7 Best Theaters in Cambridge

In this article, we will look into the 7 Best Theatres in Cambridge.

Cambridge is a city steeped in history and culture thanks to its world-class university, gorgeous architecture, and charming streets.

However, one aspect of its vibrant cultural past that is frequently overlooked is its robust theatre sector.

Theatrical fans have long flocked to Cambridge, which attracts both homegrown artists and productions that have won accolades around the world.

Both majestic ancient theatres and charming small rooms can be found in the city.

We’ll talk about some of Cambridge’s most renowned theatres, their distinguishing features, and the noteworthy performances that have appeared on their stages over the years.

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1.Theatres in Cambridge

There are many theatres to choose from in Cambridge depending on what one is willing to see. There is a wide variety to choose from. These include movie theatres, drama shows, live music etc. So let’s get into the list.

1.1. Cambridge Arts PictureHouse

Picturehouse Cinemas are a group of 26 neighbourhood cinemas in the United Kingdom, operated by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd. Each of the theatres is unique, brimming with personality, and run by hospitable and attentive employees. They are all tucked away in the centre of their respective neighbourhoods. They don’t only show great movies but also present a packed programme of events for everyone to visit and discover and offer places to dine, socialize, and relax. They stream opera and theatre live and straight from stages all around the world if you enjoy such genres. If superhero movies are your thing, stop by one of the cutting-edge screens and have a big bowl of popcorn.

Theater In Cambridge
By: Screenshot/ Picture House

Email: enquiries@picturehouses.co.uk Contact: 0871 902 5747

1.2. Enchanted Cinema

The tale begins simply. In one of Cambridge’s numerous green places, the thought about how one might incorporate having a fantastic supper before the movie, a lovely music night after, and beverages during both came up and Enchanted Cinema was born. Their core pillars are to enchant, attract, and immerse. They have always been active in neighbourhood initiatives and community and independent business employment because they love the city where they were born and raised. Every free moment was spent working, saving, becoming creative, and getting thrilled. In August 2015, they staged their first open-air cinema event in Cambridge, and what a magical roller coaster that was. A local musician performs for the crowd before each film, we show an independent short, and we are all about neighbourhood street food vendors setting up shop next to the theatre! Music, food, and a movie in a stunning location. Who could not love this?

By: screenshot/ enchanted cinema

Email: info@enchantedcinema.co.uk Contact: 07857167988

1.3. Vue Cinema

Leading the UK’s premium entertainment cinema market is Vue Entertainment (Vue). Vue is a brand dedicated to maintaining the expansion and improvement of its high-end entertainment “big screen” experience. It offers the best selection of content along with the best technology in the best setting. In the UK and Ireland, Vue operates 91 cutting-edge theatres with more than 870 screens.

By: screenshot/ Vue

This includes 271 3D screens, 11 Extreme Screens, 7 Gold Class screens, 6 Scene Screens and Bars, and 3 IMAX screens. Vue’s creative development project has set the standard in the UK with over 150,000 seats, 98% of which are stadium seating. The nation’s top two-grossing movie theatres are still Vue Westfield London (opened in February 2010) and Vue Westfield Stratford City (opened in September 2011). Click here to contact them.

1.4. Light Cinema Cambridge

They are not just movie theatres. They broadcast everything, including rock concerts and live drama plays. Enjoy at their bar, whether you want a barista-made coffee or a cocktail. Even family-friendly activities are held by them! The suggested time frame is of 2-3 hours.

By: screenshot/ Light cinema

Address: Cambridge Leisure Park, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7DY

1.5. Brattle Theatre

The Brattle showcases the best in old-school, modern, foreign, and indie movies. Their specialty is a repertory programming structure that features films from a specific director, genre, or subject matter shown throughout several shows a week or on the same weekday throughout the month. They also show first-run films and new releases of great films. The Hauptmann von Köpenick (The Captain from Köpenick), a 1953 German film, was the first film to be screened at The Brattle Theatre by Bryant Haliday and Cyrus Harvey Jr. Later, Haliday and Harvey established Janus Films to release international films across the country.

By: screenshot /Brattle

Contact: 617 876-6837

1.6. Landmark Kendall Square Cinema

Landmark is renowned for its historic theatres, as well as its charming neighbourhood locations and modern buildings with all the newest conveniences. In addition to the typical movie concession items you might anticipate, several of their sites also provide beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. They are also committed to continuing to provide you with cutting-edge presentations and a secure setting in which to see them.

By: screenshot /landmark

Contact: 1-888-724-6362

1.7. Tivoli Cinema

Shane Jarrett and Karen Hawes founded The Tivoli Cinema, an independent movie theatre, in the sleepy hamlet of Cambridge in 2014. It is now also located in Papamoa East. including a variety of international films. Shane and Karen have brought the experience of boutique cinema to the Waipa and Papamoa communities in addition to their love of fantastic movies. Including award-winning beers, the delicious espresso blend from Laroma Coffee, and wines from Giesen, Clearview, Kahurangi, and Squawking Magpie. Add to the mixed antipasto and cheese platters (GF also available), a variety of treats from nearby bakeries, and New Zealand’s delectable Deep South Ice cream. For those of you who prefer a more sophisticated approach, the theatre has three cutting-edge auditoriums with fully digital projection. The theatres have 7.1 Dolby surround sound and are completely air-conditioned. They also have the most recent hearing-impaired technology.

By: screenshot / Tivoli Cinema

The Tivoli is a dynamic landscape that continually offers up fresh learnings and perspectives. They take great pride in their theatre and performances and hope to soon amuse you. You are even allowed to take in Tivoli’s serene atmosphere without feeling obligated to see a movie.

2. Conclusion

So, these were the top picks of theatres in Cambridge. If you visit Cambridge we would suggest you visit at least one of them as they will help you in understanding the culture of Cambridge better. Also, it would be great fun to visit these places with family and friends. Let us know if you liked the article and which theatre have you already visited or ar If you have visited any of these above let us know your experience in the comments. Click here to read more related articles.



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