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5 Best Hospitals in Ipswich

Ipswich is a historic town located in Suffolk, England. It is famous for its magnificent architecture, attractive countryside, and first-rate medical facilities and hospitals in Ipswich.

The town’s name is thought to have originated from the medieval name Gippaswic, which refers to “corner” and “port,” respectively. The town’s original development occurred around its historic dock area between the 7th and 8th centuries.

Ipswich city
By: Rebecca Lindskoog,unsplashcopyright 2018.

From the 8th century onwards, it has been used for trade, and over its lengthy history, it has also gained notoriety for holding the first sizable potteries in England since Roman times and for trading Suffolk cloth with neighboring Europe.
The town served as a foreign trading hub for imports and exports to the Baltic regions during the 14th and 17th centuries.

Unfortunately, the docklands region was largely destroyed by the German air raids of World War II. Ipswich is now the fastest-growing city in Queensland.

After emerging from a period of economic downturn with the collapse of the traditional mining and rail industries and experiencing population growth that is almost twice as rapid as Greater Brisbane.

Greater Springfield will have more than 130,000 residents by 2036, Ipswich will have a population of up to 500,000, and Ripley Valley will see an increase to 120,000.

Ipswich is drawing families with its affordable housing and family-friendly culture. Several locals claim they are saving a lot of money compared to living in Brisbane because the city offers a less hectic lifestyle outside of the metropolis.

With this sudden expansion in population, the need for medical treatment increased, which led to the establishment of many new healthcare centers.

If you’re looking for the best hospitals in Ipswich, then you’re in the right place. Here are 6 of the top hospitals in Ipswich

1. Ipswich Hospital

One of the biggest hospitals in East Anglia is the Ipswich Hospital. Ipswich Hospital is a National Health Service (NHS) facility that offers patients top-notch medical care and is located on Heath Road in Ipswich.

The Hospital in Ipswich offers a range of treatments, including surgery, diagnostic procedures and rehabilitation. It has modern amenities such as a pediatric department, cancer centre, and stroke unit.
A group of highly qualified medical professionals work at the hospital and offer patients individualized care.

By: Ipswich Hospital

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, which was established in July 1, 2018, as a consequence of the merger of Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, is now in charge of overseeing it.

In 2022 the first part of its new children’s department opened. The project should be completed by the summer of 2024.

2. Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital is a private hospital located on Foxhall Road in Ipswich. It is also one of the best hospitals in Ipswich. A variety of medical services, including diagnostics, surgery, and rehabilitation, are offered by the hospital.

The hospital is furnished with advanced amenities like a physiotherapy department, an MRI scanner, and a CT scanner. A group of highly qualified medical professionals work at the hospital and offer patients individualized care.

C Morland Agnew established the facility in 1921 as the Evelyn Nursing Home. After his wife, Evelyn, experienced substandard care in another nursing home, Agnew was inspired to open the facility.

It was renamed the Evelyn Hospital in 1983 after a modernization initiative started by Agnew’s grandson Julian in 1974 that allowed the facility to specialize in severe medical and surgical situations.

After Nuffield Health purchased the property in 2003, a new addition that cost £30 million was completed and inaugurated in July 2015.

Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital
By: Hush Naidoo Jade Photography/Unsplash, copyright 2018

3. Oaks Hospital

Oaks Hospital is a private hospital located on Oaks Place in Ipswich. It is one of the hospitals in Ipswich that provides numerous medical services, including orthopedics, gynecology, and urology, provided by the hospital.

This is one of the hospitals in Ipswich which focuses on providing personalized and modern care to its patients.

Priti Patel Tours Oaks Hospital
By: Stuart Gulleford/oak hospital

4. St. Elizabeth Hospice

St. Elizabeth Hospice is a charity hospital located on Foxhall Road in Ipswich.
This hospital in Ipswich offers treatments like pain management, psychotherapy, and spiritual care to patients with terminal illnesses.

Patients receive individualized care from a group of highly skilled medical professionals at the hospice.
About 3,000 patients and their families in East Suffolk, Great Yarmouth, and Waveney receive care from the independent Suffolk charity St Elizabeth Hospice each year as they battle progressive or terminal illnesses.

Those with progressive and terminal illnesses are given a better quality of life through St. Elizabeth Hospice.

The needs of each individual are at the center of what we do. Wherever it is needed, whether it be in your house, the neighborhood, or at our hospice, we offer specialized help.

St. Elizabeth Hospice
By: Martha Dominguez de Gouveia/Unsplash, copyright 2018

5. St Clements Hospital

This is one of the hospitals in Ipswich which was re-opened( previously a workhouse building as the City of London Union Infirmary in 1874) as a hospital for chronically ill people becoming known as the City of London Institution in 1912 and Bow Institution in 1913.

In 1936, it became a psychiatric facility, going by the name “St. Clement’s Hospital,” which became its most popular moniker.

The chapel and the original symmetry of the site were destroyed when the west side of the site was heavily bombed during the war.

In 1948, the hospital enrolled in the newly formed National Health Service, and in 1968, it was placed under the same administration as the London Hospital.

The facility closed in February 2006 as services were moved to a new Adult Mental Health Unit at Mile End Hospital.

St Clements Hospital
By: Piron Guillaume/ unsplash, copyright 2017

Hope you found the article relevant and informative about hospitals in Ipswich.

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