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18 Best Activities in Mississauga You Would Love to Do

For many years, Mississauga was considered to be nothing more than a bedroom suburb for Toronto. Such times, however, are long gone. Due to its diversified population, clever urban design, and wide range of things to do, Mississauga now has a distinct atmosphere of its own.

When you arrive, make sure you look up the best fun activities in Mississauga. Since the city offers an outstanding skyline of breathtaking structures, such as the Absolute World Towers and City Hall.

Visit Square One Mall if you enjoy shopping. Do you prefer nature? Arrive at Rattray Marsh. The Waterfront Path passes past Mississauga’s most beautiful parks and beaches.

1) Mississauga Ontario: A City at the Shores of Lake Ontario

Mississauga, Toronto’s largest suburb, is one of Canada’s top cities and the sixth most populous city in the country. It occupies an area of more than 280 square kilometres and is situated on Lake Ontario’s beaches.

Activities in Mississauga
Image by Chuck Gallozzi from Pixabay/copyright 2015

There are undoubtedly many Canadian historical sites in Mississauga. Mississauga is also close to Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest and busiest aviation hub. Also, it includes charming villages, shopping malls, entertainment places, and a fantastic art scene.

Interested in any patio time by the lake? When you arrive in Port Credit, reserve a table and get ready to people-watch.

Despite the city’s size and dispersion, it is simple to visit several scenic spots. Because many of them are located adjacent to one another. Check out our list of the top activities in Mississauga to get started or to have so much fun.

2) List of Best Activities in Mississauga, Ontario

So if you are visiting Mississauga, Ontario, don’t worry. We are with the list of best-hidden gems of Mississauga or activities in Mississauga that you will love to explore. So brace yourself to enjoy a virtual ride to Mississauga and explore the finest activities.

2.1) Visit Port Credit: Explore the Parks and Trails

Located on the southern tip of Mississauga, near Lake Ontario, Port Credit enjoys a prime location. If you want to be near the sea, head to this busy neighbourhood, which was a little city on its own before the merger.

Activities in Mississauga
Image by Anthony Godinho from Pixabay/copyright 2016

The shoreline is lined with several walking paths, and Port Credit features some of Mississauga’s best parks right in the heart of the city.

You’ll discover a range of distinctive retail stores and eateries along the main street, some of which have rooftop terraces. From downtown, cross the bridge to see the lighthouse and possibly get a coffee at Starbucks.

2.1.1) Special features of Port Credit One’s Gonna Love It

With a cup of coffee in hand, cross the bridge again and continue walking to the end of the lengthy breakwater to take in the panoramic lake vistas and, on clear days, the Toronto skyline.

Get a table at Snug Harbour in the marina area if you are looking to eat by the sea. This Port Credit institution has been in business for more than 25 years. It offers a variety of indoor and outdoor dining options on one of Mississauga’s nicest patios, as well as fresh seafood.

2.2) Shop at Square One Mall: Shopping Centre Square

Square One, one of the country’s first biggest malls, has been operating for almost 50 years. Moreover, it is one of Canada’s biggest malls.

The mall has grown and changed throughout the years, becoming Mississauga’s premier shopping destination as a result. There are 330 stores inside competing for your hard-earned money.

2.2.1) Best Infrastructure of Square One Shopping Centre

Square One has undergone significant changes over the past few years to enhance the shopping experience. Wider pathways, better parking alternatives, high ceilings with skylights, and a new eating area dubbed the Food District, which displays the newest in culinary innovation are just a few of these enhancements.

2.3) Beach Fun and Picnics are Available at Jack Darling Memorial Park

About 500 parks may be found in Mississauga, but Jack Darling Memorial Park is among the most popular. This big park, which is near Lake Ontario, has something for everyone.

2.3.1) Ideal Location for Family Get-Together

It’s the ideal location for a local family get-together because nearby Jack Darling Park has one of Mississauga’s greatest beaches, tennis courts, a splash pad, playgrounds, and group picnic areas.

The large dog run at the park, which is one of the best in Ontario and features sandy parts, bushes, and open spaces where Fido can chase all of his or her new best friends, is very well-liked by dog owners.

