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4 Amazing Bakery Houses in Germany

Bakery houses in Germany

Bakery houses are a treasure mine of baked delights here. If you’re in Germany and want to indulge, visit one of these Amazing Bakery Houses on our list.

Bakery houses are both famous and commonplace in Germany. And although chains have mostly replaced traditional, family-run stores, many Germans still visit their neighbourhood bakery daily.

It’s typical to cook a substantial breakfast on Sundays. Because rolls, a staple of bakeries, are consumed for breakfast in the early morning, this is the busiest period for them.

Many Bakery house provides pre-made sandwiches with cheese, cold cuts, or eggs on freshly baked rolls.

Famous Bakery Houses in Germany

1. Zeit Für Brot

Zeit Für Brot
Image from ZeitFürBrot

At arguably the most hipster bakeries in Cologne, traditional recipes are combined with a hipster ambience.

Zeit für Brot is a bakery and café conveniently situated on the main street in the Ehrenfeld Neighbourhood.

Additionally, the actual bakery isn’t hidden in the back; it is only separated from the public by huge glass panels, allowing you to glance inside and observe the workers baking fresh goods in front of you.

The extensive menu includes cinnamon buns, potato or pumpkin bread, hummus and carrot sandwiches, cheese straws, and more.

There is also coffee, consumed at the table or taken with you.

2. Bäckerei Zimmermann

Baeckerei Zimmer
Image from Baeckerei Zimmer

Without Bäckerei Zimmermann, Cologne is difficult to imagine. The bakery has been serving flavorful baked goods to the community.

Every one of the more than 50 different dishes, including their signature black rye bread, luscious quiches, fluffy croissants, fresh plum tarts, buns, and other pastries, are free of preservatives and additives.

You can enjoy cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pie, etc.

The staff values traditions, one of which is providing a sizable selection of kosher goods. As a result, many members of Cologne’s Jewish community frequent this store frequently.

3. Bergheim’s – Die Meisterbäckerei

Tim Bergheim learned the trade from his father and launched his store a few years ago to bring fresh air to the Sülz Neighbourhood.

Due to the creativity, buzz marketing, and stunning decor of its owner, Bergheim’s has become one of the city’s favourite bakeries.

Event planners who place bulk orders for club nights & other gatherings have also taken notice of his loaves of bread & buns.

Evergreen treats are available, including wheat and rye bread, seed-encrusted rolls, delectable pastries, fruit, cinnamon, sweet chocolate buns, sandwiches, and sheet cakes.

4. Bastian’s

Image from Bastians Baecker

Bastian’s is a fantastic place for breakfast and lunch and is located in the centre of Cologne’s commercial district next to Schildergasse and Breite Straße.

Nearby people must visit this place at least a week and gives a thanksgiving review of this bakery house and also post their review on Facebook.

The restaurant has a terrific meal selection, including baked goods packed with carbohydrates.

You can also order a ham- & -cheese focaccia or a croissant with jam if you need more time to eat them while sitting down.

This bakery house provides excellent services to its customers.

The counter is piled high with cherry pies, walnut bread loaves, and other enticing treats.

Bastian’s offers the same opportunity to peep inside the bakery & see the staff knead and mould the dough for additional upcoming goodies as Zeit für Brot does.

Final Note

Since lunch is traditionally the main meal in Germany, many people forego cooking in the evening and instead slice a loaf of bread & top it with butter, cheese, or meat.

But as afternoon approaches, the justifications for visiting the bakery house become more compelling.

While the British adore their afternoon tea, the Germans prefer coffee and cake, especially on Sundays when many people have time for a leisurely mid-afternoon break.

Hence, we have made this guide on Bakery Houses in Germany and listed some of the famous best ones in Germany. We hope you like it.

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