21 Best Nightclubs in London You Must Visit

Monuments and history are just a small part of what makes London unique. You may discover your partying paradise in the Best nightclubs in London.

This is the location of a few of the most renowned clubs all over the world. From megaclubs to VIP parties, you won’t regret checking out any of the nightclubs on our list.

There is everything you desire in London’s nightlife playground, whether you like house, techno, or dubstep. It’s exciting to see how the formally formal British approaches of the daytime give way to the glittering nighttime of one of the hot spots!

Although there is plenty to see in London, you should first read our brief travel guide to London before making any travel plans.

1. Egg London, King’s Cross

Image Source EggLondon

Egg London is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking the Best nightclubs in London. This club, affectionately known as “The Egg,” is the only one remaining to represent authentic rave culture in the once-renowned King’s Cross district.

From chart-toppers like Tough Love to underground techno stars like Julian Jeweil, all the heavy hitters from throughout Europe and the rest of the globe provide house, tech house, techno, deep tech, deep house, and everything in between.

An assortment of students, Londoners, and outsiders make up the crowd (mainly Italian). It’s also one of the few clubs in the neighborhood with a 24-hour license, so those who are out all night often make it their final stop.

After a few renovations over the last several years, Egg now has a fantastic garden area, an outside deck, and killer sound systems in every room. In reality, the outer roof is removed and substituted according to the seasons.

A new mezzanine level has been constructed to the main room in the club’s most recent renovation, for example. Since the club has been operational for 13 years, every aspect of it functions professionally.

2. Electric Brixton

The best nightclubs in London can be found here, so be sure to stop by. One of the few London places where you can genuinely party from dark till morning is Electric Brixton.

At Electric Brixton, where Julio Bashmore was headlining a concert as part of his 2013 UK Tour, I recently got the chance to go to one of the larger size club events.

Since you won’t have any energy left once the party is over, it’s a good thing that Electric Brixton is just a two-minute walk from Brixton tube station.

A large stage area, viewing ledges around it, a central dance floor, and a bar that runs the whole length of the opposing wall make up the décor, which has all the characteristics of a theatre.

Even though the little-used upstairs smoking area is too tiny for the 1,700-person club, the only way to get it is by the high ledges that face out onto the stage, and that is a fantastic vantage point.

One piece of advice about the ledges: bouncers will quickly herd you out of the way to prevent congestion, so take your shots as soon as possible!

As you’re waiting for a drink, the sound engineer/VJ booth, which is situated directly between the stage and the main bar, is the ideal place to lose yourself while observing (and failing to understand) how they control all the sights and effects.

A true sense of luxury was added to this Brixton club by the vintage lights that were particularly ordered for the occasion and hung from the ceiling.

3. Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios
Image Source: corsicastudios

This is a terrific location to go to if you’re seeking, Best nightclubs in London. This club tucked down under the railway arches in Elephant & Castle, is a unique location. That’s a hefty claim, particularly in a city full of amazing, small settings.

There are a few essential components for any genuinely fantastic club: reasonably priced tickets, excellent sound, consistently excellent programming, and well-designed dance floors. Each of the criteria is checked off by Corsica Studios.

Before settling down permanently in SE17 in 2002, it began as a mobile party in the late 1990s. Since then, it has gained popularity and is now the destination for discriminating dance music fans in London. It is where your favorite DJ goes to see their favorite DJ.

The club consists of two rooms: a bigger main area with a raised DJ platform and a bar in the rear and a smaller area on the other side of the building.

While some of the finest evenings may be spent dancing in the second area, it should never be an afterthought.

4. Ministry of Sound in South London

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in London, this is a great place to visit. The UK’s first nightclub devoted to housing music, Ministry of Sound opened on September 21 and was modeled after New York’s Paradise Garage.

The location was a run-down bus garage in a neighborhood of South London that was more notorious than renowned.

There was no alcohol present on opening night, there were three flashing lights, gloomy security, and it was difficult that anybody could get past the infamous “pickers” without knowing the names of at least a half-dozen Chicago DJs.

The finest variety of partygoers had to pass through the prison-like gates, and that was the stringent club custodians’ job.

