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8 London’s Best Club nights

8 London's Best Club nights

Following the recent lockdowns, London’s nightlife has returned with a vengeance. New club nights are launching, new locations are becoming available, and the vibes have been flawless. So, London’s best club nights include something for everyone, whether you want to try something completely new or feel like revisiting the oldies.

But clubbing is only one aspect of London’s nightlife. Additionally, there are drag acts, pub quizzes, poetry readings, and nighttime running clubs. It has bars with sticky floors, late-night movie showings, and open-round-the-clock kebab restaurants. We have too many options, which is the problem.

This is some of the best clubbing in London.

1. Shoreditch clubs

1.1. XOYO

After opening in 2010 as one of the best nightclub venues, the Shoreditch venue quickly established itself as one of the most cutting-edge party spaces and concert venues in London. Every weekend, hundreds of London’s trendiest revellers and partygoers converge on XOYO to catch the newest DJs, producers, bands, and singer-songwriters performing on the club’s two floors.

1.2. The Old Blue Last

The Old Blue Last not only provide an amazing atmosphere and opportunity for people to come together but also presents a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

Big-brand brews like Heineken and Grolsch enjoy prominent representation on the taps, while artisan beers brewed in London and the US are also accessible.

The Old Blue Last gives a unique experience for all its visitors with its combination of craft beers and up-and-coming artists and is one of London’s best club nights.

1.3. Cargo

Cargo, one of the few purpose-built venues in east London, began as a clubbing-focused venue but has drastically broadened its live entertainment music repertoire to include anything from art punk to dubstep to psychedelic prog and pop and is one of London’s best club nights.

Its schedule also features a ton of up-and-coming underground musicians, small performances by well-known musicians before album releases, and label parties and is one of London’s best club nights.

1.4. East Village

East Village
Image by _Cbudd from Pixabay

In 2007, a local teenager named Stuart Patterson took control of the Medicine Bar and turned it into this “genuine house” bar club. With a lounge area on the ground floor and a beat basement below, East Village is one of the best medium-sized venues in the East End.

1.5. Shoreditch Platform

Shoreditch Platform, a two-story, pay-by-the-hour coworking space on Kingsland Road, offers more than simply desk space. There is a café, a cocktail lounge, and a calendar of events that includes anything from spoken word performances to industry seminars to launch parties and DJ sets.

It is a pay-by-the-hour location during the day (8 a.m.–6 p.m.) Shoreditch Platform offers a unique and innovative coworking experience that is open to everyone.

1.6. McQueen

McQueen, a well-known east London lounge bar and club where the name and inspiration come from the king of cool, Steve McQueen, the appropriation of an icon is evident.

Many people go downstairs to the club for the funky house nights, but nights usually start with drinks in the more relaxed and livelier bar. Expect a vast list of cocktails and high-end spirits served at the table. Sagres, Kronenbourg, Moretti, and Sol are some beers served on London’s best club nights.

1.7. The Book Club

Over the years in The Book Club, not much has changed in the basement, which is still plain and cosy. 

You might go only for the food: breakfast is served starting at 8 a.m. when local laptop workers use it for impromptu morning meetings; lunch and dinner are straightforward but hearty, with a limited menu that includes a bar and sharing platters (worth a punt).

The young, laid-back audience that fills the roomy, artwork-filled facility and its eerie basement are there for activities.

1.8. The Glory

The Glory bar and nightclub venue were co-opened by drag superstar Jonny Woo and are just “a clutch bag’s throw from Haggerston station… and one of the best-kept secrets in London’s clubbing scene, and a half track on an iPod’s stroll from Shoreditch High Street.”

It’s a spot you can pop into for an after-work drink quickly because the bar crew serves out proper cocktails in addition to the standard beers, wines, and spirits.

On the other hand, it also serves as a venue for cutting-edge LGBT entertainment, presenting events like DJ nights and cabarets.

