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24 Amazing Things to Do in Blue Mountains—You Must Try

If you’re looking for things to do in Blue Mountains, look no further. While many people take a train from Sydney to Katoomba, you may be surprised at how much there is to see and do! With so many Blue Mountains attractions to see, we’ve compiled a list of the top treks, lookouts, shops, restaurants, and, of course, Blue Mountains accommodation.

Because the Blue Mountains are such a wonderful destination to visit, it’s time to tell readers about the best activities to do there. Make a note of it since it contains all of the information you’ll need on things to do in the Blue Mountains.

If you’re searching for things to do in Sydney, the Blue Mountains is a fantastic day adventure. The Blue Mountains attract millions of visitors to Sydney’s western suburbs each year.

The Blue Mountains region is one of New South Wales’ most popular day and weekend destinations, loved by both visitors and locals.

The Blue Mountains provide something for everyone, including the Blue Mountains national park, walking trails, waterfalls, valleys, canyons, and lookouts with breathtaking views. Continue reading to learn about 24 of the Blue Mountains’ best popular sites and diversions.

1. Visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

by siraanamwong / Unlimphotos

If you’re looking for things to do in blue mountains, this is a great place to start.

The stunning Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah is the world’s only botanic garden located within a UNESCO World Heritage Area. This site isn’t just unique; it also boasts a magnificent variety of native and exotic flora, making it a calm and colorful spot to visit.

The garden is approximately 250 hectares in size, so there’s never a dull moment and there’s always something new to see and learn about. The team hosts numerous activities and walks to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

2. Stroll South Lawson Waterfall Circuit

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This is an excellent place to initiate if you’re searching for things to do in Blue Mountains.

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Trek is a short (2.8 km) but highly scenic walk along Lawson and Cataract Creeks that leads you on a fern-shrouded track to five separate waterfalls.

(in order): Adelina Falls, sand-lined Federal Falls, Cataract Falls, and Junction Falls are among the four tiny waterfalls included. If you’re working on your photography abilities, it’s an excellent area to practice snapping images of flowing water.

Important note: For the greatest experience, go after a good rain.

3. Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to begin.

If you don’t have access to a car and are taking the train to the Blue Mountains, the hop-on, hop-off Blue Mountains Explorer Bus is a must-do if you merely want to view the sites.

The bus will transport you to all of the major tourist destinations in Katoomba and Leura, and you may spend as much time as you like at each one. The bus is a great way to spend the day because it is both entertaining and convenient.

If you’re visiting the Blue Mountains by rail, make sure you reserve a seat on the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see as much as possible while learning things about the area, with 37 stops throughout Katoomba and Leura. On weekends, the buses operate every 45 minutes, allowing you to hop off and enjoy the ride anytime you choose.

You may also combine a Scenic World Rides Pass with a Hop On Hop Off Bus to avoid having to wait in lines.

4. Visit the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

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This is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for things to do in Blue Mountains. Artists and entertainers have traditionally flocked to the Blue Mountains, so the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre is a natural fit.

There’s always something going on here, as it’s devoted to arts and cultural traditions of all kinds.

You can attend a special performance, workshop, or event, or simply visit the gallery to see the daily shows. These vary often and have a wide range of styles, from astrophotography to Indigenous art.

Important note: Before you go, check out the website to see what’s going on. Beginners are welcome at the very enjoyable workshops.

5. The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre

by Kartouchken / Unlimphotos

You should visit the Blue Mountains  Heritage Centre before going on any paths at Govetts Leap. If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to begin.

You may buy walking track guides, blue mountains attractions maps, and books on the region, as well as watch interactive displays and movies about the park.

Do you want to learn more about the Aboriginal history and culture of the area? The permanent Outside In-display here gives insight into this ancient civilization as well as highlights some of the Grose Valley’s wonderful walking trails.

Are you planning a hike? The friendly staff will provide you with all of the information you want on current trail closures and conditions. You may also look out the calendar for Discovery Walks, which are normally held during school breaks and weekends.

