly, and the closest train stations are Belleville and Oshwara. The rest of the journey can then be completed by taxi or rented vehicle.

3. Via Road

From major cities like Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal, Greyhound offers buses to Belleville, where you can rent a car, hail a cab, or board another bus.

It is suggested to rent a car once you arrive in Prince Edward County because that is the most convenient way to travel around.

However, be cautious on country roads and keep an eye out for stray sheep and bicycles.

Best Wineries in Prince Edward County

Here is a list of some of the top wineries that you can visit in PEC.

1. Sandbanks Winery

The Sandbanks Winery is at the top of Prince Edward County’s wineries list for a reason because it is one of the best.

The outside atmosphere that Sandbanks Winery has developed is excellent, also, there are many sampling establishments.

As part of the enhanced wine-tasting experience, try a flight of their greatest wines. Don’t forget to toast the lovely location and excellent wine.

Sip on a glass of Baco Noir Reserve from Sandbanks for a delightful experience.

You can also buy charcuterie when you go inside the wine shop. Even a cutting board & knife are provided by Sandbanks so that you may create and eat your charcuterie board on-site.

On Saturdays, get there early to guarantee you may participate in the barrel room tastings. You’ll enjoy a glass of six wines & meal combinations, so it’s worthwhile.

2. Winery Waupoos Estates

The very first winery in Prince Edward County was Waupoos Estates, the coastline of Lake Ontario is seen from this lovely property.

A wine and sweets shop, as well as an interior tasting bar, are located in the main structure.

Take both red & white wines at the outside tasting bar because the weather was lovely and sunny. A sizable gazebo restaurant is located down the driveway from the store & outdoor tasting bar.

Source: Waupoos estates winery

The Clanfield Cider House, a Waupoos sister establishment, is located across the street from the winery. Here, local apples are combined to create a cider called “Smashed.”

Even a children’s petting zoo is available at the property. Explore this 100 acre winery with your friends and family.

3. Vineyards at Closson Chase

When you arrive in Closson, the recognizable purple barn is the first thing you see. To reach the magnificent garden at the back, pass via the historically significant, nicely rebuilt dairy.

On a beautiful day, the outdoor location was ideal. After a long day, receiving water so quickly was very much appreciated, and the flights of three excellent wines showed quite soon.

Closson Chase official website screenshot

Visit their tasting room, “Au Verre,” next to the barn as the weather starts to cool off.

You can also roam the grounds with your drink in hand. Additionally, Closson runs “Curated Tastings.” The venue for this event is “The Ridge,” their wine storage facility, which is close by on Chase Road.

4. Four Dogs Winery

The distance between Four Dogs Winery and the others is a tad, but it is worth the extra travel!

Excellent outdoor seating is available there, you will also have access to a private cabana to sit in. Sweet! Additionally, there are Muskoka chairs, so you may relax in the sun if you choose.

Four dogs winery official website screenshot

There are many different meal options available, such as pizza from either a wood-fired oven or charcuterie boards.

The retail area’s lofty ceilings are equally stunning, we heartily advise visiting this winery. Also, this vineyard, which goes by the name “Three Dog,” welcomes dogs.

5. Winery Karlo Estates

One of the country’s oldest structures is the Karlo Estate Winery’s residence.

This wine has a ruby port-like flavour and goes best with a dessert made of dark chocolate. They created the first vegan-certified wine in history. In a similar vein, all of their culinary options, including their cheese, are vegan.

If you have time, make sure to stroll the grounds while sipping wine, the dry-stone bridge makes an excellent backdrop for pictures. Wine tastings are often held by appointment only. 

Even though the speakeasy Wine Lounge was closed when you arrived, a staff member was gracious enough to let you peek inside.

You can picture returning in the fall and winter and relaxing on one of the plush velvet couches next to the antique wood bar while sipping a great Karlo wine.

Karlo wines are of high quality. Although it can only be bought from the winery, several upscale restaurants serve it.

Don’t forget to get a few bottles before you depart because it is in a growing market and not offered by the LCBO.

6. Winery TerraCello

The TerraCello tasting rooms and barrel room are located in a gorgeously refurbished farmhouse in a peaceful, serene environment.

Tony Auciello, the proprietor, is constantly there, giving tours and showing how he meticulously makes his batches of wine.

Terracello winery official website screenshot

Try their cannoli while unwinding on the patio. Due to the Tuscan-style wood oven, locals claim that their pizza is the greatest on the island.

You can play bocce just on the bocce court or relax by the fire pit in the evening.

7. Winery Huff Estates

It’s pleasant to spend an afternoon in the summer at Huff Estates Winery.

Take a stroll through the stunning outdoor installations in the 4-acre sculpture park. Speak with the gallery staff if you are in love with such a piece of art as the entire collection of artwork is for sale.

You have one extra reason to visit Huff Estates due to live music each Sunday in the summer.

8. Black Prince Winery

Winery Black Prince is one of the most finest wineries in Prince Edward County.

They don’t just make wines, they specialize in the art of selling and making wine, pizzas, barrel aged vinegars, and hosting several events.

