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7 Best West Virginia National Parks

West Virginia is home to several national facilities, and it would be a disgrace to visit the state and not take advantage of its breathtaking landscapes and mountains. The state is located along the Appalachian Trail.


This contribution highlights the best national landmarks in West Virginia as well as notable historical locations across the nation. If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and other outdoor conditioning or you just want to escape the bustle of your busy cultures, you won’t regret making plans for a relaxing trip in West Virginia.


West Virginia National Parks to Visit

Image by <a href="">David Mark</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by David Mark from Pixabay


1. Ohio & Chesapeake Canal National Historical Park



The beautiful Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park was built as a national monument in 1961 and is located in the district of Columbia and Maryland. It protects the abandoned remains and age-old architecture of this district.


The demesne is near the Maryland border and has lots of beautiful places to enjoy. It has connections to both the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and the Harpers Ferry National Significant Demesne.


Three vistas of the Potomac River and Graphic Falls are available nearby. You’ll need five to ten twinkles to travel from one to the other, and strollers and other accessible transportation options are also available for mortal creatures with disabilities. There, you can engage in activities like canoeing, white water rafting, fishing, and mountain climbing.


One of the amazing effects you can do when visiting is in a real rampart. This is the chic setting if you need to act like a lockkeeper for the day. The rampart is handed, has the capacity to hold up to eight people, and promises to be a memorable experience. Finally, stop by the excellent Cascade Tavern rubberneck center, which is situated right in the center of the demesne. This is the ideal location to go on a hike with a park ranger or to explore the area alone while using a smartphone. Of course, it would be improper to enjoy some fun this fall.


2. Gauley River National Recreation Area


The cute Gauley River public charge vicinity has come to be set up in 1988 to guard the ravines and presto, winding waters of 25 long hauls of the Gauley River and 5 long hauls of the Meadow River. The Gauley River country-wide interest position is an idea for its chute rafting. In reality, the region is known as one of the first-rate spots for chute rafting in the United States of America of us of America. numerous suckers come to the Gauley each fall season to paddle.



The swash is likewise grazed with golden, rainbow, and brown trout. Muskie, walleye, and bass also can be caught. Rovers are likewise turning more interested in the precipice-lined plages. Because of its proximity to the New River Gorge, Summersville Lake’s granite walls and the Meadow River are where many rovers are developing new paths.


The swash is resolved into sections top Gauley and reduces Gauley. The Gauley River country-wide exercising area gives 28 long hauls of rugged terrain, dropping lesser than 668ft. There are also over a hundred Gauley River chutes, of which 50 are rated class III and better.


The season begins off evolved the primary weekend after Labor Day and keeps for six weekends. Except for chute rafting, the Gauley gives many first-rate natural decors and is likewise an exceptional place for touring, camping, fumbling, and hiking. Gillers can enjoy trout fishing.


3. Appalachian National Scenic Trail



Appalachian countrywide Scenic created exercising manner of way of impositions and made to be had to utmost people in 1937. Because the primary country-wide Scenic route ends up legal using the public Trails device Act of 1968. Presently, civil or USA land power or rights-of-way save further than 99 of the course’s path. Each yr, spare impositions contribute lower than, 000 hours of their time to the Appalachian route. The Appalachian path spans, hundred eighty long hauls of the mountain range’s essential dales.


It welcomes lots of web runner business from all through the country every time and is noted due to the fact the arena’s longest traveling route. It’s right for weekend walkers and special forms of short-term climbers, in addition to hot course guests who want to hike the route’s complete length.


The course passes with the useful resource of the countrywide demesne of Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Delaware Water hole, Housatonic River Valley, inexperienced Mountains, and White Mountain country-wide timberland. There are some” direction cosmopolises” along the way wherein you may help relax and set up camp. For walkers, it simply is heaven.


4. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park



Located in West Virginia’s Harpers Ferry, is the charming Harpers Ferry National Historical Park which holds a history that dates back to 8,000 years.


