5 Best Bakeries in Edmonton for All Sweet Tooths!

Best Bakery Edmonton

 To fulfill your sweet tooth, indulge in delicious, sugar-coated treats at one of the best bakery Edmonton. We’re discussing pies, tarts, donuts, cookies, and more.

Occasionally, we simply want to enjoy one piece rather than the entire cake. Food that has been cooked for us by someone else is always superior. Fortunately, there are many wonderful and best bakeries in Edmonton that will do just that. I’ll also discuss to you a few of them.

1. Five Best Bakery Edmonton for all Sweet Tooths

1.1 Duchess Bakery

Duchess Bakery is a chic bakery serving macarons and a variety of other baked goods. The macarons are the right size and taste like sweet pillows of sweetness. Pick an assorted box to sample all the flavors. Grab dessert, like the pastry box next to it, to satisfy your sweet tooth, then a cake as well. Why the hell not? Purchase all of it at once.

The cozy Duchess Bake Shop offers delicious pastries, coffee, croissants, tarts, cakes, éclairs, and lunch staples. In 2009, Jacob, Giselle, and Garner established Duchess Bake Shop as a partnership.

Giselle led the Duchess Atelier for 13 years while Executive Pastry Chef Jacob worked relentlessly for the company. Since 2009, they have been serving their neighborhood with delectable baked goods. Everything is made entirely from scratch there without the use of mixes, preservatives, or shortcuts.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

The freshest ingredients are used whenever feasible, including French Valrhona chocolate, 84% churn butter, and all-natural flavorings and fragrances. The pastries at Duchess are a delicious fusion of popular delights from Alberta, such brownies and butter tarts, and traditional French pastries like macarons, croissants, and éclairs.

For individuals who are interested in baking, Duchess Bake Shop also provides Zoom classes. Additionally, parking access is provided at Duchess Bake Shop.

Must try: Pastries, tarts, macarons, brownies, pies, fresh bread pudding, cookies & cakes, chocolate croissants, brioche

1.2 Bon Ton Bakery

Bon Ton Bakery,  with more than 80 different baked goods, including cakes, cookies, and gluten-free options, is a warm place to stop. They have been baking bread and cakes since 1956. It is among Edmonton’s top bakeries.

The Bon Ton Bakery is proudly owned by Hilton and Michelle D. They value their traditions and roots while being creative when it comes to creating new products.

The fragrances filling the front of the shop, including the creamy notes of a croissant, the rich bloom of dark chocolate, the fine balance of honey and almond, and the fragrant explosion of wonderful raspberries as they transform into jam(raspberry jam), awaken your taste buds.

Bon Ton Bakery offers takeout and online ordering. They created delicious diabetic-friendly sourdough bread. It is a great place for family dinners or just hanging out with your loved ones.

Must try: Assorted bagels, croissants, fudge brownie, honey cake, tiramisu cake paired with rich espresso, carrot cake, marquise eclair, tarte citron, and alpine rye sourdough.

1.3 The Artistic Bake Shop

It is a little hidden gem in the entryway! It is a German bakery managed by a family.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

Artistic bake shops create delicious masterpieces with unique flavour combinations that will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting more of their delicious treats. Custom cakes can be ordered in advance, or you can visit and choose one of their many pastries and vibrant confections from the display case.

Must try: Pretzels and Buns

1.4 Bliss Baked Goods

It is among the best bakeries in Edmonton and makes delicious baked goods.  Bliss Baked Goods is a casual bakery offering a range of vegan-friendly options for products. Their group specializes in creating kosher, dairy-free, nut-free, kosher sweets, and many more baked goods.

