8 Best Crypto Apps in Canada: For You to Know

Trades in digital currencies can be made by Canadian traders while they are on the go, thanks to a variety of crypto applications. In this comparison, the best crypto apps in Canada for 2023 are examined in terms of their usability, security, fees, list of supported coins, trading features, and other factors.

Your tokens will be deposited into a web wallet when you purchase digital fiat currencies, from one of the best crypto apps and wallet sellers listed in this evaluation. So, until you’re ready to withdraw crypto cash out of your crypto wallet, you can retain the tokens there.

To keep your tokens secure, you should examine the security measures in force. After all, many crypto exchanges have been disrupted in recent years. Customers of the hacked exchange have occasionally suffered financial losses as a consequence of this.

Apps that provide real-time price alerts for cryptocurrencies:

The majority of the best-selling crypto-apps in Canada that we found do so. As a result, you will be informed when a price alert is activated.

We discovered that some pricing alert services let you customize your alerts while looking for the best crypto exchange app in Canada, to buy crypto and sell your crypto purchase cryptocurrency.

For instance, you could choose to be notified when the price of Ethereum crosses $4,000 or BNB declines by 3% in a day.

1. In Canada, here’s How to Use a Crypto Trading App:

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This part of our guide will show you how to set up with Bitbuy, which we found to be the best cryptocurrency app overall in Canada, if you’re looking to trade crypto invest in digital currencies right now.

  • Step 1: Create an Account: To create an account, the first step is to go to the website. Along with your email address and mobile number, you will also need to provide some personal details.
  • Step 2: Upload IDOnce you submit a copy of your official ID, Bitbuy can typically verify your account without your intervention.
  • Step 3. Download the app: You can download the Bitbuy app to your iOS or Android smartphone now that your account has been verified. Open the program following that and log in with your brand-new account.
  • Step 4. Depositing Funds: When choosing an Interac e-Transfer payment, the lowest amount you can deposit into the Bitbuy app is just $50. The money should be credited into your account almost immediately after you pay a 1.5% fee.
  • Step 5: Purchase cryptocurrency: You can select “Express Trade” once your Interac e-Transfer payment has been processed. Select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase next, then input your total stake. Bitbuy will add digital tokens to your portfolio after verifying the transaction.

2. The Best Crypto Apps in Canada are:

Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. https://Terms.Law from Pixabay

1. BitBuy: the top cryptocurrency app in Canada overall for 2023:

The overall top five cryptocurrency exchange program in Canada for 2023 was found to be BitBuy. Over 400,000 Canadian traders now use this top-rated service, which debuted in 2016. The Bitbuy software lets you purchase Bitcoin and 14 other popular digital currencies, and it works with both iOS and Android devices.

This contains several cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Solana, Matic, and more. Bitbuy is the best crypto exchange officially registered with FINTRAC and has received approval from the Ontario Securities Commission for its security measures. This demonstrates how seriously Bitbuy views regulation of its regulated crypto trading platform, crypto exchanges themselves, trading fees and crypto trades themselves.

The majority of the time, opening a confirmed account with Bitbuy only takes a few minutes. The minimum deposit is only $50, and you can then simply make a deposit using Interac e-Transfer. In addition to having a 1.5% fee, Interac e-Transfer payments also enter your trading app account almost immediately.

Once the funds are received, you can use the Bitbuy program to purchase your preferred cryptocurrency for a competitive commission of just 0.20% per slide. The Bitbuy app also offers excellent, customer support and assistance, which is accessible around the clock. If you have more knowledge about digital assets and need a more sophisticated crypto exchange, Bitbuy can help.

To put it simply, you have access to more advanced crypto exchanges, trading platforms, and tools through the Bitbuy Pro portion of the app. Live order books, technical indicators, programmable periods, and more are included. In addition to having a 1.5% fee, Interac e-Transfer payments also enter your other crypto exchange or crypto trading platform apps app account almost immediately. Conversely, novice crypto investors and traders will value the Express Trade tool, which merely enables cryptocurrency investment with the touch of a button.

  • There are 15 cryptos.
  • Fixed commission system for fees.
  • Fee for Bitcoin Purchase: 0.2% per slide
  • A $50 minimum deposit


  • The Ontario Securities Commission has approved them.
  • Signed up with FINTRAC.
  • *Low trading fees and deposit costs.
  • Accepts purchases via Interac e-Transfer starting at just $50.
  • 24/7 customer support, client and customer support calls.