It is a genuinely diverse space where the attitude is less “anything goes” and more “anything encouraged,” making it ideal for Woo’s mission to maintain the viability of gender-ambiguous and daring alternative cabaret. Get ready to be magnificent.

1.9. Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton
Image by Rohatcom68 from Pixabay

Over two entertaining floors, The Queen of Hoxton, a bar, club, and everything in between, offers an eclectic mix. On the weekends, the world’s biggest DJs spin cutting-edge disco and house music, while during the week, film evenings, fringe theatre, and gastronomy frequently take centre stage. The Queen of Hoxton’s atmosphere is always alive and energetic, filled with creative minds and people looking to enjoy themselves as it’s one of London’s best club nights.

2. Hip-hop clubs in London.

Image by Peter Jose from Pixabay

2.1. The Doctor’s Orders

Over the years, The Doc’s Orders has hosted more hip-hop legends than you can count. So put yourself in their skilled hands and take in the sounds of fantastic artists, like Just Blaze, Will Smith, producer to the stars Jazzy Jeff, and hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa, who have all performed in London according to The Doc’s orders.

2.2. Brixton Jamm

Brixton Jamm is an air-conditioned entertainment venue divided into two rooms that now has a larger capacity following a recent renovation. It was a welcome addition to south London’s live music scene when it first opened.

It worships in a very inclusive church and hosts DJ and club nights, comedy and jam sessions, and community-based events. Additionally, it’s a well-liked location for after-concert gatherings at the nearby Brixton Academy. The Brixton Jamm has gone a long way in creating a truly unique and vibrant atmosphere for the people of south London, and it stands as an example of how one venue can create a sense of belonging for an entire community.

2.3. Circa Embankment

Circa Embankment’s central London site is home to the riverfront Hungerford House bar and restaurant, brought to you by the creator of Circa Soho. Seven days a week, it serves a wide range of cocktails and globally influenced British classics.

All parts of CIRCA are accessible for private occasions, and the on-site kitchen provides culinary options and bowl meals.

2.4. Club 49

Club 49 has a sleek, contemporary atmosphere with plenty of comfy seats to relax and enjoy one of the numerous beverages on the dance floor when you’re ready to get down and cut some serious shapes. There are more than 50 different drink combinations on the menu, but there is also a range of well-crafted canapés to savour.

The committed staff at Club 49 is on hand to assist you in any way they can in planning your dream night, and the VIP section begs for private events of all kinds and shapes.

The permanent DJs play commercial house, club classics, party tunes, and R&B all night long till three in the morning, so this Soho refuge is perfect for after-work cocktails and a traditional knees-up. The vibe is friendly and relaxed, the music is exciting, and the drinks are always flowing Club 49 has it all! If you’re looking for a club that has something for everyone, then look no further.

3. The Finest Pop-Ups in London

Image by Kirill Foto from Pixabay

3.1. Burns on the Barge

Celebrate Burns Night at Barge East’s Scottish Knees Up while bobsledding on the river Lee. Before enjoying a six-course feast that any Highlander would be proud of, raise a glass to the haggis (featuring Scottish langoustine, haggis, Scotch pie, and deep-dish Mars bars). Dancing, live music performances, and Rabbie’s biggest songs will round off the evening. Additionally, there are vegan and vegetarian choices.

3.2. Winterland

One place that may take on different forms is Fulham’s Neverland. When the chilly evenings arrive early, it changes from a summertime beach club in the manner of Miami to the Alpine sanctuary of Winterland.

You and your pals may reserve a lodge, cabin, ski lift bubble, chalet, Bavarian tent, or woodland igloo, depending on the size of your company, to settle down in for a night (or day) of drinking and dining on treats from The Moose Bar and food court.

Foliage, fire pits, and synthetic fur add to the Alpine feel. Additionally, a ton of entertainment is available, such as DJs, drag bingo, bottomless brunches with power ballads, and arcade games, making this one of London’s best club nights.

