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30+ Things to Do in Baton Rouge

If you are looking for things to do in Baton Rouge, let me tell you, there are a lot of attractions and places to visit and fun0-filled activities to do in Baton Rouge.

You can engage in a variety of fun things in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, including visiting the LSU Rural Life Museum, Art galleries, attending an LSU Tigers game, at the Mississippi river, and dining out.

For visitors who are in New Orleans, Baton Rouge (a famous city) is a great overnight or weekend escape destination because of its proximity to NOLA.

To know more about what Baton Rouge has to offer continue reading.

Baton Rouge
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1. Take a Look at the Pentagon Barracks Museum

The Old United States Barracks, which were in service in the early 1800s, served as the foundation for the Pentagon Barracks Museum. The grounds were formerly utilized by American Revolutionary War soldiers as well as French, British, and Spanish troops before the barracks you see today were constructed.

You can explore the barracks and the surrounding area while you are there to learn more about how they were used. It’s interesting to note that famous individuals like Zachary Taylor and Abraham Lincoln have utilized and visited the site.

2. At the Main Event, You Can Order Drinks and Play Games

Coming to Baton Rogue and not having a good time at the Main Event ain’t possible. In addition to billiards, laser tag, and bowling, the gaming bar has a wide variety of arcade games, including virtual reality games. Karaoke, mini-golf, and escape rooms are some more attractions.

Drinks from the bar, including cotton candy cocktails, are available as you play games. Additionally, there is food available, including pizza, salads, burgers, and much more.

3. Observe a Performance at the Shaw Center for the Arts

The Manship Theatre, where you may watch various performances, is located inside the Shaw Center for the Arts. Musicals, comedies, and kid-friendly plays are among the performances. The LSU Museum of Art is another art gallery that may be seen within the Shaw Center for fine art.

4. Embark on a Journey to the USS KIDD Veterans Museum

The museum was established in 1943. Additionally, the ship is the first to bear his name in the American Navy.

Exhibitions cover the history of the US Navy, the building of the ship, and Admiral Kidd’s professional life. This attraction is one of the top places to visit with kids in Baton Rouge and is also very family-friendly.

5. Red Stick Farmers Markets offer Local Produce for Purchase.

Red Stick Farmers Market is a popular market in Baton Rouge that is held every Thursday and Saturday. Red stick farmers selling locally grown produce are present at the market.

Freshly harvested produce, such as peaches and blueberries, as well as vegetables and flowers, such as sunflowers, are available for purchase. You will also have the chance to socialize with locals if you are a newcomer or visitor to the area.

6. Visit Blue Bayou Water Park to Cool Off

Blue Bayou Water Park is a fantastic family destination. The waterpark has a lazy river, swimming pools, and several water slides. A kiddie pool and spaces to unwind by the pool are also available. A visit to Blue Bayou Water Park is recommended for families traveling to Baton Rouge.

7. Take a Day Trip to Dixie Landin’

A great activity for families visiting Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is taking the kids to Dixie Landin’. This amusement park is the best way to gave a fun-filled day with your kids.

Rides for smaller children, including a train or toy plane carousel, as well as those for thrill-seekers can be found at amusement parks. You can obtain theme park treats like cotton candy, corn dogs, and popcorn after enjoying all the attractions.

8. Visit the Louisiana State Capitol

The state’s capital, the current Louisiana State Capitol Building, has been in operation since its opening in 1932.

The structure, which is famous for its 460-foot-tall tower, is open for tours by visitors. The observation deck of the system, from which you can see the entire city, is a distinctive feature.

9. Investigate the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center is yet another fantastic place to enjoy nature in Baton Rouge. Some pathways wind through hardwood forests and marshes on the 103-acre estate. A nature center with numerous animals and exhibits about the local wildlife and ecosystem are also there.

10. Spend time in North Sherwood Forest Community Park

The 133.18-acre North Sherwood Forest Community Park is situated on the site of a former World War II Federal Sharp Station Depot. The park contains a lake, trails, tennis courts, a kids’ playground, and much more.

11. Visit the Knock Knock Children’s Museum with your kids.

The Knock Knock Children’s Museum is one of the most entertaining locations to take your children to Baton Rouge.

