7 Amazing Things About Kibo Secret Garden

Kibo Secret Garden

Sushi aficionados will not want to miss out on the brand-new, upscale restaurant located in Yorkville. The low-cost Japanese restaurant business Kibo Sushi House’s first push into fine dining is Kibo Secret Garden. With two outposts in Calgary, Kibo now owns and runs a staggering 23 sites around the GTA.

Even the pandemic hasn’t been able to stop the brand’s quick growth; according to reports, Kibo has the greatest revenue-generating sushi sales in Uber Eats in North America.

Kibo Secret Garden

The high-end omakase dining business is a daring new move for Kibo, and CEO and founder Bo Seo claims that it has always been a part of their vision for the company. It has always been my goal to develop an original, traditional Japanese dining experience since relocating to Canada, claims Seo. “I’m so happy that Kibo Secret Garden has allowed me to finally fulfil this goal.”

Despite not being particularly inexpensive, Kibo Secret Garden is more affordable than other adjacent omakase establishments like Aburi Hana & Sushi Masaki Saito, which makes it a better choice for those on a tight budget who want to try omakase dining.

1. The Meals

The emphasis on premium seafood and beef on the menu of Kibo Secret Garden includes fish that is served within 24 hours of being caught. Like other Japanese eateries, Kibo focuses on delicate, straightforward cooking to let the natural flavors of ingredients come through.

The prix-fixe menus at Kibo are based on the omakase dining system. Omakase, which translates to “I leave it up to you,” is a Japanese dining style where the diner defers to the chef’s judgement in selecting the foods for each course.

The establishment serves an omakase dinner in October and a 15-course omakase. Omakase bento packages are also available on the menu and come in a variety of flavors, including vegetarian and classic sushi and sashimi options. Dishes can also be ordered by the plate.

A creamy, sweet pumpkin grain soup called kabocha is a common starter for omakase meals. Sushi is available as an à la carte option or as part of the omakase menu, like the Suzuki nigiri with Turkish sea bass.

Kibo Secret Garden
Image from Kibo

Sushi made with bluefin tuna belly is garnished with flavorful truffle salt and gold flakes. The delicate slices of king salmon, yellowtail, horse mackerel, and amberjack are included on this colourful table of sashimi.

2. The Liquor

Kibo Sushi Secret Garden offers wine and sake pairings with each meal on its omakase menus for an additional $50 per person. There are also bottles of wine and sake available. The cocktail menu was created by mixologist Nishan Nepulongoda, and it concentrates on drinks with sake as the primary ingredient. An energizing concoction of sake, peach liqueur, yuzu, lime juice, Sprite, honey, and soda, the sake sangria.

3. The Space

kibo secret garden
Source: Kibo Secret Garden

In Yorkville, the Victorian-style structure that housed Shogun Japanese Restaurant is now home to Kibo Secret Garden. The 1,200-square-foot area has undergone an elegant, modest transformation and is now furnished with slatted wood details, black marble, and a subdued color scheme of gentle browns and greys.

The focal point of the restaurant is an 8 omakase bar that offers patrons a first-rate view of sushi chefs at work. Up to 20 physically distant people can be accommodated inside Kibo Secret Garden, and as an added security measure, plexiglass separators are put in place between the tables.

4. The Kibo Chain

The Kibo chain, which has 16 locations in Toronto & Calgary, is renowned for its sushi, which is meticulously cooked and artistically presented in a setting that is often relaxed. However, their newest “Secret Garden” Omakase restaurant, which is situated in Toronto’s posh Yorkville neighborhood and offers a more upmarket experience, is the very first of the more upscale variations of the eatery.

Omakase, which translates to “I’ll leave it to you,” is an additional upscale sushi practice in which the chef makes all the food selections. Traditional Japanese ingredients and cooking methods are combined with a contemporary flair at Kibo’s Secret Garden to create the ideal upscale dining experience.

Until indoor eating in Toronto is once again available, the restaurant is now providing à la carte takeaway through Uber Eats & Ritual.

The menu offers a la carte choices for customers who sit inside the dining room in addition to the traditional Omakase dinner with sake pairings, which is offered by reservation at the bar. Given that the fish is flown in every day from Japan & served 24 hours after being caught, one could argue that it is the freshest available in the city.

5. Leeks Garlic Aioli

Visitors can savor dishes including sea bass, black cod, & red snapper nigiri, tuna belly, wagyu beef, and a range of the finest mixed sashimi on the $100 Omakase menu.