2.4) Enjoy Open Air Concerts at Celebration Square

Celebration Square is one of Mississauga’s most well-liked urban meeting places. The finest place in the city to go for outdoor enjoyment is this modern setting, which is a few hours from City Hall.

The huge stage at the southern end hosts frequent concerts. If you can’t see the performer because of the crowds, don’t worry—the show will be streamed live on two huge screens erected high on each side of the stage. The schedule is available online, although regular events are also held here.

Parking is simple. Just park in the large lot directly beneath Celebration Square, accessible from Duke of York Road.

2.4.1) Enjoy Delicious Food at Celebration Square

Several food trucks are lining one side of the area, serving anything from typical burgers and fries to a range of foreign cuisines. The Lion’s Farmers’ Market is held every Wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the summer. Visit us for baked goods, preserves, and the freshest fruit from neighbourhood growers.

2.5) Downtown Streetsville: Seek the Best Regional Crafts Here

Streetsville, a charming village in Mississauga’s northern reaches, was formerly a separate city like Port Credit. Streetsville’s downtown still retains a small-town vibe since it is surrounded by suburbs, despite Mississauga rapidly encroaching on the town.

2.5.1) Enjoy Aesthetic View at Downtown Mississauga

The town’s main street and neighbouring streets are lined with ageing brick structures. These wonderfully renovated structures hold up to 300 shops, eateries, and services.

Try to schedule your visit on a Saturday morning because this is when the Summer Market, which features goods made by regional craftsmen, is held.

2.6) Enjoy Natural Beauty at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Undiscovered natural locations in Mississauga are worth finding. This magnificent Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, which is located in the city’s southwest along Lake Ontario, is a prime location for observing animals.

Take a stroll along the broad boardwalks and stop at the high observation platforms to try to spot a wood warbler, a green heron, or even just turtles relaxing on a half-submerged log. Early in the spring, when the sound of spring peeper frogs is practically audible, is a very enjoyable time to visit the park.

2.6.1) Check Out Rounded Rocks Beach at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Be sure to explore the unusual beach made out of spherical boulders in various colours as you get to the shore. Access is straightforward at the nearby Jack Darling Park, which has lots of parking spots and facilities.

2.7) Find Inner Peace and Happiness in the Chaos at Kariya Park

One of Mississauga’s most tranquil and calm parks is Kariya Park. The park, which is surrounded by high wooden walls, is a haven of peace in the middle of a busy metropolis.

The park, which has the name of Mississauga’s Japanese sister city, comprises gardens with meandering paths that round water features and are divided by wooden arches.

2.7.1) Surround Yourself With Nature at Kariya Park

On the gently sloping hills and around the ponds, there are several shrubs and flowering plants planted. The blossoming cherry trees in the spring, cover the area in a sea of pink blooms.

The park boasts a massive “Friendship Bell” placed in a sizable wooden pavilion in addition to the natural elements. A Zen garden is close by for those looking for a quiet area to think.

2.8) Walk or Bike Along the Waterfront Trail

A large portion of Mississauga’s shoreline is made up of a combination of parkland and private property. Walking or riding a bike along the Waterfront Trail is one of the simplest ways to take in the sights.

The longer route is much further than Mississauga and wraps 3,600 kilometres around the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.

The greatest parks in the city are connected by the Mississauga section, either by official paths or by private streets.

2.9) Erindale Park: Explore Picnic Areas Here

Erindale Park offers wonderful walking and biking paths along with five designated group picnic spots. The park’s closeness to the Credit River. However, is one of its main draws. The river runs cheerfully down into Lake Ontario, almost dividing the park in half.

activities in mississauga
Image by Ehab M from Pixabay/copyright 2017

2.9.1) Best Place for Fishing

The banks are a popular fishing spot where anglers may test their luck all summer long. The river bursts into a flurry of silver and scarlet in the fall when the salmon migrate upstream to breed.

The Culham Trail passes through the park and continues north along the riverbank until arriving at Riverwood Park.

