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6 Amazing Lavender Fields London

6 Amazing Lavender Fields London

Do you feel it? A sudden pleasant, herbal aroma in the air? Is London about to experience a sudden burst of purple? It is only lavender season, then.

Visit one of Lavender Fields London’s fragrant gardens this summer to immerse oneself in a purple haze, or travel outside of the city to uncover expansive fields of the plant.

There are numerous opportunities to lay the eyes and nose on the herb throughout the lavender season, which typically lasts from June to September with a peak in August.

The best places to find lavender fields in London are Kennington Park, Kew Gardens, Hill Barn Farm, and Vauxhall Park.

Just outside of the city, in Kent, Surrey, and Hertfordshire, there are farms devoted to the mauve flowers.

Every summer, several areas just on the outskirts of London experience a phenomenon for about 12 weeks. Purple haze blankets the landscape, and the familiar aroma of lavender plants permeates the atmosphere. It’s time for lavender.

You might believe that you are in the south of France, but in actuality, you are in London at its most colourful and sunny.

Want to create your own purple-themed journey? Here’s where to discover London’s top lavender fields.

Lavender Fields London

London is surprisingly lush, even though you might not expect a bustling town with millions of od plants to have any green spaces.

In fact, London fits the UN’s definition of a forest. In London, you may also visit some lovely gardens & Lavender fields in the summer when they’re in bloom.

1. Mayfield Lavender Farm

London is surprisingly lush, even though you might not expect a bustling town with millions of od plants to have any green spaces.

In fact, London fits the UN’s definition of a forest. In London, you may also visit some lovely gardens & Lavender fields in the summer when they’re in bloom.

Mayfield Lavender Farm, located on the North Surrey Downs,  is an organic lavender field that was originally built in the Victorian era.

On the chalky soil, two variations of English lavender are cultivated; the flowers are collected, distilled, and used to make lavender oil.

The area is open for visitors to explore and breathe in its aroma. There is a tea store outside as well. It is suggested that anyone travelling by public transportation take the 166 number bus from Epsom.

Although it is not the simplest method, taking public transportation is the most common way to reach the Mayfield Lavender farm.

The closest train station is Woodmansterne Station, and the closest London Victoria and London Bridge stations are where you may board a train that will take you to Tattenham Corner.

Mayfield London
Image from Mayfield London

A faster alternative would be to take the train via London Victoria to Sutton Station, from which point you may grab a black cab by telling the driver to take you to the Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Hence, depending on the size of your group, taking this method will be more expensive.

Although there is a small amount of parking at the Mayfield Lavender Farm, the lavender field can get rather busy. If the parking lot is full, there are no nearby options for public parking.

Parking in the fields of London Lavender is free of charge. You can find many gift shops, gorgeous lavender fields, and lavender oils.

Every year, the Lavander fields London is accessible from June 1 to September 14. However, depending on the weather, this may alter. For instance, during a heatwave, lavender occasionally needs also to be harvested earlier.

Check the Mayfield website frequently to see the lavender’s progress and situation before scheduling your trip to the lavender fields.

Although the fields are accessible as of June 1, this is not generally the ideal time to visit because the lavender typically doesn’t bloom fully until July. The months of July and August are often ideal for viewing the London Lavender fields in full bloom.

The Mayfield Lavender field does get fairly crowded, which is something else to take into account. Since it is now a well-known tourist destination, it is crucial to have the finest possible experience if you travel there.

It will be really challenging to shoot pictures without individuals in the backdrop if you go during a busy period, such as on the weekend.

2. Castle Farm

Visit the lavender at this beautiful farm, which rivals the French purple fields in beauty. The people at Castle Farm operate the biggest lavender farm in the nation, growing the crop on 95 acres and using a steam distillery to extract the oils.

For pre-booked, paid lavender picnics, lavender walks, and guided lavender tours, Castle Farm offers free on-site parking.

All other visitors will be able to park on the field for a modest fee. Parking is available at the Lullingstone Visitor Center.

Many people visit the farm for the lovely lavender fields, but there is much more to it than that.

This place is a great family outing because it has wheat, apples, and pumpkins, as well as a herd of grass-fed cattle. This farm is of limited capacity.

Lavander Fields London- Castle Farms
Image from Castle Farms

Amazingly, the same family has owned this farm for more than a century. The grounds & the brand have both grown into the empire that is now throughout the course of this time. This is known as the royal botanic gardens.