Every person who walks through their beautiful bakery door is, in their opinion, a genuine gift. Kosher pastries from Bliss Baked Goods are renowned for their deliciousness. They accommodate different dietary restrictions without sacrificing flavor or taste. Bliss Baked Goods also makes pre-order custom, gluten-free cakes for all special events.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

Must try: White bread, multigrain bread, and rye bread are all options. Buns: Hot Dog, Burger, Dinner Buns, Pita, Bagels: dressed, black Russian, sesame, pastries, cinnamon rolls, and every croissant imaginable

1.5 Bread + Butter Bakery

Bread and Butter is one of the best bakeries in Edmonton. It is a little bakery. The passion for baking is brought to Riverdale through Bread + Butter Bakery. The display case is constantly stocked with delectable signature sweet or savoury options, and the great bread wall has fresh artisanal bread that may be matched with a selection of flavorful butter.

Image from

This cake shop makes all of its own bread and pastries. There, the care and work that goes into each slice is detectable in the flavour. Moreover, it is a beautiful bakery to spend a happy hour.

Must try: raisin bread and baguettes

2. Best Donut Bakeries in Edmonton

Edmonton bakeries and doughnut cafes have improved their donut offerings recently. The donuts you’ll find at the following Edmonton businesses provide inventive flavour combinations with some original classics; some of those combinations are offered with large piles of sweet and savoury toppings.

2.1 Doughnut Party

In Edmonton, there are two convenient Doughnut Part locations, both of which are in areas worth exploring this spring: the Brewery District in the city centre and Ritchie, which is located just south of Whyte Ave.

A Raspberry Bismarck, Maple Banana Fritter, or the Green Queen with matcha and chocolate are just a few of the inventive and delectable dishes you may get at both locations. Doughnut Party is also on the list of Edmonton’s top bakeries.

2.2 Hello Mochi

Rejoice, South Edmonton, there is a specialty doughnut business nearby! On their website, you can find out what flavours will be available every weekend at Bountiful Farmer’s Market.

Featured flavours include Gourmet Skor, Ube Buttercream, and Caramel Drizzle. Online ordering in advance or market pickup. Hello Mochi is also among the best bakeries in Edmonton.

2.3 Lucy’s Sweets and Hazeldean

Jelly-filled, sugar-coated, and glazed doughnuts are among the traditional and delectable offerings from Lucy’s and Hazeldean, which are freshly prepared every morning.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

There are also brownies, scones, breads, bars, and cupcakes available for dessert. Purchase online or personally. This is one of the best bakeries in Edmonton.

2.4 Destination Doughnuts

This second donut shop in the city caters to family and business occasions and sells single, half-dozen, and full-dozen serves and is among the best bakeries in Edmonton.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

Try delicious flavours like Crème Brule, Snickerdoodle, or Maple Glazed, and keep an eye out for their flavour of the month. Place an online order, contact a caterer, or visit the destination doughnuts.

2.5 Flirt Cupcakes

Flirt Cupcakes‘ donut game shouldn’t be overlooked, despite the fact that cupcakes and mini cakes are their areas of expertise. Like their unicorn and mermaid doughnuts, they have imaginative and colourful confections. Although it is on the list of bed bakeries in Edmonton.

Best bakeries in Edmonton

They almost make it difficult to want to eat them! It has adorable décor inside.

3. Edmonton’s Art District?

Do you really know Edmonton? Have you ever heard of the following:

  1. The Arts District, located in the eastern part of the downtown core, highlights the diverse aspects of Edmonton’s thriving arts community. In addition to office and government buildings, there are numerous more notable cultural institutions nearby, including the Citadel Theatre, Winspear Center, Art Gallery of Alberta, and Royal Alberta Museum.
  2. The Arts District is home to an architectural marvel called Edmonton City Hall, in addition to a number of classic high-rise structures and hotels, such as the Westin Edmonton and Fairmont Hotel McDonald’s.
  3. No matter what time of day, people frequently skate or play in the fountains that encircle the building on the north shore of Sir Winston Churchill Square. Its glass pyramidal design is remarkable.
  4. Churchill Square, which is centered between 102nd and 103rd Avenues and 100th and 99th Streets, is the de facto centre of the Arts District. There have previously been events including The Works Event, a two-week summer exhibition of Art and Design, Taste of Edmonton, the Edmonton International Roadside Performers Festival, and the Cariwest Festival, which has a colourful Caribbean vibe.

