8 Best Restaurants in Penticton You Must Visit

No matter how beautiful and picturesque we visit, we always want some restaurant to satisfy our hunger pangs. And from this point of view, Penticton is a perfect destination for travel. But it is not enough to go around to satisfy our hunger and we need a place to eat to satisfy our hunger. It’s for all these reasons that I’ve brought you the best restaurants in Penticton.

Of course, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by my list. I think your adventure will become even more beautiful with a list of restaurants surrounded by this beautiful landscape. Restaurants are an attraction in any destination, regardless of the pleasant climate or stunning scenery.

And that’s why we must keep our top-rated good restaurant search to ourselves. But to reduce your many worries, I have brought a list of some of the best restaurants in Penticton. Hey, along with travel lovers, there are also food lovers. And when you’re visiting a place like Canada, it’s impossible not to eat delicious food there.

Unique sushi, hearty Turkish cuisine, delicious barbecue, and all this you can get Indian food in Canada if you want. Unbelievable as it may sound, Indian cuisine is now all over the world. And that’s why there have some of the best restaurants in Penticton, where you can find Indian food along with everything.

Best Restaurants in Penticton
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1. Best Restaurants in Penticton

Maybe you went on your honeymoon or maybe with your family or maybe you went by yourself. So, need a place where you can sit and enjoy the time, see nature and eat food. There is a wealth of international cuisines and lovely lakeside dining for you to enjoy. Although it may sound like a fairy tale, some of the best restaurants in Penticton offer you this kind of ambience.

You can easily eat many types of delicious meals here. At the same time, the food quality here is great. Not only that, but you will also get amazing service in all these restaurants. On top of all these, you can find Indian cuisine, Greek, Turkish cuisine, Mexican, Thai, and Japanese cuisine in most of the restaurants. All of a sudden, at the best restaurant in Penticton, you will find a variety of food on one palate.

1.1 Elma:

Where do you go if you have a sudden craving for some authentic turkey while visiting Canada? Or if you are a resident of Canada and you haven’t been to this restaurant yet, I don’t know why you are in Canada. Hey, this is one of the best restaurants in Penticton, The Elma. Those of my readers who have been to the restaurant will understand that I am talking about Just the right amount in the right place.

However, you can sit in this restaurant and spend a great time with your loved ones in a pleasant environment by a beautiful lake. And the taste of your favourite authentic Turkish food is bound to impress you at Elma Restaurant.

Because as I said before this is one of the best restaurants in Penticton. At the same time, I say here the selected chef has been brought from Turkey, and with whom the food experience has been collected from Turkey.

And all these things make Elma different from other restaurants. Not only that, if you are a fan of Turkish food and look at the menu, you will not be able to stop yourself from savouring the food. Of course, the menu is enough to confuse you. So here I am going to tell you some of the signature dishes at one of the best restaurants in Penticton. First up is the Turkish Fried Chicken flavour.

You can’t avoid it. Any food lover as well as a chicken lover can never prevent this fried chicken for its tender perfectly spiced perfection. As soon as it is put in the mouth, the taste disappears and it’s magic. Also, you will get the lamp shank here. At the same time, for those who are not familiar with this dish, let me tell you that this is a burnt eggplant recipe. This is a very simple yet delicious mouth-watering recipe.

On the other hand, you will find a variety of drinks here, of which the Caesar cocktail is extremely popular. So, if you go to Elma, the best restaurant in Penticton, be sure to try the cocktails here.

1.2 Polish Bistro:

I hope you understand the name when you come here, you will be filled with delicious Polish food. I think that those who live in Canada must have visited the best restaurant in Penticton, a Polish bistro, at least once. Penticton restaurants serve you delicious Polish cuisine. Not only that, but we can also call it delicious in one word.

Here you are served perfectly cooked national Polish good food. Many of us live abroad and for them, I can say this is a perfect destination. Because here you will find comfort food like homemade food. Not only that but the hosts and owners of this restaurant are also highly attentive and gracious. There are so many lovely compliments about Polish Bristo, its ambience, its food, nothing to complain about.

All I can say about the best restaurants in Penticton is great food with great service. Moreover, those who love culture will be satisfied because you will see many pictures of Poland sitting in this restaurant which gives you a homely feel. Even non-Polish people can come to this restaurant if they are fond of Polish food. You may not believe that some customers claim that the food here is completely Polished.

That is, those who have not been to Poland but are fond of Polish food should come here and enjoy the delicious food and great service. Well, I’d say the best restaurants in Penticton have some of the best menus. Among which their best menu is the signature dish called Schnitzel. You will also find Cabbage Rolls here. Which is extremely soft in taste and the stuffing in your mouth will make you feel like you have reached heaven.