They came in droves despite the absence of alcohol and the dangerous surroundings. The nightlife in London wouldn’t be the same again once news quickly spread that something extraordinary had arrived right amid SE1.

5. Fabric, Farringdon

Fabric, Farringdon
Image Source: fabric

The fabric has acquired a reputation as a clubbing landmark in London throughout its 16-year existence by constantly putting on top-notch programming that highlights all facets of the UK’s electronic music underground.

The club’s three rooms, which are housed in a former meatpacking factory, are brought to life every weekend by the best low-frequencies and deepest grooves in the city, as attested to by the cool crowds that fill the dance floor.

It’s all about the bass at FabricLive on Fridays, where DJ Hype and his Playaz crew, a heavyweight in the drum ‘n’ bass scene, often perform sets, along with other influential figures in the garage and dubstep scenes and up-and-coming UK bass producers.

On Saturdays, veteran Fabric DJs and producers Craig Richards and Terry Francis frequently assume the reigns and invite a star-studded lineup to perform mesmerizing, deep techno, house, disco, Italo, and minimal music.

At events like Daniel Avery’s Divided Love, you may see Chicago dance royalty tearing it up, techno warrior and Chilean-German Ricardo Villalobos performing one of his renowned lengthy sets, or even the best up-and-coming DJs from all over the world.

Even on Sundays, activity doesn’t stop: WetYourSelf is a long-running weekly event that starts at 11 p.m. on Sundays and plays deep house, funky techno, cosmic disco, and Italo grooves until 8 a.m. on Mondays.

Anybody who wants to genuinely experience London’s vibrant underground nightlife should be sure to stop by Fabric, which is sure to satisfy whatever partying preferences they may have.

6. Fold

The best nightclubs in London can be found here, so be sure to stop by. Hidden away in an industrial area in E16 is Fold, which launched in August 2018.

Given that it was formerly a printing mill, it correctly seems abandoned from the outside. Yet, there are 20-foot-tall heaps of debris on the property just next to it. The most thrilling club in town is located indoors, however.

Seb Glover, a former manager of Shapes in Hackney Wick, and Voicedrone DJ Lasha Jorjoliani launched the establishment.

It’s an impressively simple offering with only one room, one bar, a smoking section, and a strict no-photos rule, which puts the music front and center.

It’s a good thing too since the sound system here is loud and can be heard well throughout the whole space due to the excellent soundproofing of the structure.

7. Heaven 

Image Source: Heaven

Heaven, one of the most thrilling locations to be in London, never has consecutive evenings that are the same. Every every night is different, packed with interesting new concepts and characters, as well as a tonne of fun and excitement!

Everyone is welcome at this enormous nightclub in London, homosexual or straight. Of course, if you’re homosexual, don’t forget to look your best since you could have a night in “Heaven” at this club!

Heaven typically only accepts those who are at least 18 years old. The only way to get into the club is to bring a valid ID. If you don’t have this, you’ll be turned away at the entrance, so always have a valid form of identification on you.

The club is accessible on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. One of the largest and busiest events in the UK is Popcorn Mondays at Paradise, which has some of the greatest R&B music, incredible DJ performances, and wildly enthusiastic audiences who dance all night.

8. Oval Space

This is a wonderful place to go if you’re seeking the best nightclubs in London. East London’s Oval Space is a multi-use empty-canvas venue with over 5000 square feet of unobstructed statement space in a distinctive London location.

In the brief three years since it opened, Oval Space has played host to a variety of events, including product launches, fashion shows, club nights, live performances, festival afterparties, experimental classical concerts, weddings, corporate gatherings, conferences, and extensive photo, video, and stills shoots.

One of the most popular and in-demand event locations in the city because of its distinctive setting overlooking the decommissioned Bethnal Green gasholders, the amount of space they provide, and the adaptability of its arrangement.

A quick 8-minute walk from Bethnal Green Station and a short distance from Cambridge Heath Overground, the Oval Space is tucked away in the heart of East London, next to the Regent Canal and the Bethnal Green Gasworks.