4. Edmonton’s Top Tourist Destinations

4.1 Elk Island National Park

It is a wild oasis located 35 minutes east of Edmonton. You could see a herd of bison grazing in a large, open field or halted in the road’s centre at sunrise with steam escaping from their wool coats due to the abundance of bison that wander freely.

Best places in Edmonton

The park is a fantastic place to view the stars because it is a component of the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve. Bring a blanket and a basket of late-night munchies (ahem, stock up on tasty food from the nearby eateries and the aforementioned bakeries) and stare up into the starry sky, where you’ll witness star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

4.2 The Edmonton Valley Zoo

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is the ideal destination for families since it is home to hundreds of different plant and animal species from around the globe. The endangered peregrine falcon, local prairie dogs, a zebra, a fox, and bighorn sheep can all be seen, so bring the kids along for the opportunity.

Best places in Edmonton

The snowy owl, bald eagle, and great horned owl can all be seen by bird enthusiasts. If you adore owls, hoot twice! Visit the Polar Extremes exhibit for a close-up look at arctic foxes, sea lions, and seals.

4.3 West Edmonton Mall

In Edmonton, you can find everything from national chains to neighbourhood businesses. Explore West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest retail and entertainment complex, the renowned Premium Outlet Collection at EIA, and the neighbourhood stores that contribute to Whyte Avenue’s bohemian vibe.

Best places in Edmonton

Go on! Give your wallet a boost to the economy! Keep in mind to adhere to the safety instructions supplied by each retailer or mall.

4.4 Snow Valley Aerial Park

Get your group together and visit Snow Valley Aerial Park’s largest and most elaborate jungle gym. For the “Ninja Warrior” course, are you prepared? Or would you rather see something more realistic?

Best places in Edmonton

In either case, discovering the above-ground games and obstacles will be the best afternoon of your life. This season, visitors must make reservations in advance and submit their waiver online.

4.5 Jurassic Forest

You may explore a region inhabited by dinosaurs that once ruled the planet 250 million years ago in this 40-acre prehistoric park. The Jurassic Forest brings the days of the dinosaurs to life, so there’s no need to start the old DeLorean!

Best places in Edmonton

Life-size dinosaurs can be found only a few minutes from Edmonton and millions of years ago. Watch happily grazing herbivores like Stegosaurus and Triceratops while ancient predators like Tyrannosaurus and Albertosaurus prowl the shadows.

Wrapping Up…

There are numerous best bakeries in Edmonton, Alberta, which is known for its mouthwatering cuisine. You can purchase anything from a straightforward white cake to a classic Madeleine in this list of best bakeries in Edmonton.

You may find everything you need in several bakeries, from fluffy bread to delectable desserts.

You can find the ideal location to sate your appetite with this list of best bakery Edmonton.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. What are some of the upper crust’s chocolate cakes?

Ans. It offers many fancy cakes, including rich chocolate buttercream, German chocolate, country chocolate, chocolate decadence, and chocolate chunk cheesecake.

2. What type of cakes does the bakery offer?

Ans. Chocolate mousse cakes, New York cheesecakes, and many more signature cakes

3. What is the most famous dessert  in Italian bakeries?

Ans. The most famous dessert of Italian bakeries is perfectly baked biscotti made with the freshest Italian ingredients.

4. Which is the best French bakery in Edmonton?

Ans. Arno’s Fine French Pastry is among the best bakeries in Edmonton.

5. What’s the best birthday cake shop in Edmonton?

Ans. There are many, like Duchess Bake Shop, The Art of Cake, and Bon Ton Bakery.

6. What are the best German bakeries in Edmonton?

Ans. Many more of the best bakeries in Edmonton, including Vienna bakery, Dutch Delicious Bakery, German food store, Hazeldean bakery.

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