The famed “hop shop” was established as a result of the family filling a market need by selling their goods to the general public.

Everything produced just on the farm is offered for sale online & in their physical store, from Kent honey to lavender candles.

3. Hitchin Lavender

Though it’s a little outside of town that you might be accustomed to, Hitchin Lavender from Cadwell Farm is worth the trip because it’s a beautiful purple paradise.

The indigo blossoms on this farm were first brought more than a century ago, and it has been run by five generations.

During the blooming season, you can choose some blooms to bring home by sifting through the silvery-grey foliage. Comes in the best Lavander Fields in London.

The farm store is open during the day so that you can stock up on virtually every kind of lavender item imaginable.

Remember to explore the magnificent sunflower fields as well. Well worth the extra effort. Visitors need to reserve a time slot in advance at Hitchin Lavender.

If you want to avoid crowds, Hitchin Lavender is the location for you. There are no big lines to get in, and there is a strict quota on the number of people who can enter the fields.

Hitchin Lavender
Image from Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin, with its endless rows of breathtaking purple fields, is a photographer’s paradise. But their amazing sunflower fields are the real showpiece here.

The alternatives available to photographers trying to create spectacular contrast photographs are superb.

The ability to select your own lavender while exploring the grounds is another appealing feature of the Hitchin lavender fields. You will need to bring your own scissors and pay a nominal fee of £3 if you want to do this.

4. Kew Gardens

Image by Ellen Chan from Pixabay

There are many stunning plants in London’s botanical treasure trove, but be sure to look for the spires of violet-blue lavender that peek out of the manicured foliage of the Duke Border, which is suitably grown along the exterior wall of the Duke’s Garden.

The lavender & other Mediterranean plants from Kew have been tested in the regal boundary.

Alongside the lush plant life inside the Prince of Wales Conservatory, you may find numerous areas of purple blooms scattered across the 250-year-old gardens.

The presence of rows of gorgeous purple lavender in London’s most exquisite gardens should not come as a surprise. One of the best Lavander fields in London.

Instead of planting huge expanses of lavender like you may look at other farms, Kew Gardens decided to sprinkle it among some of the botanical displays, giving them a splash of colour and a wonderful scent.

The Mediterranean Garden, the Duke’s Garden, and the Queen’s Gardens at Kew all have lavender.

Kew Gardens is your best bet if you’re looking for stunning photos. It’s not unusual to see Instagram addicts changing their clothes quickly to maximize their time here.

5. Kennington Park

A little yet attractive flower patch resembling an ancient English kitchen garden can be found in this lush beauty.

Although the nursery has been refurbished & replanted with 2 different species of lavender, lavender beds have already been planted here for years thanks to a Heritage Lottery award.

You can find them in the Mediterranean beds of the garden, near the sundial in the middle, and beneath olive trees.

A short distance from Bee Urban’s headquarters, where 10 hives are housed at the Keeper’s Lodge, is the bee-friendly flora.

The creation of a secure haven for bees is extremely important to Kennington Park.

Just a short stroll from Vauxhall Park, this location offers a wonderful opportunity to experience wild lavender.

Kennington Park
Image from Kennington Park

This tiny but gorgeous lavender crop inspires locals to use their outdoor spaces and creates an amazing habitat for the neighbourhood bee population. Bee Urban, a volunteer-run project, supports environmental preservation.

The gardens were created by the London City Council, but after years of disuse, they became overgrown and useless.

However, a lottery grant provided a large monetary infusion, enabling the park to come to life once more.

6. Vauxhall Park

Image by Rc-Aero-Tech from Pixabay

This urban park hides a maze of blue, purple, and indigo blossoms behind a model hamlet in miniature and a rose pergola.

The gardens here, which were established to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Vauxhall Motor Company, may be smaller than those located outside of the city.

But they nonetheless provide a fragrant and attractive respite in the middle of busy south London.

The yearly community harvest, when flowers are gathered to be converted into oil and sold at South Lambeth Market, is open to everyone.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Lavender Fields London. We hope you like it. The fields & farms are typically very active because of the incredibly little window of time when lavender blooms.

To escape the crowds, try to visit during the week and early in the morning whenever possible. If you want to avoid crowds and are bringing young children, think about going to a location that only accepts reservations for admittance.



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