The very last group to call the area home in significant numbers was the Tuscarora people, who disappeared at the beginning of the 18th century. The park was founded in 1944 and is now the first national monument. By order of the American Congress, it was designated a rustic large ancient park in 1963.


The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park has a lot to offer, including hiking, scenic viewpoints, and museum exploration. Visitors to the website may be able to glimpse the heart of the 19th-century company within the park. It features several modest museums, battlefields, deserted hillside residences, and intriguing streets. Ranger tours are offered if you want to look at the city’s statistics.


Additionally, there is a wax museum, a blacksmith shop, clocks, and jewelry displayed online. The 20-mile hiking paths are also enjoyable for hikers. Since there are routes for everything from leisurely riverside strolls to four-mile walks through Civil War battlefields to eight-mile ascents of mountains, they will be ideal for everyone.


5. Bluestone National Scenic River


Covering a 10.5-mile stretch, the Bluestone National Scenic River is located in Southern West Virginia. The rocky couloir and Bluestone River of the Appalachian Plateau provide a gorgeously diversified and picturesque topography.


The swash is the proper area to enjoy peaceful surroundings with the rustling of foliage and fauna. The Bluestone country-wide Scenic Swash is accessible after passing through the barren region of 2 skirting country premises. The manner is to suffer the Pipestem Country Park, in which you may also take an upstanding wagonette to witness the right perspectives that the demesne gives.


The demesne gives numerous sports which incorporate hiking, mountain cycling, and fishing. trampers can witness a hike on the Bluestone Turnpike trail, a nine. The 5- afar path follows the route of a quaint beachfront road. Fishing is one of the most well-known sports on the swash, where gillers can carouse in a day full of recent stories. Flashback that a fishing license in West Virginia is wanted. Canoeing and kayaking are also handed, still handiest within the springtime


6. Chesapeake Bay Watershed



Placed inside the Mid-Atlantic area, separated from the Atlantic Ocean, the biggest creek in the USA, Chesapeake Bay Watershed has lesser than one hundred fifty gutters and aqueducts. Which include three hundred species of fish, shellfish, and grouser. numerous have described the bay as a rustic expansive treasure with extremely good environmental, fiscal, and rest freights.


Regrettably, because the Nineteen Seventies the water stylish in the bay has not been fantastic for the reason that nearly 30 of the milepost includes agrarian lands. For decades, the Chesapeake Bay operation( CBP) has worked with the united countries Environmental protection marketable enterprise business enterprise( EPA) within the Bay Watershed, in addition to numerous different mates to remedy the good-sized problems of restoring the Bay and its feeders.


7. New River Gorge National Parks


The new River Gorge countrywide Park and holds is a unit of the USA National Park provider, whose project is to shield and maintain the brand new River Gorge within the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia. It was declared a national river in 1978 and reclassified in 2020. From Hinton to Hawks Nest State Park close to Ansted, the park and maintenance are separated by 54 kilometers.


Hikers can experience several trails which can be available around the park. Woodland trails, breathtaking perspectives, and ancient scenery are all available here. In the event that you need to make a longer journey, the park has pathways that range in length from 1/4 to 7 miles. Problem tiers additionally vary from smooth strolling to steep, challenging terrain.



The 53 miles of the free-flowing New River, which starts at Bluestone Dam and ends at Hawks Nest Lake, are also part of the New River Gorge National Park and Hold. The park has two whitewashes. The top one is ideal for lengthy swimming pools and greater reachable rapids with views to admire.


One of the biggest rapids, ranging in severity from magnitude III to magnitude V, is found on the Lower River, sometimes referred to as “the Lower Gorge.” There are several remote camping areas both inside the park and in the adjoining Gauley River national activity area.


All are on nicely-kept gravel roads, even though they’re generally far from provider stations, markets, and telephones. Daredevils also can cross rock climbing considering New River Gorge gives over 1, four hundred spots for mountaineering. New River Gorge’s cliffs are constructed of especially long-lasting sandstone and vary from 30 to a hundred and twenty ft tall.


Well, that’s all you need to know. And if visiting National Parks doesn’t do the justice for you, here’s an article on what else you can do:


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