  •  Bank money transfers need to be at least $20,000 each.
image by: BITBUY

2. – An Easy-to-Use Crypto App With More Than 250 Coins Supported:

One of the biggest and most varied cryptocurrency exchanges and communities can now be found on It provides a broad range of goods and services that let you get the most out of the digital asset market. First and foremost, you’ll have access to over 250 coins as soon as you obtain the app and create an account.

As a result, you can build a diversified portfolio of crypto assets and holdings by buying and selling a broad range of tokens. It also appreciates the ability of advanced traders to quickly deposit money into established crypto exchanges or exchanges using a debit or credit card if you want to engage in cryptocurrencies right away. Another option is to move money from your local bank account and withdraw crypto here.

The market maker/taker pricing model is used by the iOS and Android-compatible app when it comes to trading fees. You will pay 0.40% per slide as a retail client who trades in modest volumes, which works out to just $0.40 in trading fees for every $100 staked. However, if you have CRO tokens in your staking wallet, you will be given reduced transaction fees too.

The native token of the network is CRO, also known as Cronos. This top-rated app supplier offers you the option of depositing tokens into an interesting account in addition to its well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Depending on the cryptocurrency and whether you choose a 3-month, 1-month, or flexible term, the amount of interest you can make will differ.

However, the best APY available at the present is a very alluring 14.5%. If you decide to use the program, you also have the choice of taking out a loan against digital assets. Those of you who need access to cash but don’t want to trade your cryptocurrency tokens will find this useful. The proposed LTV is capped at 50%.

The NFT marketplace on the program has gained popularity as well. You now have access to hundreds of NFTs in all different sizes and shapes. The best part is that if you’re a buyer, there are no commission costs to pay. The last point to know about is that it provides a Visa-issued prepaid debit card. This enables you to use your cryptocurrency earnings in the actual world.

  • 250 Cryptos in total.
  • Maker/taker commission paradigm for fees.
  • Purchase Fee: Up to 0.4% per slide.
  • A $20 minimum deposit.


  • Support for over 250 cryptocurrencies.
  • Accepts bank payments and debit/credit cards.
  • Great standing for prolonged periods.
  • Offers lending services to crypto investors to buy and sell cryptocurrency interest funds.
  • Comparable prices.


  • The security fee for Visa and MasterCard is 2.99%.
  • More appropriate for novices.
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3. Binance: a well-known cryptocurrency trading app:

Binance is the next entry on our ranking of the top Canadian, cryptocurrency exchanges and apps. You may be familiar with this well-known, crypto platform and exchange, which is used by more than 100 million individuals worldwide. Additionally, Canadians have access to the global regulated crypto exchange, trading platform, and platforms platform even though the US version of Binance only accepts 80 digital currencies.

As a result, after downloading the Binance app and creating an account, you will have access to more than 1,000 markets and at least 600 coins. There are a ton of large, medium, and small-cap tokens included in this, so there are always trading possibilities available. It also appreciates the Binance app crypto platform’s cheap fee structure, which makes it possible to invest in bitcoin right away with minimal costs.

The Binance app uses a market maker/taker paradigm, just like does. You will pay the normal commission of 0.10% unless you plan to trade five-figure amounts repeatedly throughout the month. This indicates that for every $100 you wager, you will only spend $0.10. Also, this charge is 25% less if you have BNB tokens in your Binance account.

When it comes to funding, you can use a debit or credit card to add money to the Binance program. Additionally enabled are bank transfers and crypto deposits. When it comes to user-friendliness, seasoned crypto traders looking for more sophisticated tools frequently favour Binance. The Binance app has a wide range of more advanced crypto trading apps, tools, and features too, including live order books, technical markers, and chart-drawing advanced trading tools.

Having said that, the instant buys and sells function on the Binance app is ideal for beginners because all you have to do is select your chosen cryptocurrency and stake, as well as enter your Visa or MasterCard information. The cryptocurrency savings accounts on the Binance app are a further well-liked feature that we like.

This allows you to produce interest in your long-term cryptocurrency holdings, just as an established crypto exchange platform like does. If you’re looking for passive income from crypto holdings, this is certainly something to look into since some tokens pay out over 100% in interest annually. Another method to generate passive revenue from your crypto holdings of idle tokens is to use the cryptocurrency staking tools available in the Binance app.