3.3. Burns Night at The Sun Tavern

In Bethnal Green, at The Sun Tavern, delicious whiskey drinks are served in honour of the legendary Scottish poet on Burns Night.

The beverages on the menu, which Aberfeldy Whiskey created expressly for the occasion, include “the Bobby Burns,” which combines the Highland brand’s 12-year-old whisky with sweet vermouth, Benedictine, and oats, as well as “the Cranachan,” which is made with honey, raspberries, whey, and honey.

4. London’s best karaoke nights

Image by Victoria_Regen from Pixabay

4.1. Lucky Voice, Soho, and Holborn

A place to “break free” and sing some authentic favourites, Lucky Voice is all about the festive ambience. They feature private booths with dance floors that can accommodate up to 30 people, making them ideal for birthday parties, stag parties, or hen parties. You may order delicious drinks right to the booth by pressing the “thirsty” button.

There are over 10,000 songs in this collection, ranging from recent chart blockbusters to timeless classics, so even the pickiest performers will find something they wish to sing. There is no excuse not to have a party here, as there is a DJ booth in the bar area spinning sounds till the early hours and is one of London’s best club nights.

4.2. Nonna’s Attico at Bunga Bunga, Covent Garden

Restaurants named after scandal-plagued leaders seldom succeed in the modern world for various reasons. The outrageous Italian eatery Bunga Bunga, inspired by the scandalous and lewd behaviour of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is happily defying this trend.

The group firmly believes that a successful party requires an abundance of food, crazy entertainment, and overall silliness. Although their Covent Garden location just closed, they still have the goods.

Nonna’s Attico, a private karaoke room with pizzas, cocktails, a trunk for fancy dress, and a “Push for Prosecco” button, is available for hiring from Wednesday through Saturday. It is in the style of a traditional Italian nana’s home.

4.3. The Old Queen’s Head, Islington

The Old Queen’s Head is a bustling establishment near Angel tube station known for its pub quizzes, concerts, Sunday roasts, and brilliant club nights on the weekends. It’s also among the top locations in London for karaoke and is one of London’s best club nights. There are two karaoke choices available here. You may reserve the “karaoke room,” which can accommodate up to 15 people and comes with a personal host.

One may utilize the considerably bigger “Playroom” (not that sort), which can store over 10,000 songs and accommodate up to 70 people. You may even challenge your friends to an old arcade game when you’ve gotten your fill of singing.

4.4. Electric Ballroom, Camden

Today, fans line up around the block to witness bands like U2, The Clash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Joy Division, The Smiths, Foals, and Blur at what once was a lively Irish bar where acts like Jim Reeves performed. Camden High Street’s legendary live entertainment venue has been there for 80 years and is considered as one of London’s best club nights.

Over the months, The Electric Ballroom will host several karaoke-themed evenings with songs from the 1980s and 1990s, including “Girl Power,” “Britpop,” and “New Romantics.” Rock out!

4.5. The Bat and Ball, Stratford

This list of the top karaoke bars in London comes to a close with our last inclusion, which is guaranteed to be a blast. In this area, The Bat and Ball have somewhat become an institution, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Their UV karaoke booth, which has a capacity for 19 people and over 20,000 songs, is ready for you and your friends to channel Beyonce and other artists. In addition to beer and prosecco pong, table tennis, pool, and live DJs on Fridays and Saturdays, there is karaoke available.

5. R&B clubs and parties in London

Image by Michael Winkler from Pixabay

5.1. Maddox

The Maddox Club is in one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Mayfair. You will immediately understand why this is the case if you are ever fortunate enough to go inside.

5.2. Cafe de Paris

Notable nobles, politicians, entertainers, and others have enjoyed the company of this club. Every week, the Cafe de Paris hosts some events, which earns them a ton of support from the community. Additionally, you reserve private club rooms to host your guests. The club plays R&B, hip hop, and pop music, as well as whatever dance music the DJ believes will energize the crowd and encourage them to let loose on the dance floor and is one of London’s best club nights.

