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19 Amazing Bars in Marylebone to Explore

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In Marylebone, you’ll find a historically significant region with quirky museums next to independent stores and posh boutiques as you explore. It’s time to discover the top bars in Marylebone.

There are many peaceful delights in Marylebone. It’s frequently described as a town that was sucked up into central London – assuming that village happened to be full of massive rebond-bricked Georgian architecture and pricey businesses.

Mayfair is less extravagant than the neighborhood. Together with some of the city’s most interesting museums and galleries, independent boutiques, and cafes flourish there.

19 Best Bars in Marylebone

Searching for the top bars in Marylebone? Marylebone may go unnoticed as a hotspot for drinking in London, but if you know where to look, you can find a ton of hip bars there. One of London’s most affluent neighborhoods, the area is widely renowned for its stylish restaurants, charming pubs, boutique stores, and celebrity sightings.

But Marylebone is also keeping a vibrant bar scene a secret. The variety and quality of the bars in Marylebone are both outstanding with a wide range of options to choose from, including upscale cocktail bars and stylish wine bars. The ones that you shouldn’t skip are these.

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay

It’s no secret that people love to drink in this part of the capital, which is tucked away from the crush of tourists on Oxford Street. Although there are many hip bars and eateries where you may have a finely made cocktail, Marylebone’s pubs have a unique charm.

The region, which is steeped in history, certainly understands how to preserve one or two historic bars.

1. Botanical Home of Mr. Fogg

One of the more eccentric pubs in the neighborhood, Mr. Fogg’s House of Botanicals features an inventive drink menu that, true to its name, heavily emphasizes the botanical motif.

You can choose between gin and vodka flavored with oregano and kaffir lime leaves, as well as traditional wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

Courtesy: Botanical Home of Mr Fogg

This one definitely comes up in the list of top bars in Marylebone. You can get a special experience at this pub that not many other places can match. It has furnishings that scream to be featured on your upcoming Instagram story.

Also, the sombre music helps the displayed flora create a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Burlock

Who knew you could find Burlock, one of  the top cocktail bars in Marylebone , just a short distance from busy Oxford Street?

What does Burlock accomplish correctly, then? Of course, there is rum to pick from; options include spiced, mild, dark, and even overproof. There is also a decent happy hour; take advantage of the Old Cuban, a luminous establishment.

The scene, which features a mock colonial home with the light flashing through curtains, flowered wallpaper, and antique sewing machines on tables, is actually rather charming. Yet once you realize the Hispanic music is on a short loop & there’s no natural light shining from behind said drapes, the atmosphere wears a bit thin.

This rum bar is a rum enthusiast’s paradise. It has tempting drinks like the Gunfire, a potent blend of Chairman’s Reserve, Courvoisier VS, Jagermeister Manifest, and black tea, and is primarily influenced by 1930s Cuba.

Yet that doesn’t mean that the varied menu is only comprised of rum cocktails. A wide variety of wines, daiquiris, non-rum drinks, and beers are also available.

Courtesy: Burlock

Burlock has more to offer than just that; from Wednesday through Saturday, their well-known happy hour makes it one of the finest values in the neighborhood for drinks; certainly one of the best bars in Marylebone to visit.

To experience a 90-minute bottomless breakfast with a live carnival dance, stop by at 12 or 2.30 on Saturdays.

3. Artesian

The classy elegant Artesian bar is nestled away inside one of London’s most fashionable boutique hotels and serves drinks of the highest caliber and certainly one of the best rated bars in Marylebone.

Even though Artesian is hidden inside one of central London’s upscale hotels, it makes an effort to have a practical edge. It’s a beautiful space with epically high ceilings, doric columns, glitzy chandeliers, etc., but you won’t ever feel out of place in the more relaxed section of smart-casual. That’s mainly due to the helpful personnel who, naturally, err on the smarter end of smart-casual, saunter around tables with complimentary canapés.

You presumably came for the drinks, but there is people-watching to be done (a decent number of media darlings are supporting the bar). The wow factor is also present thanks to the head bartender and beverage industry superstar Alex Kratena, who creates wacky drinks with their own hashtag.

Cocktails have incredible balance, especially when they contain bizarre components (one recipe calls for vodka, shochu, artichoke, yuzu, passion fruit, and coriander). Also, the presentation is outstanding, even though £18 per glass is perhaps more appropriate.

At the head of Regent Street and close to Oxford Street, Artesian creates classic and cutting-edge cocktails. It has won Drinks International’s “World’s Best Bar” award for four years running. In this ideal setting for a date, bar fare and beverages are elevated to the gourmet level.