6. Sublime Point Lookout

If you’re looking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a fine place to begin.

In Leura, the Sublime Point Lookout is a short walk from the parking and a wonderful option for catching the panorama in the early morning or late afternoon light.

The views of the Jamison Valley and cliffs are spectacular, but you’re just outside the National Park, so you could witness rock climbers attempting some difficult techniques.

The sandstone cliffs are incredibly sensitive and crumbly across the Blue Mountains, with the possibility of major harm to you and the environment. If you aren’t experienced, this isn’t the place to try it out for the first time.

You do, however, have the option of crossing the ravine on a small bridge to reach the overlook. There are views of Katoomba, the three sisters, and Mt Solitary from here.

The trees near the parking attract black cockatoos and gang gangs at both ends of the day, making it an ideal spot for a picnic.

7. Night Tour From Sydney To See The Glow Worms

If you’re looking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a wise choice. Don’t expect to spend the full day on the Blue Mountains tours. Consider a fantastic four-hour night trip departing from Sydney.

You’ll be picked up in Sydney, so you can relax and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about driving.

In the dark, you’ll be taken on a guided trip to a secret cave and waterfall where you’ll see glow worms, a very amazing sight. This is one of those experiences that you won’t soon forget!

8. Blue Mountains Accommodation For Families

If you’re seeking family-friendly Blue Mountains accommodation, the Fairmount Resort is a must-visit. You’ll have a choice of five restaurants, two swimming pools, and much more, as I said above.

The Old Leura Dairy is the place to stay if you’re looking for a more rustic experience. They feature family rooms, a continental breakfast, and excellent evaluations from former guests, all of which add to their rustic and original character.

If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to begin.

9. Gordon Falls Lookout

This is a good option if you’re seeking things to do in Blue Mountains. The Gordon Falls Lookout is also accessible from the cliff-top trek.

At the top, there’s a park and a picnic spot, and then it’s a short walk down to the overlook. You’ll want to be here in the afternoon light to view the 200-meter plunge of the falls; in the morning, you’ll be staring directly into the sun.

There are various more treks you may take from the park, including the Lake of Siloam, a beautiful sandy pool beneath the waterfall covered by ferns, and Lyrebird Dell.

10. Be inspired at Govetts Leap

by lovleah / unlimphotos

If you’re seeking things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a good option.

Govetts Leap is one of the most remarkable lookouts in the Blue Mountain, with jaw-dropping vistas that capture the area’s magnificence.

A visit here allows you to appreciate the mountains’ immensity; they appear to stretch on forever. You may also listen to the local wildlife and take in the fresh mountain air.

It’s a very stunning sight, and getting it is simple: simply drive to the nearest car park and walk over to the overlook.

Important note: Once you’ve seen the magnificence of this overlook, you might feel inspired to go explore further!

Fortunately, numerous paths begin at the overlook, including the beautiful Cliff Top Walking Track (six kilometers/moderate effort, now closed).

11. See the Three Sisters from Echo Point Lookout

by steheap / Unlimphotos

The best-known tourist attraction in the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters rock formation in Katoomba. This is a good option if you’re seeking things to do in Blue Mountains.

These spectacular granite pillars stand almost 900 meters above the mist-shrouded Jamison Valley and have been featured in countless classic Blue Mountain pictures.

They appear eerie and stunning against an evening sky lit by floodlights. The peaks, according to one Aboriginal tale, are three girls who were bewitched by a tribal elder and turned to stone to defend them from three brothers from another tribe.

One of the nicest views of the Three Sisters may be seen at Echo Point lookout. It also serves as the starting point for several walking trails that lead down into the valley.

The Giant Stairway, a route of over 800 steps that climbs to the base of these magnificent peaks, is a must-see.

12. The Town of Leura

If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to begin.