9. The Pickle Factory

Image Source: the pickle factory

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in London, this is a great place to visit. What The Pickle Factory was in its original form will surprise you. Indeed, it used to be a pickle plant before becoming a venue.

While it wasn’t a theatre with a moniker that reflected its industrial history, it was a medical supply warehouse after its salty beginnings.

It is now called Pickle, and judging by the way others speak about it, it appears that every individual who knew it cherishes having it as a friend.

The individuals that managed Oval Space now operate The Pickle Factory. These locations are ready-made, versatile canvases that can accommodate any performer or event.

The Pickle Factory, however, is a smaller venue with a capacity of 200 where experimental sounds rule supreme and musicians interact more closely with fans as opposed to Oval Space, which is larger and hosts well-known dance and techno performers.

Fans are drawn in by the mood in addition to the music. Because of Pickle’s small size, the show attracts people who aren’t hoping for a large one and helps to keep things low-key.

It’s good to have that one, a simple night when you can go out, perhaps stay up till three or four in the morning, have a few drinks, and not feel too awful the following day.

10. MOT Venue

South London’s Venue MOT Unit 18, located in a deserted car garage, has one of the greatest sound systems in the whole city and a nondescript entrance amid an industrial neighborhood that makes it appear like something out of the 1980s rave scene.

The music policy, on the other hand, is firmly grounded in the present and provides a home for some of the most interesting hip-hop, electronic, and experimental sounds now available.

11. Cirque le Soir

This is a terrific location to go to if you’re seeking, Best nightclubs in London. With many unique circus-of-the-weird acts, Cirque le Soir is a bit of new blood bringing vitality to the adult nightlife scene.

Some of the top DJs may be heard playing hip-hop, R&B, trance, and electronic dance music. With black flooring and crimson draperies, the design is gloomy and modern.

This is a bar that doesn’t skimp on the beverages, the entertainment, or the corruption, offering anything from magnums of vodka to fine champagne.

Not for those with weak hearts. You may get there in just 8 minutes if you’re brave enough, like famous visitors Lady Gaga or Usher, who both arrived by car from the north of the city.

12. Brixton Jamm

The best nightclubs in London can be found here, so be sure to stop by. The Ye Old White Horse bar was first a travelers’ inn in the 18th century, followed by a decade of being a wild performance space with parties.

Brixton Jamm is undoubtedly a fairly great venue, having played home to acts like Adele, MGMT, Happy Mondays, Massive Attack, Basement Jaxx, Hot Chip, and Skepta. A sizzling patio is also outdoors.

Brixton Jamm can be found at Myatts Field South, London, SW9 6LH, at 261 Brixton Rd. Stockwell and Brixton are the closest stations.

An outdoor terrace is also included in this amazing place for some fresh air. In the south, it takes 18 minutes.

13. Magazine

Image Source: Magazine

This is a wonderful place to go if you’re seeking the best nightclubs in London. The largest venue of its sort in London, Magazine was opened in 2019 by the team behind Printworks.

It can accommodate 3,000 people within, and an extra 7,000 people may be accommodated outside on the fairgrounds.

As the sun rises over this stunning modern location, which is situated in the center of the Greenwich Peninsula, it provides breathtaking views of the glittering towers of Canary Wharf, making for a memorable finale to your night or start to your morning.

We think this one deserves to be included on our list of the best nightclubs in London since it is distinctive.

At 11 Ordnance Crescent in London, SE10 0JH, you may discover Magazine. North Greenwich station is the closest.

14. Studio 338

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in London, start your search here. With one of the biggest terrace venues in all of Europe, which is also warm in the winter, Studio 388 has a lot to be happy about.

If the nightclub is full, yelling may be required since you’ll be partying with 3,000 fellow race attendees! And they also add that they’ve got guns, a massive LED display device nicknamed the “Octopus,” and lighting.

When their summer calendar debuted in April, you could pretend that you were dancing in the sun in Ibiza with their “Space Spring Fiesta” and “Sankeys July Bank Holiday” events.

15. Orange Yard

Nowadays, it seems a bit strange to find a legitimate nightclub in the middle of Soho, but that is precisely what Orange Yard is.