5.3. Cirque Le Soir

Join the Cirque le Soir guest list and let us take care of booking your VIP table. Cirque Le Soir is the Mayfair club, as evidenced by its inclusion in the London Club and Bar Awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012. This club should be at the top of your list of places to visit if you’ve ever wondered what to do in London.

6. London’s best Indie nights

Image by Ira Lee Nesbitt from Pixabay

6.1. Catch

The catch is an independent bar and venue with two stories. There is always no charge to enter the basement bar, which serves a variety of draught beers, wines, and spirits. On most evenings, there’ll be DJs spinning music till the wee hours. The club space has been host to some of the greatest local, national, and international talent, offering fans the chance to see their favourite acts live in an intimate atmosphere.

Death by Burrito, an innovative modern Mexican grill and cocktail bar concept, is open every day from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Catch bar and enjoy one of London’s best club nights.

6.2. The Roxy

The Roxy has undergone renovations.

Since 2003, The Roxy has provided nightlife entertainment to thousands of partygoers from its position in Rathbone Place, close to Oxford Street.

Roxy arrived in her new style after we finished our makeover.

The Roxy now provides a cosy substitute for drinking in the West End for those seeking nighttime refreshment. It has alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including beers, spirits, cocktails, wines, and champagnes.

The Roxy offers the best nightclubs in London every week with mainstream, electronic, and alternative music for those looking for nighttime excitement.

6.3. The Lexington

Islington is home to Lexington, London’s best club nights, live music venue, and bar. The greatest live gigs, DJs, and collection of Bourbons and American beers in London are at Open Late seven days a week!

6.4. The George Tavern

It’s safe to say that The George Tavern has a good deal of history since it was founded somewhere around 1623. But it’s only in the last ten years that it’s become known as one of East London’s most varied pubs and performance venues and is one of London’s best club nights.

Both a cultural venue and a traditional old boozer, it hosts live music, world-class DJs, theatre, and live bands.

Due to its location away from the flashing lights of Hackney, Shoreditch, and other renowned East End nightlife, a listed building on the junction of Commercial Road and Jubilee Street pushes its agenda. It attracts some of the top artists and is a creative melting pot.

There used to be an old, abandoned automobile in the backyard, and the paint was flaking. The George isn’t your typical bar; even when it’s crowded with young people, musicians, and artists, it still has a traditional appeal.

The only letdown is the list of very lagers behind the bar, which no one seems to care about, especially when there is an evening of folk music, a show in residence, or a record label night planned for the enjoyment of customers with a cultured palate.

The George Tavern has always been a one-off worth supporting in this area of London since there aren’t many pubs.

7. Regular Club Nights and Afrobeat Clubs in London

Image by Aurélien from Pixabay

7.1. Egg London

Egg London, one of the city’s oldest clubs, recently underwent significant construction work that transformed it into one of the most interesting multi-media venues in the city and is one of London’s best club nights.

Its lovely, big garden, exposed wooden loft, and enormous main rooms make it possible.

7.2. Oval Space

Oval Space In the three short years it has been open, it has held events including fashion exhibitions, club nights, live performances, festival afterparties, experimental classical concerts, weddings, business gatherings, conferences, and extensive photo, video, and picture shoots.

7.3. Notting Hill Arts Club

Notting Hill, bohemian, beatnik, and shady rock star havens are all distinct species. perhaps a little too stuffy or twee and is one of London’s best club nights.

Your neighbourhood’s more gritty roots at the Notting Hill Arts Club while having a fantastic night This electrifying arts centre, which hosts upcoming live bands, open mic events, and dance nights in a steamy underground space, feels really imaginative and satisfyingly traditional. You’ll dance until your feet hurt to all kinds of music, from grime to Latin.

The old Bohemians would be pleased.

