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21 Amazing Things to do in Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is a city of lakes 400 kilometers north of Toronto, with a population of about 170,000 people. It was formerly renowned as a mining town, home to the Canadian Copper Company, which was established in 1886 and later merged to become the Nickel Corporation of Canada.

There are still ten mines in the city, and as you would have expected, mining is a major theme for many of the town’s attractions, including the spectacular Science North and the well-known Big Nickel.

But it goes beyond mining and besides these, there are many fun and interesting things to do in Sudbury. Moreover, Sudbury features more than 330 lakes, numerous parks, and natural reserves, as well as several outstanding restaurants and exciting attractions.

Things to do in Sudbury

To experience together all the best things to do in Sudbury, we advise at least 3 or 4 days.

This travel guide to Sudbury’s best sights and dining options might help you decide whether to visit the city on your own or as part of an Ontario road trip.

1. Visit the Science North

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To visit Science North, give yourself plenty of time. This interesting interactive museum is housed in two enormous snowflake-shaped structures that were brought together by a rock tunnel that runs through a geologic fault line that was developed more than a billion years ago and is among the best things to do in Sudbury.

It is Canada’s second-largest scientific center and was first opened in 1984. The entire family will enjoy the variety of interesting and interactive exhibits found on the four levels of Science North.

A digital planetarium, a butterfly gallery, an IMAX theatre, and Special Exhibitions Hall are all present; along with “Bluecoats” scientists on every floor who can answer your queries and provide you with fantastic knowledge.

There are several entertaining activities available, such as using the flight simulator & spinning on the gyroscope. Consider purchasing a passport ticket option, which grants entry to all on-site attractions, including the planetarium and Dynamic Earth, if you want to spend the entire day at Science North.

Science North, an immersive museum with a tonne of activities, is the most visited tourist destination in Northern Ontario.

It is the second-largest scientific center in Ontario and a wonderful destination for families. Science North includes a tonne of interactive exhibits for both children and adults that are educational and instructive while also being entertaining. See a planetarium, a butterfly garden, and an IMAX theatre.

2. Dynamic Earth

Among the best things to do in Sudbury,  Science North runs the earth sciences facility Dynamic Earth which was founded in 2003 and is an immersive museum that emphasizes the city’s mining heritage.

Children can learn how to mine, scale a mineral wall, examine diamonds, and identify other minerals at Dynamic Earth’s numerous displays and exhibitions.

There are gold panning opportunities as well as fossil and meteorite exhibits. Visitors can also take a tour of the mines underground, which will take them deep beneath and show them the work done by miners over the years as well as the advancements in technology.

Also, there is a sizable sandpit where they may climb all over enormous mining equipment and manually operate diggers.

Earth science & mining are the focus of the interactive science museum Dynamic Earth. The Huge Nickel mentioned earlier can also be found here.

Take an underground journey to explore the depths of the planet, discover the region’s distinctive geology, and even operate actual mining machinery.

There are numerous interior displays as well as an outdoor scientific park, so the whole family will find something to enjoy.

3. Watch the Huge Nickel in Awe

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The majority of Canada’s nickel production, which is produced in Ontario, comes from Sudbury. The largest coin in the world, a 9-meter-tall (30-foot) 5-cent Canadian coin known as the “Big Nickel,” was built on the grounds of Dynamic Earth Science Museum in 1967 as part of the country’s centennial celebrations.

If you’re in Sudbury, don’t miss the chance to take some photos here and it is one of the best things to do in Sudbury.

The Big Nickel, which is possibly the biggest nickel ever made and has become a monument in Sudbury, is the biggest nickel you will ever see. It’s also one of Northern Ontario’s most well-liked roadside attractions.

It is a reproduction of the 1951 coin, which lacks the beaver and features a nickel refinery instead because Sudbury is one of the world’s major nickel producers.

Make sure to pause to take the required picture!

4. Things to do in Sudbury- Check the Superstack

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If you’re able to visit Sudbury soon, the Superstack, which towers over everything and can be seen from practically anywhere in the city, is another fantastic photo option.

It’s the second-tallest freestanding chimney in the world, not only the tallest in Canada.

