5 Best Amusement Parks in Hamburg

Is there anything more exciting than enjoying your holidays or weekends in an amusement park in Hamburg while being in Hamburg, Europe’s city of ‘fun’? Not right? That’s what I thought.

As they call it the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, this second-largest city in Germany is globally famous as the center of excitement to spend holidays. Let’s explore some of its hidden gems.

amusement park in hamburg
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1. 5 Amusement Park in Hamburg

Amusement parks are the best place to spend some fun time with kids and family if it is neither supposed to be an extended vacation nor a very short one. Hence, whenever falling short on fun places, go to an amusement park without a doubt.

Here are the 5 best amusement parks in Hamburg you must have a look at before coming across any decision.

1.1. Heide Park Resort

Germany’s largest theme park is Heide Park. It has a variety of amusements, including roller coasters and water slides. This amusement park in Hamburg is possibly the best holiday destination to experience some adventure and thrill as it features rooms with dragon and pirate themes.

Along with that, they also feature a holiday camp and some thrilling rides. Their ride, Scream, is the most popular tourist attraction at Heide Park. The roller coaster of Hedide Park is said to be the world’s tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster.

1.2. Miniatur Wunderland

The uniqueness of this amusement park in Hamburg is that it presents the world’s different cities along with the railway system and in the form of mini models, as the name of the park suggests. The models gain a high tourist attraction and the attraction from small children. It is known for its largest railway system in the world, which is by far the center of attraction.

The park also consists of several rides which can be enjoyed equally. They also feature a boat tour which can be accessed by booking tickets. There are also other special events such as Wunderland Night, Wheelchair Monday, and Culinary trips. Get access to everything by booking tickets. Check the price directly from their website.

Image from miniatur-wunderland.com

1.3. Hansa-Park

Hansa-Park is a mixture of both dry and water parks as it includes rides ranging from roller coasters to water rides. It is also the fifth-largest amusement park in Germany. They feature more than 120 rides.

An interesting fact about this amusement park in Hamburg is that it has divided areas based on different themes, so there is no confusion regarding the different kinds of rides. This amusement park in Hamburg has a beautiful design that you will enjoy once there.

1.4. Hamburger Dom

Hamburger Dom is often confused with a festival rather than an amusement park because it is a seasonal park that only opens three times a year-spring, summer, and winter. It is a very fun experience as there are several rides, including Ferrar’s wheel which you can enjoy.

Hamburger is a great place to spend your weekend with family.

1.5. Drachenlabyrinth

Drachenlabyrinth is also an amusement park in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a great park for kids of years and above as the rides include a regulation that allows kids only of a certain age. It is open all around the year and gives a phenomenal view of Smokey Valley and surrounding mountains. They also feature some rides but can also be enjoyed as a break from your hectic schedule because of the peaceful scenery.

2.Final Note

Therefore, these were some of Hamburg’s top amusement parks. Do not hesitate before paying a visit to any of them with friends or family and taking a break from the outer world.


Q. Does any city in Germany have any amusement parks?

A. Yes, Germany has plenty of such attractions and amusement parks.

Q. Are there Six Flags in Germany?

A. Yes, there is a Six Flags in Germany, Bottrop.



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