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30 Best Bars in Knoxville

Are you looking for a fantastic location to enjoy a drink with friends? Look no further than Knoxville’s best bars! The nightlife of Knoxville is booming with electric options to explore.

You name it, Knoxville has it. Be it a quiet bar with soothing music, a happening place to hang out with your friends, or a live music venue, you will everything here.

And to make your life easier, we have made a list of the best bars in Knoxville. So, let’s check that out.

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1. Space Bar – Knoxville

Uh-maze-ing!! Space Bar is undoubtedly unique and a lot of fun! You are transported into another universe the instant you walk through the doors. The decor is so cool, with everything hinting at being from space, such as the plants and odd objects on the walls, the drinkware, dark lighting, and the use of smoke/fog (beware of those who may have reactions to things like this), the music, and the presentation of the staff with their super cool makeup and outfits. Everything is on target!

2. Clancy’s Tavern and Whiskey House

Clancy’s Tavern and Whiskey House is an Irish pub in downtown Knoxville, located at the intersection of Gay Street and Clinch Avenue, right adjacent to the historic Tennessee Theatre.

They provide a comfortable and private experience that distinguishes them from the competition. Clancy’s Tavern and Whiskey House, located on Knoxville’s secure, clean, and bustling Gay Street, is a one-of-a-kind location and the ideal place to spend the evening.

3. The Half Barrel

“The Half Barrel’s handy location on Cumberland makes it a fantastic place to spend an evening in Knoxville. A must-see with tasty meals, a complete bar, and more than 30 beer taps is The Half Barrel restaurant and bar.”

With live sports and Trivia night, your experience will be top-notch.

4. Blue Plate Bar & Grille

It is a must-visit restaurant in Knoxville. This restaurant serves delicious food at a reasonable price in a lively setting. They also carry a great assortment of beers and liquors.

5. Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern

Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern is a downtown Knoxville neighborhood pub that specializes in a wide variety of ordinary and high-gravity specialty beers and premium spirits. Oh, plus there’s ramen and an arcade.

6. Brewing Company – Schulz Bräu

A brewery in Bernard Ave, Knoxville called Schulz Brau Brewing Company makes German-style beer and has a taproom. It is renowned for its White Arrow Pale Ale, which has garnered numerous accolades. Stouts, pilsners, and hefeweizens are among the various beers produced by the brewery are also a great beer.

7. Preservation Pub

Preservation Pub is a three-story dive bar located close to Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is known for its grungy culture and welcomes both the unkempt and the fashionable. Preservation Pub has a stage that Chris Stapleton and Cage the Elephant once used, and a band plays every night in the back of the first level.

The first floor can be noisy, but it is easier to communicate in the speakeasy. Everyone can relate to someone, and everyone is willing to offer their experience.

8. Alliance Brewing Company

Alliance Brewing Company is a popular gathering place located along the river in Knoxville, offering fine beer and deeper conversation. It has become a neighborhood hub by highlighting its vibrant beer culture and showcasing its love of the urban environment.

9. Peter Kern Library

Peter Kern Library is a sophisticated bar, tucked away behind the check-in desk and accessible only through a hidden door in downtown Knoxville. It is a tribute to Prohibition and 20th-century elegance, with a mixologist making some of the greatest craft drinks in the area.

The library’s dark hallway is crowded with people waiting to enter on a busy night, and a staff member will lead them across the little area. Great conversation can be had with everyone, not just your fellow guests.

Old World Book encyclopedias are used as drink menus, and the bar has more than a dozen drinks with names based on fictional people.

10. Balter Beerworks

Balter Beerworks, a craft microbrewery with a kitchen made from scratch, was converted from an abandoned petrol station. The great venue now features your choice of booths and tables along with exposed ducting and a rustic urban design. The main dining area or the enclosed outdoor beer garden is where you can locate the beer pub.

11. Cool Beans Bar and Grill

Come on down and unwind at Knoxville’s hottest bar in the center of the UT campus for food, beverages, beer, shots, pool, darts, beer pong, games, sports, music, and fun.

12. Corner Lounge

The historic Corner Lounge is a great place to unwind with a drink if you want to experience Knoxville’s bygone era. It opened in 1937 as the Dutch Grill before renaming itself the Corner Grill in 1942. In 2018, Steve Brandon and John Harbison reopened the bar as a warm bar with first-rate service.

The nostalgic location honors those who helped shape it into what it is now with a performance stage, bar, and artwork. The bar is still warm and welcoming, offering straightforward drinks and small dishes. The dialogue is the focal point of the tiny green building on Central Street.

13. Brother Wolf

The largest selection of Italian spirits and Italian Classic Cocktails in Knoxville can be found at Brother Wolf, an aperitivo-inspired cocktail bar. Daily from 5:00 to 9:30, rustic Italian snacks are served.

A large by-the-glass wine program includes traditional Italian wines and uncommon native varietals. At Osteria Stella, sip cocktails before and after dinner or stay up late at one of the Best Bars in North America, according to Esquire Magazine.

14. Radius Rooftop Lounge

The Great Smoky Mountains, the Tennessee River, and the Knoxville cityscape can all be seen from the glass-enclosed lounge known as Radius Rooftop Lounge. It is open all year long and provides both indoor and outdoor seating options.

15. Scruffy City Hall

Scruffy City Hall is a rooftop pub in Market Square with distinctive features like a movie projector called “CinePub Under the Stars.” It serves as a forum for conversations and socializing among Knoxville’s grungy community.