The chimney is 380 meters tall (1,250 feet), similar in height to the Empire State Building and it was constructed in 1970 to move waste gases out of the city; away from the nickel smelting plant. It will shortly be destroyed because it is no longer in use.

5. View the Largest Mural

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In 2019, as part of the Up Here Festival, the renowned L.A. street & graffiti artist, RISK, painted over a decrepit Sudbury hospital to add color and breathe new life into it while also creating the biggest mural in Canada. The former hospital had been vacant for some time and was starting to look like an eyesore.

The 74,000-square-foot work of art was made by RISK and his five-person crew (plus 24 locals), with the aid of 860 gallons of paint, more than 1500 hours of volunteer labor, three lifts, & one crane. It’s undoubtedly a breathtaking sight to behold! Among the best things to do in Sudbury.

Did you know that Canada’s largest mural is located in Sudbury this 74,000-square-foot mural, can be seen on the side of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital building.

Whether you know it’s Canada’s largest mural or just happen to notice it as you drive through Sudbury, it’s a stunning piece of art.

6. Things to do in Sudbury- Go to Bell Park

A short distance from Science North is the expansive urban Bell Park, which features a 2 km boardwalk, a good-sized, summertime-patrolled beach, a children’s playground, and numerous picnic areas in gazebos & gardens.

As well as a spectacular amphitheater where some of the city’s festivals and outdoor concerts are held, like the City Lights Festival Boréal music festival in July, and the Sudbury Summerfest in August.

Several sculptures honoring the city’s mining history can be found in Bell Park.

7. Visit the Park Kivi

In the southern part of Sudbury, with a view of Long Lake, sits Kivi Park, a 450-acre recreational area. Its numerous paths, recreational areas, soccer fields, basketball court, and lakes make it ideal for year-round outdoor pursuits and recreation for people of all ages and abilities.

The 55.7 km trail network was created for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing in both classic and skate styles, fat riding, mountain biking, hiking, & dog walking. Even in the winter, a one-kilometer skate lane that is illuminated at night runs through the woodland.

The best things to do in Sudbury. The park’s southernmost lake, Crowley Lake, also offers access to canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, and hiking. For a fun day on the water, you can hire kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.

Sudbury’s Kivi Park is a sizable multipurpose park with a view of Long Lake. The park is filled with numerous trails of all lengths that pass by lakes where you may go canoeing, paddleboarding, or just unwind in the wilderness.

A sizable green space is available for midday picnics or family relaxation. The best children’s play area in Sudbury is located in Kivi Park.

There are several separate playgrounds featuring activities for children of various ages, including a zipline swing, climbing nets, and standard playground equipment.

8. Visit Lake Laurentian

The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, which spans from Lake Ramsey to the Southeast Bypass, is about a ten-minute drive from the city center.

The discussion area comprises 2415 acres of protected space and is roughly ten minutes outside downtown Sudbury.

Beautiful greenery, lush trees, glistening lakes, and breathtaking vistas of it all may be found here and therefore falls under the best things to do in Sudbury.

You don’t need to be an expert hiker or outdoor enthusiast to appreciate going away because the area is accessible by automobile.

The cliffs, marshlands, and woodlands of the Lake Laurentian Conservation area are home to many different animals, including beavers, turtles, and many more.

9. Check out Onaping Falls

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See the falls from the viewing area or take a trek along the river towards the bridge that spans them and it surely comes in the list of best things to do in Sudbury.

The trail is a little challenging at times, particularly at the start when you have to cross boulders to reach the trail. There is a parking area with a short trail a kilometer further down the highway, which provides a simpler route.

The breathtaking waterfall formed when the Onaping River plunges 55 meters over a vertical cliff to the riverbed below is about 30 minutes drive west of Sudbury. Autumn (early to mid-October), when the fall colors are all at their best, is a particularly impressive time to visit.

You can pick up a trail guide and view exhibits on the local geology at the visitor center. From the visitor center, a flat one-kilometer stroll will bring you to the A.Y. Jackson Lookout, where a bridge provides breathtaking views of the falls.

You can choose to continue on a two km-long walk through tangled woodlands from here. Also, there are some great camping locations in the area in Ontario.