Leura, a delightful small town halfway between Wentworth Falls and Katoomba, is one of the greatest places to recharge with a tasty meal and a cup of coffee.

Leura Mall, the city’s main thoroughfare, is a charming collection of coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and galleries.

But please venture beyond the main street to see Leura’s tree-lined alleys, small-town village charm, nineteenth-century cottages, and beautiful cool-climate gardens.

13. Indulge at the Hydro Majestic Hotel

The Hydro Majestic Art Deco Hotel, located near Medlow Bath, is unquestionably one of Australia’s most distinctive hotels – and one of the best things to do in Blue Mountains!

Amid the Blue Mountains’ natural beauty, the hotel is a one-of-a-kind sight. It’s known for its Art Deco and Edwardian architecture mash-up. To top it off, when it was erected, a Casino dome was hauled in from Chicago at tremendous expense. You will be captivated whether you stay in the hotel or go by to have a look.

From high tea in the magnificent dining room to a pub-style supper in the Boiler House restaurant, there are three eating options.

This hotel is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking something romantic things to do in Blue Mountains.

14. Grand Canyon Walk

by FiledIMAGE / Unlimphotos

The Grand Canyon Walk This is a good option for things to do in Blue Mountains.

The Grand Canyon Walk at Blackheath would undoubtedly be the nicest trek in the Blue Mountains if we were to make a choice.

The 6 km long Grand Canyon Walk, which opened at the turn of the twentieth century, has it all. This trek has it all: lush jungle, creek crossings, waterfalls, sandstone walls, and rock overhangs. While there are some very steep portions, anyone with a moderate degree of fitness may complete the track.

Because of the milder temperatures in the valley, this walk is also enjoyable during the hotter summer months.

15. Prince Henry Cliff Walk

by Fabrikasimf / Unlimphotos

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk is a great place to start if you’re looking for things to do in Blue Mountains. The cliff-top path goes for 7 kilometers from the park above Katoomba Falls to Leura.

Allow 3 to 4 hours to complete the walk one-way, taking in the numerous places of interest and lookouts along the route. You may also divide it up into chunks and do it as a round-trip walk. The entire way along, there are spectacular views and fascinating excursions from the course.

This is the archetypal Blue Mountains, and spending time here is a great way to gain a sense of what the area is all about.

16. Glow Worm Tunnel

Are you looking for something new things to do in Blue Mountains? Imagine being able to view hundreds of luminous blue worms concealed deep within an ancient train tunnel.

The Glow Worm Tunnel in Wollemi National Park is a renowned Blue Mountains attraction in the Lithgow region. It’s an experience in and of itself to get here. It’s around 40 kilometers from Lithgow in Wollemi National Park, on the Newnes Plateau.

It entails driving 45 minutes down an unpaved road with spectacular rock formations, then walking through the dark tunnel with the use of a torch.

Turn off your light, be as quiet as possible, and wait until you’ve gone deep inside. In the spooky darkness, you’ll soon be surrounded by a magnificent display of blazing blue lights.

17. Katoomba Falls

by steheap / Unlimphotos

If you’re seeking things to do in Blue Mountains, Katoomba Falls is a great choice. The Katoomba Falls‘ top portions aren’t particularly huge, but they are beautiful and have never run dry.

Katoomba Falls is a pleasantly located segmented waterfall between Echo Point and Scenic World. Visitors may reach the waterfall by a lovely walking trail that begins at Scenic World and leads through thick rainforest, with panoramic views of Jamison Valley and beyond to enjoy.

Katoomba Falls, perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the wider Blue Mountains region, is part of the Kedumba River, which cascades about 150 meters into the valley.

18. Scenic World Blue Mountains

by magann / Unlimphotos

Scenic World is an excellent option for things to do in Blue Mountains. Scenic World is the ideal way to take in the splendor of the Blue Mountains for guests who are short on time or have mobility issues.