The interactive museum contains 18 learning and play areas, including an arts and crafts room, a fake grocery store, and a reading area. Your children can also enjoy the indoor jungle gym.

12. Time travel across history is available at the LSU Rural Life Museum

The LSU Rural Life Museum is one of Baton Rouge’s most fascinating tourist attractions. The outdoor living history museum has displays that depict life in Louisiana in the 19th century.

There are numerous historic buildings to tour, in addition to historical displays about the state. Among the places to visit are a post office and a blacksmith shop.

13. Rock climbing at UpTown Climbing

Visitors interested in risky pursuits can plan a trip to UpTown Climbing. In the indoor climbing gym, there are many walls, including a 90-foot wall, and more than 60 rope stations. You can also take climbing lessons if necessary, and there are yoga classes and a fitness center available.

14. Visit the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center for the day

A great spot to stay in Baton Rouge is the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center. Modern guest rooms, a gym, a rooftop pool, and a deck with city views are all amenities of the four-star hotel. There is a bar and grill at the Hilton where you may unwind with food and drinks.

15. The Louisiana Museum of Art and Science’s artistic output

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum is a great place to explore Baton Rouge. The museum was opened in 1925, and hosts both ongoing and one-off art exhibits.

A few science-related exhibits, such as those on solar systems and dinosaurs, are also available here. A sizable collection of artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian period is also present.

16. Visit the Louisiana State Capitol (Old)

The modern State Capitol Building was opened in the 1930s after replacing the Old State Capitol, which was built in 1847. You can learn a lot about Louisiana politics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by visiting this historical site.

You can take a tour of the National Historic Landmark, view the exhibitions, and savor the stunning stained glass windows while doing so.

17. Find Out More About Louisiana at the Capitol Park Museum

Go to the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to find out more information on Louisiana. Different historical periods are featured in the displays, ranging from the 1600s to the present. There are many topics to study, including the state’s musical, industrial, and cultural past.

18. Travel to City-Brooks Community Park and Have a Stroll

City-Brooks Community Park is a great place to go for a stroll because there are many different trails to choose from, some of which go around a lovely lake. A dog park and a playground for children are also present. Some of the sporting facilities include a 9-hole golf course, outdoor basketball courts, and tennis courts.

19. Look into the Old Governor’s Manor

State governors resided in the Old Governor’s Mansion from 1930 to 1963. Tours of the building, which mimics the White House, are currently available. You’ll learn some fascinating historical facts about the state of Louisiana as you look around the attractively decorated areas.

20. A Stroll in the Windrush Gardens

On a nice day, a stroll around the Windrush Gardens is one of the fun things to do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Beautiful gardens with winding paths through stunning floral displays may be seen at the Louisiana State University AgCenter. Oak trees and interesting statues are further sights.

21. Visit the LSU Museum of Art

You should also include the LSU Museum of Art on your list of Baton Rouge’s attractions for arts and culture. A wide range of works of art from the 16th century to the present are displayed in the gallery. There are also temporary displays that let you view one-of-a-kind collections and creations by regional artists.

22. Have fun with Celebration Station

Family-friendly Celebration Station is a great place for grownups who miss being a kid. Go-karts, mini-golf, arcade games, and batting cages are just a few of the attractions available at the entertainment complex. Young children might also enjoy rides like trains that are available. After having fun, you can order pizza and chicken wings as a snack.

23. Play in the Water at Liberty Lagoon

Another fantastic water park in the vicinity is Liberty Lagoon. There are swimming pools, water slides, water playgrounds, and pavilions along the pool. You can also reserve your kid’s swim lessons here. Taking your kids to Liberty Lagoon is a must if you’re seeking fun things to do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

24. Visit LSU Tiger Stadium to See a Game

At Louisiana State University, there is a sports stadium called LSU Tiger Stadium. The stadium is home to the university’s football team, the LSU Tigers, so if you’re a fan, going to a game is a great option.

Basketball and volleyball teams are only two of the several different sports teams at the university that fans can follow.

25. At Smallcakes, Indulge in Desserts

Smallcakes Cupcakery & Creamery sells treats you can buy for yourself if you want to treat yourself. Cupcakes with flavors including red velvet, peanut butter, and lemon drop are available at the bakery and ice cream parlor.