10. Visit the Sudbury Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of Sudbury is located in a mansion from the turn of the century that was formerly owned by timber baron William Joseph Bell. Formerly known as the Laurentian University Museum & Art Centre, it debuted in 1967 as part of a celebration of Canada’s centennial.

With its magnificent permanent collection of much more than 2,000 pieces by local, provincial, & national artists, the Art Gallery of Sudbury is a short stroll from the city center.

A.Y. Jackson & Franklin Carmichael of the Group of Seven are represented in the collection, along with works from First Nations and regional artists. Here are hosted educational seminars, talks, workshops, and traveling art exhibits.

The Up Here Festival, which takes place every summer in Sudbury, was inspired by the straightforward notion of transforming a town through art.

Amid August, local and foreign painters descend on Sudbury’s downtown area to paint the public places with vibrant hues, bringing the region to life for a few days.

No matter what time of year your chance to be visiting, head downtown & check out some beautiful public art!

11. Visit the Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre

A 30-minute drive northwest of downtown Sudbury is Capreol, where you can find the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre, which offers an intriguing look back at the railroads that helped connect northern Ontario to the burgeoning south. It did a fantastic job.

In conserving and exhibiting the history of railroads within and outside Greater Sudbury, has done a fantastic job and is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Sudbury.

At the town’s former fire station, local jail, and the Victorian-era former residence of the regional railway superintendent, among other indoor exhibits are costumes and a sizable model railroad layout.

A large collection of railcars and interesting engines are shown outside. A railcar with desks, a wood stove, & sleeping quarters previously served as a mobile classroom.

12. Visit Anderson Farm Museum

One of the greatest dairy farms in the Sudbury region during the 1920s and 1930s was the 57,000-square-metre Anderson Farm Museum, which was previously owned by Frank Anderson and Gretta Anderson.

13. Enjoy Sudbury’s Winter

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There are many things to do in Sudbury if you visit during the winter and also there are 2 downhill ski areas, both of which offer ski rentals.

There is night skiing available, and the ski runs are well-maintained and are certainly the best things to do in Sudbury.

One of the largest networks of snowmobile trails in the world is located near Sudbury.

If cross-country skiing is more your style, there are also plenty of trails available, such as the 10-kilometer Naughton Ski Trails, which wind through lovely woodland.

14. Having Fun at Windy Lake Provincial Park

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Windy Lake Provincial Park is an excellent site to base your family’s next vacation because it is only forty minutes from Sudbury.

It’s close enough just to Sudbury that you could spend the night there while still taking a day excursion to explore everything the city has to offer, or you could choose to stay in Sudbury and travel to the park for a day to enjoy the beach.

For a day trip or a week of adventure, Windy Lake Provincial Park is ideal and the park also has lovely lakeside sand beaches that are ideal for swimming & water sports.

As well as campgrounds, the park also has four yurts that may be rented. If you’re staying, you might as well do it in style!

There is so much more to Dinosaur Valley than just golf! Dinosaur Valley is thus named for a reason. Steel dragons and enormous dinosaur sculptures may be found throughout the grounds.

15. Things to do in Sudbury- Get an Old or Antique Find

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Thrift shops, antique shops, and little-known treasures begging to be discovered abound in Sudbury.

If you go antiquing as your version of treasure hunting, you’re in luck if you want to find something old or if you want a great deal, and is a must thing to do in Sudbury.

Even if you are positive that you don’t require anything, it is still enjoyable to browse the aisles of the stores and take in all the cool merchandise and interesting displays.

If nothing else, you’ll probably gain some knowledge, and if you do decide to indulge yourself, buying used will support the local economy and protect the environment. Everybody wins in this situation!

16. Visit the Wolf Lake

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The best things to do in Sudbury. Just 20 minutes northeast of Sudbury is Wolf Lake. The Wolf Lake region is renowned for its numerous recreational activities and its spectacular beauty.

The region is untamed and wild, representing the classic Canadian wilderness.

Wolf Lake is undoubtedly the destination to go to if you want to spend your break getting back in touch with nature while being completely submerged in the woods. The Chiniguchi Waterway’s Wolf Lake is known for its backcountry canoe routes.

The largest continuous ancient red pine forest in the world can be found in this region. The old-growth red pines are truly a part of an ecosystem that is at grave risk of extinction.

