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20 Best Things to Do in Richmond Hill Ontario

Richmond Hill

In addition to being the biggest town in Canada, Richmond Hill Ontario has experienced some of the most rapid growth in recent years. Numerous additional amenities, attractions, and commercial centers have developed as a result of its growth.

The town is not a well-known tourist destination because it is mostly made up of residential neighborhoods and commercial districts.

However, it does have a certain charm and getting there is simply easy because it is so close to Toronto. There are a lot of things to do at Richmond hill Ontario, like Richmond hill heritage centre, Richmond hill centre terminal, east beaver creek, Bayview avenue, and old Richmond hill.

More than 160 parks can be found in Richmond Hill, the third-most populous municipality in York Region, including Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park, which has a number of baseball diamonds, two ice rinks, a 300-person amphitheater, and a skateboard park.

Richmond Hill Ontario

Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay

There are many activities to do in Richmond Hill, which is located north of Toronto and is easily accessible by car. In addition to being a thriving residential neighbourhood, Richmond Hill has attractions for tourists. There are numerous parks, lakes, and conservation areas that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy.

While lakes offer chances for fishing, windsurfing, and paddling, several trail networks give walking, hiking, and cycling activities. Art aficionados can browse the numerous galleries, studios, and boutiques, while history and culture enthusiasts can explore the Heritage Centre & Observatory.

Richmond Hill is awash in eateries and shopping centers. To enjoy a calm atmosphere and ancient residences lining lush streets, proceed to the famous Yonge Street. Visit the city’s famed green areas and agricultural history on a day trip or a longer stay.

You can read more below if you like, but you might also want to look around the website for Richmond Hill. There are many enjoyable activities in Richmond Hill. To see everything the city has to offer or to get more information about a specific activity, keep scrolling.

Look for great activities to enjoy in Richmond Hills, Ontario, no matter if you’re travelling alone, with a partner, or with your family. As well as the great news is that this city is full of them.

Not only is this one of the biggest cities in Canada, but it is also a city that is constantly expanding, with a lot of new facilities, attractions, & locations opening up. Why not see these fresh advancements, then?

Although it may not be a destination that many tourists choose to visit, this city boasts many top attractions for travelers looking to have a good time and unwind. Try any of the aforementioned attractions if you’ve ever thought of visiting this town.

Location of Richmond Hill Ontario

The Canadian city of Richmond Hill is located in the southern part of the York Region. The Greater Toronto Area includes it.

It rose to become the third most populated municipality in the York Region with this population. In terms of population, it is Canada’s 27th most populous municipality.

North of Thornhill & south of Aurora, Richmond Hill is located between the cities of Markham and Vaughan. There are a few cities near Richmond Hills from which you can choose.

Imagine you’re trying to figure out the ideal entrance to Richmond Hills. We can respond to that. Air travel is among the greatest ways to get to this city.

If you’re driving, you can choose one of the many routes to get to the city. You can use the Toronto to Richmond Hill GO Transit, which transports people.

Things to Do at Richmond Hill Ontario

1. At the Hillcrest Farmers Market, Buy Locally

Every Sunday during spring through summer, the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market is held in front of Hillcrest Mall.

Shop for everything you want, including handcrafted goods and fresh fruit! After that, you can go shopping a little and relax in the air conditioning of Hillcrest Mall.

It has undergone significant modifications in the past few years, and it is unquestionably not really the Hillcrest Mall you remember from your childhood.

They even feature a stunning new wing that is home to many well-known shops like Sporting Life & H&M!

2. Observe the Stars

The biggest telescope in the nation is located at the David Dunlap Observatory. Spend the evening seeing the stars by going to the observatory.

Through presentations, activities, and frequent visits, the observatory has already been imparting astrological knowledge to its audience.

On a clear night, go to the David Dunlap Observatory and use one of the biggest telescopes in the world to observe the stars.

Come on a Partners & Family night if you’re in town with the kids. The observatory frequently welcomes guest speakers who discuss astrology, space exploration, and science fiction.

3. Look Back in Time

Consider visiting the Richmond Hill Historic Centre if you enjoy historical architecture and sites. The structure was created.

The historical centre is a stunning illustration of this architectural design. It has undergone a thorough restoration and features exhibitions that highlight the town’s history.

Explore the structure and take in its interior craftsmanship. Have afternoon tea to round up your tour. Let’s travel back in time by visiting the Richmond Hill Heritage Center. For those who like historic buildings and architecture.

The historical centre is a stunning illustration of this architectural design. It has undergone a thorough restoration and features exhibitions that highlight the town’s history. Having afternoon tea is a perfect way to end your visit.

The ideal location for you & your family is Wilcox Lake. On the lake, you can enjoy a picnic or simply unwind while taking in the scenery.

This lake has more to offer, including ideal fishing sites. What if, in addition to other species, you also capture largemouth bass, crappie, & northern pike?