Even if you don’t necessarily have room in your stomach, you can never forget dessert. Because if you miss this dessert, your visit to this restaurant will be in vain. And the name of this restaurant’s famous dessert is Wild Blueberry Pierogies served with light sweet-sour cream. Once you come you cannot forget this great location. Honestly, it is a famous and perfect place for family platters.

1.3 Thai Restaurant:

For those who love authentic Thai food, there is no better restaurant in Penticton. And to be honest, this restaurant is called Happiness Thai Restaurant to make customers happy with Thai food. You may have eaten Thai cuisine in places like Hong Kong, and Singapore but I can tell you that taste is what you get at Happiness Thai Restaurant. And that’s why it’s on our list of best restaurants in Penticton today.

Also, those whose tastebuds are crazy about authentic Thai food should come here. Essentially Happiness Thai Restaurant gives you great food along with excellent service. So, whether you are a brunch restaurant or lunch restaurant you cannot ignore this great location in any way. You can plan great fine dining here as your whole family platters.

Or bring your colleagues on your way back from the office and surprise them with this excellent service. At the same time, these best restaurants in Penticton offer you a casual dining experience and a comfortable journey. You can try popular Thai dishes like tom Kha Gai soup here. And let me tell you as a great food this bowl of soup is made of pure magic. Of course, I won’t tell you the reason because you have to find it in the restaurant itself.

Apart from this signature disc, you will also find drunken noodles here. Don’t worry, you won’t get caught by the police if you eat noodles and drive. However, to round out our platters are the vegetable and chicken-filled noodles. Every taste of which you are bound to say wow. So, what are you thinking? Visit Penticton’s best restaurants.

1.4  Salty’s Beach House:

As a beautiful name and a beautiful place. Already Canada is a uniquely beautiful land that bears a very sweet sight to the eyes of tourists. And there’s no way a place like Canada wouldn’t have a restaurant like this in a quaint town like Penticton. But it’s not just the ambience that Salty’s Beach House is famous for. Another main reason they are famous is their food.

And considering all these factors, Salty Beach House is one of the best restaurants in Penticton on our delicious list today. All I can say is this restaurant is a great opportunity for those of you who love social media popularity these days. Of course, you will get pictures of the food and here you can take pictures wherever you want because it’s all your photo shoot location.

One of the best restaurants in Penticton, this restaurant is filled with a great view of the water. Not only that but the entire scene has also been illuminated to enhance its appeal and distract tourists’ eyes from the food. Just imagine you are sitting at that place and enjoying the view with your loved ones and having a portion of great food. In my opinion, it is delicious in one word.

And all these environments prevent you from increasing your followers when you post on your social media handle. As great and alluring as you sound to me, you’re going to get lost going forward. After spending a few hours in this restaurant, you will come out and realize that you are filled with immense peace. When we can unite ourselves with nature by eating our favourite foods it does a lot for us physically and mentally.

One can easily reach this uniquely beautiful place. And the tastiest dish here is the Fish Tacos. I can say that once you eat fish tacos, you will want to eat them again and again. If you want you can try fisherman’s pot here, they are very creative and delicious. So, without any delay, take your loved ones to Salty’s beach house restaurant.

1.5 Cleopatra Cafe

A hidden gem in the middle of the city that you might find in my domain. A cafe that has Cleopatra in its name, can that cafe ever be bad? I would never say never and that’s why the name Cleopatra Cafe is so popular in Penticton. And that’s probably why it’s ranked among the best restaurants in Penticton.

Anyway, if you haven’t found this treasure yet, definitely give it a shot by reading my article. You can have an afternoon chat or hang out with friends at a cafe. If you’re thinking of proposing to your love on a beautiful Mediterranean afternoon in the sunshine, then there’s no better place than Cleopatra Cafe. That’s because this cute little cafe is set in a beautiful location where you can indulge in Mediterranean delicacies.

restaurant in Penticon
Image From Cleopatra Cafe

Yes, if you love Mediterranean food as a foodie then here is great service with great food for you. Somehow you can’t miss out on these good foods. Any type of pasta dish can win you over as a small afternoon snack. Penticton restaurants are the best things people can do, here you can enjoy a meal in nature. But I say if you go to Cleopatra Cafe then definitely try the Chicken Shawarma here.

Maybe you are in a hurry and need to go somewhere quickly after filling your stomach with a small snack. In that case, Chicken Sharma is quick to eat, finished in quick bites, so you can use it and it instantly transports you to Turkey. Filled with whole chicken in a bun and the taste of mayonnaise and accompanying spices gives your mind a great feeling easily. Also, one of the best restaurants in Penticton you can find a lot for dinner plates here.