Other options include ice cream flavors like salted caramel, cookies ‘n’ cream, and mint chocolate chip. For your dog, you can get cookies, cupcake bites, and cupcakes.

26. Consume Some Cookies from Insomnia Cookies

Another enjoyable spot in Baton Rouge to visit if you have a sweet taste is Insomnia Cookies. The bakery specializes in freshly baked cookies, offering both classic flavors like chocolate chip and more unusual combinations.

Two more unique cookies are an apple pie caramel cookie and a PB&J stuffed cookie. Additionally, you can have ice cream sandwiches with the cookies of your choice.

27. On the Mississippi River, Go Kayaking

things to do in baton rouge
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You can see and access the Mississippi River, one of the biggest rivers in the United States, from Baton Rouge. The Backpacker in Baton Rouge offers equipment rentals for river kayaking, which is a fun pastime.

For an additional fee, the business rents out kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, which you may use for a single day or several.

28. Visit Roux 61 for a Supper

Popular neighborhood restaurant Roux 61 offers traditional American fare with a focus on Southern cuisine. The menu options include fried catfish, seafood gumbo, and crawfish etouffee, to name a few.

If you’re dining with kids, there is also a kids’ menu available, and you can finish your meal with cheesecake or bread pudding for dessert.

29. Drinks are Served at Hayride Social

There are many great bars in Baton Rouge, but if you like cocktails, you must go to Hayride Social. A rum, banana liqueur, and sherry mix as well as a light rum, pineapple, ginger, and white chocolate liqueur cocktail are among the classic and specialty cocktails served at the bar.

Additionally, wine and beer are available, and there are happy hour specials from 4 to 7 PM.

30. A Visit to the University Lake

Featuring a lake and paths, University Lake is another lovely outdoor space. You can explore the park’s lake and take in the breathtaking scenery while doing so.

On the lake, you are also permitted to participate in several water sports, and while you are there, you will witness a lot of animals, including pelicans. University Lake is a great place to go if you’re looking for more enjoyable outdoor activities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

31. French Truck Coffee Serves Up Drinks

An independent coffee business called French Truck Coffee is the ideal location for a quick drink stop. The shop sells its brand of coffee, which includes some interesting blends like one with undertones of chocolate brownie, caramel, and praline.

Along with your coffee, you can order baked items and buy one or two bags of your preferred blend to make at home.

32. Visit the Ruby Slipper Cafe for Brunch

The Ruby Slipper Cafe is a well-known brunch and breakfast restaurant that was established in New Orleans. You may place orders for meals like loaded tater tots, numerous different kinds of pancakes, and fried chicken with French toast bits at the Baton Rouge restaurant. Also available during brunch are beverages like mimosas.

33. Play with Animals at the Baton Rouge Zoo

The Baton Rouge Zoo is a large international animal sanctuary that is situated just outside of the city center. There are many different species of birds and snakes to observe at the zoo, in addition to tigers and cheetahs. Agricultural animals like sheep and goats are also seen.

34. A Car Ride to New Orleans

Located approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from Baton Rouge, New Orleans is a distinctive metropolis. An overnight or day excursion by car to the city is necessary!

Visits to museums like the Louisiana State Museum and strolls around the picturesque French Quarter are just a couple of the numerous things to do.

You should also put a river cruise and a ghost tour on your list of things to do. It’s possible to have a lot of fun in New Orleans at night if you arrange a multi-day excursion.

35. Investigate Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge

Located in “Cajun Country,” the 15,000-acre Atchafalaya National Species Refuge is a sanctuary featuring lakes, paths, and a variety of wildlife. It’s the perfect location for hiking, boating, or animal viewing, with bird watching being one of the most popular pursuits.

You can view wildlife like alligators, white-tailed deer, and Louisiana black bears in addition to a wide variety of birds.


Those looking for things to do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, should have found a lot of wonderful suggestions in this post. Whether you like being outside, going to museums and historical places like the Mississippi river, and the LSU museum of art, or checking out fantastic pubs and restaurants, Baton Rouge has plenty to offer you!

The beautiful Louisiana State Capitol is just one of the many sights to see in Baton Rouge, which also has a rich history, culture, and food. This southern metropolis doesn’t fall short of what it has to offer.

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