4. Visit a Lake for the Day

If you wish to spend the day by a lake, Wilcox Lake is the ideal location. Three areas for pleasure surround the lake, where you may unwind and enjoy a picnic.

Largemouth bass, crappie, and northern pike are just a few of the fish that make the lake a popular place for anglers.

5. Take a Bike Ride

You can simply find a map of all the bike routes online. You can keep up your bike & your belongings in bicycle racks & lockers as well.

Museum at Richmond Hill Ontario
Image from Richmond Hill

In this metropolis, bicycle riders can also experience pleasure. There are various cycling trails available. Some are designated lanes, while others are shared roads.

You might be able to ride a bike on a road, a multi-use path, or a dedicated lane to all of the town’s attractions. So rent a bike and take pleasure in discovering the town.

6. Unwind in a Park

In Richmond Hill, there are numerous parks of all types. The largest and most important one, however, is the Richmond Green Sports Club and Park.

There are many amenities in this 41-acre park, including an ice skating rink, three baseball diamonds, a football field, and covered picnic spaces. The park also has a fantastic skatepark and a waterpark.

With its pavilion and gorgeous pond, Mill Pond Area is another fantastic park to unwind in. Visit Phyllis Rawlinson Park for a barbecue if you’re in the mood for one.

A football field, three baseball diamonds, an ice skating rink, and covered picnic spots are among the amenities. A spectacular skatepark and a water park are also located in the park. Mill Pond Park & Phyllis Rawlinson Park are two other parks in the city.

7. Swim Around

Or try the region’s sole pool of its sort, the Wave Pool, where you can ride a wave. The Wave Pool has a sizable wave pool as well as an exhilarating waterslide that is 30 metres high.

There is also a water basketball hoop, a hot tub, and an on-deck sauna. Additionally, it is completely accessible, allowing everyone to play here.

You can unwind on a recliner when you’re not in the water. For lounging in the water, there are lounge seats.

8. Buy Something

The biggest mall in Richmond Hill is called Hillcrest Mall. There are over 135 stores, businesses, and eateries there, including H&M, Guess, Pandora, as well as the Body Shop.

A food court with a range of various kiosks is also located in the mall, where you can get a snack, a cup of coffee, or a glass of fresh juice.

This is also where you go to join a pay-as-you-go plan if you require a mobile phone while you’re in town.

9. Explore Art Studios

A wonderful way to meet local artists and see their work is through the Richmond Hill Studio Tour. Every year in October, during the tour, artists let the public into their residences and studios.

Image by Njarvis on Depositphotos

If you appreciate art, it is a great way to spend a few days in Richmond Hill. The trip, which features some of the top local performers, is totally free. Of course, you can also buy a one-of-a-kind item.

10. Visit a Theatre

The 4,000-square-metre multi-use cultural building is located in Richmond Hill’s central business district. One of your favourite celebrities might be in town performing a stand-up comedy performance or a live concert.

On Tuesday nights during the summer, take in a free jazz concert. Since you don’t know who will be playing at the Richmond Hill Theatre for the Performing Arts, you may also check the schedule online.

11. Browse a Market

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

From mid-June until October, the Farmers Market takes place every Sunday. Visit the market to purchase recent, regionally sourced food.

At the market, a lot of farms are present and selling a range of fresh products. Local businesses also sell salami, baked products, and herbs in pots. The market sells local crafts at booths maintained by local artisans in addition to food items.

12. Take a Golfing Session

Public golf course with 18 holes and a par of 70, Richmond Hill Golf Club. If you are familiar with one, they may also be eligible for exclusive benefits and perks.

The golf club is proud of its lovely course, which features ponds, trees, and rolling hills.

In addition, there is the 18-hole, 63-par Bathurst Glen Golf Course. If you wish to play a round with the kids, the family course is a terrific addition.

13. Enjoy a Stroll

Numerous hiking routes can be found in Richmond Hill, which is a wonderful spot to go for a stroll. They are everywhere in the city. Many of them are in or jogging through a park. You can make your hiking safe and comfortable by using hiking shoes. And can even take cool feet pics to make your hiking journey memorable at Richmond Hill.

Given that it connects five of the town’s parks, the Beaufort Trail is among the best places to go for a stroll. It is not a difficult or long walk, but it is a lovely and wonderful way to explore several of the city’s parks.

You can also visit Jefferson Forest MTB Park which is near Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The East Humber Trail, Saigeon Path, & Rouge River Valley & Trails are a few other outstanding trails in the community. You can locate a map online with all the paths marked.

14. Read a Book

Every location offers adult programs as well. Simply grab a book & find a calm area to relax in. Along with other things, there are publications like periodicals, newspapers, and audio CDs.

The hours of operation differ from branch to branch, although all sites are closed on Sundays.

