16 Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh to Grab a Fresh Brew

Are you looking for an additional energy booster or just a cute place to work in Pittsburgh while sipping on a good cup of coffee? We have your back!

In this article, we present to you a few of the best coffee shops Pittsburgh that you have to visit and taste their delicious brew.

About Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is in southwest Pennsylvania, close to where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio River.

It is the most populated city in both Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania, as well as Pennsylvania’s second-most populous city after Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh is known as “the Steel City” because of its leading position in the history of the United States steel industry, as well as the “City of Bridges” because of its 446 bridges.

Two inclined railways, a pre-Revolutionary fortification, thirty skyscrapers, and Point State Park at the confluence of the rivers make up the city.

Places to Visit

  • Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
  • Point State Park.
  • Carnegie Natural History Museum.
  • Andy Warhol’s Museum.
  • PNC Park.
  • Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
  • Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.

Coffee Shops Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s coffee shops offer everything and more. They are great for your next date night, a get-together with friends, or even a meeting at work because of their cute and cozy atmospheres.

These mentioned coffee shops in Pittsburgh are ideal for satisfying your caffeine craving, whether you want a specialty latte or a classic coffee!

1. Delanie’s Coffee

On Pittsburgh’s South Side, Delanie’s Coffee is a favorite of the neighborhood. The shop has a great atmosphere, which is made even better by the helpful baristas, delicious drinks, and awesome décor.

Delanie’s regularly update their decorations with artwork of local artists and this is only found here among all coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

In addition, their open-air storefront is an excellent location for a brief meeting with coworkers or a study session with a roommate! Delanie’s Coffee offers a memorable experience for any occasion like any other coffee shop in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: Delanie’s Coffee


  • South Side, 1737 East Carson Street.

2. Redhawk Coffee

Redhawk Coffee is a brand-new, delicious coffee business that first opened its doors in 2017 and is currently expanding into several new locations.

Two young parents started a roasting business to help their children have a better future which makes it unique out of all coffee shops in Pittsburgh. Any day of the week, you can try their delicious, freshly roasted coffee in their bustling café.

Courtesy: Redhawk Coffee


  • It has numerous sites, including one at Trace Brewery, which is located at 4312 Main Street in Bloomfield.
  • Sharpsburg has one at 1019 N Canal Street.
  • There’s also one at 120 Meyran Avenue in Oakland.

3. Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange, located in the Strip District’s heart, serves the best brews among all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh. With north of 50 years of involvement, this spot is most certainly a must-attempt area for espresso lovers.

Every cup of coffee is essentially a trip around the world because it contains beans imported from numerous nations, including Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Make sure to check out their coffee bar, where you can customize your entire experience with coffee and tea.

Courtesy: Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange


  • 2005 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh.

4. Curbside Coffeehouse

Curbside Coffeehouse is simply adorable. Everything from coffee to smoothies to breakfast is available at this cozy coffee shop!

The Tomato & Egg Avocado Toast is one of the favorites among customers. It goes well with any kind of coffee your little heart desires!

In addition, oatmeal milk and brown sugar is shaken with espresso on ice are said to be delicious among all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: Curbside Coffee
  • Pro tip: We guarantee that following Curbside on Instagram will not be a mistake. They are constantly adding visually appealing images to the feed!


  • Blawnox, 405 Freeport Road.

5. Tonic Coffee

Tonic Coffee is a new coffee shop in Lawrenceville that was inspired by travels around the world and inclusivity. Lightly roasted beans from SEY, a contemporary micro-roaster based in Brooklyn, New York, are used in the coffee.

SEY was voted one of the greatest coffees in America by Food and Wine in 2019. This coffee shop pays close attention to balance, taste, quality, and presentation when creating drinks that provoke thought. “It’s such a vibe,” according to the locals.


  • 3410 Penn Avenue.

6. Convive Coffee Roastery

This Lawrenceville location of Convive Coffee is one of the famous cafés around Pittsburgh. The colors, the plants, and the space’s bright, clean feel are all things someone adores about the interior design here.

Inside, there are a few seating areas, making it a great place to hang out for a while. Take a stroll down Butler Street to see what else Lawrenceville has to offer after stopping by for a coffee.

Courtesy: Convive Coffee Roastery


  • Lawrenceville’s address is 4032 Butler Street.
  • Mars’ address is 960 Adams Shoppes.
  • Also available is 751 Providence Boulevard off McKnight Road, just north of Pittsburgh.

7. The Carnegie Coffee Company

It used to be the Carnegie Post Office and has the best atmosphere. There are a lot of books, plenty of seats, and a cheerful décor in the beautifully renovated centurion building.

Carnegie Coffee, which is outside of the city limits and serves good coffee as well as inventive but straightforward food plates, is worth the drive.


  • 132 E. Central Avenue in Carnegie.

8. KLVN Coffee Lab

Out of all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh, KLVN Coffee Lab might be one of the coolest. With a cutting-edge design inside, a stylish stylistic theme, and an espresso simmered to feature its pleasantness, KLVN is an extraordinary spot amidst all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh, to get that caffeine fix.