Although the menu is always changing, the Omakase menu always includes 20 delectable and distinctive courses for your delight. Torched salmon, shishito pepper, and scallop dragon are just a few of the rolls available to those who choose to pick and choose their unique items for their dinner.

No matter how you choose to eat at Kibo’s Secret Garden, you will undoubtedly enjoy the elegant presentation & the most genuine, fresh sushi taste outside of Japan right here and in Toronto’s midtown. To reserve a table, phone ahead or use Open table. Suppose you’d rather enjoy the Omakase Bento box at home; place a takeout order through DoorDash and Ritual.

Kibo Secret Garden
Image from Kibo

One tranquil evening, Seo met us outside with his disguise on and sparkling eyes. Locals will recognize the restaurant as the previous home of Shogun, a well-known restaurant in Yorkville.

They had already told about that there were plexiglass partitions, well-trained staff, masks were worn, & well-spaced seating before we had even entered. Everyone must complete a health check upon arrival, which consists of a series of COVID-19-related questions that are recognizable to everyone who has eaten out.

Like every other restaurant, names & phone numbers are collected for contact tracking purposes. However, once you’ve arrived, get ready to unwind, find inspiration, and simply enjoy.

6. Crispy Sushi Rice Cutlet

Kibo Secret Garden provides patrons with the opportunity to partake in Japanese Omakase-style dining in a modern setting. In Yorkville, several Japanese eateries have endured. In terms of quality and ambience, Kibo Secret Garden is unquestionably a step up from the Sushi Inn, which caters to broad appeal.

It’s also not like Kasa Moto’s club environment or Yamato’s knives-in-the-air tepanyaki cooking air show. But it’s also not as outrageously expensive as Kyo-Kaiseki restaurants Aburi Hana and Sushi Masaki Saito (now closed).

There is a place for this new restaurant. A sophisticated yet lighthearted eating experience, Kibo Secret Garden offers Japanese cuisine. For those who have not yet experienced Omakase, In a sense, the sushi chef has full authority to choose what to offer.

Chef Lin, who has been working with Seo at Kibo Sushi House, a larger sister restaurant on King Street, for several years, is in charge. The staff at the special Omakase sushi bar appear to work together without any problems. You were delighted to find Sato, one of the city’s most beloved chefs, assisting behind the counter.

The enormous 18-course Omakase set menu at this restaurant also features two delectable soups, a seductive sashimi plate, a platter of Wagyu beef, lobster, and octopus, and dessert. The seasonal, premium seafood is imported from Canada and other countries and is prepared 24 hours after being captured.

Instead of the clammy & lifeless wilt that can frequently be found in many locations throughout the city, the slightly crisp with a touch of sweet ginger is produced on-site.

Master sushi chefs anticipate that you will consume the entire nigiri in a single bite as soon as it is prepared to fully appreciate the art & maximum freshness.

Here, the portions of each nigiri are accurate. Chef Lin satisfies your curiosity while upholding tradition and enhancing it with a few surprising tweaks. The palate is stimulated by unexpected additions like a yuzu suggestion, truffles, or gold flakes. Using hot rocks that had been heated up and carefully placed against the fresh fish, a few nigiri were seared.

Although there is a little bowl of soy sauce just on the table, traditional sushi chefs have already brushed the appropriate quantity of sauce on each piece. There’s nothing more to say. Simply savour. If necessary, keep it for the sashimi.

7. Fried Garlic Chips at Kibo

The Hirame Nigiri, Madai Nigiri, Bluefin Tuna Belly, Nigiri (Turkey), & Sea Eel (seared) Nigiri are some notable nigiri dishes from the evening we visited (Japan).

There were two desserts to round out this outstanding Omakase feast. Both the Japanese Lemon Ice Cream and the crème brûlée are creamy and mildly sweet. With nothing overbearing, the whole Omakase menu is a flurry of flavors.

Kibo offers the best albacore tuna, snow crab mix topped, spicy tuna, avocado roll topped, veggie fried rice; pickled cucumber topped ikura, spicy salmon, shrimp flakes, fish roe, torched salmon sashimi, torched spicy tuna, shiitake mushroom with brown rice and green onion, soft shell crab and many more delicious dishes.

Even the well-known sea urchin is used, but in a more subdued manner – as a thin slice on top of Ika Nigiri that doesn’t leave you with a salty aftertaste. Theoretically, no, as the whole point is to savor the experience in its whole and in a tasting order that continues to pleasure your palate. They easily adjust your allergy to certain types of shellfish.