2.10) Explore the Art Gallery of Mississauga Ontario

One of the city’s main cultural hotspots is the Art Gallery of Mississauga. A fantastic showcase of often changing exhibitions is selected from the gallery’s permanent collection and shown in this well-designed area. Together with these performances, transient displays come and go often.

On the first level of the Civic Center structure is the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Although there is no entry fee for the Mississauga Art Gallery, contributions of any amount that you deem appropriate are much appreciated.

2.11) Admire the Natural Beauty of Credit River

An interesting natural feature that characterizes Mississauga is the Credit River and its basin. At Credit River around 10,000 years of indigenous habitation have been recorded along the river’s banks. The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation has called these shores their ancestral home.

About 37 parks and natural areas in Mississauga maintain the natural beauty and wildlife for people to enjoy every day. A large portion of the river may still be navigated by canoe or kayak.

2.12) Toronto Pearson International Airport: Get Many Activities to do Here

At Toronto Pearson International Airport you will get several activities to enjoy.

2.12.1) Woodbine Racetrack

Horse racing enthusiasts don’t need to look much farther for an exciting day at the track. A trip to the Kentucky Derby is in your future. Visit Woodbine Racetrack to get in the mood first. A host to several events, including the Queen’s Plate, the first race in the OLG Canadian Triple Crown and the longest continually held stakes race in North America. 555 Rexdale Boulevard.

2.12.2) Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and Heritage Museum

If visiting India is on your bucket list, get some time to stop by BAPS. In the building’s Canadian Museum of Cultural Heritage of Indo-Canadians, you start your journey by learning about thousands of years of Indian history. The building’s architecture in and of itself is impressive.

All the walls are load-bearing, eliminating the need for a steel framework to support the structure. They are constructed of Italian marble, Indian sandstone, Turkish limestone, and Burma teak. This beautiful Indian architecture is a rarity in Canada. 61 Mrs. Claireville Dr.

2.12.3) Woodbine Mall and Fantasy Fair

Woodbine Mall provides indoor entertainment, shopping, and a food court for customers searching for family-friendly entertainment. Woodbine Mall, located directly across from Woodbine Racetrack, is home to Fantasy Fair.

It is the largest indoor amusement park in Ontario province. More than 8 million people have visited since it first opened in 1985. 500 Rexdale Boulevard.

2.12.4) Humber Arboretum

Rexdale should be on your radar if you’re a devoted visitor to botanical gardens around the world. The Humber Arboretum, which is open to the public and is attached to Humber College’s North Campus, offers free self-guided tours with trail maps, opportunities for bird watching, and botanical gardens for viewing.

2.13) Wander Around Lakefront Promenade Park

During hot summer days, Lakefront Promenade Park attracts tens of thousands of Mississauga residents to the beaches of Lake Ontario. The park is a great site to enter or exit the lake, which has one of the best beaches in the neighbourhood. The shallow water, sandy beaches, and four volleyball courts draw sunbathers of all ages.

2.13.1) Enjoy Water Activities at Lakefront Promenade Park

Apart from water activities, the Lakefront Promenade Park is a great location for a seaside picnic with the family. The downtown of Toronto may be viewed to the east and the southern horizon.

If you have little children, go to the park’s northeastern corner, where you’ll discover a fantastic playground and splash pad likely to bring forth squeals of delight.

2.14) Spend a Day at the Robinson-Bray House

Streetsville is a section of the Mississauga neighbourhood in the province of Ontario. This village, which lies in the city’s northwest corner, has a classic afternoon tea location right in the middle. Streetsville is home to the vast bulk of the city’s historic structures. The Robinson-Bray House is one such structure to enjoy fresh fruit tea.

The Tea Room is located inside this structure. More than three decades have passed since the opening of this renowned tea establishment. You must visit Streetsville and make reservations at The Tea Room for your future visit to Mississauga to be fulfilled.

2.14.1) The Robinson-Bray House’s History

It was built in 1885 as a private family dwelling. The Robinsons and the Brays were among the two families who possessed it. One of the few Italianate-style structures in Mississauga is this one.

