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20 Best Barbers in London

20 Best Barbers in London

A decent haircut may change your appearance, much like a vintage watch or a suit that fits you properly.

The lockdown, when males were compelled to get the kitchen shears, hold up a mirror, and attempt a DIY project, was the best example of this.

So we made a detailed guide on Best Barbers in London, which will help you locate them.

So it’s crucial to locate someone you can rely on. Someone you can trust to help you look your best and who will gently try to talk you out of some of the trendy choices.

London has just about nine million residents. And there are only slightly fewer barber shops, as anyone who has tried to obtain a haircut there can attest.

Best Barbers in London

Since there are so many Best Barbers in London, including bars, apartments, and love partners, it might be nearly impossible to locate a barbershop that suits your needs.

For this reason, we’ve scoured the streets for the best barbershops in the Big Smoke.

You’ll never have to put up with a lousy haircut again thanks to exquisite Mayfair grooming establishments fit for a king and South London cut shops offering clear skin fades for the price of a round of drinks.

1. Fish Salon 

A hair salon currently occupies the space where a sex shop formerly stood in an old fisherman’s.

If Fish Salon’s walls could talk, they probably would share stories about seafood, seduction, and some of the best scissor work Soho has ever seen. Ultimate grooming experience with a traditional hot towel and head massage.

Fish, which Paul Burfoot first established some 30 years ago, is now a household name in London barbering and is renowned all over the world because of its hair products.

It is also among the best in town since it exudes a raw genuineness that many contemporary barbershops lack.

2. Ruffians

Don’t be misled by the name; despite having a variety of bladed tools at their disposal, the highly trained employees at this barbershop, which was founded in Edinburgh, are anything but violent.

Ruffians were one of the brands that led the recent barber shop revolution, ushering in a new era of male grooming and encouraging men to once again take care of their appearances.

Image from Ruffians

The company behind Ruffians set out to conquer London after receiving numerous accolades for their initial location in Edinburgh.

Their first location is close to Covent Garden, and their locations in Shoreditch, Marylebone, and Liberty in Soho offer havens of peace in the centre of the metropolis.

Enjoy a professional trim or shave from their skilled staff and unwind in the airy, roomy setting while sipping your preferred beverage. Ruffians are the perfect barbershop, offering pricing that is incredibly low.

3. Pall Mall Barbers in London

With a history going back to 1896, Pall Mall Barbers’ floor has undoubtedly seen its share of shorn hair.

The original Whitcomb Street establishment is among the oldest in the city, and despite multiple ownership changes, mop-chopping has never stopped there.

Pall Mall Barbers’ has a stellar reputation for mid-price cuts, which has led to the opening of additional facilities throughout the city to meet demand. Even a New York store will open shortly.

With locations in Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Bishopsgate, Paddington, and King’s Cross, Pall Mall Barbers offers some of the greatest mid-range priced cuts in all of London.

Although the treatments are a cut above, the cool, unobtrusive interiors give the impression that you are visiting your neighbourhood barbershop.

To spend on goods and services, you can also accrue points.

The staff at Pall Mall Barbers has been providing haircuts to Londoners since 1896, so they are definitely experts in the field.

They have six locations throughout the city and have collaborated with organizations such as the English Cricket Team, Hugo Boss, Master Card, Google, and Facebook.

You can tell you’re in good hands because they’ve earned the royal insignia by trimming the hair of H.R.H. Prince William.

They offer wet shaves as well as beard shaping in addition to scissor cuts, skin fades, and head shaves.

4. Pankhurst

Pankhurst does have a new residence within the tailor’s Old Burlington Avenue townhouse due to their partnership.

Best Barbers in London - Pankhurst London
Image from Pankhurst London

What has remained constant is that the highly regarded barber is indeed the best in the West for its competitive shaving, hand-upholstered Bentley chairs, and a lounge stocked with Balvenie whisky.

Oh, and without their superb hot towel face massage, the experience wouldn’t be complete.

5. The Ned’s Barbershop

It’s a remarkable feeling to enter The Ned for the first time.

Huge, filled with bars, restaurants, and columns coated in green verdict, the Grade 1-listed old bank has been renovated into a luxury resort & members club since 2017.

However, if you descend the steps, you’ll find something far cosier.

The quiet atmosphere of The Ned’s barbershop contrasts sharply with the chatting & clinking of the main hall. It is intimate, serene, and exclusive.

Tom Harrigan, the owner of the wood-panelled, speakeasy-inspired barbershop, offers a wide range of treatments, including haircuts, wet shaves, express facials, and threading, all of which are delivered with reassuring knowledge and in a friendly environment.