Food in Kibo Secret Garden
Image from Kibo

The restaurant has a contemporary, clean atmosphere. It moved into the location of the formerly beloved, cozy Yorkville establishment Shogun, where you frequently found refuge. The music was more groovy-zen lounge the night we were there, giving the impression that we were unwinding by the sea at a trendy little secret hideaway.

Sigh. This place is ideal for a quiet evening with a book or a romantic date. Currently, it appears that most tables are built to accommodate two to four people. Where all the activity happens, and where you’ll have the best experience is at the Omakase sushi bar.

With plexiglass partitions separating each pair, it has room for up to 8 people. They are also attractively made and don’t seem out of place. You hardly even notice they are there.

In its first month of operation, October, Kibo Garden will provide a unique 20-course Omakase meal with two seatings that begin punctually at 5:30 pm & 7:30 pm and last for 1.5 hours each. There is also a special 15-course Noon Omakase menu available, with seatings beginning at 12 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. At any given moment, only 20 customers will be served at the restaurant.

There are five different bento box choices for seats away from the sushi counter if the Omakase buffet overwhelms you.

Image by 지원 이 from Pixabay

Some Restaurants like Kibo

1. Shoushin

Shoushin is the sole omakase sushi restaurant in North Toronto, with the slogan “Crafting the Perfect Sushi” on its website. The eatery is known for its Edomae-style sushi, and it is similar to the classic, upscale sushi joints in Tokyo. Shoushin ensures outstanding taste and authenticity with its genuine ingredients and fish imported straight from Japan.

Because Shoushin seems to be an omakase restaurant, you delegate the creation of your dinner to the chef, who will base it on his knowledge of your preferences and the seafood options available that day. Sakura & Obsession Perfection are the two Omakase options available to you if you can secure a reservation.

Because Obsession Perfect is still only offered at the chef’s discretion, Sakura Omakase is the most popular option here. Several appetizers, a soup, quality sushi, seasonal sashimi, and dessert are included with Sakura.

2. Aburi Hana

Order a slice with Crown Musk Melon to go with your Omakase dinner at Shoushin. The fruit, which is imported from Japan, is presented very ripe, tastes musky, and its sweet melon juices linger in your mouth.

Aburi Hana is a chic Japanese restaurant that offers a contemporary Ky-Kaiseki experience, and it is brought to you by the same company that owns the most well-known Miku, Aburi Restaurants Canada. Instead of emphasizing heavy spice, this kind of meal emphasises the straightforward flavors that come from the purity of the materials utilized.

You may have a sophisticated, multi-course meal at one of Toronto’s greatest restaurants when you visit Aburi Hana.

The Maguro Floral Sashimi is Chef Nakagawa’s specialty. The Maguro (tuna), which is cured for 14 days to reduce its water content & heighten its umami flavor, is what sets this meal apart. Everything on the platter tastes fantastic when combined with some classic side dishes like shiso, radish, & green onions, and it looks so stunning that you almost don’t want to eat it!

Enjoy the first days of summer in both Japan and Canada with Aburi Hana’s A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Prime rib. The freshness & creaminess of the other ingredients balance out the richness that the wagyu adds to the dish.

3. Yasu

The first Omakase sushi bar in Canada is Yasu. The eatery imports the finest and freshest fish from countries all over the world, such as Chile, Spain, and Japan. By utilizing traditional techniques to bring out all the umami-ness of fish, Chef/Owner Yasuhisa Ouchi can perfectly capture the essence of sushi.

The setting is elegant and laid-back, and you can sample an elegant Omakase menu here for a fraction of what you would typically pay at a high-end sushi restaurant in a major city. Therefore you can rely on the chef will surprise you.

Even though you will adore everything that is presented to you, there are a few things that are probably going to fascinate you. Shirako, which is essentially cod sperm or semen, is one such dish.

This peculiar Yasu delicacy has a thick, velvety texture and a delicate, sea-like flavor. Shirako’s flavor and texture are surprisingly good and pleasing, making it the ideal meal for the adventurous sushi eater in you.

Another dish at Yasu that you must try is the O-Toro. The tuna cut in this dish, which contains the most coveted portion of Maguro, is so fatty that it is utterly soft and supple and just melts in your mouth.

At Yasu, you can sample a tonne of delicious new meals that you’ve never tried before, some that are quite adventurous and one-of-a-kind.

Final Note

We hope you like this post on Kibo Secret Garden. Sushi, with actual gold dust particles, homemade ginger, and wasabi, is offered on the side. The service at Kibo Secret Garden is elevated above a regular dinner out by the attention to detail. The menu includes a variety of prix-fixe as well as a la carte choices, and it is constantly updated to reflect the freshest ingredients.



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