With the greatest collection of rums in the city, an enormous Champagne list, and an innovative cocktail and blend menu, Artesian is at the vanguard of the upscale London bar scene and is one of the go to bars in Marylebone.

The Artesian crew has contributed to winning various awards over the past four years. For four years running, Artesian has been named “The World’s Best Bar” by Beverages International Magazine.

Courtesy: Artesian

The interior is truly stunning, with floor-to-ceiling lilac décor, sparkling chandeliers, and Chinese-inspired architecture. It makes perfect sense why it’s popular with London’s drinking population.

4. Purl

Purl is not only among the top bars in Marylebone but also among the top bars in all of London. This is the kind of speakeasy in a basement that discredits imitations.

The relaxing jazz may put you to sleep, but Purl’s legendary drinks will quickly wake you up.

Due to its multi-sensory compositions, where talented mixologists use smells, fogs, airs, and foams to bring their distinctive mixtures to life, the bar has gained recognition.

You could also come to their masterclass to discover their magical secrets; one of the must try bars in Marylebone.

5. Clarette

You would think this Marylebone wine bar, which is housed inside an old retired Tudor townhouse, is a trip back in time.

One of the quirkiest bars in Marylebone, Clarette‘s interior is decorated with lots of marble and stained glass windows.

The menu features French wines and classic French meals with a modern touch; definetely one of the must go bars in Marylebone if you are a sucker of fine wines.

It offers a wider variety of options than numerous renowned wine areas, making it the wine enthusiast’s version of paradise. This is another one of the best bars in Marylebone.

An elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful restaurant and wine bar, Clarette is tucked away in Marylebone.

Courtesy: Clarette

Situated in the classic mock Tudor townhouse’s stylish and laid-back setting, Clarette delivers a welcome dose of energy.

With a large selection of great wines available even by the glass and daily discovery wine flights, Clarette is a venue where wine lovers can enjoy their old favorites or explore new grape varieties, wine regions, and styles.

Clarette offers a specially crafted cocktail menu that is ideal for outdoor eating for non-wine drinkers.

The mouthwatering food menu offers French meals with a contemporary touch that are produced in straightforward recipes that are artfully presented.

6. Seymour’s Parlour

Seymour’s Parlour definitely has a lot of visual appeals with its wooden furnishings, dark red walls, and several photographs.

It does, in fact, feel more like the private salon of a wealthy ancestor, as described by the people behind Seymour’s Parlour.

To take it a step further, they give that ancestor the name Uncle Seymour and give him a fascinating background that is almost as fantastic as the bar itself.

The beverages are top-notch, as befits any scurrilous uncle’s private salon, and jazz music completes the opulent ambience.

This makes it a part of the best bars in Marylebone. The lounge is opulent and dark, more reminiscent of an infamous ancestor’s mansion (nicknamed Wicked Uncle Seymour).

Courtesy: Seymour’s Parlour

All senses are awakened as the lights go out, and the fragrances of speciality drinks as well as the sounds of jazz, ensnare everyone in the Parlour in this regal embrace.

Enjoy their range of afternoon tea; with surprises around every corner, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The colourful and royal Seymour’s Parlour offers the ideal background for an opulent celebration, escape from the high street, or pre-matinee feast, which is why Vogue named them one of London’s best.

7. 28-50 Wine Workshop And Kitchen

The 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen is a fantastic bar for savoring a terrific wine experience with top-notch cuisine and falls under the list of best bars in Marylebone.

Customers are welcomed by the flexible establishment’s laid-back vibe and chic settings, which are ideal for post-work cocktails and dinner outings.

Choose your favourite wine from more than 30 options, then enjoy it with contemporary European treats cooked by a Michelin-starred chef. It’s also the ideal location for a party, gathering, or event because it has a huge private dining area.

With exquisite food and a wide selection of wines, the 28-50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen approach elevates the experience of a regular wine bar to a whole new level. At the southern end of Marylebone Lane, stop by to experience outstanding service in a welcoming, comfortable setting.

Courtesy: 28-50 Wine Workshop And Kitchen

Pick between the private bar & dining area or our central, light-filled dining room. For your next event, celebration, or business get-together, treat their guests to the private dining room outside on Marylebone lane during the warmer months. Your visit will be made memorable by our committed teams.

For satisfying your taste for delicious wine and cuisine, our year-round schedule of tastings, workshops, and themed dinners is sure to have something to whet your appetite.

8. The Nest

Despite being only a few years old, The Nest is widely recognized as one of London’s premier rooftop bars in Marylebone. According to its name, the eccentric business is surrounded by forest and is perched above the Treehouse hotel.