Given that it opened soon even before the pandemic struck yet survived, it has some heritage and a respectable level of resilience.

It is being managed by the people in charge of E1 over in Wapping and is moving into the basement space that used to house The Borderline venue.

The emphasis is mostly on house and techno, similar to E1, and the 6 am license sets it apart from the Soho crowd.

16. Colour Factory

Colour Factory is a terrific location to go to if you’re seeking, Best nightclubs in London. This Hackney Wick location, once known as Mick’s Garage, has a captivating new name and aspect.

When it comes to internal activities, the Black-owned club has a steely emphasis on diversity, pledging to welcome individuals of color and those who identify as both males and women.

It also isn’t afraid to push the envelope with its programming; for instance, it’s the location of Crossbreed, one of the most well-known kink parties in the city.

17. E1

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in London, this is a fantastic location to visit. Visitors can tell it’s likely to be the start of something extremely extraordinary when a club’s inaugural New Year’s Eve night is a 27-hour bash.

Even if this raised the standard, every occasion since the last night of 2017 has exceeded expectations.

They have a Full-Fat sound system—yep, that’s its name—that fills two rooms (plus one for lounging) and keeps partygoers dancing until the 7 a.m. license end. E1 is a decent pick if you’re seeking to truly party hard.

E1 is located in Unit 2 at 110 Pennington Street in London, England, E1W 2BB. Shadwell is the closest station.

18. Phonox

Image Source:

This is a wonderful place to go if you’re seeking the best nightclubs in London. Several London nightclubs are incredibly happy to have this new addition.

There is just one dance floor, one excellent sound system, and DJs spinning all bloody night long on Fridays at Phonox.

On Sundays, a lineup of hand-picked selectors will be available, going a little farther in search of artists that truly represent the variety of world dance music.

Phonox can be found in London, SW9 7AY, at 418 Brixton Road. The closest station is Brixton.

19. Night Tales

Image Source:

The best nightclubs in London can be found here, so be sure to stop by. One of the nicest places to go out in the city is Night Tales, which is located beneath the railroad arches of Hackney Station.

Even while the terrace bar offers a more sedate atmosphere, the party nights are something spectacular.

DJ events take place almost every week, frequently including artists like Mousse T and Natasha Kitty Katt, and themed evenings are also frequent occurrences.

Patty & Bun and Only Jerkin’ serve up delectable street cuisine on the terrace during the renowned Paraiso Disco Events, filling up partygoers before they head to the club at 10 o’clock.

20. Fabric London

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in London, this is a great place to visit. One of the most well-known clubs in the city is Fabric London, which features 3 rooms, a Bodysonic dance floor, and some of the biggest DJs and live music acts in the world.

It has been established for more than 20 years, and in addition to DJs performing EDM, disco, techno, grime, and similar music, it also has two live music stages.

To prevent bleed-through, each room has its sound system and is segregated from the others. You can discover the best worldwide artists here, and the club attracts a population of 19 and above.

The music ranges from house music to dubstep and other bass-heavy sounds. With its vibrating dance floor, the Bodysonic area is very well-liked.

21. XOYO

xoyo nightclub
Image Source:

It is another well-known location for wild party nights and live music in London is called XOYO.

The nightclub, which has two floors, transforms into one big party throughout the weekend (it’s a crowded party, but it’s so much fun).

There will be performances by artists including Too Many Zooz and CHIIILD during the next months. Check out the forthcoming events here, which vary from house and hip-hop nights to afrobeat and reggae nights.

It costs just five dollars to attend XOYO’s weekly Pleasurehood events on Saturdays, where Dimitri From Paris will fill the air with the funk and disco of the era.

Conclusion –

Even if you may have a slight prejudice when it comes to these things, it is obvious that London has one of the greatest clubbing scenes in the world.

The Best nightclubs in London range in size from multi-thousand-seat establishments to secret basements and ominous warehouses.

Draw the best DJs and have fostered some of the most significant sounds in contemporary dance music—sounds that originated in the capital and subsequently spread around the world.

No matter the desired music—glistening disco, gritty techno, practical experience club, or perhaps some inadequately mutant noise in between—the capital’s establishments will gladly play it.



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