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8 Best Casinos in Vancouver: Amazing Casinos to Look Out!

Natural landscapes surround Vancouver, which is a haven of culinary delights. Due to the wide variety of Asian, Chinese, and especially Vietnamese culinary selections, it is referred to as the dining capital of Canada.

If you look closely, you can discover people mixing at festivals, lively live music venues, and lavish casinos in Vancouver.

They are nonetheless crowded with people spending their money, despite not being as well-known as those in Las Vegas. There are numerous casinos in Vancouver to which you can go if you are considering a trip to Canada and want to try your luck. Play poker alongside other betting games in Vancouver to up the ante on your vacation.

1. Casinos in Vancouver

casinos in vancouver
Image by David Vives on Pexels Copyrights 2019

There are now three gambling establishments in the Vancouver region, offering more than 140 blackjack tables in addition to over 1,000 slot machines.

Since 1997, Vancouver’s casino gaming regulation has been under the control of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

There can only be 22 casinos operating in the province at any given time, according to the Gaming Control Act. In Vancouver, there are numerous communal gaming centers that feature bingo and slot machines but are not permitted to provide any sort of table games.

The Edgewater Casino, the Parq Vancouver, as well as Planet Bingo, are the city’s three primary casinos. The Edgewater Casino is accessible twenty-four hours a day and has over 520 slots. Additionally, they provide a total of 55 betting games along with poker tournaments.

The most prominent casino in the city is Parq Vancouver. With over 650 slots and 80 games of chance, the 72,000-square-foot facility is home to these amenities. The construction project cost $600 million, and it didn’t even open the entrance for business until 2017.

The net money from gambling establishments is distributed to the Vancouver government at a rate of about 10%. The majority of this money is used to pay neighborhood grants, park maintenance, engineering, as well as municipal fire and police agencies. The Vancouver government collected almost $45 million through gambling activities between 2013 and 2017.

Since 2012, Vancouver residents are able to buy tickets by means of PlayNow for the provincial lottery. Since 2013, the online system is additionally accessible to Manitoba residents.

2. 8 Best Casinos in Vancouver

casinos in vancouver
Image by Dave Morgan on Pexels Copyrights 2019

Below is an inventory of 8 top-notch casinos in Vancouver, Canada, which you ought to visit while on a trip to test your skills at the reels along with the tables.

2.1. River Rock Casino Resort

The gaming area at the River Rocks Resort makes sure that everyone who visits has a great experience. They provide their visitors with the best foods and beverages in addition to slot machines and a number of table games.

The gambling facility there is spread out over 70,000 square feet, which prevents it from being small or dark.

Arguably, the top casino in Vancouver is River Rock Casino Resort, so go there if you want to lose some of your money. Additionally, the casino is close to the airport, so you might stop by before taking off to try your luck there.

Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 8811 River Road

2.2. Grand Villa Casino

Grand Villa Casino is going to encourage you to play table games even when you are not there to gamble. Due to the variety of food, this casino offers its patrons, expect to be spoiled for choice. You are going to end up enjoying a single game that will turn into several more while savoring some excellent appetizers.

And be ready to be mesmerized by their offerings.

Address: 4331 Dominion St, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5G 1C7

2.3. Hastings Park Casino

If you like old-fashioned games, you should visit Hastings Park Casino to play them and relive your youth. If you frequently visit Las Vegas, this will bring back fond memories of several former casinos.

The setting is perfect for socializing with your buddies or simply going on a date on your own to try something new.

Address: 188 N Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5K 3N8

2.4. Starlight Casino

Starlight Casino, one of the city’s oldest locations, is a further casino you may check out in Vancouver. A total of 45 betting tables alongside a poker room with electronic tables, and there are also a total of 850 slot machines.

Additionally, you can obtain restricted entry to a personal bar as well as a patio to enjoy some alone time. So, treat yourself by visiting this location and seeing whether or not the luck is with you.

Address: 350 Gifford Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, V3M 7A3

2.5. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.

Another location in Vancouver in which you can relax with a drink in hand and play poker with pals is Gateway Casinos. This casino, which is conveniently located at the intersection of Main along with Keefer, makes sure that all of its visitors are satisfied.

While you practice your skills at the table games, you’re offered an assortment of drinks and appetizers. You must go to this casino if you’re planning a trip to Canada.

Address: 4331 Dominion St, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5G 1C7

2.6. Hard Rock Casino

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver’s slots and tables Hard Rock Hotel We’ve capitalized on the fact that Vancouver has the greatest gambling floor in Metro Vancouver, measuring 80,000 square feet. They have more than 950 slot machines in addition to the best roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other table games.

Play every slot machine, beginning with low-limit machines and working your way up to high-limit ones. If you’re looking for poker, then you’ve come to the correct place. 

