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3 Incredible Facts You Must Know About Sturt National Park

If you wish to travel the Australian outback, then head straight to Sturt National Park. There you can camp to your heart’s content and explore the exotic landscape and historic heritage of the park.

Sturt National Park covers rolling red sand dunes of the Strzelecki desert, 450 million-year-old granite tors, and flat-topped Mesas of the Grey Range. To make the most of exploring this outback park, you can either take a guided tour or self-guided drives.

For a close-up view of the spectacular landscape, you can walk along the short loop walks at Fort Grey or Dead Horse Gully. Walk towards Mount Wood Hills for a walk to the summit if you’ve got time for one more walk.

Sturt National Park is a ‘must do’ for any outback adventurer traveling through Australia. Located 330km north of Broken Hill and 400km west of Bourke, this park is one of the best NSW national parks. The historic Dingo Fence also encircles Sturt National Park and its western and northern boundaries and the eastern part of Australia from east to west.

1. Self-guided tours

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The Gorge Loop Road

This 3-hour drive road takes you around Mount wood hills further where you can see the outdoor pastoral heritage museum, Mt wood homestead & Shearers quarters. Gibber and Mitchell grass plains and the twelve-mile creek gorge are also some places you get to visit.

You’ll see a diversity of wildlife such as Emu, Kangaroo, and Wedge-Tail eagles. The Gorge Loop Road lets you enjoy the best of them which Sturt National Park protects.

The Jump Ups Loop Road

These landforms are the remnants of ancient eroded mountain ranges that resulted in a 150m plateau (Mesa) and the granite-strewn plains which shape the catchment of the Connie creek.

This 3-hour drive begins at Tibooburra and stretches along the Jump Up Walking Track. You can capture the beautiful sunset from the Olive Downs Campground and voila! Another Instagram post for you to garner likes and followers.

Cameron Corner

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This route traverses through a landscape of Waka Claypan, past Fort Grey. Provision stockades were built here by Explorer Charles Sturt for his inland sea expeditions. Here at Fort Grey, you can walk along the Wells Walk and if needed, can camp at the Fort Grey Campground before heading for the next destination.

2. Enrich Your Knowledge At Museums Here

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The Outdoor Pastoral Museum

The historic Mount Wood homestead complex includes the elements of early European bush life on display at the Outdoor Pastoral Museum. The museum displays authentic and replica artifacts that can be used to reconstruct a pastoral worker’s daily life.

Numerous illustrations of pastoral properties’ machinery from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are included. With the rebuilt walking beam and whim, you may discover how horses were once employed to draw water. You may also visit the ancient Mt Wood Station wool scour, which is where sheepskins would have originally been cleaned.

There is also a partially excavated drying area where sheepskins would have formerly been bleached and sun-dried. A dredge, a Tumbling Tommy scoop, and a good bucket are located within the cane grass shed.

Courthouse Museum

Visit Courthouse Museum in the Tibooburra township, close to Sturt National Park, and take a step back in time to envision what life must have been like for those who resided and worked on sheep stations in the early 1900s.

It provides a fascinating look back at those long-gone pioneer days of settlement. You get to explore historical relics including a Royal Flying Doctor medical kit from the past and equipment made especially for the six former sheep stations that used to be where Sturt National Park is now.

Pack horses’ water tanks and packsaddles are a couple of these. In the state’s extreme northwest, there are further images and other artifacts from pastoral, mining, and European history. Near Sturt National Park, you get to enjoy the nature and nurture of the brain. Isn’t that fascinating?

3. Take Part In 10-day Outback NSW Tours Of Corner Country

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On a 10-day tour with this expedition, you can discover the spectacular beauty and historical significance of Outback NSW. Your welcoming hosts will lead you on a 1,000-kilometer excursion to the New South Wales border with Queensland and South Australia.

Travel across rocky terrain to reach Sturt National Park’s exhilarating landscape. You’ll pass through several national parks, stop at well-known tourist attractions, and come across locations rich in historical significance along the way.

You can take in the vast skies and the dramatic changes in the landscape as you bask in the calm and tranquillity. On this once-in-a-lifetime event, make sure to keep your camera close at hand to capture the magnificence of the vast, arid outback.

You can take this tour with

  • Accommodation, vehicle, and driver are provided by the tour operators.
  • a Tag-along-style tour that comes with accommodation.
  • a camping tag-along tour.


If you are choosing from Australia’s spectacular outback destinations and national parks, Sturt National Park is the choice you won’t come to regret. With self-guided tours that take a minimum of a 3-hour drive, you discover enormous arid landscapes and the caring wildlife service.

Make sure you have enough battery life to capture Cameron Corner, jump up loop road, Mount Wood, and its ancient mountain range. Born from the inland expeditions of early explorers such as Charles Sturt, this destination in NSW lets you bask in the sun and take in the sand. Now you are a part of it!

You can also check out nearby accommodations at TripAdvisor where you can read reviews and find out what place suits your nights better. Do check out the events happening nearby. It’s always fun to mingle with locals at events and discover secrets that let you enjoy your vacation better.

Outback adventure at NSW parks is an experience you can only enjoy at Sturt National Park. So book your tickets and come here, Sturt National Park awaits you!



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