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18 Best Wine Bars in London You Must Visit

Looking for the Best wine bars in London.? The humble grape is served to crowds of patrons at London’s top wine bars, and in recent years, a few pioneers in the industry have helped make the beverage more approachable to a wide variety of consumers.

Learn about cozy bistro-style settings, chic Hackney homes where wine is the primary libation, or contemporary pubs that are ideal for a night out on the town.

Although wine bars used to have a reputation for being a little stuffy and formal, they now tend to be much more laid back. They are just a fantastic spot to relax and drink a glass or two, often while enjoying some small bites, without having to be an oenophile.

Great wine bars can be found all around London, from self-serve establishments in Balham to hip Hackney hotspots that specialize in natural wines and even a brand-new establishment run by Idris Elba. Discover the top wine bars in London by reading on.

1. Bar Crispin, Soho

Bar Crispin
Image Source: BarCrispin

This is a great place to start if you’re looking for the best wine bars in London. At Spitalfields, Crispin is an all-day dining establishment that serves seasonal shared meals and minimal intervention wines.

Bar Crispin, a younger sibling of the more well-known Crispin in Spitalfields, is the second location run by co-owners Dominic Hamdy and Oliver Hiam. It takes its contemporary British sharing dishes and organic, minimal wines to Kingly Street.

The seasonal ingredients that make up the cuisine menu are the focus of the head chef, Fabien Spagnolo, a Frenchman.

Frenchie, Pollen Street Social, The Corner Room, and Casa Fofo are just a few of the best restaurants that Fabien has worked at throughout his stay in London.

Such dishes as a fried beef sando with dill and pickled cucumber, oyster mushrooms with Marmite butter, egg yolk, and lovage, and grilled seabream with preserved tomato emulsion and tarragon could be offered, to name a few.

The greatest seasonal ingredients are used in all of Fabien’s meals, which are updated often to reflect the best ingredients.

2. Cave Cuvée | Bethnal Green

Those looking for the Best wine bars in London should visit Cave Cuvee. To help you get in the holiday mood, Bethnal Green’s underground basement Cave Cuvée is converted into a luxurious, tinsel-draped Santa’s Cave.

You’ll discover the most outrageous Christmas decorations since the 1970s, coupled with cuisine that fits the season, in addition to the typical copious amounts of natural wine.

Little foods with enormous flavors are available, like upscale pigs in a blanket, mulled olives, glazed ham, comte with quince jam, and a massive charcuterie board.

Go all out and sip on some of Top Cuvée’s house-made mulled wine or a few holiday cocktails to wash it all down. There will be Mariah on the audio source. Mistletoe will be available. Your grandma would be happy.

3. Passione Vino | Shoreditch

Visit this place if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. Passione Vino delivers on its promise. The bespectacled CEO of Passione Vino, Luca Dusi, is the person to approach if you’re seeking genuine wine enthusiasm. Visitors won’t need to search far though –

Prosecco is abundant, contributing to the hedonistic mood. Passione Vino is far larger than its little, azure entryway suggests. From the drunken wine-tasting cellar to the private dining space above, PV is four stories of pure enjoyment.

It even has an Italian map on the ceiling so you can find out where the wine in your glass came from.

The more wine you consume, the more labyrinthine Passione Vino feels, with something fresh and intriguing around every corner, including a hidden staircase behind a mirror, expansive, tree-like light fixtures made of meters of copper tubing, and portraits of the numerous winemakers that Luca has supported over the years all over the restaurant.

The new inclusion of food here places Passione Vino squarely among London’s gastro-wine bar crowd.

With dishes like duck ragu with bigoli (like spaghetti but thicker), baccala mantecato (whipped salt fish over crispy polenta), and spezzatino di manzo on the menu, both Luca and chef Pascal Lazzarotto are northerners who hail from Verona and Padua, respectively (beef stew).

It’s energizing to see northern Italian cuisine executed so authentically in London; each meal is delectable and just gets better as you consume more of Luca’s wines.

A particular mention should be made of the pasta pomodoro, which is composed just of pasta, tomatoes provided by one of Luca’s Sicilian wineries, and salt. Despite its simplicity, it is delicious.

4. Vinoteca, Chiswick

This is a terrific location to go if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. Vinoteca focuses on unique, high-quality wines and locally produced, seasonally appropriate cuisine, taking its cues from the wine bars of Spain and Italy.

The menu incorporates elements of both British and Continental cuisine, favoring a rustic aesthetic and using great local ingredients. The hallmark dish is the bavette steak, which is marinated and served with hand-cut chips and horseradish.

There is also one of the greatest bar snack menus in Kings Cross, as well as creamy gnocchi, chicken in a leek terrine, and cannellini beans. Throughout the day, commuters enjoy the assortment of freshly baked pastries and £1 espressos.