You can understand why it’s a hit by adding some of Marylebone’s greatest wines, beers, and cocktails. Have your preferred beverage while taking in views of the London skyline in the interior lounge or on the wraparound terrace. DJs deliver nonstop entertainment from their “fort” in a treehouse; one of the best bars in Marylebone.

Set up shop on The Nest’s rooftop patio, which offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city’s cityscape. Daily at 12 p.m., The Nest accepts reservations. Please take note that on Fridays starting at 5 o’clock and on Saturdays all day, a two-hour reservation requires a minimum meal and beverage spend of £30 per person.

Due to the limited availability, reservations are advised; nonetheless, a few tables are reserved for walk-ins. Please take note that we start welcoming guests at 5 o’clock who are at least 21 years old.

Snuggle up on the outdoor encircling terrace furnished with loungers or relax in the inner lounge decorated with greenery and natural materials while DJs play the decks from their own treehouse “fort.” Together with a carefully chosen wine list, the menu offers fun, market-driven cocktails & bar snacks that are inspired by the tree and use local products.

In the Nest, pleasant memories are brought to mind, and fresh ones are generated. The Nest in Treehouse is open daily at 12 p.m. and takes reservations, but there are still several tables available for walk-ins. On Fridays and Saturdays, reservations made starting at 5 o’clock require a minimum spend of £50 ($30 for hotel guests) for each person on food and drink.

The Nest’s Tree Canopy

The acclaimed British sculptor & light artist Raphael Daden has created a specifically curated lightwork called “The Tree Canopy” that will be installed in the hotel’s entry lobby and The Nest this spring.

Daden gathered and pressed various tree leaves from the Kew Gardens in London and other places across the world. The Diageo-powered installation encourages visitor participation and debate on a meaningful message about how vital trees are to our planet and showcasing the beauty of leaves, their patterns, and their vivid yet warm colours.

9. Mayahuel

The low-key Mezcaleria Mayahuel is tucked away in the basement of hip Mexican restaurant Cavita and hits all the right notes. The cosy seats, soft lighting, and strong cocktails make this the ideal spot for after-work drinks. Or drinks on Saturday evening. Or, well, you get the idea.

Courtesy: Mezcaleria Mayahuel

Cocktails are more expensive, but we’re still daydreaming about the (very hot) Margarita we downed a few weeks ago. So, we believe they are worthwhile and definitely one of the top rated bars in Marylebone.

10. The Grazing Goat

The Grazing Goat, Marylebone’s hippest gastropub, is tucked away near Hyde Park & Marble Arch. A posh bar is located downstairs, while a chic hotel is located upstairs making it one of the finest bars in Marylebone.

The historic tavern is located on the site where Lady Portman’s goats used to graze. She was rumored to be allergic to cow’s milk and chose to keep goats as a substitute.

Nevertheless, happily, the drink selection goes beyond goat milk; in addition to all the traditional beers, there are also many wines, artisan beers, and cocktails made with spirits from tiny distilleries.

As predicted, the food is amazing. The majority of the menu consists of juicy burgers, tender steaks, and traditional pies, with a few upscale options. Accompanied by some upscale touches like a kimchi scotch egg & dry-aged beef tartare. Best part? The Grazing Goat welcomes canines. And if that isn’t a compelling enough incentive to go, we’re not sure what is.

11. The Coach Manufacturers

The Coach Manufacturers Arms is one of the popular bars in Marylebone for you if you want a traditional British pub experience without the smoky atmosphere some old drinking establishments offer.

Craft beers and cutting-edge drinks are available, and the pub fare is also top-notch here. Farm-to-fork is promoted at The Coach Makers Arms by using seasonal and sustainable foods to create dishes.

Courtesy: The Coach Manufacturers Arms

They pride themselves on serving Marylebone’s best roast dinner. And we must admit that we concur. No matter what you decide, don’t forget to leave room for the apple pie with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream. Drool.

The 72, a fantastic cocktail bar worth visiting for an hour or two after a pint, is located upstairs.

12. Heir Apparent

You can’t just stop by Prince Regent for one drink. It’s quite difficult to leave because of the stunning interior and diverse drink menu and surely comes under the list of best bars in Marylebone.

There is a selection of traditional beers, liquor, and wine on tap, in addition to craft beer and limited-edition brews. If you can’t find a cocktail on the extensive menu that you like, the bartenders also are more than ready to concoct one for you.

There are many excellent high-street pubs in Marylebone, but Prince Regent is the best of them all.