  • More than 1,000+ cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces.
  • Maker/taker commission paradigm for fees.
  • Fee for Bitcoin Purchase: Up to 0.1% per slide.
  • Minimum Deposit: Determined by the mode of payment.


  •  Hundreds of coins in more than 1,000 marketplaces.
  • Only 0.10% in fees per slide.
  • Supports payments, financial transactions, and withdrawals made in fiat currencies and currencies.
  • Excellent resources for seasoned dealers.
  • One of the most liquid cryptocurrency platforms.

The drawbacks include :

  • There is no licensing authority to control.
  • Has been compromised before.
image by: Binance

4. Coinbase – Best Bitcoin App for Novices:

For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the world of virtual fiat currencies, Coinbase provides a straightforward cryptocurrency exchange and mobile application. Open an account and submit identification before you can invest. You wouldn’t require more than 10 minutes to complete this from beginning to conclusion.

The Coinbase app, which is available for free download on Android and iOS devices, offers you access to more than 50 different digital currencies. This includes the majority of large-cap coins, including Litecoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Cardano, and many others. BNB and Ripple are notable outliers in this regard because they are not supported.

However, the Coinbase app is easy to use, and you have a 24/7 option to purchase and sell digital currencies. The fee for each purchase and sell crypto order that you place is 1.49%, which is arguably the highest price you will find in this market. Additionally, there are higher withdrawal fees if you ever trade crypto or buy and sell crypto for less than $200 on a specific order.

Another thing to keep in mind about the Coinbase app’s fee structure is that you will be charged 3.99% per transaction if you want to immediately purchase cryptocurrency using a Visa or MasterCard. The only method to lower this fee is to make a free bank transfer deposit of your money. Savings accounts are unavailable on Coinbase, unlike and Binance.

Staking allows you to continue to make crypto deposits and receive income on your dormant crypto deposits and digital currencies. This is accessible on six different crypto assets, with a maximum yield of 5%. Tens of millions of users use Coinbase, a top crypto exchange platform that was established in 2012 and has a solid reputation. The crypto trading platform is now a publicly traded business, and the NASDAQ currently lists its shares.

When it comes to cold storage crypto exchanges, however, Coinbase provides a well-liked cryptocurrency cold storage wallet that is easily accessible from the account interface. You won’t have access to your secret keys because this cold storage crypto exchange wallet is a custodial one. However, 98% of your tokens will be stored in cold storage and offline at all times.

  • Two-factor authentication will also secure your account.
  • Numerous cryptocurrencies: 50+ marketplaces
  • Fixed commission arrangement for fees
  • The fee to Buy Bitcoin: 1.49% Standard, 3.99% with Debit/Credit Card
  • $50 is advised as the minimum deposit.


  •  Listed on the NASDAQ and regulated in the US.
  • Accommodates 50+ coins.
  • Accepts bank payments and debit/credit cards.
  • Outstanding security measures.
  • Ideal for novices.


  •  Exorbitant commission and payment costs.
  • Fewer trading options and tools.
image by: coinbase

5. Kraken: a reputable cryptocurrency app with margin trading accounts:

A proven, Canadian cryptocurrency exchange market, Kraken debuted in 2011. This reliable website provides the best crypto exchange trading platforms through iOS and Android smartphone software. The Kraken app trading platform’s suitability for skill sets and the best crypto exchange trading platforms’ goals is something we like.

For instance, opening an account takes less than five minutes, and you can put in as little as $5 if you’re a beginner who wishes to purchase cryptocurrency in Canada. Simply choose which digital money you want to add to your portfolio and place a purchase order after that. On the other hand, the Kraken program also has low trading fees and caters to experienced traders.

This is so that you can access your margin banking funds via the program. You can use a margin trading amount of 1:5 when buying coins on the spot market. This implies that a $1,000 investment would offer you access to $5,000 in trading capital. The leverage available for buying cryptocurrency in futures trading only rises to 1:50.

Canadian currency is accepted by the Kraken program when financing your account. Processing for Interac e-Transfers costs 1.5% and takes 0–1 working day. A cash deposit at Canada Post or a domestic bank, wire transfer, or bank transfer are additional choices. You will pay a normal commission of 0.26% per slide once your account has been paid.