Americanos, mochas, and lattes are just a few of the classic drinks they offer. What’s the most awesome aspect?

KLVN has the cutest merchandise and even sells hardware and odds and ends for at-home cooking! This makes it unique from all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: KLVN Coffee Lab


  • Hamilton Avenue, 6600.

9. La Prima Espresso

It began in 1988 as a small coffee shop on the Strip and has since grown to become one of the top coffee shops in Pittsburgh to get a cup of joe.

It’s like going to Italy when you enter any of La Prima Espresso’s locations.

A truly memorable experience is provided by their hospitality and dedication to roasting premium coffee beans!

La Prima Espresso is unquestionably one of the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh, offering more than 20 different kinds of coffee beans and a wide variety of beverages to choose from.

Courtesy: La Prima Espresso


  • The address is 205 21st Street in the Strip District.

10. Adda Coffee and Tea House

Adda” is Bengali for “bringing people together to engage in the noble art of discussion,” which is precisely what this establishment is all about.

They source the best coffee beans from all over the world to make sure you get the best brew while you socialize.

In addition, Adda Coffee and Tea House have local partnerships with some of the best bakeries and restaurants in the area to provide you with delicious food in addition to your caffeine.


  • It has three locations in Pittsburgh, including one at 200 South Highland Avenue in Shadyside.
  • The North Side is home to 926 Western Avenue.
  • Garfield’s address is 4905 Penn Avenue.
  • And 225 Fifth Avenue downtown.

11. Constellation Coffee

Refuel with Constellation’s cold brew coffee! Alongside neighborhood-prepared bakery stuff, this coffee bar serves a scrumptious determination of espresso drinks.

You’ll want to try a different drink every time you visit, from the raspberry white chocolate mocha to the flate white espresso.

You are in luck if you prefer tea more than anything else! Additionally, Constellation Coffee offers a wide selection of specialty-sourced tea leaves, such as masala chai which is the best of all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh. This is one of the best-kept secrets when we talk about the coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: Constellation Coffee


  • 4059 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA.

12. Uptown Coffee

Uptown Coffee is among the well-known coffee shops in Pittsburgh, with an extensive menu and excellent drinks.

Cakes, brownies, pies, cheesecakes, and a wide variety of other drinks are available at this establishment, as are cappuccinos and espressos. This place is one stop for everything amid all the coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

You will never be without coffee because it opens late every day of the week.

Courtesy: Uptown Coffee


  • Washington Road, 723, Pittsburgh, PA 15228.

13. De Fer Coffee & Tea

You can channel your inner hipster at De Fer Coffee & Tea in the Strip District and all of them are concerned with providing Yinzers with affordable coffee from sustainable sources.

De Fer Coffee & Tea, on the other hand, isn’t just a coffee shop; they also serve food, drinks, wine, and craft beer!

In all seriousness, this location is your one-stop shop for everything related to beverages out of all coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: De Fer Coffee & Tea


  • Situated at 317 E. Carson St. Ste. and 2002 Smallman Street, both in the Strip District.
  • And room 128 in the South Side’s Highline Building.

14. Espresso a Mano

Espresso a Mano is a well-liked, neighborhood coffee shop, that is open seven days a week, so you can always get a cup of good cold brew or their specialty coffees.

Since 2009, it has focused on providing excellent beverages and excellent customer service in a relaxing setting. It is one of the local’s favorite coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

Courtesy: Espresso a Mano


  • 3623 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15228.

15. Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace Coffee is dedicated to providing a setting for growth and positive experiences, with a staff of caring individuals and coffee enthusiasts.

They have developed a location over the years where baristas can provide excellent coffee and inform you of a cool event that will take place later that week.

The best part is that Commonplace Coffee offers wholesale coffee, equipment, and more if you are unable to visit the coffee shop that day so that you can make your top choices feel good.

Courtesy: Commonplace Coffee


  • Pittsburgh is home to several of its locations. The Squirrel Hill branch can be found at 5827 Forbes Avenue.
  • Also go to 1501 Buena Vista, which is on the Mexican War Streets.

16. Coffee Tree Roasters

If you’re a coffee fan, the Coffee Tree Roasters is a Pittsburgh coffee institution and their primary goal is to serve the best and freshest coffees from a single farm from around the world in an atmosphere that encourages relationships for a lifetime.

The roasters have everything, from frozaccinos to cortados! They even offer Oram’s donuts and other treats, as well as specialty drinks such as popular teas.

Courtesy: Coffee Tree Roasters
  • Pro tip: Try the peanut butter hot chocolate; you won’t be disappointed.


  • It has several locations throughout the city.

End Note

There are numerous excellent coffee shops in Pittsburgh, and new establishments are opening daily. If you love drinking coffee, you can go to any of the shops on this list with confidence because they have received numerous favorable reviews.

In addition to the local businesses providing excellent coffees, and specialty drink, many of them also provide a comprehensive lunch, dinner, and dessert menu.

If you’re new to the city and want to experience the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh, then this guide is for you.

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