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Frogmore Cottage: 6 Incredible Facts You Must Know

Frogmore Cottage

Frogmore Cottage is near another of the Monarch’s favourite houses, and its residents have long piqued the public’s interest.

Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, UK, is perhaps mainly remembered as the UK residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, despite the fact that the regal pair has really not resided there regularly for a long period.

The Sussex Duke and Duchess have moved to Los Angeles, although they are said to have kept their Berkshire house like a UK home.

Following their relocation to the U.S., the pair is claimed to have enabled one of the closest regal cousins to relocate there as well. This regal bombshell comes after we discovered that the Monarch controls all of the marine mammals and dolphins in Britain for some bizarre reason.

The title comes from the abundance of frogs that have traditionally inhabited this close to the bottom swampy region.

The Frogmore House is a property inside the Home Park that encloses the medieval castle. In addition to being gorgeous, it was also a highly accessible place for those wishing to explore Windsor Palace.

Several imperial properties, from the magnificent Buckingham Palace to the Monarch’s cherished Berkshire residence, Windsor Château, are commonly recognized by admirers, however, the properties of the expanded Royal Family members may be unfamiliar.

While a number of the British monarchy at the top of the royal bloodline have various houses, notable residences in London, others, including Princess Anne, reside much farther, at Gatcombe Manor in Gloucestershire.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex lived in Berkshire throughout their tenure as professional royals.

They relocated from a two-bed city home, Nottinghamshire Cottage, near Kensington Palace, towards this lovely pastoral property shortly after the birth of their child Archie in 2019.

After deciding to “backtrack” from royal duties, the pair relocated to the US with Archie and had a second child, Lilibet.

After “retreating” from being fully operating members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relocated to the United States and established at the Santa Barbara residence.

Just at the time, this was assumed that the Sussex Duke and Duchess had kept Frogmore House as a UK headquarters for them each time they returned to visit family and friends or for business.

Meanwhile, Duchess Eugenie, another one of Monarch’s granddaughters, was said to have chosen the cottage as her family’s home.

Princess Eugenie is among Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘favourite’ royal family members, and their remarkable friendship was shown in February 2022 at Prince Harry’s Postseason adventure with Duchess Eugenie on his cousin’s California vacation.

The cottage has been most frequently used as five distinct living apartments for staff who work on the Windsor estates, although it was extensively renovated first before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relocated therein.

1. What is Inside Frogmore Cottage

The residence, which is located directly adjacent to Frogmore House, is a Grade-II protected structure with a long imperial history. However, until Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan declared it their residence, it wasn’t entirely spectacular.

The actual design underwent extensive renovation, which is thought to be directed by the Duchess of Sussex, to make it suitable for the wedding ceremony.

Although it is all too natural to be captivated by the home, just a few facts about the inside have been revealed over the years. According to others, the Windsor house features five quarters, in addition to a nice kitchenette, lounge room, and nursery.

2. Frogmore Cottage Gardens

Although this pulls onto the vast Property Park, which has 655 acres of gorgeous landscapes, the Sussexes’ Windsor mansion offers a great amount of seclusion.

The gardens are said to be full of gigantic trees, lagoons, and rich florals, situated in the centre of the Berkshire metropolis.

The Frogmore Property, which includes Frogmore Cottage and Frogmore Manor, is independent of Windsor Great Park, the gardens of Windsor Castle; nonetheless, both are merely a quick walk away.

3. Frogmore Mausoleums

The Tomb of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is situated on the western side of Frogmore House’s grounds.

The Queen and Duke had always intended to build a tomb, and indeed the Empress had picked a location just 4 days after Prince Albert died in December 1861.

The Mausoleum’s outside design is based on thirteenth-century Italian architecture. The centre tomb is composed of one piece of Aberdeen stone.

The Queen requested that the majority of the interior sculpture and artwork as feasible be done in the style of Raphael, whom The Duke considered to be the finest artist to ever live.

So, When Empress deceased in January 1901, her remains were interred alongside her husband’s. The Tomb of The Princess of Kent, Queen Victoria’s mother, is located on a forested hill to the northwest of Frogmore House.

4. Frogmore Royal Burial Ground

The Royal Grave Site is located adjacent to the tomb, and several royals were originally buried in the Imperial Crypt at St George’s Cathedral. The Royal Burial Site is a British imperial family graveyard.

The cemetery site is located on the Frogmore property inside the Home Park in Windsor, Berkshire, England.

5. Frogmore House and Frogmore Cottage

Frogmore Cottage is indeed a historical Category II designated residence on the Frogmore property in Windsor, Uk, that is a component of Home Park.

6. The Ownership of Frogmore Cottage

The royal home is the property of the Royal Family, which implies its possession is handed down from king to king and is not a private estate held by one or more persons. Many people were drawn to the Sussexes’ large commitment early in 2022.

According to sources, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had renewed their twelve-month tenancy at Frogmore House.

As reported by The Telegraph, the Sussexes intended to keep their leasing agreement. This implies that they will be allowed to utilize the house anytime they visit the UK.


Frogmore House does have a restricted open season, but it is well worth stopping by. The inside features a gorgeous Georgian mansion, and the differently designed rooms emphasize the home’s diverse occupants. The most remarkable aspect of the mansion is the large array of Queen Mary memorabilia that still exists.

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