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8 Things to Check Out at Assiniboine Community College

In the Canadian state of Manitoba, there is a community college called Assiniboine Community College (ACC). The Manitoba Council on Postsecondary Education, established by the provincial government of Manitoba, has recognized it.

For more than 55 years, Assiniboine Community College has offered top-notch educational opportunities. Assiniboine offers to provide exceptional learning experiences for staff and students alike equally and adapts well to the needs and requirements of the Manitoba labour market.

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Following the philosophy of “learning-by-doing” by teachers, providing unparalleled learning environments, by exceptional learning experiences at Assiniboine Community College to combine theory and practical experience inside classrooms, lab, kitchen, shop, fields, and the school’s Sustainable Greenhouse.

More than 500 students from across over 20 different nations attend Assiniboine Community College. There are numerous support services available to make sure students enjoy their time in education. Assiniboine Community College has been a designated learning institution with Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada since 1969 and is a publicly funded college accredited under the College’s Act of Manitoba. National acclaim for the academic expertise and leadership abilities of Assiniboine students.

1. History:

When Assiniboine Community College first opened its doors in 1961, it was known as Brandon Vocational Training Centre. When the school started, it had four employees and 24 students across two classes. The school had 300 students, a 24-person team, and 11 programs by 1966.

2. Programs:

They provide more than 50 full-time certificates, diplomas, and advanced diploma studies in a range of fields, including business, agriculture and the environment, health and human services, trades, and technology, as well as culinary arts and hospitality.

They offer apprenticeship programming in a variety of skilled craft specialties. Brandon is home to the Victoria Avenue East site, the North Hill campus, which includes the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, the Sustainable Greenhouse, the Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology, and the Adult Collegiate.

The ACC provides programs leading to diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships, and continuing learning. The institution offers educational delivery methods that include face-to-face, remote, and online learning, integrated programs, and blended learning.

In the areas of agriculture, the environment, business, health, human services, trades, and technology, ACC provides more than 50 programs. The Colleges Act is the enabling law for the institution.

The practical nursing program is the college’s most popular curriculum. The practical nursing school was made available in 2007 in Brandon, Winnipeg, and two outlying Manitoba towns. Otterburne and Morden both received new rural rotating practical nursing locations in 2022. The provincial government invested in 55 extra Licensed Practical Nursing seats through ACC in Portage la Prairie and rural rotating sites in solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Campus:

i. In Brandon, Manitoba, Acc Has Three Sites. They Are:

  • The Victoria Avenue East Campus, which is situated at 1430 Victoria Avenue East, is home to two-thirds of the college’s Brandon pupils. In addition, the college operates the Adult Collegiate in the heart of Brandon, which opened its doors in the late fall of 1995 and provides adult upgrading for a variety of senior high school courses.
  • The old Brandon Mental Health Centre has been located on the college’s North Hill Campus in Brandon. The Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology, the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, and the college’s Sustainable Greenhouse are all located here.
  • The Parkland Campus of ACC, which is situated in Dauphin, provides several full-time day programs as well as a variety of nighttime and off-campus courses.

The Practical Nursing degree as well as continuing education classes are offered at the Winnipeg Campus of ACC, which is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Russell, Manitoba, the college’s Russell Training Centre provides contract classes and courses as well as continuing education.

4. Campus Life:

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The Students’ Association Council works hard to ensure that they represent pupils on college committees, express significant learner views, and participate in fresher projects. The Students’ Association Council works to provide high-quality services that are tailored to scholars’ requirements and to host activities and programming that foster a sense of community and reduce stress.

5. Learning by Doing:

Their educational ideology is reflected in this phrase, not just as a motto. To give pupils the best learning opportunities possible, Assiniboine Community College frequently takes them outside of the conventional classroom.

They’ll make sure learners get the practical experience they require to be completely prepared for their future, whether it’s growing plants in the sustainable greenhouse or preparing food in the teaching kitchen.

6. Collaborations:

To guarantee that students’ education accelerates, Assiniboine Community College is pleased to collaborate with academic institutions, business associations, and other post-secondary organizations.

The 2+2 program, which enables students to combine two years at Assiniboine with two years at a partner institution, is a well-liked choice. This program allows students to complete a diploma and a degree in just four years. More students are also coming to the college to receive practical training to enhance their prior university education.

7. Facilities Provided:

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The 3,300 square foot greenhouse, which combines three distinct solar-powered, energy-efficient grow solutions with a 3.2 acre grow plot and teaching orchard, benefits learners in many programs. Shops, laboratories, classrooms, and offices total 130,000 square feet at the Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology (LECTT).

Every year, more than 800 educatees from eight various construction and mechanical trades programs are housed in the building, which offers a contemporary, integrated environment with an open design.

The Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon has a large library, a campus bookstore, a gym, an early learning center, a lecture hall, a television studio, a full-service cafeteria, lounge areas, a fitness center, and a games room in addition to having well-equipped laboratories and spacious classrooms.

CJ-106 FM, the campus radio station, is also located there. After classes, scholars have access to hundreds of computers, with 46 stations open during school hours.

All freshers are made to feel welcome at the cultural center, which also holds a variety of regular activities throughout the year, such as movie nights, craft sessions, Elder visits, guest lecturers, and Bannock Wednesdays.

Modern, interactive laboratories, like the HOLO simulation lab or the CISCO networking lab, will give pupils the tools and space they need to practice and perfect their skill sets.

8. : Dormitory:

i. Since Assiniboine Community College Appears to Lack Any On-Campus Housing Options, Students Must Make Other Accommodations. the Other Ways Are:

  • Students can rent rooms and suites from some private owners. There are several contemporary single-person housing options close to the Victoria Avenue East site.
  • Students can find family accommodations through the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Housing Authority and Brandon Friendship Centre Housing Referral Service.
  • The institution also provides reasonable accommodations for students who are disabled or from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • All lodging choices fill up quickly well before the start of the semester, so students need to plan their accommodations well in advance of their arrival.


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