Address: 2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W3, Canada

2.7. Parq Vancouver

Vancouver offers visitors the chance to enter a world of elegance in its fashionable neighborhoods. Parq Vancouver is one such location where guests can enjoy top-notch services and food. The wealthy people of the city congregate in the casino at Parq Vancouver, which has two floors, to unwind and lose their money at the tables.

Casinos in vancouver
Photo by Matt Wang on Unsplash Copyrights 2020

In addition to this, the location provides other amenities like a wellness center, an open garden on the sixth floor, and beauty services. Therefore, go to Parq Vancouver if you want to treat yourself as well as try your luck.

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6B 0R3 39 Smithe St.

2.8. Starlight Casino

Stadium Gaming offers 54 gaming tables. There is also VIP gaming accessible. There are over 935 of the most well-liked slot machines now available. High-limit players should use the Royal Room. 

Enjoy the most relaxing gaming setting for high-limit slot gamers, together with attentive, pleasant host service. For greater stakes and more exclusive gaming areas where Baccarat or strong-limit Jack is further exhilarating, visit the No. 9 Room.

3. How to Pick the Best Casino in Vancouver?

Players in Vancouver are able to select from a variety of casinos. Fortunately, you may select a physical casino that complies with all the standards by using the list of suggestions.

casinos in Vancouver
Image by Wirestock Creators on Shutterstock

3.1. Security and Dependability

The first priority is security. You should first consider the casino plus the organization in charge of managing this gambling institution. It needs to be trustworthy and subject to Canadian government regulation. You ought to examine the rules and conditions of play and the security statements of the casino.

Another thing you need to be conscious of is the casino’s safety measures. It is crucial because it is in charge of ensuring the security and tranquillity of the visitors.

3.2. Consumer Assistance

Make sure the Canadian casino provides outstanding customer service. Generally speaking, you should favor casinos that rapidly accommodate all client needs and demands in which there aren’t any issues with the payout of players’ winnings.

To find out if the customer service team is on top of things, that is, responsive and effective, get in touch with them.

4. Additional Valuable Details Regarding Vancouver Casinos

You must become aware of the amenities that this vibrant city has to offer if you’d like to have a memorable trip to Vancouver.

4.1. Casino in Vancouver: Fashion Rules

The tightest dress codes for casinos are becoming less and less common; today, you may visit the majority of Vancouver casinos wearing pants, jeans, trainers, and t-shirts. Only the rooms for table gaming occasionally still enforce the dress requirement.

To protect their brand, certain casinos do, however, forbid wearing some kinds of clothing:

  • Any clothing with a violent picture or phrase or connected to a violent group, including sportswear (cotton and nylon).
  • Shorts, Bermuda briefs, beachwear, work shoes, as well as jumpers & shirts cut off around the waist.

4.2. Casino Shuttle Services in Vancouver

You can seek assistance from Vancouver Casino Shuttle Services to get to where you’re going swiftly and easily. No of the hour, they provide a comfortable and stress-free ride to ensure total customer pleasure.

5. Jobs, as well as Openings at Vancouver’s Casinos

Vancouver’s casinos, are a popular location for amusement, where opportunities abound and an unforgettable journey waits.

Vancouver casinos are always happy to have your experience, particularly when it was at a huge casino. We cordially encourage you to investigate the many rewarding experiences Vancouver has to offer.

6. The Takeaway!

Vancouver is a forward-thinking city that attracts visitors from nearly the globe to visit.

Vancouver does not have many casinos, but those that have been strong, thanks to $600 million invested in the Parq Vancouver Casino, which debuted in 2017. In the city, gaming is accepted in all forms.

The numerous casinos and poker rooms located throughout the city offer a variety of table games, slot machines, and poker variations. Through the owned by the state PlayNow online gaming network, you may play your favorite games while on the go.

Although the options for wagering on sports have a little restricted, they are more affordable if compares to other states in the nation.

Read more from us here.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Best Casinos in Vancouver” are listed below:

7.1. Can you go out at night in Vancouver?

Vancouver is where it’s at. People in the area swarm there to eat, drink, and dance the night out because locals are aware of it. Everything is available in this wonderful city, from pulsating DJ performances and late-night pubs to stylish cocktail bars and tiny meals.

7.2. Why is Vancouver referred to as a “no fun city”?

A producer of Vancouver’s annual Symphony of Fire fireworks display (now known as the Celebration of Light), who was disgruntled that a tobacco business couldn’t sponsor the spectacle, supposedly came up with the term in 2000.

7.3. What should I wear to the Vancouver casino?

The most appropriate outfit is business professional and business casual. Shorts of any kind, sleeveless tops and flip-flops are not permitted.

7.4. Who oversees the casinos in Canada?

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) operates and manages 25 casinos and slot machines across the province under the direction and regulation of the AGCO.



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