It’s a wine bar, so you’re allowed to linger over a good drink as well, and it’s the ideal place to do so. The room is dominated by a central bar made of zinc, but enormous glass windows that let in a lot of light cover every other wall.

Tables and bar stools allow for single or group eating, and the double-height ceiling adds to the cozy, airy atmosphere.

The terrace is attractive when the weather is nice, with seats scattered among the building’s latticed iron columns and offering views of Battle Bridge Square.

5. 10 Greek Street, Soho

10 Greek Street
Image Source: 10 Greek Street

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best wine bars in London. Everything about this little Soho favorite is practical, from the unassuming name to the purposefully understated decor—aside from the food and wine, that is.

Using ideas from Western Europe to highlight its storehouse of British products, the brief, daily-changing menu “always pleases.”

With Brussels sprouts, Marsala, and sage, Tamworth pork with savoy cabbage and a sprinkle of delicate pancetta, or plump hake and spinach provided added bite with some rich chorizo, are just a few examples of possible pairings.

Smaller meals are available all day, keeping the menu simple but bringing a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic space (think salted Padrón peppers, crumbed pig’s trotters, or smoked mackerel with fennel).

At lunch (which one patron deemed “excellent”), reservations are accepted; but for dinner, you must wait in line. If you don’t mind waiting, the wine list’s amazingly reasonable global range will help you pass the time.

6. Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels Seven Dials, Covent Garden

If you’re looking for the best wine bars in London, head to this area. Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels (CVS), a chic and upscale wine bar in the center of Covent Garden, has a more cocktail-like aesthetic, which is not unexpected given that it is a member of the Experimental Cocktail Club group, which runs both wine and cocktail bars in London and Paris.

Although the wine list is vast without being scary and French-heavy with all regions well represented at all price ranges, it is not nearly as natural as the name may imply (even though there are numerous natural/biodynamic selections highlighted). Still, it is nice.

France is truly where it’s at, but there are plenty of options from the rest of Europe and a minor flirtation with the New World.

The menu features elegantly prepared versions of wine bar favorites including ham, cheese, “posh madame,” lobster salad, and tuna tartare. For a posh, prime London location, markups are also surprisingly low.

The wine selection at CVS is top-notch for wine enthusiasts, and if having a good time and being seductive are more important to you, the environment there will suit you just fine.

7. Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

Crusting Pipe
Image Source:

Visit this place if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. The Crusting Pipe is conveniently located near Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Embankment, and Covent Garden Tube Stations in London’s famed Covent Garden Market.

Guests sitting on the outside terrace often get to see and listen to spontaneous performances by local performers and musicians.

There are many nooks, crannies, and semi-private chambers within the vaulted interior of the dining rooms and bar, making them ideal locations for meals, gatherings, wine tastings, and parties.

Brunch, a-la-carte dinners, straightforward bar snacks, delectable sandwiches, and afternoon tea are all available throughout the day along with other delicious, seasonal fare.

A wide variety of wines from Davy’s wine merchants are offered on the wine list, many of which may be ordered by the glass.

8. St John Smithfield, Farringdon

This is a great place to start if you’re looking for the best wine bars in London.

Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver’s restaurant, which is the hub of a mini-empire with a branch, bakery, and wine shop, has won praise for reintroducing the British to the maximum potential of local veggies, especially anything gutsy and offal-ish.

The restaurant’s almost brazenly informal style—a Michelin-starred establishment for those who shun the entire notion—has maybe had an even greater impact.

The mezzanine dining area in the old Smithfield smokehouse has plain white walls, worn flooring, and tables arranged canteen-style; the basement bar, which serves excellent nibbles, is similarly unassuming. Without letting the conversation get off-topic, the personnel may converse.

St. John’s cuisine is renowned for being intense but also sophisticated, creating flavors that are both delicate and rich.

For example, cuttlefish and onions were extraordinary, arriving in a sauce made of ink with a hint of mint that was exceptionally deep in flavor or perfectly cooked tongue served with outstanding horseradish.

Leave time for digestion if you decide to have a full supper, including the fantastic neo-traditional dessert. This is strong cookery.

The wine list, which is entirely French and has several wines under St. John’s label, is on the costly side, but you can also order decent beers from the next bar, which many guests prefer due to its more laid-back atmosphere and affordable rates.

9. Vinoteca Farringdon, Farringdon

Those looking for the Best wine bars in London should visit here. The first Vinoteca wine bar and restaurant is located at Vinoteca Farringdon.

This location is perfect for private gatherings, business dinners, and wine tastings since it specializes in wine and has a 200-bottle wine selection.

A great little area hidden underground and away from the bustle of the main restaurant is called The Private Room. The establishment has a specialized wait staff, a separate kitchen, and wine racks.

