8 Famous Festivals in Victoria: Explore Victoria’s Culture

When we talk about Victoria’s culture, every year, there are various festivals in Victoria. The state plays host to a variety of music festivals. Numerous musical styles are represented at these frequent outdoor music festival concerts, including jazz, rock, blues, and dance.

Victoria, a state in southeast Australia, is located in the continent’s hilly coastline region. The Murray River divides Victoria from New South Wales in the north by a distance of 1,065 miles (1,715 km), with a further 110 miles (180 km) serving as a barrier between Cape Howe and the Murray’s nearest source.

1. 8 Famous Festivals in Victoria

The country’s southern coastline, which spans for around 1,045 miles (1,680 km) along the Tasman Sea and Indian (Southern) Ocean and includes Port Phillip Bay’s shoreline, shares a western border with South Australia. The state capital of Melbourne is located near the Bass Strait at the head of the bay.

Some of the most famous festivals in Victoria are mentioned below. Make sure to be a part of at least one of these if you are in town.

1.1 Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival

Bendigo Blue and Roots, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Bendigo Blue and Roots

The yearly festival, which focuses on local and independent talent from the blues and roots genres, is a largely free, grass-roots community event that offers:

  • Music lovers and community members have the chance to enjoy top-notch music.
  • More than 100 Australian artists (as well as some foreign artists) will perform and
  • provide workshops throughout the four-day festival
  • , present at more than 30 locations spread around Bendigo and some nearby areas.

The highlight of the event is an all-day, free-entry concert with over a dozen top performers on Saturday in Rosalind Park in Bendigo. With a welcoming environment for families and fans of all ages and all backgrounds, the main concert’s family-friendly, community-focused setting, historical landscape, and evocative charm consistently draw a variety of music enthusiasts.

1.2 Brunswick Festival

Brunswick Festival, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Brunswick Festival

The event, which honours the diversity that immigration has brought to the area, features:

  • performances by both domestic and foreign artists
  • features music from all over the world
  • The Sydney Road street party, which takes over 800 meters of the street for free music,
  • a multicultural fiesta of music, dancing, food, and market stalls, is one of the festival’s highlights.

1.3 Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival

The warm atmosphere of Bruthen and East Gippsland is celebrated during the volunteer-run and family-friendly Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival. It always takes place during the third weekend in February and is the best time to visit the East. A group of friends with a shared passion for blues music founded the festival in 1995, and it has since won the hearts of many who adore the sound of “The Blues.”

The festival’s significant growth over time includes:

  • Popular performers like Charlie A’Court, Jeff Achison, Chris Wilson, Ash Grunwald, and Fiona Boyes.
  • The event currently lasts for three days of entertainment at various locations.
  • All-day music stage on Bruthen’s main streets on both Saturday and Sunday.

1.4 Always Live Festival

Always Live, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Always Live

The first and largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, ALWAYS LIVE is a brand-new, city-wide celebration of contemporary music in Victoria that promises to produce special live music moments in the town.

The program consists of:

  • shows in all scales and genres
  • designed and curated unique stages, locations, and cherished venues throughout Melbourne
  • The program turns up the volume on unrivalled home-grown talents.
  • the greatest act performers nationwide
  • the world’s most coveted international performers and bands

1.5 Grampian Music Festival

Grampian Music Festival, Website screenshot
Courtesy – Grampian Music Festival

The yearly Grampians Music Festival at Halls Gap is all about massive sounds set against massive mountains. This weekend-long festival honours:

  • emerging Australian performers of various genres in a stunning setting
  • the restaurant serves gourmet food and offers boutique wine, beer, and drinks in a cosy, compact setting.
  • the event also includes the Emerging Artist Stages,
  • the rising stars who are returning to bars and taverns all across the town of Halls Gap
  • Giving local musicians a chance to perform and display their skills for festival goers and neighbours alike.

1.6 Melbourne BeerFest

One of the largest gatherings of Australian producers in Catani Gardens, the renowned annual festival, presented by Little Creatures, features over 350 rare, exotic, and small-batch craft brews, ciders, and cocktails over two jam-packed sessions ensuring twice as much entertainment and food options throughout the day. The best local, gourmet street food completes the experience.

Beerfest tickets also include a variety of entertainment options, such as:

  • Live music performances by well-known household names and up-and-coming artists on the Stomping Ground main stage
  • Live comedy shows are presented on the Brewanity “Mouth of the South” Stage.
  • beer bingo, beer masterclasses, beer pairings with food, and cocktail making
  • Industry veteran Tif Waldron hosts tasting sessions and brewer forums at the Cryer Malt Masterclass Stage.

1.7 Ultra Australia

Ultra Australia, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Ultra Australia

Melbourne hosts the magnificent festival of Ultra Australia at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Kings Domain. The end-of-summer extravaganza features:

  • The massive MAINSTAGE,
  • The RESISTANCE Stage, which will be the centre of underground sounds
  • The UMF RADIO Stage, where Australia’s top regional DJs will play the best music
  • the addition of a fourth level, Limited Capacity Applicable, which will focus on HARDSTYLE

1.8 Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival

Celebrated every year on the last Monday before 25th May, the Victoria Day holiday weekend is a fantastic opportunity to travel to this magnificent city. The Games are one of the must-see attractions.

Festival Inclusions are:

  • Massed Bands
  • Professional Celtic Music Bands
  • International Heavy Events Championship
  • Simon Fraser University Grade 1 Pipeband
  • Canadian Invitational Drum Major Challenge
  • Scottish Highland Dance and Irish Dance Feis
  • Scottish Clans and Societies

There is no better way to spend your Victoria Day holiday than at the Island Farms Victoria Day Parade, which is Victoria’s largest parade of the year. Tens of thousands of people have seen similar parades in the past, and they have included about 150 entries, including

  • marching bands from both Canada and the United States,
  • musical floats,
  • cultural entries,
  • exuberant clowns.

The entire family will enjoy this yearly event, which is free.

2. Conclusion

Melbourne is a premier music city that offers a wide variety of headlining festivals, unique venues, and out-of-town regional experiences where you can party until the sun rises.

Melbourne has something unique to offer for every type of music enthusiast. In Victoria, there are numerous events held throughout the year that feature both domestic and foreign celebrities. Explore this year’s live music showcase from this year and anticipate the next.

Visit and enjoy these amazing festivals in Victoria.



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