Even a shoe shine service is available.

The Ned, housed in the former Midland Bank structure in the bank, has a tendency to blow people away.

Vintage furnishings, dark wood panelling, and ambient lighting are scattered throughout the enormous five-star hotel and member’s club in this Grade I-listed edifice, which is highly reminiscent of Great Gatsby.

There is a considerably cosier atmosphere if you go downstairs to Ned’s Barbershop.

They provide haircuts, express facials, and classic wet shaves in the upscale, speakeasy-style setting.

Another spa in the area is Ned’s Club Spa, which provides a range of soothing services such as sophisticated facials, massages, and hair services, in addition to manicures and pedicures.

It’s time to start treating yourself, we say!

6. Murdock’s

When you first enter each of Murdock’s three locations – Soho, Covent Garden, and Shoreditch, images of the demon barber flash through your mind, but throat-slashing is not high on the agenda.

On the contrary, their barbers who have received training in Mental Health First Aid are always delighted and willing to talk about whatever is on their minds.

After your appointment, be sure to visit the website since Murdock sells plenty of gorgeous goods, including a selection of high-end shaving tools and a well-liked beard moisturizer to go with your new hairstyle.

Murdock is a very wonderful spot to go if you want to feel and appear professional. The goal of this place is to instil confidence in you, and when you leave, you will undoubtedly feel that way.

In addition to complimentary drinks like tea, coffee, Harris Gin, and even Glenfarclas Whiskey during your visit, expert barbers may cut a variety of styles to fit precisely what you desire.

After you leave, be sure to visit their website because this upscale establishment is highly recognized for its grooming supplies.

It’s all here: beard balm, quince & oakmoss conditioner, and matt mud.

7. Geo F Trumper

This next barber on our list of London’s top barbers is a true oldie but a goodie. Geo. F. Trumper, a business that has been trimming beards since the middle of the 19th century, is arguably the first barbershop in London.

Their master barbers are skilled trimmers who pay close attention to detail.

The first barbershop, Geo F Trumper, opened on Curzon Street in the middle of the 19th century and has been in business ever since.

In the 1960s, a second location was established on Duke of York Street.

The mahogany-panelled decor, cabinets full of mirrors, soaps & brushes dating back to 1875 and it is as near to an Imperial power shave as you’ll ever get.

You can anticipate leaving here smelling pretty damn good because all barbers are trained in beard style, and their St. James’ branch also offers an excellent wet shave.

8. Gentlemen’s Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic in Mayfair, which aims to provide a sanctuary for guys in need of rehabilitation, avoids becoming unduly gimmicky by combining traditional barbershop characteristics with modern ones.

Think refurbished wood panelling & leather seats beside private LCD screens watching a variety of sports. The facility has a general gent’s spa ambience and offers a variety of luxurious treatments.

Gentlemen’s Tonic has a posh Mayfair setting and is oozing with style and sophistication.

The bespoke services provided by their highly skilled, welcoming, and professional team range from a haircut & finish to something like a prep facial, beard trim, as well as a traditional wet shave.

Additionally, they offer an award-winning line of grooming supplies so you can look your best at all times of the day.

9. Supply 91

Supply 91′s environmentally conscious barbershop is gradually taking over London, with its flagship located just a short distance from Upper Street in Islington and a new residency in the health club at 180 The Strand.

Supply 91
Image from Supply 91

10. OS Lifestyle

The UK’s first carbon-neutral barbershop, OS Lifestyle, will show you how anyone can live a much more sustainably-minded reality in addition to giving you a great haircut.

The name itself gives it away: Joseph Steven & George Oakley, the company’s founders, consider OS to be more of a luxury brand than a place to get a haircut.

In their Fulham Road location, they sell organic cotton T-shirts and shampoo bars made without plastic.

Don’t forget to follow them on Spotify so you can enjoy their hand-crafted playlists while relaxing at home.

11. Mühle

A barbershop that will transport you back in time is found on the bottom ground level of the Mühle shop on Carnaby Street.

Its half-tiled walls & glass-front cabinets are a minimalist’s dream, not because of the outmoded decor but rather because the area also houses an exhibition documenting the history of shaving.

Elliot Forbes’ haircuts, which are performed after a full consultation, are of the finest calibre.

It goes without mentioning that their dry shave is up to par; anticipate own-brand washes and creams in addition to a hot towel to finish.

12. Joe & Co

Joe & Co., a contemporary establishment located in the centre of Soho, is next on the list of the top barbers in London.