It is suitable for a hen dinner, wine tastings, and meetings, with tables that can be set up to match any purpose. It can accommodate up to 30 people sitting and 42 people standing.

10. Gordon’s Wine Bar, Embankment

If you’re looking for the best wine bars in London, head over here. For more than 130 years, wine enthusiasts have found relief at Gordon’s Wine Bar.

It is a hidden treasure that is close to Covent Garden and London’s Theatreland and is situated between Charing Cross and Embankment stations, just a short distance from Trafalgar Square.

With a lofty basement lighted by candles and antique wood barrels holding sherries and port, Gordon’s is known for its heritage.

You may go back in time, escape the bustle, and savor an enormous range of award-winning wines and delicious meals in this ambiance decorated with antique images and newspaper clippings of historical events.

All year long, al fresco dining is possible with outside seats behind heated awnings. Pick from one of the several outside tables or a secluded, intimate basement table.

More than 15 different cheeses are available on our menu, along with charcuterie selections, vegetarian dishes, and vegan dishes.

Anyone can find something to like. What would go better with a fine assortment of sharing boards, appetizers, and home-cooked foods than a fine wine of the highest caliber?

11. Traders Wine Bar, St Katherine Docks

This is a terrific location to go if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. You guys are losing out if you haven’t already experienced Saint Katherine’s Docks’ idylls.

The most ideal area in London, with a lovely port encircled by historic Victorian warehouses and dotted with yachts and sailboats.

A million miles apart from the horrible pit of Tower Hill, which is just next door, it is always serene. To put it simply, it’s the ideal location for enjoying a drink by the water, which is a real pleasure in the heart of London.

The freshly established Traders wine bar is people’s favorite among the several chain restaurants nearby. With leather seats, wine barrel tables, and candles, it’s a small, cozy space.

You may purchase bottles to take home from the large wine selection (bottles start at roughly £20). Fantastic cheese and charcuterie are included on the short, snack-style cuisine menu.

A Saint Marcellin cheese and a sourdough sandwich can be purchased for £5.50, which is a great deal.

12. Le Bar des Prés

Le Bar des Prés
Image source: Le bar des Pres

Visit this place if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. The customers’ recommendation is to also visit La Centaure de Cesar, which is what you should see by default. Here, there is good French and Japanese cuisine.

Experience sushi, galettes, and lobster rolls that are properly prepared. The profiteroles are delicious. Tasty wine is available at Le Bar des Prés. Ordering fantastic matcha is a chance you shouldn’t pass up.

Every day of the year, the friendly crew extends a warm greeting. The customers here appreciate the prompt service. About the quality you get, prices are appealing.

There may be a homey feeling for visitors thanks to the fantastic design. The inspectors felt that this location maintains a friendly environment since it is a Michelin pick and has been awarded 1 black knife-and-fork emblem.

13. Terroirs, Covent Garden

If you’re looking for the best wine bars in London, head to this area. Visit Terroirs to learn more about what the natural wine movement is all about.

Almost all of the list’s wines are prepared with minimum winemaker influence and are lightly altered, which keeps this rustic-French-looking establishment lively.

There are several kinds available by the glass, and although it’s not dirt cheap, it fairly represents the price of making these wines.

You won’t be let down if the cuisine appeals to you more than the wine either. With a relaxed atmosphere and a cuisine that emphasizes small items for sharing, the lower level is always filled.

You can try some of the same foods in the moody, surprisingly spacious basement, which has a restaurant-like atmosphere.

The menu here, which focuses on rustic French meals, seems to be intended to steer guests towards a more conventional starter-main-dessert strategy.

14. Primeur, Newington Green

If you’re looking for the best wine bars in London, this is a great spot to visit. The overhanging plaque identifies the previous use of the structure as “Barnes Motors.”

A drive-in garage may be where you’d take your getaway automobile to have repainted, as shown by the facade of folding doors that are black painted and have wire-reinforced glass.

While they have a menacing aspect, these doors have a large opening that allows the inside to be seen by the leafy street.

The inside of the building is spotless and painted white, but the open kitchen has so much shining steel that you wonder whether the employees can still squeeze in some paneling and painting on the side.

Primeur is a considerably smaller symbol that denotes wine rather than paints. Investors purchase immature wine barrels “en primeur” years before it is bottled in anticipation that the contents will develop into something valuable and in demand. It requires both sound judgment and an act of trust.

Another act of trust is needed to primeur the eatery. There is no contact information, the closest station is 15 minutes away on foot, and if you can’t go inside, there aren’t many places to eat in this quiet neighborhood. Nonetheless, Primeur is a risk worth taking.

15. Unwined at Yours, Tooting

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best wine bars in London. Their customized cheese and wine-tasting kits are intended to offer you the best night ever; they replicate the approachable and enjoyable atmosphere they foster in the Unwined bars, but at your house.

