4 Best Restaurants in Osoyoos You Must Try

Restaurants Osoyoos

Restaurants Osoyoos have a lot more to offer than only its world-famous local wines and breathtaking lake views. It has a wide variety of excellent eateries, many of which take advantage of the stunning views and lovely vineyards that this valley is home to. We have put together this eating guide to assist you in getting the most out of your gastronomic experience in this desert oasis.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as locally made cheese, bread, and other delectable foods, are abundant in the South Okanagan. Numerous restaurants have outdoor patios where you may eat while admiring stunning views of the lake and vineyards. Treat yourself to a range of dining experiences while you’re on vacation. Choose a restaurant from our list of the best local eateries.

4 Best Restaurants Osoyoos you can Visit


You may have excellently prepared breakfast sandwiches, eggs benedict, and mushroom soup at JoJo’s Cafe. According to the reviews, there are delicious chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, and blueberry muffins on the menu. Wines are deliciously served here. Great ice tea, espresso, or caramel lattes are popular drinks here along with french onion soup and other great food items.

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We advise the classic Breakfast Sandwich for breakfast in this amazing restaurant. Alternately, sip your coffee with a warm muffin. Try the Roast Turkey Sandwich for lunch; it is created with locally roasted meat. We also appreciate that every day of the week, Jojo’s Cafe offers a different flavorful handmade soup. This straightforward yet stylish cafe has a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

Due to the ability to order food for takeout, this location is great for tourists who want to eat food on the go. At this cafe, the hip staff welcomes you all year round. Customers concur that this place provides fantastic service. The affordable prices at Jojo’s Cafe will make you smile. The welcoming ambiance and cozy decor let travelers unwind. Tourists selected this establishment as one of the top restaurants in Osoyoos with a Google review score of 4.5.

Location: 8316 Main Street Osoyoos, BC.

2. Nk’Mip Cellars Patio Restaurant

Want to eat at a restaurant overlooking Osoyoos Lake that serves farm-to-table fare? In that case, Nk’Mip Cellars Patio Restaurant is the place for you! The lunch establishment Nk’Mip uses “farm-to-table innovations” developed utilizing conventional Aboriginal methods to prepare North American cuisine.

Nk’Mip Cellars is distinctive in that it runs a restaurant, winery, dining room, and tasting room, and serves primarily as a vineyard. The location has a long history and was the first winery run and owned by an Aboriginal person in North America. The dish is presented beautifully and is produced with fresh ingredients.

This signature restaurant is motivated to express our culture in everything we do because we are the first Indigenous-owned vineyard in North America. Our Winery is an outspoken celebration of our rich history and a powerful testament to our dedication to authenticity.

They extend an invitation to learn more about not just the internationally recognized wines they create, but also the unwavering character and extraordinary history that serve as inspiration with long indigenous roots.

Location: 1400 Rancher Creek Road, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V6

3. Indian Flame Restaurant

In Osoyoos, there is now a new participant in both the restaurant game and the nightly entertainment scene in downtown Osoyoos nation. The beloved Indian Flame, a Main Street institution for many years, has moved just a few doors up, bringing with it a fresh flavor and ambiance.

The restaurant now has the benefit of size because of the new facility’s division into two sections through undergoing extensive work. Up to 60 people can be seated in the dining area, while 140 people can be accommodated in the lounge.

Visitors are pulled into a corridor by the front door, which turns left and has a warm, inviting desert orange interior with black accents. The dining room is accessible from here.

restaurants Osoyoos
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This place offers a variety of Indian cuisine including naan bread, fry bread, and butter chicken for dinner. They are really the food chiefs of their nation’s traditional land food. The friendly staff along with slow-cooked meat items makes this a nice place to spend the evenings.

Location: 8527 Main St, Osoyoos, British Columbia V0H 1V0 Canada

4. SOFIA’S Mexican Restaurant

The menu of this restaurant features Mexican cuisine. Customers claim that the waitstaff serves great pork, beef, and fish tacos at this location. Because it is available for takeout, this family-run restaurant is ideal for tourists who want a quick snack.

A pretty tiny taco stands in front of a farmer’s market, a nice outside dining environment. The tacos we had were above average, but the service was sluggish and uninteresting. The atmosphere would be much improved by some music and helpful service. The employees seemed to be doing you a favor by giving you wonderful cuisine when you placed your order.

Many guests praised the establishment’s staff for their politeness. Customers concur that this place offers quick service. Pay cheap prices when dining here. This place has a warm atmosphere. Because of its delicious meals, Google offers this restaurant a rating of 4.6, so you can choose it to enjoy yourself.

The pork enchiladas and tacos are popular due to the flavor and quality of the food. Amazing food served fresh. If you are going through or visiting Osoyoos, you should definitely stop by. Will most certainly return the next time you are in the area.

Location: 9910 Crowsnest Hwy, Osoyoos, British Columbia V0H 1V2, CA


Osoyoos, Canada offers a diverse array of delicious restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. In this picturesque village, there is food for every taste, from local fare to cosmopolitan delicacies. You may find everything in Osoyoos whether you’re seeking a fine dining experience or casual dining. So, if you’re planning a trip to this beautiful part of the world, make sure to check out some of the fantastic restaurants that the area has to offer. Happy eating!

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