13. Lord Wargrave

Master of none, but a jack of all trades? Wargrave is unable to relate. This smokehouse, whisky bar, and pub excels in each of these categories; one of the premium bars in Marylebone

The pub is a millennial’s idea, but we can assure you that it works. A trendy yet friendly environment reminiscent of your grandfather’s house but considerably cooler is created with exposed brickwork, deep blue tones, and other plants.

Courtesy: Lord Wargrave

Its specialty is whisky, and there are more than 270 varieties to select from, each of which will take you from the Scottish Highlands to remote areas of Japan. There are plenty of artisan beers, wines, & soft drinks to sample if you’re not a fan of the hard stuff.

In addition, the St Louis pork ribs—slow-cooked on British hickory logs for an extra-smoky flavor—must be ordered when visiting Lord Wargrave.

14. Barley Mow

At The Barley Mow, things have been drastically scaled back; the emphasis is on classic British pub beers in a genuine British pub rather than this fancy-pants craft beer. The same is true of their wines, spirits, and whiskies.

Pies are another traditional pub fare option at The Barley Mow. Although the menu is constantly changing, Nonetheless, you can regularly get Scotch pies, chicken and vegetables, and steak and ale.

There are even a few vegetarian choices, such as the Moo-less Moo, a jackfruit dish so delicious you’ll wonder if it’s not meat; certainly one of the best bars in Marylebone to try out.

15. The Jackalope

The Jackalope, one of the best pubs close to Marylebone, was established in 1777. The tavern has recently undergone a modern facelift, yet its rich wood décor still pays tribute to its Georgian history. The beer selection is somewhat limited, but the quality most than makes up for it with a mix of traditional selections and craft ales.

Courtesy: The Jackalope

If you want to have a fiery bowl, go there for lunch & dinner on Tuesday through Friday. Conventional pub fare is replaced with chewy Chongqing noodles.

16. Inn 1888

Searching for a historic Marylebone pub? You won’t be let down if you turn around and head down Devonshire Street to Inn 1888. Everyone is aware that a roaring fire is the most important characteristic of a top-notch pub, and this one boasts two of them.

The Victorian tavern was initially constructed in 1898, but over the course of the previous two decades, it has undergone numerous restorations.

The excellent cocktail menu includes spirits and London Gins, along with four real ales & ten draught beers. It’s the ideal location to enjoy a few beers in the midst of history while cuddling up in front of the roaring fire with your friends on a chilly British evening.

17. Globe

First of all, don’t mix Globe in Marylebone with The Globe, another one of the fantastic bars in Marylebone. When you see the enormous continental paintings covering the front of the building, you’ll know you’re in the correct location.

18. The Volunteer

One of the hippest bars in Marylebone, London, is The Volunteer, which is located on the outskirts of Regent’s Park.

The interior is a vision of blue & light wood, and the outside seating area—while small—is the ideal spot to people-watch in London during the summer. One of the best Bars Marylebone.

Expect a large selection of beers, including bottles, crafts, & ales on tap, while there are also lots of non-beer options.

You can choose to choose from the extensive wine list or have fun with a fun soft drink. Again for house raspberry soda, skip the usual selections.

19. The Dog House Wine Bar

It’s a beautiful space full of drinkers who are fashionable and well-dressed and who sink into soft velvet chairs as if it were their second or third home. Due to The Dog, the décor has a “Dolce Vita” feel to it since In Marylebone, The Dog House is located below the upscale Italian eatery Bernardi’s.

Courtesy: The Dog House Wine Bar

Futurist paintings, antique Italian posters, and an excellently backlit bar all add to the room’s visual impact. Fresh flowers and candlelight enhance its beauty. There are a few cast iron chairs with smokers on a little patio off to the side, most likely on the menthol Vogues.

A menu of negronis has been specially designed to suit the chic vibe. Although they cost £10.50 apiece, the quality is undeniable, given the variety of gin, vermouth, and bitters used. Each one is crafted with premium Italian ingredients, and you have a variety of choices, starting with a sloe.

The Rose Negroni, a drink that contains rose vermouth, amaro, and rose wine and is garnished with a lovely pansy, is best sipped slowly to avoid it disappearing too quickly. If bitter isn’t your thing, there is an equally excellent variety of Italian-inspired spritzes & martinis to sample; one of the must bars in Marylebone to try out and explore.

Final Note

While Marylebone may go unnoticed by some, these are popular bars in Marylebone; make reservations in advance to prevent disappointment. You can go early evening to the bars in Marylebone and can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere near baker street and metric and imperial units and deep red walls.

You don’t have to come to Marylebone around night time because there is a ton of other things to do besides go to the aforementioned bars. Before visiting the destinations mentioned above, spend the day exploring bustling Oxford Street, going to the museums, or picking up a book from enormous Daunt Books.



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