Four excellent wines are combined with four delectable artisan kinds of cheese in this package, which is updated every two months. It also includes expert wine advice. There are both in-box and online pairing and tasting guidelines.

The Unwined DIY Tasting Case is your introductory kit for 10 if you like wine but want to have a more comprehensive grasp of what you are drinking.

For you to become your own master of wine, the cases are made to assist you in expanding your expertise in producers and grape varieties while also bringing to life their tales.

They excel at elucidating wine, and the Unwined DIY Tasting Case deftly accomplishes this goal with its unique but approachable terminology.

You choose the grapes, and we’ll walk you through the process with tasting notes that are included in the box and with access to just our online resources and videos.

16. The Laughing Heart, Hackney

Those looking for the Best wine bars in London should visit here.

The Laughing Heart, a fascinating kitchen and cave on Hackney Road in London, has shut down. The business’ last day of operation was on Sunday, July 31, as revealed by the proprietor Charlie Mellor on Instagram.

In a heartfelt ode to its former and current employees, as well as to its customers, and to the restaurant’s capacity to provide “so many lovely individuals the opportunity to follow their aspirations,”

The Laughing Heart had several transformations after its launch in 2016, some of which were deliberate and others that were forced by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects.

When the restaurants first reopened in the summer of 2020, Mellor introduced a well-liked delivery service called Big Night while streamlining the menu to a price fixe.

It then underwent another evolution when Adam Boon was hired as head chef in Tom Anglesea’s place, bringing with him a longer, more formal progressive menu along with a condensed a la carte.

The mindset that Anglesea and Mellor have instilled since 2016—respectfully, racially improvisational—remained constant despite these changes.

It was a fascinating scene in its prime, appropriate to both a very sophisticated date and a late-night feast, filling olives with pork and lime leaf, heating Paula Cheung’s excellent dumplings, handing over crème brulées with the numbing snap of Sichuan peppercorn, and packing paté in a bun with a wink.

The idea came from Mellor’s upbringing as an Aussie, especially at 10 William Street in Sydney.

17. Grapeshots

If you’re looking for the best wine bars in London, head over here. On Liverpool Street, Grapeshots is a well-liked neighborhood wine bar that is hidden in a tiny Victorian passageway that formerly belonged to Jack the Ripper.

Grapeshots are brimming with charm and a distinct personality. The whole space is filled with decades’ worth of amassed antique curios and historical wine artifacts. The pleasant, cozy ambiance is enhanced with wood paneling and tables lighted by candles.

Go have a drink with them and check out the fascinating craft beer menu and varied wine list. In the food menu, traditional British cookery is offered using seasonal, UK-grown, and, if feasible, locally produced ingredients.

They can hold special parties in the basement area at Grapeshots, which is a well-liked location for gatherings and parties. A warm welcome is waiting for you no matter the circumstance.

18. Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar

Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar
Image Source: CoravinWine&BubblesBar

Visit this place if you’re seeking the best wine bars in London. One of the world’s largest by-the-glass lists will be at the Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar, a new pop-up establishment in London’s Mayfair.

The Coravin wine preservation system’s creators are now focusing on their own business, with the launch of Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar in London’s Mayfair on November 2, 2021. Their work has already transformed the way that wine is served by the glass in many of the world’s top restaurants and bars.

Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar, which the business refers to as a “wine bar and retail pop-up,” will be open in Mayfair’s Lancashire Court until the beginning of 2022.

To showcase its newest offering, the Coravin Sparkling, the firm will concentrate mostly on sparkling wines on the wine list, which will have 300 bins, each of which will be sold by the glass.

Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar will have “the biggest range of sparkling by the glass in the UK, if not the globe,” according to the firm, with a total of 50 sparkling options.

Names like Krug, Dom Pérignon, Egly-Ouriet, Bérêche & Fils, and Veuve Fornay, as well as numerous options from England and other sparkling locations, are among the featured brands.

Conclusion –

There’s nothing more relaxing than snagging a seat at one of London’s greatest wine bars with a buddy and catching up over a bottle of Pinot Noir and a cheese platter.

A table at a cocktail bar or rooftop bar in Shoreditch with perspectives that gaze over the metropolis is appreciated any day.

People love how some of London’s most well-known wine bars are now trying to force the boat out to sell orange, organic, and locally-produced wines even though research consistently shows that full-bodied rich reds like Shiraz and dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc consistently come out on top as the UK’s best-loved wines.

Several London wine bars also provide the opportunity to partake in wine-tasting experiences with knowledgeable sommeliers and offer a wide variety of meal options, including heartier dishes like pasta and charcuterie boards with meats and cheeses, and probably enjoy sharing with family members as well as small plates like burrata and caramelized nuts.



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