The Kraken app provides lower trading fees and discounts low trading fees for advanced traders and those who trade higher volumes throughout the month, just as crypto trading platforms like and Binance. In terms of core features, Kraken provides the best crypto trading platform and an excellent selection of learning resources that are ideal for beginners looking to advance their understanding of cryptocurrency trading.

This includes manuals, videos, and blog posts. Kraken’s OTC service, on the other hand, will appeal to experienced buyers. It also likes the Kraken program because of its excellent client service, which is available every day of the week, round the clock. Additionally, you will have access to staking tools if you download the Kraken app.

  • 1,000+ markets for cryptocurrencies
  • Maker/taker commission model for fees
  • Purchase Fee: Up to 0.1% per slide
  • Minimum Deposit: Determined by the method of payment


  • Offers a 1:5 margin on spot markets.
  • 50x leverage when buying commodities.
  • Initial release in 2013.
  • Support for 65+ currencies.
  • Ideal for both novice and seasoned buyers.


  • High-risk goods are leveraged.
  • No native wallet is available.
image by: karken

6. Coinsmart: a Canadian cryptocurrency application that accepts debit cards.

Another well-known market in Canada with user-friendly cryptocurrency software is Coinsmart. If you value quickness and ease over costs, this choice might be worth considering. This is because using a debit card to instantly deposit money will cost you up to 6% of the transaction.

Comparatively, only costs 2.99%. Having said that, you also have the choice to transfer money using Interac e-Transfer through the Coinsmart program. You won’t be charged for the above transaction fees if you pay more than $2,000 in total. In any other case, a 1.5% deposit fee will be charged. Additionally, deposits made using Interac e-Transfer are handled on the same day.

You will be required to pay a standard commission of 0.20% per slide for trading fees and costs. The commission rises to 0.30% if you trade a crypto-cross pair that excludes Bitcoin, such as LTC/XRP. The minimum withdrawal amount on the Coinsmart app is $50, and there is a 1% transaction fee, which starts at $15.

  • There are 16 cryptos.
  • Fee Structure: Model with variable commissions
  • Purchase Fee: Up to 0.3% per slide
  • Minimum Deposit: Determined by the mode of payment


  • The mobile app is a very intuitive user interface and-friendly user interface.
  • Free Interac e-Transfer payments with deposits of at least $2,000 are available.


  • Support for only 16 tokens.
  • Payment for non-Bitcoin couples is more expensive.
  • Appropriate only for casual buyers.
image by: coin Smartt

7. Newton

The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Newton is well known for providing alternative coins not found on other platforms. In Canada, it also advertises itself as a no-fee exchange. Newton, despite being fairly new, has cemented its position as one of the top cryptocurrency applications available. This Canadian cryptocurrency exchange provides access to more than 70 cryptocurrencies, including uncommon alternatives like UMA and Hedera. Instead of charging a fee on trades, it charges a commission on spreads. The good news is that deposits and withdrawals in fiat and cryptocurrency are free of extra charges. In addition to offering free coin withdrawals, the cryptocurrency exchange also pays up to $5 in mining expenses.

Because it is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use, Newton is one of the most suggested cryptocurrency applications in Canada for beginners. The support staff provides prompt customer service, and the user interface is simple to use.


  • Free transfers between accounts.
  • Provides uncommon cryptocurrencies.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Some alternative coins have larger spreads.
  • Has few sophisticated trading alternatives.
image by: newton

 8. Coinberry:

Regarding security and rules, Coinberry is the top Canadian cryptocurrency market. In addition to having received government approval, this Canadian cryptocurrency trading site is also run by Gemini, one of the most trustworthy and secure cryptocurrency exchanges in North America.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is fully complied with by Coinberry, which is listed with both OSC and FINTRAC. (PIPEDA). In addition, the crypto platform has a robust security system that includes encryption, multi-factor authentication, and safe cold storage.

Bank transfers and Interac electronic transfers are accepted by Coinberry for CAD payments. In the interim, you can purchase cryptocurrencies straight from Coinberry’s website using credit cards. The free withdrawals and transfers, which include crypto deposits, make up for Coinberry’s 2.5% spread.


  • Effective security steps.
  • Well-regulated.
  • No costs for deposits or withdrawals.


  • There are a handful of cryptocurrency
  • Accepts only fiat money in CAD.
image by: coinberry


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