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A Guide to National Park Jasmund- 6 Amazing Things to Do

A Guide to National Park Jasmund-

A natural preserve in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the National Park Jasmund is located on the Jasmund peninsula, northeast of Rügen Island. The Königsstuhl, the largest limestone cliffs in Germany, are what makes it famous. The national park also includes beech forests that are hidden behind the rocks.

This national park in Germany is the smallest, with approximately 30 km2 (12 sq mi). Prior to the unification of Germany, the park was established by the previous East German government (GDR).

The ancient forests of Germany and the primaeval beech forests of the Carpathians were both expanded by the inclusion of the park’s beech forest as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. National Park Jasmund

Jasmund National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located on the island of Rügen and draws tourists from all over the world. Despite being the smallest national park in Germany, it enjoys tremendous popularity because of its picturesque white chalk cliffs, fantastic views of the Baltic Sea, old beech forests, and a variety of fauna.

You don’t have to be an expert hiker or an outdoors enthusiast to take advantage of everything that this national park has to offer. We’ve gathered all the details you require to ensure your vacation runs smoothly and you make the most of this exceptional natural destination in Germany because we just happened to visit ourselves.

2. Accommodations at the National Park Jasmund

During a journey to the nearby beach town of Binz, You should stop by Jasmund National Park. There are some excellent lodging options available, though, if you desire to be more in tune with nature. There are also a few campgrounds inside the park if you want to try them out, even if camping isn’t exactly your thing.

1. Hagen’s Hotel Baumhaus

Just a thirty-minute walk from the Baltic Sea coast, the family-run hotel boasts an outstanding location for visiting Jasmund National Park. The Hotel Baumhaus Hagen offers straightforward yet cosy double/twin rooms as well as family accommodations. It also has a lovely garden, an outdoor deck, and an alluring restaurant. A flat-screen TV, a seating area, and a private bathroom are included in each room.

2. Kleine Försterei Wildgaststätte & Pension

This quaint guest house, which is right across from Parkplatz Hagen, offers visitors access to both a larger holiday home and a (surprisingly modern) one-bedroom apartment. In addition to the fantastic location, the lodging is well & the service is top-notch.

The views of the deer-filled meadow outside of Wildgaststätte & Kleine Försterei are an added treat; however, I should note that game is also available on the restaurant menu.

3. House Hermes

Villa Hermes is an excellent choice if you want to totally self-cater, even if it’s a little farther away. This charming and welcoming vacation property has two apartments. It is surrounded by all you need for a restful stay and has everything.

3. The Ideal Season For A Visit To Jasmund National Park

Summer is Rügen’s most beautiful season, but it’s also, understandably, the busiest. Germans and Scandinavians love to vacation on the island because of its white sand beaches, and most visitors come when the weather is warm.

Beech Forest
Image by from Pixabay

A beautiful clear sky is never assured because the weather isn’t always wonderful up here and in northern Germany. However, as long as it is not raining, you are sure to enjoy yourself in Jasmund National Park.

It’s important to note that when you went a few days before Christmas, the park was incredibly quiet. Although the weather was uncommonly kind, the forest & cliffs were still breathtaking despite a few days of snowfall. Arriving early is unquestionably advised if you wish to enjoy more peace and quiet.

4. Activities to Do

1. King’s Chair Königsstuhl

The jewel in the crown of National Park Jasmund, this very well chalk cliff has served as an inspiration to artists, writers, and musicians from all over the world.

Today, the Park Center Königsstuhl, equipped with an exhibit, multi-vision movie, and cafe, can be found above the peak of the 118-meter-high cliff. Even better, there is a viewing platform that protrudes just above the cliff, making it the ideal location for taking pictures of the surrounding scenery (although, naturally, because you are directly above it, you won’t be able to see Königsstuhl itself).

Kings Chair
Image by Peggychoucair from Pixabay

The 10 EUR admittance charge can be worthwhile if you want to appreciate the immersive exhibition. However, if all you want to do is see the cliffs, you can continue walking for another minute to Victoria Viewpoint or descend to pebble beach.

2. Victoria Viewpoint

Crown Princess Victoria and King Wilhelm I went to the chalk cliffs. Since it was constructed in their honour, the Victoria-Sicht has been visited by millions of tourists.

Despite its plain exterior, the Victoria Viewpoint provides the ideal vantage point for the famous Königsstuhl. Since we went to Jasmund National Park in December, we were fortunate to skip the lines and still have some reasonably nice weather.