17. Pour Taproom: Knoxville

Craft beer self-serve taps in a lengthy line, TVs, and a patio can be found at the Pour Taproom, a bar. Pour Taproom’s atmosphere is more laid-back than PostModern, and the bar, which charges by the ounce, has spacious picnic tables outdoors where patrons may gather with friends and drink. You can obtain beer, champagne, and wine in the Pour Taproom, and don’t forget the fantastic nachos.

18. Downtown Grill & Brewery

The gorgeous Downtown Restaurant & Brewery is housed in the Downtown Grill & Brewery, a historic structure. The restaurant provides a fantastic choice of food, beverages, and entertainment to enable patrons to have the ideal night out in town.

19. Hexagon Brewing Company

The Hexagon Brewing Company is a tiny, cozy brewery that specializes in beers made in the German style. SVV, White Arrow Pine Ale, and Barkley Stout are among the many beers they provide.

Also, they frequently hold flow jams, which provide a pleasant and energetic inside atmosphere. With diversions like darts and board games for when the weather turns cooler, their patio space is ideal for spending a great time outside with friends.

20. Bearden Beer Market

A good place for gatherings to drink beer and eat is Bearden Beer Market. It is located in Knoxville’s famed arts district, Bearden. Just alcohol is sold here; you are welcome to bring your food. There are no cash registers. The garden setting is perfect for a summertime picnic, and the local beer selection is excellent.

Bearden Beer Market is a popular summertime hangout with a wide selection of beers, a store that sells kegs to take home, and an energetic neighborhood. It is also a place where individuals can participate in activities such as morning fun walks and Community Pint Nights.

21. Five Thirty Lounge

At the top of the Hyatt Place Hotel, which formerly housed the Historic Farragut Hotel downtown on Gay Street, lies the Five Thirty Lounge, a luxurious experience. At ten floors up, take in the breathtaking vistas of the city and the Smoky Mountains.

The Farragut Old Fashioned created with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Vanilla Demerara, and Black Walnut Bitters, or the Smoke on the Mountain, are two of their glitzy indoor bar’s specialty craft cocktails that are excellent for cuddling up to (Espolon Tequila, Banhez Mezcal, Sal De Gusano, house-made grapefruit soda, and St. George Chile). Go outside to unwind by the firepit.

22. Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens

The rooftop bar Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens in downtown Knoxville has a great ambiance and gorgeous artwork. If you are in the area, it is a great recommendation that you stop by as the people adore it!

23. Tern Club

The cocktail establishment Tern Club in Knoxville has a classic garden concept and a vibrant patio. The drinks are excellent, and the setting is welcoming and pleasant. The date night spot is ideal for couples wishing to spend some quality time together because of the proprietors’ friendliness and hospitality.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

24. Merchants Of Beer

A tavern in Knoxville called Merchants of Beer serves hearty pub food, and 50 craft beers on draft, cigars, and beer flights. Beer lovers frequent this location to sample the many beers Knoxville has to offer and to enjoy the lovely terrace outside.

You should constantly keep a watch on their spinning wall of 50 taps because you never know what will appear. They have a great beer selection.

25. Urban Bar & Corner Cafe

The hub of Knoxville’s Old City is home to the well-known bar Urban Bar. It’s an excellent place to unwind/hang out with friends while savoring some tasty pub fare.

A favorite spot for people-watching during city nights is the outdoor patio. Even though smoking is permitted inside, the patio is one of the greatest spots in town for doing so.

26. Tupelo Honey

The Knoxville neighborhood enjoys visiting Tupelo Honey, a popular southern eatery. It’s the ideal spot for friends to gather for a lunch or to walk the dog because of the relaxed ambiance and seating areas that welcome dogs. In addition to traditional fare like fried catfish and chicken cooked in the way of the South, the menu also offers fresh takes on time-honored recipes.

27. Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer

A relaxed eatery serving comfort food sides, artisan brews, and specialties of the South’s fried chicken is called Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer. In Market Square, the modest terrace is ideal for a quick lunch, and you’ll keep coming back for more of the legendary fried chicken and hearty sides.

So far, everything has gone swimmingly, with the prompt arrival of drinks and well-prepared appetizers. The cuisine was fantastic—different but delicious—but the service wasn’t that terrific.

28. Stock & Barrel

Stock & Barrel is a Knoxville gastropub that serves thoughtfully sourced burgers. The restaurant features a large selection of bourbons and serves duck confit fries as a side dish.

29. Hops and Hollers

Going here with pals is a terrific idea. They provide a huge & good selection of beers on tap in addition to growlers that can be taken home. There are some enjoyable activities like bocce ball and foosball accessible in the outdoor area, which is perfect for lounging. Also, dogs are welcome here!

30. Kaizen

In Knoxville, there is a well-known Asian eatery called Kaizen, which specializes in serving delectable food with an emphasis on inventive and fresh meals. The restaurant features a covered terrace, making it a fantastic area to take in the sunshine. It is the ideal place to unwind after work or spend an evening with friends because they also provide Asian beers on draft.

31. Abridged Beer Company

Abridged Brewing Company is a brewpub in a West Knoxville neighborhood that serves a large selection of beers, and Southern pub fare, and has lots of places open for outdoor seating. The brewery boasts a family-friendly, pet- and child-safe industrial atmosphere.


Whether you’re searching for supper or simply a drink at the bar, Knoxville is a terrific spot to go for a fun evening out with your amigos.

So if you’re looking for a great bar where you can enjoy food and drinks with your friends, above are places that are among the best in the city for visiting Knoxville.

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