If you want to have a Christmas dinner or a New Year dinner event you can’t go wrong by coming to this cafe. Oh, I forgot to mention Cleopatra Cafe also has a signature dish which is Hamas. Yes, in one word, full of flavour and texture and quantity, this hummus is something you will never forget. Try these things if you go, you won’t be disappointed.

1.6 Gusto Ferrari:

Now I have to find some restaurants for my friends who love to eat Italian cuisine. One of the best restaurants in Penticton is Gusto Ferrari, which is famous for its Italian cuisine. Yes, eating Italian food in a place like Canada and having a proper restaurant is nothing less than a blessing.

There may be many Italian restaurants but when you want to eat authentic Italian food you have to find something of that quality and that is what Gusto Ferrari gives you. Not only that but for those of us who is seafood lover or those of us who love to eat authentic Italian dishes with local vegetables and handmade dough, this place is perfect. I know you may not believe it, but this Italian Restaurant has a pleasant homey atmosphere that gives you immense peace.

Lost in the day’s work, the food we eat in a homely environment feels less like a restaurant and more like home. From mind to mind we experience a unique beautiful peace that works to energize us for the next day’s work. On the other hand, these best restaurants in Penticton are the favourites of every resident here. Well now let me say for seafood lovers this restaurant has squid ink pasta dishes.

And you will have a delicious experience eating this dish. Not only that but there is also Quattro Formaggio Pizza for you. I know you may have thought that I am talking about Italian restaurants, and why not talk about Pizza yet? Vegetarian pizza is an option available here, those who love must try this Italian cuisine. You will get great service with great lunch in this restaurant.

Image From Gusto Ferrari

1.7 Bogner’s of Penticton:

As the saying goes, “The older the wine, the higher its price”. Roughly 40 years old, it made it into the list of the best restaurants in Penticton. There is an incredible variety of incredibly iconic dishes. But the place’s food fascinates us and at the same time, the great location of the place increases our fascination even more.

The reason is that Bogner’s of Penticton is completely built in the middle of a vegetable farm. When you go to this restaurant it is normal to feel like you are eating in the middle of your village. But that’s not all, the lighting in this restaurant is made with fairy lights that make this place even more enchanting. So enchantingly magical that you’ll be engrossed in it that you won’t realize when your plate is empty.

And if I talk about food then for those who are seafood lovers here is grills salmon which is delicious. Every taste bud on your tongue will dance with happiness after eating this dish. Along with curry shrimp that add another level of flavour to your palate. It’s so spicy and delicious, it’s a worry that you’ll sit there and not eat your fingers.

But it does not end here, the signature dish of this restaurant is the lamb shank. Not only this, but it also comes with a friendly service that can win you over. Let’s say this lamb shank is a local favourite item. You need a visit here to spice up your special occasions and your weekend evenings.

But let me tell you one more thing, here are the wine collections for cocktail lovers. Even this place is famous for its great wine collections. So, all these things combined make these best restaurants in Penticton a cherry on top.

1.8 Lachi:

People who want to enjoy the taste of Indian food from Canada should visit this restaurant at least once. Because this Indian restaurant Lachi has become one of the best restaurants in Penticton. Here you can experience the taste of all the dishes originating from different parts of India. Needless to say, the restaurant is made a little royally to give you an Indian feel.

So, when you step inside this restaurant you might feel a bit royal, or you might feel like you are dining in the court of a king. Anyway, I say this restaurant prepares food in the traditional way which gives you a taste of India. Say naan, say butter chicken or say chicken kasha, whatever dish appears in front of you at a moment’s notice. Even lamb and beef are available in this restaurant.

On the other hand, I say there are two services available offline and online. You can even reserve seats online on the day of your visit to the restaurant. Not only that, Lachi Restaurant gives you the option to adjust the spice level more or less according to your taste buds. Also, outsiders find Indian food a bit too spicy so you can adjust it accordingly. Also, I would say Lachi’s is the best Indian restaurant in South Okanagan.

2. Conclusion:

I have tried my best and found the best restaurants in Penticton here for you based on reviews. Visit all these places you love, and I can guarantee that your experience will not be bad at all. Whenever we think of food, of course, we think of quality because we have to pay the price. And if we get quality food, whatever price we have to pay is worth it.

That’s why the best way to go to any restaurant is to do some research. And in place of this inquiry of yours, my article will be of complete use to you. Because in each of my restaurants, you will find some signature dishes and some proper cuisine. If you are an Italian lover or an Indian lover or a Turkish lover, we have listed all types of restaurants here for you. I hope that when you visit Penticton, you must visit the restaurants.

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