15. Engage In the Courts

There are tennis courts, and the town has a total of 26. With six courts each, Crosby Park & Hamilton Park are the biggest. The smallest, with one each, are Pine Farm Park and Oak Ridges Lions Park.

The tennis courts have lights and are accessible from daybreak until 11 p.m. Only those that are open from sunrise to sunset are lit.

16. Oak Ridges Trail Hiking

Want to go for a short hike? A short stroll that loops around Bond Lake, the Oak Ridges Trail provides stunning, picturesque views you wouldn’t anticipate seeing in a suburban area.

The route is open all year round, but in my opinion, the changing leaves in the fall make it lovely. Along the walk, there are a few abandoned structures that make for interesting photo opportunities.

An essential natural connection on the Oak Ridges Moraine is ORCCR. The majority of this 175+ hectare property, which is located in Richmond Hill, is made up of mature forests, marshes, meadows, lakes, and a substantial network of recreational pathways.

The large trail network maintained by ORCCR allows locals and visitors to take advantage of the area’s natural beauty while preserving the health of the surrounding ecology.

The Macleod Estate Trail is being built in cooperation between the City of Richmond Hill and the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

In order to connect the ORCCR spine trail to the Macleod’s Landing neighbourhood, which is situated close to Yonge Street and Jefferson Sideroad, a new multi-use trail connection is being built as part of this project.

The local community’s recreational and active transportation options will be improved by this new route. Due to Gordon and Patricia Gray’s kind contributions, the Estate Trail Project is now a reality.

17. Restores the Meadow

This meadow restoration project in the ORCCR is improving local residents opportunities to enjoy wildlife viewing while also providing habitat for regional animals, including birds and pollinators.

This old pasture, which was primarily composed of Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea), will be transformed into a vibrant & diverse vegetation species that will supply nectar, wildflower seed, & insects for feeding, in addition to taller grass sections for resting and nesting requirements.

Milkweed patches will improve the habitat of the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) while perching poles and other woody structures will increase the variety of habitats for raptors and small mammals.

18. Peninsula Wetlands

In order to increase wetland coverage and provide vital habitat chances for amphibians, reptiles (turtles & snakes), and birds, TRCA conducted habitat restoration work in ORCCR. (songbirds and raptors).

In order to take advantage of seasonal flows and pre-existing drainage patterns, the project featured four unique wetland areas.

These wetlands are planned and expected to dry up in mid- to late-summer due to the soil & flow patterns, which are vital components for breeding several amphibians.

Woody habitat elements were incorporated into the sites to give small mammals, including foxes, voles, chipmunks, rabbits, and others, cover and extra habitat.

19. Additional Activities in Richmond Hill

You might like these posts if you’re looking for more entertaining things to do in Richmond Hill:

In search of more activities? These Richmond Hill date suggestions are sweet. Looking for restaurants? Visit the top patios, takeaway locations, and restaurants in Richmond Hill (including those serving brunch and sushi).

Do you feel like dessert? Visit the greatest bakeries, dessert spots, or bubble tea establishments near Richmond Hill, Ontario.

20. Riding, Trails, and So Many Things to Do

Get active by kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, or enjoying a peaceful picnic on the lake. Saigeon Trail, with its walks above wetlands, & Oak Ridges Corridor Protection Reserve are two other well-liked green areas.

You can choose to go riding for the day since there are trail networks that connect the city. Heritage-style neighborhoods and peaceful agricultural areas are accessible from charming neighborhoods with historic homes.

Among the most well-liked routes for jogging, walking, and cycling are the Beaufort Trail and the East Humber Trail.

Eats & Drinks in Ontario Richmond Hill

Numerous neighborhoods in Richmond Hill provide distinctive sceneries, including multicultural eateries, cafes, bars, and bistros of all sizes and styles. You’ll also find a variety of restaurants worth a nibble in one of York Region’s larger cities.

The major thoroughfare of the city, Yonge Street, is the destination for a wide variety of restaurants, which traverses Richmond Hill from north to south. Find out about hidden gems like a wine bar, a microbrewery, and restaurants serving superb Italian cuisine.

In addition to expensive restaurants and well-liked after-work spots, Richmond Hill’s cuisine scene is heavily influenced by other cultures.

You’ll find the ideal location to sate your hunger, whether it be for chicken shawarma, steamed dumplings, pork buns or panzerotti. If sushi is on the mind, make sure to try Tomo Sushi’s famed Richmond Hill Roll.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide about Richmond Hill Ontario. We hope you like it. In Richmond Hill, particularly in the summer, there are certain special activities for special days that you are welcome to attend.

One of the great days you won’t want to miss in this city is the Canada Day Celebration and the Ribfest. There are some more.

To keep busy while visiting Richmond Hill, you can also sign up for summer programs in the area. At this time of year, the city typically has high temperatures and relatively pleasant weather.



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