Black Prince Winery official website screenshot

On the picnic tables by the vineyard, take pleasure in your wine and pizza, and try one of their pizzas to taste the homemade vinegar used to make the dough.

9. Family Vineyard of Traynor

As Canada’s youngest winemaker at age 22, Mike Traynor bought this little farm. On their lovely outside patio, you may take in the tasting flight.

Traynor takes great pride in its Sauvignon Blanc and possesses one of the largest grape crops because the grape is not widely planted in the county.

They deliberately pick the sauv blanc vine earlier than usual, which produces wine with richer flavor and higher acidity.

For its Pet-Nat wines, Traynor’s attracts a lot of customers. Pet-Nat stands for “pétillant natural,” which refers to any organic sparkling wine.

Despite having experience in the wine business, Mike Traynor founded the 5.5-acre vineyard. The vineyard prioritizes sustainability and family, and it has several permaculture techniques & organic standards in place. In addition, the wines are vegan-certified.

Daily hours for the Traynor Family Vineyard are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Source: Traynor

10. Casa-Dea Estates Winery

On the spacious patio with a view of the grounds and vineyards, sip a glass of Casa-distinctive Dea’s Pinot Gris and unwind.

The enormous chessboard & pieces are worth a look. To remember how much you enjoyed your visit to the wineries in Prince Edward County, take pictures with the big ‘LOVE’ sign in the field.

Domenic Di Pierantonio, who created Casa Dea Winery, developed a passion for wine during his boyhood in Abruzzi, Italy, where he also pursued a career in the priesthood while working in the monastery’s wine cellar.

Even though the vineyard is also called Casa Dea after Domenic’s wife, Dea, the name Casa Dea means “Home of the Goddess.”

Estate wines, reserve wines, and limited edition wines are the three categories of wines made here.

The Casa Dea Winery is open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and weekdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Making an appointment is preferable if you want a private tasting or have a big group. Additionally, there are excursions offered that end with tastings.

11. The Hinterland Wine Company

The Hinterland Wine Company is renowned for its high-end sparkling wines produced using an adaptation of the “ancestral method” from the French area of Bugey-Cerdon.

The classic Les Etoiles rosé, excellent Charmat Whitecap Riesling, and the Gamay Ancestral, which typically sells out within a few weeks of release, are all well-liked wines to sample.

Image from Hinterland

The Hinterland Winery is open on Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Six people are allowed for every wine-tasting session, and all attendees must be a minimum of 19 years old.

12. Rosehall Run

Dan and Lynn Sullivan started one of Prince Edward County’s first wineries, Rosehall Run, on their 150-acre estate.

Pinot noir & chardonnay grapes were planted in the vineyards to start the winery.

Rosehall Run Vineyards official website screenshot

The clay soil, which contains rock & shale fragments on either a calcareous limestone base, is used to produce the terroir-driven wines found here.

Daily hours for Rosehall Run Vineyards are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wine tastings are accessible during business hours exclusively by appointment and are limited to six people or less.

13. Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery

After 20 years of being away, Caroline returned to the family farm to rest, recuperate, and find her roots. She then planted the first vines on the property and it lead to the birth of Grange of Prince Edward Winery.

Pinot noir, pinot gris, Gamay, riesling, and sauvignon blanc grapes are also farmed. A particular favourite is the fume blanc with wood.

There are tastings and tours available, but you can also buy “tasting kits” so you may bring your wine tasting & enjoy the sample at home.

Wineries in Prince Edward County- Grange Winery
Image from Grange Winery

They also come with a keepsake monogrammed flavorful glass, tasting notes from the winemakers, technical information about the fermentation system, the history of the Grange and the Granger Girls, and special discounts for prospective bottle purchases.

14. Redtail Wine Tasting Vineyards

Redtail Vineyards was established and is renowned for its unassuming, minimally-manipulated wines that aim to accurately reflect the vintage and location.

Redtail WIneyards official website screenshot

Pinot Gris, Riesling, & Chardonnay are among the grapes used to make products that are categorized as either classic (produced using conventional techniques) or alt-wines (produced in small quantities).

Redtail Vineyards is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Seasonal tasting is offered on a walk-in basis during business hours.

And for groups greater than six people and on Saturdays, bookings are required.

Final Note: Wineries in Prince Edward County

As for what to do after exploring the wineries in Prince Edward County, you can use bed and breakfast accommodations to experience a picturesque lakeside retreat.

You can also engage in water sports like wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. With top-tier producers of cheese, wine, cider, and beer, the city is a top culinary destination.

You surely will have a lot to do here apart from wineries in Prince Edward County, have fun exploring!


1. Prince Edward County has how many wineries?

There are over 35 winemakers, each carving out their own distinct niche. Browse these wineries to find the best wine.

2. What kind of wine is Prince Edward County famous for?

Prince Edward County is still a young wine region, and there are many wineries experimenting with Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Gamay, Pinot Gris, Baco Noir, Merlot, and other varieties.

3. What differentiates a vineyard from a winery?

Both are involved in the production of wine, but they are distinct from one another in that wine is produced in a winery, not in a vineyard, where the grapes are grown.



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