6 Best Cities in Ontario Canada

In Canada’s east-central region, the province of Ontario is located. With a total area of 1,076,395 square kilometres, it ranks as Canada’s fourth-largest province. Additionally, Ontario is the most populous province in the nation, with 15,262,494 residents as of 2023. Ontario is home to Ottawa which is Canada’s capital city.

In 2016, the aggregate population of the 52 cities in Ontario was 9,705,157. In terms of population, Toronto and Dryden are the largest and smallest cities in Ontario Canada. With its incorporation in 2012, Markham became Ontario’s newest city.

1. Facts About Ontario Canada

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The Canadian province of Ontario includes cities as a category of municipalities. A city may be a single-tier municipality or a lower-tier municipality depending on its municipal status. Prior to 2003, Ontario required cities to have a minimum population of 15,000 and 25,000. There are no longer any minimum population requirements for a municipality to call itself a city.

A city was both an urban municipality and a local municipality under the former Municipal Act of 1990. According to the law, if a village or town had 15,000 or more residents, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) might alter the city status of the entity from a village or town to a city upon request. Under the same circumstances, the OMB might also incorporate a township as a city with the caveat that the population threshold was 25,000 or above.

2. 6 Best Cities in Ontario Canada

Some of the best cities in Ontario Canada are mentioned below.

2.1 Toronto

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On the list of the best and most desired places to live in Ontario, Toronto comes in first position. It is Canada’s largest city, with an average population of 2.9 million, and it serves as Ontario’s capital. It features a wide range of attractions and is the most populous city in Canada. Toronto is a desirable location for settling down because of its low unemployment rate, high average income, and diversified culture.

Toronto is a great city for students because it has some of the best colleges and institutions in the world. Residents of Toronto appreciate the distinctive culture of the city, which includes the variety of its residents and cuisine.

2.2 Ottawa

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With a population of 964,743, Ottawa is the second-largest city in Canada. On the south bank of the Ottawa River, the city is located across from Gatineau, Quebec. Ottawa and Gatineau are two of the cities that make up the National Capital Region. Ottawa was founded in 1826 and became a city in 1855.

It has one of the most well-educated populations of any Canadian city. The National Arts Centre and National Gallery are only two examples of the several important national cultural institutions that call Ottawa home. The city also has the highest national average living standard.

2.3 Guelph

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A city in Ontario, Canada is called Guelph. It is one of only three municipalities in Canada with more than 100,000 residents, and it has the fifth-largest population of any municipality. Guelph was the second-largest community by this count, behind Toronto, with 2 million citizens, according to the results of the most recent census, which counted 135,474 individuals there.

This census shows that Guelph has grown to be greater than all but six US cities and five Canadian provinces. Due to the low unemployment rate and reasonable housing, it’s one of the finest places to live. It also boasts a ton of amenities, like restaurants and parks, that make living here enjoyable and simple.

2.4 Mississauga

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With a 2016 population of 721,599, Mississauga is the third-largest city in Ontario. It borders Toronto and is situated on Lake Ontario’s shore. In fact, Mississauga’s rapid expansion was facilitated by its close proximity to Toronto.

Currently, the city is home to a multicultural population that either commutes to Toronto for employment or works for one of the numerous national and international companies with offices there. Toronto Pearson International Airport, despite its name, is located in Mississauga rather than Toronto.

2.5 Brampton

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With a population of 593,638 in 2016, Brampton has been the fourth-most populated, one of the major cities in the province of Ontario.

Photo by Veronika Dee on UnsplashThe city’s economy is based on high-tech manufacturing, supply chain management, information technology, life sciences, and retail management. Due to the city’s high immigration rate, Brampton has seen tremendous population growth and has a significant South Asian community.

2.6 Hamilton

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Hamilton, which has a population of about 536,917, is the fifth-largest city in Ontario. On the beaches of Lake Ontario, it is a port city that has undergone industrialization. 60% of Canada’s steel is manufactured in Hamilton, earning the city the title “Steel Capital of Canada.” A variety of colleges and institutions may be found in Hamilton, which is an important hub for higher education.

4. Conclusion

There are many cities in Ontario Canada. The province of Ontario is a terrific area to live in, but there are many different things to consider when determining where to reside and which city offers the best amenities. A few of the best places to live in Ontario are Toronto, Waterloo, Burlington, Guelph, Oakville, Kingston, Barrie, Thunder Bay, Cobourg, Halton Hills, Bracebridge, Vaughan, Stratford and Ottawa.

In addition to being the main economic hub of Canada, Ontario is recognized for its natural beauty, which includes vast forests, magnificent provincial parks, four of the five Great Lakes, and the iconic Niagara Falls. The cultural diversity that results from large levels of immigration and a culture that values tolerance and multiculturalism complements this natural diversity.

The cities of Ontario draw philosophers, artists, and performers from all over the world. Also, there is abundant homegrown talent in Ontario. Ontarians have some of the highest average incomes in all of Canada. However, some expenses are substantial, particularly when it comes to housing.



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