The history of Wolf’s Lake as well as what makes the region so special can be fully explored.

17. Fish All Day Long

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Only a short drive separates Lake Panache from Sudbury. The lake’s depths can reach as low as 55 meters in some places, and it is rather extensive.

For anglers of all ages, Lake Panache is a great location.

Brown bullhead, smallmouth bass, walleye; with such a wide range, you can probably discover your preferred type of fishing in this area. Try fishing for pumpkinseed if you’ve never done it before. It’s surprisingly enjoyable in fact.

17.1 Fishing at Greater Sudbury

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If you haven’t considered going fishing in the Greater Sudbury region, it’s time to start making travel plans! The Great Sudbury region is exceptional not only for the numerous distinctive bodies of water there but also for the wide variety of species those waters support.

It is among the best things to do in Sudbury and you may go fishing outside of Sudbury in just one hour’s drive.

In the Greater Sudbury region, there is a tonne of different outfitters, so you can organize your ideal holiday through a lodge or resort.

You might stay in the city & take a day excursion to your preferred lake if you already own your equipment, and boat, and aren’t scared to venture out on your own.

18. Things to do in Sudbury- Swim Downstream

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Searching for a memorable summertime activity that you’ll never forget? You may spend the day floating down a genuine lazy river at Chillin’ And Tubing which is close to Sudbury.

The Vermillion River is generally only 3 feet deep and has a slow-moving stream. The phrase “chillin’ and tubing” means precisely what it says.

On one of the river tubes, you get to drift downriver for anywhere from two & a half hours to four hours.

Everyone will be especially comfortable because there are several sizes for both adults and children. Don’t worry about slipping off or becoming too hot on your tube because you can swim in the river.

You’ve probably never floated down a river before, but it’s a really neat location to discover.

19. Observe Birds

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Plan a trip to the Fielding Bird Sanctuary if you enjoy birdwatching or simply want to enjoy some nature in the city. The region, which lies in the middle of the city, is home to a wide variety of birds.

You might witness a wide variety of birds, including pelicans, swans, ducks, and geese.

Bring your camera, for sure! Bring your hiking boots or walking shoes as well because the area has both lovely walking routes and longer hiking trails.

20. Attempt the Local Brew – Best Things to Do in Sudbury

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Visit Stack Brewery if you want to sample a few of the best beers in Sudbury, & possibly all of Ontario. They’ve been producing excellent beer for seven years and have even received local and international honors!

These beers not only taste fantastic, but they also have unique names that identify them as being produced in Northern Ontario.

Comes in the list of best things to do in Sudbury and the beers can be purchased at neighborhood bars, liquor stores, or either of the city’s two Stack Brewery sites.

21. Restaurants & Bars in Sudbury

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Searching for the top dining establishments in Sudbury? There won’t be much searching required. The options in Sudbury are excellent.

To assist you, we searched the internet for restaurant reviews in Sudbury and then listed the top establishments.

21.1. The Kouzzina

The Kouzzina is ranked as Sudbury’s top restaurant on TripAdvisor.

It features fantastic service, delectable food, a wonderful environment, and a lovely patio, according to reviewers. It’s a terrific restaurant for lunch and dinner and has a substantial wine selection.

21.2. Tucos Taco Lounge

Tacos are a universal favorite, & Tucos Taco Lounge is a terrific place to enjoy some.

Taco salad burritos with Hawaiian nachos. The eatery serves tasty hot toddies and has a lively, laid-back atmosphere.

21.3. Laughing Buddha

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Among the top restaurants in Sudbury, is Laughing Buddha. Whilst there are some meat alternatives as well, the majority of the food served at this informal eatery is vegetarian and vegan. Together with pizza and sandwiches, people frequently eat salads and grain bowls.

One of the most well-liked alternatives is the Buddha Bowl, which has fresh greens, edamame, crispy chickpeas, avocado, & herbed tahini as well as tempeh as a protein.

Final Note

There are many things to do in Sudbury like visiting Ramsey Lake, Paris Street, Bay Road, World’s largest coin, a demonstration mine, and Picnic spots many fun things to do in Sudbury, and many attractions located on site.

While some of the things in Sudbury are located right in the city, some need a brief journey from the downtown area, so plan for that extra driving time.

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