It provides three distinct rides that allow you to immerse yourself in the wonders of this region of Australia. There’s the Scenic Skyway, the Scenic Railway, and the Cable Car, all of which are a lot of fun and provide spectacular views.

The Scenic Railway is the world’s steepest railway and a thrilling experience in and of itself.

For the whole Scenic World experience, combine all three and access a rainforest walkway between the cable car and the railway.

19. Hike to Wentworth Falls

by lovleah / Unlimphotos

If you’re looking for things to do in Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls is a terrific option.

Wentworth Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Blue Mountains, cascading down three layers of granite ledges. Jamison Stream cascades 297 meters over the higher and lower falls into a massive pool at the escarpment’s edge, then gushes down a creek into the Valley of the Waters.

Hikes in the vicinity range from moderate strolls to hard cliff-ledge paths, and there are various lookouts from which to see the falls.

The falls are also accessible via the National Pass walking trail, although they are seasonal, so verify local conditions before heading out.

The Conservation Hut, an information center, café, and starting point for numerous famous walking routes, is located in the adjacent town of Wentworth Falls.

20. Visit Everglades Historic House and Garden

If you’re seeking things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great choice. Everglades is one of the most beautiful homes in the Blue Mountains, with a unique combination of European style and Australian wilderness.

The imposing art deco mansion is located on almost five hectares of well-kept grounds brimming with native and imported species.

The garden is attractive all year, even if it varies with the seasons. The stunning panoramic views of the Blue Mountain add to the allure and are one of the garden’s most appealing features.

21. Pulpit Rock Lookout

by lovleah / Unlimphotos

Pulpit Rock Lookout is an excellent pick for things to do in Blue Mountains. Pulpit Rock Lookout, one of the most breathtaking Blue Mountains lookouts, is a must-see.

Will you have the bravery to take the stairway down to the farther lookout? It took me a few tries (and nearly a panic attack!) to figure out how to accomplish it.

Pulpit Lookout, which is the only one you have to walk to, is likewise a five-minute walk from the parking lot.

22. Walk Narrow Neck Peninsula

If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to initiate. The Jamison and Megalong Valleys are separated by the Narrow Neck Peninsula.

This peninsula is most known as a cycling track, although it may also be walked. You’ll see beautiful wildflowers, observe a lot of birds, and pass by various lookouts and walking pathways along the way.

The Ruined Castle Walk, an 8-kilometer trail with 360-degree vistas, was just reopened following extensive wildfire devastation.

23. Street Art

If you’re looking for things to do in blue mountains, Street art is a great place to visit.

A fantastic collection of street art wasn’t on our list of things to expect in the Blue Mountains, but it’s right here, and if you like outdoor art, keep a look out for them while you drive about.

The largest single collection was located in Katoomba, near the Gingerbread House on Waratah Street, but there were plenty of other surprises.

24. Milk Bar in Katoomba

If you’re peeking for things to do in Blue Mountains, this is a great place to visit. On our walk up the cliff top on a scorching morning, we stopped in here to enjoy their fruit smoothies and fresh warm lemon myrtle doughnuts.

There’s a restaurant upstairs with an even nicer view, but we didn’t have time to sample it.

The café deck provided a welcome break from the throng at the Echo Point and Three Sisters lookout; but, after that, the crowds thin away and you only see a few hikers.


In the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, one of Australia’s most well-known wilderness sites. It is roughly 60 kilometers from Sydney, in New South Wales, and encompasses more than a million hectares, including Blue Mountains National Park. It is one of the city’s most popular day excursions.

The Blue Mountains are a location of spectacular mountain scenery, outstanding biodiversity, and significant Aboriginal heritage, named for the blue haze emitted from its numerous eucalyptus trees.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the rugged rock formations, virgin eucalyptus woods, numerous animals, waterfalls, ravines, and more than 140 kilometers of hiking paths and historic roads.

Adventures in the wilderness abound. Rock climbing, canyoning, caving, kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking, horseback riding, and camping are all popular activities in the area.





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