7.4. Montezuma London

South Kensington now has a brand-new lounge and club called Montezuma. In terms of location, it is close to the station, where London’s 24-hour tubes run. Montezuma is designed to cater to a wide variety of people and events, with multiple rooms for different activities such as parties, concerts, private events, live music, and more.

The goal of Montezuma is to become the new centre of London’s thriving celebrity community and the preferred club for both foreign and domestic VIPs. Join the Montezuma guests for a hip-hop and R&B-only night out.

7.5. Scandal London

Scandal provides you with the forbidden, which has an allure that makes it indescribably alluring. On Saturday nights, Scandal London invites you to join their guests for a night of hip-hop and R&B music, as one would expect from the deepest sinful pleasures in the heart of London!

7.6. Village Underground

The four vividly coloured, graffiti-covered tube carriages that are now artists’ studios located on the Village Underground top make it impossible to miss. a community of artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and musicians in recycled Jubilee Line carriages and related shipping containers.

They feature club nights, live art performances, concerts, and theatre productions in their rebuilt Victorian warehouse. A permanent exhibition space is currently being planned for one of the external walls, which is already a favourite hangout for neighbourhood street artists and is one of London’s best club nights.

7.7. Cococure

Cococure  has transformed and reopened to the public. There are several surprises in the store in the nightclub, which is downstairs. You can listen to Afrobeat music in London at the Cococure. As soon as you walk through the door, the music will change you. The newest beats are from Lagos, and the genre has now established itself in London.

7.8. Pier One

Pier One, situated in the bustling city of Cape Town, is known for being the go-to spot for African music lovers It was one of the first of its kind in London and has been around for a while. Even though no one could understand the music, the venue dared to be unique and played it anyhow. Here, people from many different cultures converge to dance and consume alcohol. The ambience is welcoming, and the performance is always of the highest calibre and is one of London’s best club nights.

7.9. Nomad

Nomad whether you are seeking solitude and peace of mind or an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this is the perfect spot. The gathering place is committed to serving everyone and is in the heart of London. They throw the best Afrobeat evenings in the city and can’t-miss parties everywhere. More than a thousand events have been conducted at the club since it opened its doors in 2010 and is still considered as one of London’s best club nights.

8. Electronic Music Clubs and Events in London’s

8.1. Corsica Studios

An autonomous arts organization called Corsica Studios develops and establishes creative spaces across London. It is an epicentre of high-calibre music, sound art, and musical culture and one of London’s best club nights.

They also hold some club nights at their location under the arches, just a short walk from Elephant & Castle tube station. A wide variety of underground shows are available most weeks.

Musical genres, including the perennially famous Trouble Vision dubstep night, are presented on Corsica, from avant-garde to atmospheric music styles. Several regions make up Corsica:

The club space has a hip, artistic vibe and is welcoming and unpretentious. If you go, they strongly advise it.

8.2. Loft Studios

Loft Studios is an ultra-modern location that features spacious studio spaces with high vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, and windows. It hosts photoshoots and shootings throughout the week.

Loft Studios embraces the fun-loving atmosphere and offers a distinctive loft club experience.

A few of the musicians this venue has are Jamie Jones, Wolf+Lamb, Seth Troxler, and Soul Clap.

8.3. Fabric

The Farringdon and Barbican stations are both close to the superclub fabric. Saturday nights at Fabric feature accomplished live performers, recognized electronic music icons, and underground DJ talent and are one of London’s best club nights.

A Friday night soundclash called FABRICLIVE travels over all tempos, from hip hop to dubstep and drum & bass to indie and electro. The infamous, driven by their shared ambition to bring serious dancefloor hedonism to Sunday evenings while delivering superb music in an unpretentious manner, are responsible for making Sunday nights insane. This incredible club is ideal for a student night out because it offers something for everyone.


It is a website that lists popular club nights in London that these renowned clubs and bars have to offer. Whether you are looking for live music and dancing, a place to socialize with friends, or an opportunity to explore the nightlife of London, this club offers something for everyone.



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