Run by celebrity stylist Joe Mills, who counts Jamie Dornan, Paul Mescal, & Zayn Malik among his clientele, it provides all the luxuries you’d anticipate from a high-end salon but in a far more laid-back setting.

Here, a highly skilled crew cuts a variety of traditional, imaginative, and trendy hairstyles with the goal that you “leave feeling calm and looking your best.”

Additionally, throughout your trim, there are free-flowing complimentary refreshments, such as wine, beer, & freshly prepared coffee, as well as “pleasant chat.”

13. RXB Barbers in London

RXB Barbers, another worthy addition to this list of best barbers in London, specializes in just about every form of make grooming service, but their outstanding skin fades really stand out.

They offer crisp scissor cuts, beard styling, and tapering just a short distance from the Brixton & Oval tube stops, and their costs start at just 20 pounds.

You’ll undoubtedly return to this fine barbershop over and over again because of the excellent customer service, free Wi-Fi, and welcoming environment.

The superlative cuts at this South London barbershop will draw you in if the free Wi-Fi, free beverages, and nice conversation don’t. Comes in the list of Best Barbers in London.

If you’ve ever wondered how someone as talented as Drake manages to rock such immaculate edges and superb fades, then this is for you.

Pay a visit to RXB, and all your questions will be answered in plain sight.

Low on funds? Why not take advantage of an apprentice’s complimentary haircut?

14. Truefitt & Hill

The Guinness Book of Records has the “oldest barbershop in the world” as our penultimate item on this list of the top barbers in London, so they undoubtedly have a little knowledge about cutting hair.

Truefitt & Hill, which was founded in 1805, has had illustrious clientele like Frank Sinatra and John Wayne, as well as the British Royal Family, making it a cut above the rest.

In addition to haircuts, they also provide classic hot towel dry shaves, beard trims, manicures, facials, and even shoe shines, so if you ask us, this shop is pretty damn elegant.

15. Ted’s Grooming Room

A network of 19 barbershops with the same name as the famed British designer Ted Barbers fulfills this list of the top barbers in London.

You’ll be given an actual experience of renowned Turkish talent, along with a massage, hot towel service, and, of course, ear-flaming, all of which were influenced by a trip to Turkey.

Additionally, you have the option of getting a hot wax facial, a beard trim, or, if you really want to go all out, Ted’s Grooming Room’s Ultimate VIP Experience.

You’ll receive all of the aforementioned, as well as an eye mask and a head, face, arm, and shoulder massage.

16. Slider Cut

Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah, and Reggie Yates will only travel to one location in town for a faultless fade.

Former MC Slider has been cutting afro hair for over ten years, earning himself & his store a reputation as London’s hottest location.

Don’t believe us? Visit us and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

17. Manifesto

Farringdon’s Manifesto’s clean, contemporary design may be more to your taste if you don’t like the “ye olde barber shop” vibe that many branches seem hellbent on maintaining.

Here, you won’t find any waistcoat-clad guys or wood-panelled walls, but you will be met by some of London’s most renowned scissors, who will give you a barbering experience like no other.

18. Nomad Barbershop

Nomad is a good barbershop that lives up by its name and is situated just off the East End’s busy Brick Lane.

Nomad Barber
Image from Nomad Barber

When owner and master Miguel Gutierrez is not traveling the world to study his trade from those who practice it anyway and updating the Nomad Barber YouTube channel with the findings, he is cutting hair to perfection at the store.

19. Aveda Men

Among one of the best barbers in London, Aveda Men isn’t your usual barbershop in London; it’s a light and airy environment with industrial accents & a coffee shop. And it goes beyond just decoration.

Aveda Men provides a location where the city’s men may unwind while taking advantage of services ranging from a standard trim & shave to the 30-minute facial.

20. Barber Barber

A fervent advocate of the idea that barbershops should be settings where men can find solace and delight in a trim, shave, or even simply a chat.

Owner Johnny Shanahan has adorned his two locations in London with tattoo ideas.

Vintage wooden pharmacy drawers and conventional leather chairs are contrasted with extravagant neon signs and well-lit Hollywood mirrors.

Barber Barber seems to be the place to go if you need a brief, eccentric vacation from everyday life.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Best Barbers in London. We hope you like it.

Nothing is better than having a nice haircut, yet in a city of nine million, locating one can occasionally feel like searching for a haystack of needles.

But fortunately for you, we’ve decided to do all the legwork to find the best location in the city to get the barnet trimmed, so you won’t have to worry about looking bad.



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