However, if you go at the busiest time of year, just be aware that you might have to wait a while to board the platform. Even then, you might not feel comfortable being there for more than a few minutes due to the lengthy line.

3. Hertha Lake

It’s not particularly remarkable to look at compared with some of the beautiful lakes you can discover in the Western Pomerania region. The modest Hertha Lake (Herthasee), on the other hand, has existed for many years and even served as the inspiration for a Northern German folktale.

Accordingly, the goddess Hertha would go in a carriage pulled by two cows to this location several days a year to take a bath. In order to guide the animals, slaves were taken along on her expedition; however, when they finished their work, they were promptly drowned in the lake. Why? Any unconsecrated individual who saw Hertha would regrettably have to perish.

Hertha Lake has a reputation for unusual occurrences and phantom sightings, but for most of us, it’s just a relaxing place to stop for a break when hiking in National Park Jasmund.

4. National Park Jasmund Accessibility

On the northeastern coast of the island of Rügen is Jasmund National Park. With a 358 sq mi area, Rügen is the biggest of the German islands, which, fortunately, also means that it is quite well linked. It can be reached by automobile from the mainland through the Rügen Bridge in Stralsund or by train.

There are numerous trains that travel to Bergen, the island’s capital, from large cities like Hamburg and Berlin. You can connect to Sassnitz farther from there, putting you right at the Jasmund National Park’s border.

However, keep in mind that it will take approximately two hours each way to hike from Sassnitz to Königsstuhl. You will need to board bus line 23 or 14 if you don’t want to walk this far. Since buses don’t operate very often, this is one of the rare situations where I’d suggest renting a car/

Fortunately, a Europcar is conveniently located near Bergen’s railway station. Although I’ve heard conflicting impressions about Europcar, this particular location has excellent evaluations and is a solid choice if you require a car.

5. Jasmund National Park Hiking

In the park, there are a variety of fantastic hiking paths that provide something for practically any skill level. As a casual short-distance hiker, We can suggest taking the quick path straight from Parkplatz Hagen.

This trail was ideal for you. The journey to Königsstuhl, which included views of the sea and famous chalk cliffs as well as beech trees, only took approximately 45 minutes each way. It’s an excellent option for individuals who are pressed for time, are unprepared, or want to take a more challenging hike.

To Reprimand
Image by B. Schmidt from Pixabay

There are many excellent options on AllTrails if you want a longer trail or to start from a different location. This ranges from multi-day walks to loops that are suitable for families.

6. Jasmund National Park Parking

Jasmund National Park is accessible through a few modest car parks that are located along the park’s border due to its size. However, Parkplatz Hagen is the greatest option for the majority of visitors.

The start of various paths around the park can be found in this spacious parking lot, which also offers plenty of places. A highly useful map and clear, in-depth information are both prominently displayed. Even though the trails are marked with signs throughout the forest, it’s still a good idea to take a photo of this map with your phone before you start.

Parkplatz Hagen has excellent amenities as well, including restrooms and a small shop/café in case you need to fuel up either before or after the hike. The cost of parking is affordable at 6 EUR per day, and if you don’t have any extra charge, you may pay with a credit card.

Another parking lot called Parkplatz Kreidefelsen is located directly on the edge of the park if you are staying in Sassnitz. This is a wonderful choice if you feel like a long journey, even though it is much shorter than Parkplatz Hagen & will take you a couple of hours to walk to Königsstuhl. Although the price is comparable to Parkplatz Hagen, there isn’t currently a card payment option available.

5. Is National Park Jasmund Safe?

While you are likely to have no issues in Jasmund National Park, however, there are a few concerns to be aware of, like with any natural site. Like Königsstuhl, the Wissower Klinken white cliffs were a major draw for the nature reserve. However, after years & years of erosion, they finally gave way and fell into the sea.

Smaller rockslides do happen, and sadly one time, one of them killed a 10-year-old girl. Even though these occurrences are incredibly uncommon, it’s nevertheless crucial to be aware of the hazards and take the appropriate safety measures.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the safety warnings posted throughout the park and to stick to the approved hiking pathways.

6. Final Note

That’s our list of National Park Jasmund. Inside the park, you have various things to do, like the ancient beech forests, Konigsstuhi National park centre, primaeval beech forests, the largest chalk cliffs, beech forests of Germany and many more.

A multi-kilometre hiking track that leads directly to the impressively rough coastline and provides breathtaking views of the white cliffs, lush forests, as well as the deep-blue sea is available for visitors to explore on foot or by bike.



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