This historic structure, located at the intersection of Queen Street and Mill Street, has been renovated for commercial use since 1988. Now, several small companies call this red brick structure, which also features green awnings and white accents, home.

2.15) Never Miss Visiting Fo Guang Shan Temple

In the northwest of Mississauga, near Streetsville, is where you’ll find the Fo Guang Shan Temple.

All guests are welcome to the Hall, except Mondays when regular services are held. Be sure to observe the sizable bell and drum in front of the structure when you are there.

A well-respected restaurant is located on the grounds of the temple. Although membership is necessary to eat here, the annual fee is a very acceptable investment to be able to enjoy the great cuisine, which is priced far less than what you’d pay in a restaurant.

2.16) Mix a Trip to Adamson Estate

Mix a trip to the Adamson Estate with a stop at Lakefront Promenade Park. This peaceful, 13.2-acre coastal park with lovely views of Lake Ontario. The historic residence, built in 1920, is a superb illustration of Colonial Revival and Flemish design.

The woodland area is a great spot to wander while surrounded by mature white pine trees, Ontario’s state tree.

2.17) Tour the Benares Historic House

A gem of a house from 1853 is situated in the centre would be a typical neighbourhood of lovely residences. The house in Mississauga’s Clarkson district has managed to withstand decades of construction and grow into the finest collection of historical relics in the whole city.

The building has undergone painstaking restoration to return it to its former splendour. There is a tourist centre with information on the Harris family the property’s previous owners and a location for changing exhibitions.

2.18) Don’t Forget to Visit Bradley Museum in Mississauga

Visit the Bradley Museum Complex if you’re searching for something to do in the city on a wet day or if you want to learn more about the region’s early settlers.

In 1959, the Bradley House was spared from demolition. The farmhouse was built around 1830 in the saltbox style.

The Anchorage, a Regency-style cottage from 1820, is close by. The house is now a museum. The Skynner Cup, a silver urn that the owner received as a gift from the people of Malta, is among the interesting things to view.

The house’s grounds are a pleasant location to stroll, with paths crisscrossing enormous old maple trees. Check out a log cabin and a few outbuildings as you pass by a few more structures scattered throughout the land.

Combining a visit here with a visit to the nearby Rattray Marsh is straightforward.

3) Frequently Asked Questions Related to Best Activities in Mississauga

What are Mississauga’s top tourist destinations?

The most popular sights to see in Mississauga are:

  • Port Credit
  • Square One Shopping Centre
  • Conservation Area of Rattray Marsh
  • Streetsville
  • Lakefront Promenade Park

What are Mississauga’s top outdoor adventures?

According to visitors to Mississauga, the finest outdoor activities are:

  • Port Credit’s Rattray Marsh Conservation Area
  • Park honouring Jack Darling
  • Park at Lakefront Promenade
  • Riverwood Conservation Society

Which Mississauga day excursions are the best?

The following are the top day excursions from Mississauga, according to travellers on Tripadvisor:

  • Day Trip To Niagara Falls From Hotels Near The Toronto Airport
  • Niagara Falls tour from Mississauga
  • Full-Day Highlights of Prince Edward County Private Tour from Mississauga
  • Private Travel Transportation to Niagara Falls, Canada from Toronto International Airport
  • Day Tour From Mississauga To Niagara Falls (Includes Boat Cruise & Wine Tasting)

What are the most well-liked family-friendly activities in Mississauga?

Family-friendly activities in Mississauga abound in the city of Mississauga. Bring your small ones to the Bradley Museum to discover how to produce maple syrup, the perfect accompaniment for pancakes!

4) Bottom Line

You will be astounded by all Toronto, Mississauga has to offer, whether you are a resident or a guest, in town for a week, a weekend, or just passing through. There are several activities in Mississauga, Ontario. Thus, you must check out these enjoyable Toronto Mississauga excursions if you are visiting Mississauga.

Mississauga offers a wide variety of entertaining things to keep you busy. Visit the areas we’ve highlighted, don’t skip them. Invite your loved ones to visit you at these wonderful locations.

Hope this article clears the thought about the best activities in Mississauga you would love to do.



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